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Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump's Oval Office Address: A Nation Vomits! Video! - On Tuesday night Donald Trump delivered his first Oval Office address, the prime time speech was dedicated to his obsession of building a tower in Moscow, my bad, I mean building a wall on our southern border.

Chris Evans Calls Mike Pence an Obsequious Little Worm - Wow. @VP is an obsequious little worm desperately trying to sanitize Trump's lies. He has no shame. Keep tap dancing you fool. We all see you.

Stripper Arrested for Posting Message Online About Shooting Up a Club - An exotic dancer in Florida has been arrested after allegedly writing about a vision she had of committing a mass shooting in a crowded place.

Ment Nelson's Painting Perfectly Captures Kanye West's Uncle Tom Spirit - West's Uncle Tom grin perfectly captures his servile and submissive nature in the presence of white authority, and Trump's frown perfectly captures his disgust at being embraced by a black man.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Impeach the Expletive-Deleted - Bravo!

Outrage: Christians Overrepresented in Congress - Pew Reports 'Christians overrepresented in Congress': 55 percent Protestant, 30 percent Catholic, 6 percent Jewish

Viral Video: Maggi the Pooch and Pumpkin the Kitty Love on Each Other - The short clip shows doggie Maggie and her friend kitty Pumpkin loving on each other. Maggi gently pets Pumpkin's back, and Pumpkin reciprocates by hugging Maggi.

Harry Reid: Donald Trump is Amoral - Impeach Trump Now!

Donald Trump's Incredibly Shrinking Wall - And of course he repeated ad nauseam that Mexico would pay for the damned thing. Mexico will erect a phallic symbol taller than the Washington Monument in honor of Trump before it finances his boondoggle.

The World Will End Not With a Bang or a Whimper But With a Trump Tweet - The world may end, my friends, not because of geopolitical tensions between the Russian Federation and the United States or due to economic tensions between American and China - the world may end simply because Trump's tiny fingers pecking away at the Twitter machine insulted a mad dictator with a nuclear arsenal.

Robert Paul Reyes: My New Year's Resolution, Impeach Trump - The unnecessary shutdown, the attacks on the independent judiciary, the vitriol showered on the free press, the politicization of the military, the demonization of black and brown immigrants, the assault on the rule of law. Congress must act now. Impeach Trump.

When Will the Fashion Police Arrest Melania Trump? - After months of being roundly criticized for not visiting American troops in a war zone, Donald Trump, with Melania in tow, made a surprise visit to Iraq December 26.

Donald Trump is a Coward - Donald Trump has always yearned to be the alpha dog, but it's difficult to be the top dog when he's been neutered by his cowardice.

Cat Loves Riding Llama - The lama serves its meowjesty, giving the insolent cat a ride during cold showy weather so the kitty doesn't freeze its paws.

Melania Trump is as Mysterious as a Russian Topless Bartender at a Strip Club - If you ask me there's no mystery about Melania Knauss, she's a former nude model who struck faux gold when she married real estate magnate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a Grinch! Yes, Coleman, There is a Santa Claus! - Donald Trump spoke to children whose calls to NORAD had been patched through to the White House lines - there's no way the Stable Genius can screw up this photo-op, right?

This Christmas Curse Out a White Evangelical in the Name of Jesus Christ - Damn Donald Trump and his white evangelical enablers, gays will sashay through the Pearly Gates while they will be greeted in hell by a demon with an insatiable appetite for sodomizing religious hypocrites.

There is No War on Christmas! America is Besotted With Christmas! Merry Christmas! - America is still nominally a Christian nation, but the future is secular and based on science and algorithms, and the advent of Artificial Intelligence will eclipse faith in deities based on holy books.

Just How Gay is Mike Pence? - If Mike Pence is so inclined, he has a seat reserved for him to watch Broadway's The Prom, the new Broadway musical that made history in November by giving the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade its first televised same-sex kiss ever.

Peaceful Pics of Cats Nestling in Christmas Trees - But by all means enjoy these stress-relieving images of kitties nestling in Christmas trees. You might also enjoy pics of unicorns with butterflies streaming out of their rear ends.


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