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Robert Paul Reyes

Lady Gaga's 'ArtPop' (ArtPoop?) Flops! Video! - Lady Gaga and her music label squandered millions promoted her crap album. Lady Gaga needs to take a long vacation, and listen to Adele`s albums non-stop, and maybe she will get a clue.

Christian School Threatens To Expel Black Girl Being Bullied Over Natural Hair! Video! - Little Vanessa has no plans to straighten or cut her natural hairstyle, and her mother has her back. Let`s hope that the Pharisees at Faith Christian Academy will have an epiphany and let Vanessa rock her beautiful hair.

Outrage: Brian The Dog, Beloved 'Family Guy' Character Killed Off: Video - Brian is more human than canine, he sips martinis, engages in witty repartee, although he does retain some pet-like qualities.

Outrage: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayerv Hires Katie Couric As Yahoo Global Anchor - Katie Couric is the most annoying, cloying and overhyped anchor is the history of broadcast journalism. Couric has the gravitas of a buttermilk pancake that has been run over by a Mack truck.

Mall Santa Claus, 62, Busted For Groping Hot Female Elf, 18! - When this Santa hollers "Ho, Ho, Ho " he`s not expressing Christmas cheer, he`s trying to get the attention of women of easy virtue.

Katy Perry's Racist Geisha-Themed Performance At American Music Awards: Video - Katy Perry dressed up as a geisha for her rendition of Unconditionally during the American Music Awards and some of the viewers thought her act was racist.

'Gangnam Style' Wedding Shooting in Yemen Leaves 3 Dead - Ain`t no party like a Yemen party, cause a Yemen party don`t stop 'till everybody be dead or dying.

Monster Kitten Steals Show From Miley Cyrus At American Music Awards: Video - Last night at the American Music Awards Miley Cyrus was dressed like an instructor at a Jazzercise class in a 3rd rate cruise ship bound for the Aleutian Islands.

Famous UFO Mystery Solved? UFO A Saucer-Shaped Water Tower? - Every day a gazillion and one new UFO videos are posted on YouTube, why would a UFO investigator waste any time investigating a 1979 UFO mystery?

Old Man, 101, Uses Frozen Salmon To Practice For Carrying Olympic Torch - A plucky Siberian centenarian (Alexander Kaptarenko, 101) says a frozen salmon has helped him prepare to take part in the Olympic torch relay to Sochi for the Winter Games.

Rodney Dangerfield Website Goes Live For His 92nd Birthday: Video - Dangerfield embodied his tag line I can`t get no respect ", he looked like a sad sack everyman who never took first place, but get plugging away.

Moron Who Robbed Cabbie, Calls Company For Another Taxi From Same Location - The taxi showed up all right, but instead of having a regular driver, it was a cop behind the wheel.

Thief Hid 13 Bottles of Booze In His Pants: Video - Authorities in Florida said they were searching for a man who shoved 13 bottles of liquor down his pants to steal them from a Costco store.

Shreddies, Fart-Filtering Underwear: Greatest Invention Ever? Video! - Fart away for the holidays my friend, fart away!

Holy Cow! Two Cows Fall Through Old Lady's Roof: Video - There`s never been a recorded case of a cow jumping over the moon, but there are dozens of videos on YouTube depicting cows jumping on roofs.

Mother Cat Adopts 3 Ducklings: Video - When we see a cat with a duckling in her mouth, we automatically think Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird.

Kareem Gordon Assaults Pregnant Sister Over Chicken Nuggets - Kareem may hear a few jokes about blacks and chicken, but when he gets thrown in jail the hardened cons will make mincemeat out of this fool.

Holy Crap! Areas Of Rome Covered With Starling Poop! Video! - Rome residents are advising people walking the city`s streets to carry umbrellas to keep from being bombarded by starling poop.

India Seeks To Become Open-Defecation Free State: Video - India isn`t doing squat about overpopulation, what good is it if they install toilets in every home when tons of little crappers are born every day?

Insanity! Thousands Search For 'Mr. Rabbit', Stuffed Animal Lost By Little Girl: Video - This is a classic case of tomfoolery run amuck "


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