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Robert Paul Reyes

Minnie Driver Rocks Blue Bikini! Haters Hate! What Do You Think? - Haters will hate, but there are plenty of decent folks who love Minnie and think she looks adorable in her blue bikini.

Lindsay Lohan to Attend Coachella, Promises Not to Drink! Yeah, Right! Video! - Bit** please!

Obama Revives Birther Issue at FBI Snitch Al Sharpton Rally: Video - I have to give Obama credit, he got away with the greatest deception in American history, and then he has the gall to joke about it.

Outrage: Christian School Teacher Calls Student, 12, 'Sassy Slut': Video - There should be zero tolerance for hateful language in a school (especially emanating from a teacher), regardless if it`s a private Christian school or a public school.

Billy Joel Surprises Elementary School Performing Billy Joel Tribute Concert - It gives me hope for the future that this elementary school didn`t hold a spring concert in honor of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus -- they celebrated a true musical genius.

False Prophet John Hagee: Blood Moons Portend End Times: Video - When you witness the moon turning blood red on April 15, don`t reach for your rosary, reach for your bong and enjoy the show.

Jury Orders Man to Pay $5,001 to Coworker for Peeing in his Coffee - The jury didn`t have to include a rocket scientist or a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Butler exhibited personal ill will and spite " towards Utz by peeing into his coffee.

Snoop Dogg Will Host 'Wellness Retreat' Concert on 4/20: Video - In a sign of harmonic convergence and spiritual bliss April 20 happens to fall on Easter this year.

Grandma, 78, Rides Roller Coaster for First Time: Video - The old woman scoffed at the notion that she might have lost her dentures and soiled her diapers, and she rode that mother like a champ, laughing like a child from start to finish.

Is NASA Photo of Strange Light a UFO? Video! - Leave it to UFOlogists to turn a pixel into an alien bonfire on the surface of Mars.

'Butt-dialing' Burglars Busted After Accidental 911 Call - This incident occurred on April 1, 2014, but it`s no April Fools` Day joke.

Atheist Asks for Atheist Attorney After Attack on Roomie Mistaken for Jesus - Beggars can`t be choosers, if this penniless bum wants an atheist public defender he can sell plasma, steal copper wire, sell his body, and beg for spare change until he can afford one.

Bucket List for Pooch Dying from Cancer: Video - Who says bucket lists are only for people?

Bruce Springsteen Covers Van Halen's 'Jump' in Dallas: Video - Watching the video of The Boss sing Jump " makes this older-than-dirt blogger want to play air guitar and jump a couple of inches off the ground.

Twin Polar Bear Cubs at Munich Zoo named Nela and Nobby Rock the House: Video! - We are in desperate need of a video that will make us smile and feel warm inside; enjoy this video of these playful Polar Bear cubs!

Married GOP Congressman Caught Making Out With Staffer In Surveillance Video! - It`s hardly breaking news when a politician is caught cheating on his wife, but it`s especially delicious when it`s another " family values" GOP politician who`s caught red-handed.

One-Ton Crocodile Captured in Uganda: Video - A monstrous, man-eating crocodile that tips the scales at 2,204 pounds has been captured in Uganda.

Seventh-Grader, Ethan Chaplin, Suspended for Twirling Pencil Like a Gun: Video - A zero tolerance policy is synonymous with zero intelligence, stop the insanity now!

Amanda Bynes Tweets Bikini Pics! Bikini so Wholesome a Nun Could Wear it! Video! - Amanda Bynes celebrated her 28th birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, while on spring-break vacation from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Deer Lord! Deer Cam Captures UFOs! Video! - Evidently these UFOs were on a mission to discover intelligent life in Mississippi, and deer are the closest thing that resembles intelligent life in the deep South.


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