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Robert Paul Reyes

Dog Earns MBA From Sham Online University: Video - Do your doggone research before you spend good money enrolling in an online university.

Thousands Mourn Death of Great George, The World's Tallest Dog: Video - Giant George died a month shy of his eight birthday, and his fans all over the world are mourning his passing.

Dog Starts Apartment Fire! Emergency Crew Performs Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation - Here`s a story about a dog who started a fire, although truth to told he`s not really to blame.

Alcoholic Runs Into Burning House To Save His Beer: Video - Would you rush into your burning house to retrieve any material possession?

Cop Fired After Shooting & Pepper Spraying Squirrel Inside Dollar General Store: Video - Jody Putnam has been fired, and I hope he never finds a job where he has to deal with the public or animals.

James Taylor Flubs National Anthem At World Series, Recovers Like A Pro: Video - Taylor`s heavenly music has given us countless hours of enjoyment; he is entitled to have a Senior Moment every now and then.

Moron Arrested After Calling 911 For Taxi: Video - Moral of this story: If you call 911 for a taxi, don`t be surprised if the vehicle that picks you up has flashing lights on the roof.

Hunter Misses Moose, Shoots Old Man In Toilet - A man`s home is his castle and the toilet in his throne. When a dude is sitting on the toilet doing his business he feels invulnerable and invincible.

Teacher Dyes Hair & Beard Pink In Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness: Video - A Washington state teacher made good on his promise to dye his hair and beard pink when his students donated 45 pounds of candy for a fall festival.

Surfer Punches Shark In Eye, Shark Retreats: Video - A Hawaii surfer who was attacked by a shark said the encounter ended when he managed to punch the carnivorous fish in the eye.

Sweet Brother Antwan Caught With Stolen Item Sticking Out Of His Zipper - Cop to Burglar: Is that a smartphone sticking out of your zipper or are you just glad to see me?

Cheerleader Mikayla Clark Performs 44 Back Handsprings: Video - Mikayla's impressive gymnastic display lasted only 34 seconds.

Woman Repeatedly Stabs Boyfriend Because His Dog Ate Her Stash of Weed - Wiggins needs to kick his violent girlfriend to the curb, and enroll his dog in rehab.

Preacher: 'Wicked' Girl Scouts Promote Lesbianism & Abortion: Video - When an average American sees a girl scout selling cookies, these words come to his mind: Innocence, all-American, wholesomeness, goodness...

Public Terrified By Pictures Of Zombies On British Buses: Video - Get a life people; there are much scarier things than a picture of a zombie on a bus.

Dude, 64, Dressed As The Joker Arrested For Drunk Driving: Video - Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin touched his junk, The batmobile lost its wheel, And the Joker got drunk.

Man, 68, Shoots Dude, 22, Sleeping With His Wife! - Grandpa`s Johnson may be shooting blanks, but there was nothing wrong with his shotgun.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Engaged! Video! - A reality show bimbo who loves only herself is going to marry a gay rapper who loves only himself.

Moron Calls Cops To Report Stolen Jell-O From Employee Break Room - I`d be surprised if a cop was dispatched to investigate this theft, he would be a sour mood if he had to put down his donut and coffee to look into this ridiculous matter.

Woman Gives Birth In A Barnes & Noble Bookstore - The mother should name her baby Noble, Barney, or Bookworm in honor of the place where he was born.


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