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Robert Paul Reyes

Japan's Kirobo: First Robot To Speak In Outer Space: Video - I just hope our robot masters won`t be Hello Kitty androids!

LG End Of The World Prank Video Goes Viral: Best Video Ever? - The Earth is evil indeed; I hope life on Earth ends with a bang, and not a whimper.

Scottish Couple Spend Only $1.56 on Their Wedding: Video - The average American couple spends a fortune on their wedding. What a wonderful way to start a new life together, by getting in debt to your eyeballs.

'Obama's Presidential Library' Is An Outhouse: Video - Is it in bad taste, an insult to the presidency, blatant racism, a crappy publicity stunt, or an expression of free speech above everything else?

How Do You Explain Miley Cyrus' Depravity? Billy Ray Cyrus! Video! - Our long national nightmare ushered in by Miley Cyrus isn`t over yet. Miley, for the love of God, renounce your evil father, and get down on your knees and repent!

London's 'Walkie Talkie' Skyscraper Melting Cars! The End Is Near! Video! - There is something rotten in Denmark! Something Wicked This Way Comes! The Sky is Falling! Wake up and Smell the Coffee! It`s Time to Buy your Tin Foil Hat!

UFO Nut Rihanna Pays Dude To Search For UFO's: Video - When you hire a person to update you on what`s happening on the UFO front, you have way too much money.

Warmonger John McCain Caught Virtual Gambling During Senate Hearing On Syria: Video - Congress must oppose the Syria strike resolution; are we going to shed blood merely to save Obama from losing face.

Sarah The Pet Chicken Swallows Diamond Earring: Fried Chicken Recipe Video - PETA should recognize Claire as Pet Lover of the Year, and send her enough chicken feed to last her eight years.

Brazilian Teens Film Flying Saucer: Video! - The teens were terrified by the UFO; I`ll tell you what`s scary: Rosie O`Donnell wearing a string bikini on a beach in Brazil.

Is It A Bird? A Plane? A UFO? No It's A Cloud, Fool! Video! - When I stare at cloud formations sometimes I see Miley Cyrus twerking or Lindsay Lohan doing a line of coke, but I don`t call People magazine.

Norm Lopez The Cat: 26 Pounds Of Love! Video! - It doesn`t matter if you aren`t wealthy, talented or beautiful; you too can touch lives simply by being loving and loveable like Norm Lopez.

Niki The Russian Cat Sits Just Like A Human Being! Video! - Many cat lovers ascribe human tendencies to their beloved pussycats, but Niki really does act like a human being.

Lil Bub The Cat Meets Grumpy Cat: The Most Epic Encounter In History! Video! - This is bigger than Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé competing in a twerking face-off (butt-off?)

The Righteous Slut-Shaming Of Miley Cyrus - Centuries ago a wench who made a mockery of society`s norms would have been burned at the stake. In these more enlightened times we slut-shame them, and boy did we pile it on Miley.

Is ISON Comet Being Escorted To Earth By UFO's? Video! - Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a video depicting a cigar-shaped UFO is a fake created by a dude with a really small penis.

Geraldo Rivera's Appearance At University Canceled Over Semi-Nude Selfie: Video - For an old man to post a semi-nude selfie of himself online is an unpardonable sin, the second Rivera dies Satan will have his claws on him.

Cops Free Skunk With Its Head Stuck In Jar: Video - The officers walked away from this incident smelling like roses, they are scholars, gentlemen, and knights in shining armor.

96-Year-Old Man's Song for Late Wife Goes Viral: 'Oh Sweet Lorraine' Video - Oh Sweet Lorraine is number seven on US iTunes and has 2 million YouTube views.

Bank Robber Fell Down 21 Stories In Garbage Chute - The hapless bank robber is in critical condition, and it pains me that taxpayer money is being used to nurse this human waste back to health.


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