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Robert Paul Reyes

Epic Condiment Fight Lands Woman in Jail: Video - Two condiment-armed 19-year-olds squared off against each other last night in the apartment they share, a confrontation that ended with them drenched in ketchup and maple syrup.

Male Guinea Pig Escapes From His Cage and Makes 100 females Pregnant: Video - It`s usually cats who get all the attention on the Internet, the only way a guinea pig can get any buzz is by sleeping with 100 females.

Australian Dude on Motorized Beer Cooler Arrested for DUI: Video - Australian police arrested a man and charged him with drunk driving after he was found riding a motorized beer cooler while under the influence of alcohol.

Mother Left Shocked And In Tears At School's Drama Awards Ceremony - The mother was in tears and in shock at the awards ceremony, methinks she should have received an award for her performance.

CIA Opens Twitter Account: Video - The agency has also opened official Facebook, Flickr and YouTube accounts; I`m spooked by the CIA`s infiltration of social media.

Bowe Bergdahl and his Father Bob Bergdahl: The Most Hated Men in America! - Americans are outraged that five Taliban leaders dedicated to the cause of enslaving their own people and killing Americans were traded for one American soldier who had no dedication to his fellow soldiers or to his country.

D-Day Veteran Sneaks Out of Nursing Home to Attend Normandy Ceremony - A World War II veteran didn`t let a ban from his nursing home stop him from storming the beach at Normandy once again.

Epic Nicolas Cage Prank: Video - Nicolas Cage is known for his prolificacy, appearing in at least one film per year nearly every year since 1980, and his flicks have one thing in common: They suck!

Obese Man Hid 40 Bags of Heroin in His Belly Button: Video - Streeter should be sent to a fat farm, then to rehab, and finally sentenced to a lifetime of cleaning lint from the navel of homeless persons.

Drunk Woman, 22, Uninjured After Being Run Over While Asleep on Tracks - An Alabama woman was unhurt after being run over by a train.

Demi Lovato Believes in UFOs, Aliens and Mermaids! Video - Lovato also thinks she`s a great singer, so I guess you have to take her every utterance with a grain of salt.

Italy's Singing Nun, Sister Cristina Scuccia, Wins 'The Voice'! Sacrilege? Video! - When I watched the video of the Scuccia performing Flashdance " I wasn`t inspired to recite a "Hail Mary" or to light a votive candle, I had visions of doing the nasty with the hot as hell sister.

Canadian Cad Commits Creepy Act With Cucumber at Library - There is no truth to the rumor that the pervert was Justin Bieber.

Gay Family Dollar Manager Sprays Pregnant Shoplifter With Febreze: Video - Moral of this story: If you want to avoid low-life scum don`t shop at Family Dollar

Celebration in Bowe Bergdahl`s Hometown Canceled! No Victory Parade for Deserter/Defector/Collaborator - With about three years left in the execrable Obama administration, I didn`t think the president could possibly top the epic fail of Obamacare, but it`s now clear that the Bowe Bergdahl scandal will go down in history as his greatest failure.

Hot Chick, 32 Attacks Stepfather, 72, With Axe for Playing Gospel Music - The 32-year-old attacked Robinson while he was watching the late evangelist Adrian Rogers on TV.

Plane Turns Around After Woman Tells Fellow Passenger 'I Kill White People Like You' - A United Airlines flight from Nashville to Houston turned around Sunday after a passenger allegedly threatened a fellow traveler when she was asked to turn off her cellphone.

Dude Calls 911 to Report That His Wife had Thrown Out His Beer - A Florida man was arrested and thrown in the slammer after he allegedly repeatedly called 911 to complain about his wife tossing out his beer.

Outrage: Bride Drags Her Baby Down the Aisle on Wedding Gown! Video! - The shameless bride claimed that the baby was "covered in Christ" during the ceremony, what is that supposed to mean? WWJD? Jesus would have picked up the baby, and given the woman a solid kick in her rear end.

Bowe Bergdahl Must be Court-Martialed and Obama Must be Impeached! - In order to demonstrate that America honors its constitution, honors patriotism , and abhors traitors, Bergdahl must be court-martialed and Obama must be impeached.


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