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Robert Paul Reyes

NASA Successfully Launches and Recovers a Flying Saucer: Video - Eat your heart out UFOlogists, and bow down before a real flying saucer!

Dude Fired from Chick-fil-A Robs KFC - Coley ain`t gonna be eating any delicious KFC or Chic-fil-A sandwiches for a while, get used to eating jail bologna sandwiches loser!

Woman Served a Side of Weed With Her Order at Sonic: Video - In a perfect world Sonic Burger would include a bag of weed with every order, and the clerk who gave away the magic herb for free would have received the " Employee of the Month" award.

Perfect Gift For Your Fave Redneck: KFC Gold-plated Chicken Bone Necklace: Video - After they went on sale earlier today, a limited run of 20 gold-plated KFC chicken bone necklaces have already sold out

Outrage: Man Throws Ex-Girlfriend's Puppy Out of Third-Floor Window: Video - A man is facing burglary and animal theft charges after he allegedly threw his ex`s dog out of third-floor window because she rejected his sexual advances.

Tamron Hall Wears Natural Hair for 1st Time on TV! Black Women Stop Being Ashamed of Your Natural Hair! Video! - It`s a shame that a non-black commentator has to school black women to be proud of their natural hair.

Hillary Clinton Has Secret Deal to Keep Anthony Weiner Out of Spotlight - Hillary has a secret deal with her top aide Huma Abedin to keep Abedin`s troublesome husband, Anthony Weiner, out of the spotlight.

Drunken Dude Tries to Break Into Ice Cream Stand While It's Open - If this sorry excuse for a human being drops an ice cream cone in jail, I highly recommend that he doesn`t pick it up.

Cracker Barrel Fires Vietnam Vet for Giving Beggar a Muffin! - Joe worked as a host at Cracker Barrel, but he thought he was freaking Santa Claus. Joe has plenty of free time now, maybe he can volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Outrage: Russian Policewomen to be Disciplined for Short Skirts - The Russian Interior Ministry launched an effort to crackdown on uniform modifications, including the rising trend of short skirts on female Russian police officers.

Hillary Clinton's Book 'Hard Choices' a Colossal Flop! - Let`s hope that Hillary`s presidential campaign will be an even bigger flop than her book.

U.S. Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Urges US Employers To Let Their Workers Watch USA vs Germany - U.S. Soccer coach Jürgen Klinsmann penned a note to American employers urging them to let their employees off to watch America play Germany in the World Cup.

Sarah Jessica Parker returning to TV in Crime Series - Parker is 49-years-old, and usually ageing actresses are put out to pasture, but I`m glad she can still get work in Hollywood.

Video of Baby Raising Eyebrows: Most Annoying Video Ever? - Ban baby videos on YouTube!

Man, 96, Recalls 1974 UFO Incident! - Enough is enough, let`s put an end to this UFO tomfoolery!

Snakes Invade Naperville! Sign of the End Times? Video! - A snake invasion is making people`s skin crawl in Naperville.

Judge Tells Burger King Employee Convicted of Vandalism to Get a 'Real Job' - The hamburger-flipping loser told the judge he earned $9.50 an hour at Burger King, and the judge responded that he should get a real job so he could pay restitution to his victims.

CNN Anchors Laugh At Hillary Clinton's Comments About Her Wealth: Video - Hillary Clinton is morally and ethically challenged, and if the press faithfully reported her financial irregularities, hypocrisy and lack of candor, she wouldn`t be considered the inevitable Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election.

Katy Perry Offers to Write Theme Song for Hillary Clinton: Video - But Perry`s " I Kissed a Girl " would be more appropriate, it could serve as Hillary`s campaign theme song and as the official song for her coming out party.

Moron Thief Forgets to Log Out After Checking Facebook During Burglary - Minnesota police arrested a burglary suspect who apparently forgot to log out of Facebook after checking his profile during a break-in at a St. Paul home.


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