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Robert Paul Reyes

Ted Cruz Calls a Basketball Hoop a 'Ring', What a Tool! - To call a basketball hoop a "ring", is unforgivable anywhere, but especially in Indiana. I`m not surprised at Cruz`s gaffe, he`s totally ignorant of pop culture and sports. Cruz may be an expert on the Constitution, a whiz at stealing delegates, a Bible Scholar, and he may know all the pick-up lines that will work with Republican babes, but he doesn`t know Jack about real life.

Chicken Eats Lizard: Video - A Slovenian chicken owner was shocked to discover one of the birds feasting on an unusual snack -- a snake-like glass lizard.

Woman Caught Walking Her Dog While Driving - A very upset Stockton woman claims she confronted a dog owner who was walking her dog while driving a car.

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump: Medusa vs Daddy Warbucks - It will be Daddy Warbucks vs the Wicked Witch of the West, and I will have to give the edge to Trump because he doesn't recognize any boundaries.

Lonely Dog Cries All Night at Shelter - If you live anywhere near Derwood, Md, for God's sake adopt Juice. There are many lonely and loving dogs waiting for a forever home at your local animal shelter.

SF Dog Owners Hit The Streets To Protest Plan To Reduce Off-Leash Park Areas - Dog lovers marched through the streets of San Francisco Saturday to protest a plan by the National Park Service that would significantly reduce off-leash dog walking areas.

Puppy Perplexed by Escalator: Video - A confused puppy in China was caught on camera misunderstanding the concept of an escalator and attempting to walk in the wrong direction.

Rabbi Declares Medical Marijuana Kosher for Passover - An ultra-Orthodox rabbi announced an addition to the list of substances approved as kosher for Passover: medical marijuana.

Adorable Prince George Greets Obama in a Bathrobe - A robe worn by England's Prince George sold out in minutes after he was photographed in it while meeting President Barack Obama.

Express Your Support for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton With a Temporary Tattoo - Jordan, of MomentaryInk.Com is offering 25+ tattoo designs of your favorite 2016 presidential candidates with realistic temporary tattoos, the operative word being "temporary."

Suki the Cat Can Now Meow and Yawn After Operation - I have two cats, Tico and Ebony, and they are always meowing for food, or yawning contentedly after a meal. I simply can`t imagine a cat that`s unable to meow or yawn, those activities define a feline.

Mother Cat Takes Orphan Puppy into Her Care: Video - A Chihuahua is fatally struck by a car in the mean streets of Detroit, rendering her two-day-old puppy an orphan. This story, unlike most of the incidents that take place in the Motor City, has a happy ending.

Pac-Man-shaped UFO Filmed Hovering Over Gas Station in Kansas: Video - UFO sightings are so ubiquitous that they don't receive much attention -- unless the alleged alien spacecraft has an unusual shape, like a giant penis or Pac-Man.

Malaysian Town Kuching Nickmaned 'Cat City' ... For Good Reason: Video - Kuching has several large cat statues, a radio station known as "Cats FM", and even a cat museum.

Pop Music Superstar Prince Dead at 57 - I was born in 1957, and the Holy Trinity of Pop (Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna) were all born in 1957 or 1958, and they achieved their greatest success in the 80's. These musical icons were the soundtrack of my life not only in the 80's, but for most of my adult life. They are of my generation, and I felt like a piece of me died when Jackson, and now Prince died.

Mariah Carey Threw Herself a Mariah Carey-themed Party - Carey may have lost her fame, but her monster ego is still intact. Only a conceited diva who thinks she`s all that and a bag of chips would throw a party to herself, in which sycophants and hangers-on are asked to dress as a favorite version of the faded star.

Welcome to Vegas! Video Shows Pooch Walking Like Human - The small dog struts through the corridor wearing clothes at Wynn Hotel casino in Las Vegas, at the surprise of fascinated onlooker.

Every Red-blooded American Male in Love With Pizza Girl! Is She a Goddess? Video! - Pizza Girl is an international sensation, if Donald Trump wants to sway delegates to put him over the top he would be well-advised to name the bombshell blonde as his running mate.

Female Guest on Maury Povich Looks Just Like Ted Cruz: Video - A guest on the daytime talk show Maury had social media on fire thanks to her resemblance to Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump is an Evil Oompa-Loompa Destined to Destroy America - With his wispy orange hair, orange-tinged complexion, baby hands, micro-penis, Buddha-like stomach, sphincter-like pursed mouth, wrinkled white buttocks, and fake little teeth, Donald Trump looks like a tall Oompa-Loompa that just escaped from the pit of hell.


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