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Robert Paul Reyes

Woman Stabs Boyfriend Over What Colors Should Be In Their Wedding - The lovebirds engaged in their violent confrontation on Christmas Day, hopefully the man`s New Year`s resolution will be to kick his girlfriend to the curb.

Canadian Inmate Surrenders 12 Hours After Christmas Day Escape - A Canadian inmate who escaped from a minimum-security prison Christmas morning surrendered late that night, calling from a pay phone.

Church Displays Bleeding Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene: Video - I wonder how long it will be before the race pimps like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson make a pilgrimage to the Claremont Methodist Church?

Robert Paul Reyes: My Top Five New Year's Resolutions - Perform one random act of kindness per month...

Fred & Betty Celebrate 50th Anniversary on Christmas - Christmas is the time for hope and optimism; I choose to believe that neither blindness nor dementia can dim the love these lovebirds have for each other.

Dude Spots Virgin Mary on Tie-Dye T-shirt He Made: Religious Tomfoolery! Video! - Symonds says he doesn`t know what he will do with his holy T-shirt. Bullcrap, it will be on sale on eBay before you can say: Religious quackery!

5 Shot, 3 Killed Outside Strip Club Christmas Morning: Video - Moral of this story: A stripper may warm your lap for a few moments, but your family`s love will warm your heart forever. Stay away from strip clubs, losers!

Woman Caught Smuggling Weed Tells Court: I Thought It Was Real Grass - A woman who told a Swedish court she thought the 15 pounds of marijuana she smuggled into the country was grass for the lawn was sentenced to jail.

Unto Us a Monster Child is Born - The bouncing (not sure this monster baby can bounce) baby boy is doing just fine, and mom is hoping he will turn out to be a football player.

Outrage: Santa Shot While Delivering Free Toys In The Hood: Video - This Christmas Eve when Santa was getting ready to begin his toy giveaway, he was shot with a pellet gun. To shoot Santa when he`s surrounded by children is an unspeakable crime.

Bill Gates Invests In Urine-Powered Mobile Phones: Video - It`s not an inalienable human right to own a cell phone; people who live in 3rd world hell holes can send messages using smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

Outrage: Santa Claus Robs Bank! Video! - Ain`t nothing new under the sun, there are dozens of videos on YouTube of evil Santas robbing banks and convenience stores.

Outrage: Hillbilly Judge Rules Possum Drop Can Take Place New Year's Eve: Video - I hope PETA supporters show up en masse and disrupt this hillbilly abomination. Just say No to hillbilly tomfoolery!

Yule Log Program: Christmas Programming At Its Best: Video - The Yule Log program is more entertaining, edifying and exciting than most of the programming on the broadcast networks and cable.

Philadelphia Eagles Honor Former Cheerleader For Military Service: Video - Cheers to the Philadelphia Eagles, Rachel Washburn, and all the other men and women serving in the military.

'Prancing Elites' Black Drag Queens Cause Uproar At Christmas Parade: Video - Christmas is a time for everybody to prance around and have a good time; Merry Christmas to all my readers.

Drunk Cop Charged With Sexting With Girl, 12, While On Duty - It is unclear if Outwater has been fired or suspended. About 140 people live in Kobuk and I bet they all have guns and are dying to exact justice if the criminal justice system drags its feet.

Terrified Airline Pilot Ducks As He Sees UFO Heading Straight To Cockpit! - The captain claims he saw a flying object shaped like a cigar, methinks the good captain has Freudian issues.

Mystery Santa Causes Panic By Waving To Schoolchildren - I`ve had enough of this overabundance of caution " bullcrap; everybody just needs to chill the hell out.

Do-Nothing Congress Introduces Resolution Defending Christmas - In 2013 Congress passed just 64 bills, that`s the lowest amount in modern history.


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