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Robert Paul Reyes

Krampus-Themed Christmas Display Sparks Outrage: Video - May Krampus make mincemeat out of all the nasty children this Christmas!

Bloody Santa on a Cross with Crown of Thorns Sparks Outrage: Video - If you are offended by the religious imagery (the crown of thorns and the cross), make a sign of the cross as you drive by and thank your lucky stars that we live in a country that guarantees every citizen freedom of speech.

News Anchor Fired After Dropping F-Bomb During Newscast: Video - You don`t have to be a news anchor legend like Ron Burgundy, to know that you always assume that the microphone is on.

Dude in Christmas Elf Costume Arrested for DUI: Video! - Nothing good ever happens at 3 AM, especially when you are drunk as a skunk and dressed as the elf character portrayed by Will Ferrell in the 2003 movie " Elf."

'Living Nativity` Scene Depicts Santa Bowing to Baby Jesus - It`s good to know that in a living nativity scene in a Baptist Church, Santa is paying homage to Jesus, and the self-sacrifice, and good will that he represents.

UFO Turns Out To Be Trash Bags Filled With Helium: Video - A UFO described as a big black blob was photographed over the town of Ellensburg, Washington. The witness says it 'expanded and contracted like some kind of jagged, geometric puffer fish

Santapocalypse: Santas Have Epic Deathmatch In New York City: Video - God damn these Santas straight to hell!

Teacher Tells Black Student Who Wore Santa Claus Outfit: Santa's White! Video! - Some folks can`t abide the idea of a black youngster wearing a Santa Claus outfit, in what planet they argue does a black young man break into a house to leave presents behind?

Airport Security Guard's Amazing Dive To Catch Falling Toddler: Video - Paczek`s heroics didn`t go unnoticed, he received and undisclosed sum as a Christmas bonus.

Cops Arrest Driver Named Jesus Who Was Hauling Weed in Christmas Wrapped Packages - A man named Jesus is driving around Surfside, Fla. with weed in boxes wrapped as Christmas presents. The cops should have presented this Jesus/Santa dude with a key to the city of Surfside instead of arresting him.

Prostitute Sues Colorado For Not Letting Her Open Medical Marijuana Store - Let Kenyon open a medical marijuana store. She can call it: Ho-listic Heavenly Herb!

Obama Ripe For Ridicule: It's Our Patriotic Duty To Mock Him! Video! - Obama is ripe for ridicule: Comics should mock him and the Senate should impeach him.

The Dramatic Rise And Tragic Fall of Lady Gaga - Gaga is a disposable pop confection, her expiration date was yesterday, and she reeks to high heaven.

Layaway Santa Pays Off $20,000 in Layaway Accounts At Walmart: Video - Paraday is a good egg, let`s follow his example and get busy performing random acts of kindness this Christmas season.

LA Black Santa Most Popular Santa In The World: Video - I don`t care if Santa is purple as long as he leaves some presents under my Christmas tree this year.

Walmart Employee Shoots Co-Worker's Car Over Employee of the Month Award: Video - Mitchell may win an inmate of the month award, but I doubt he will ever win an employee of the month award.

Swedish Grinch Steals Christmas Mailbox Full of Christmas Cards - The Swedish postal service has a quaint custom of installing red mailboxes during Christmas; wide-eyed children drop their letters to Santa and blue-haired old ladies with weak eyes drop Xmas cards to their grandkids in these festive mailboxes.

Perfect Christmas Gift For UFO Nuts: UFO Detector! Video! - If you have a weird uncle who`s into yoga, collecting butterflies and UFO`s, buy him a UFO Detector for Christmas. This contraption beeps when it detects a magnetic anomaly usually associated with flying saucers.

Obama's 'If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It' Lie of the Year! Video! - Scripture warns us that liars will burn in the lake of fire, Obama, Joe Isuzu and Baghdad Bob have a fiery future.

Santa Warns Christmas May Be Canceled In Wretched Greenpeace Video - Santa with his red face, bulbous nose, and imposing girth symbolizes the greed, debauchery, mindless consumerism and gluttony of Christmas. Good old freaking Santa Claus is the ideal symbol for capitalism gone awry.


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