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Robert Paul Reyes

Viral Video: Woman Plays 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on Piano - You go girl!

Has Jennifer Lawrence 'America's Sweetheart' Turned into a Skank? - Sober up girlfriend before you wake up in a gutter next to Lindsay Lohan.

Michael Jackson Song from 1983 Released as Single: Listen! - The King of Pop left us a treasure trove of albums, there is no reason to tarnish his legacy by releasing rejected tracks that weren`t up to his lofty standards.

James Franco Tells Howard Stern: I Did Not Sleep With Lindsay Lohan - Fans of Franco will forgive his atrocious turn hosting the Academy Awards, but they will never forgive or forget if he really slept with the skank.

Famous Celebs With Quirky Body Parts: Video - Even the most famous celebs have body imperfections: Love yourself just the way you are.

Viral Video: Parents Break News of Baby to Overjoyed Children - The reaction of the kids is priceless. See if you can keep your eyes dry when the little girl tells her mother: I can`t thank you enough.

Donald Sterling Receives Lifetime Ban from Bunny Ranch Brothel - Donald Sterling can`t watch his players on the court in California -- and now he can't play in Nevada.

Baddie Winkle: Social Media Star is 86! - The Internet`s latest star is a twerking, pill-popping granny who loves tie-dye T-shirts and selfies.

Couthouse Twerking Ends in Drug Arrests: Video - Inappropriate dancing and public urination in front of Beaverton City Hall led to the arrest of three women.

Today April 29 is Grumpy Cat's Birthday: Her Birthday is the Cat's Meow! Video! - Friskies Party Mix is throwing a big party for Grumpy Cat in the city on April 29, Grumpy Cat`s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, said.

Viral Video: Russian Father Teaches Toddler How to Smoke - A video that appears to show a Russian father teaching his toddler how to smoke a cigarette has been making the rounds on social media.

Grumpy Cat or Pharrell Williams: Who Looks More Gangsta in a Hat? Video! - Grumpy Cat wins hands down, when I see Pharrell wearing a hat, I think to myself Dude`s got style ", but when I see Grumpy Cat rocking a hat, I want to kiss her and squeeze her to death.

DJ E-Z Rock of 'It Takes Two' Fame' Dead at 46: Video - Rest in Peace DJ E-Z-Rock, I`m sure you have everyone in heaven grooving to "It Takes Two."

Grumpy Cat: Perfect Judge for American Idol: Video - Grumpy Cat owns the Internet; she has her own Facebook page with over 5 million likes and a Twitter page with over 200,000 followers.

LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is a Racist Scumbag: Video - All vestiges of racism must be eliminated by the NBA; Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA must have a private conversation with Sterling and persuade him to sell his team for the good of the NBA.

Outrage: Jared Leto's Oscar a Filthy Mess - Talented thespians like Leonardo DiCaprio who have never won an Oscar are praying that Leto will be crucified by a Satanist who mistakes the creep for Jesus Christ.

Grumpy Cat Makes Appearance on American Idol: Grumpy Cat Hates Idol! - Even Grumpy Cat can`t save American Idol.

Baby Found Crawling Across 4 Lanes of Traffic: Frogger Nightmare! - Police say a baby found crawling across a busy four-lane street in northern Utah after his 7-year-old sister took him out of his crib is safely back home.

Lea Michele, Naya Rivera Feud on Set of 'Glee': Video - Glee is on its last legs, but perhaps the producers can extend its run another season or two by exploiting the rivalry between Lean Michel and Naya Rivera.

Outrage: WGRZ Weatherman Andy Parker Giggles Like Giddy Schoolgirl: Video - WGRZ should fire Parker, after a winter of unending snow and polar vortexes up the wazoo; we are in no mood for on-air frivolity.


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