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Robert Paul Reyes

Rottweiler's Heartbreaking Reaction to the Death of His Buddy: Video - Do dogs got to heaven? Hell yes, for heaven would be hell without dogs!

Woman in Wheelchair Stands Up to Shoplift - British police released CCTV footage of a woman recorded standing up from her wheelchair and walking around a store while shoplifting.

Bill de Blasio Should be Tarred & Feathered for his Histrionic Response to 'Dusting of Century' - Jonathan Lamberton, the sign language interpreter seen at Mayor de Blasio's press conference, was the talk of social media, earning rave reviews for his craft.

The Kitten Bowl: More Entertaining & More Adorable than Super Bowl: Video! - The biggest sporting event on Planet Earth is back Sunday. No, not the Super Bowl; we're talking about the second annual Kitten Bowl, people.

Boy Genius, 14, Creates Bill Cosby Statue With Fat Albert Blocking His Genitalia - I predict a bright future for fourteen-year old Edwards, like any true genius he isn`t afraid to speak truth to power. God bless him!

Water Company Tells Residents Black Water from Pit of Hell Is Fine to Drink: Video! - The executives of the Golden State Water Co. should be sentenced to community service cleaning the streets under the hot California sun with only their nasty water to drink.

GoDaddy's Super Bowl Ad 'Journey Home': Sick, Twisted and Disgusting! - This is hands down the most revolting and sickening ad I have ever seen, and as a dog lover I am now on a mission from God to destroy GoDaddy.

Sarah Palin's Speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit! Palin is Stark Raving Mad! - If you don`t feel like killing yourself after viewing this excerpt from her speech, you will when you consider the obscene amount of money she gets paid to utter such claptrap.

Holy Mackerel! Irish Eat Mackerel Dumped on Street By a Truck! - Officials in the Northern Ireland capital are warning residents not to eat mackerel plucked from the road after a truck dumped its load of fish.

Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Fail! LiLo Edited Panties Pic! - LiLo has plenty of free time, she should take a photoshop class at her local community college.

Fox News: Army to Charge Bowe Bergdahl With Desertion - Fox News and NBC News are reporting that the U.S. Army will charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion.

The Muppets' Rowlf Goes Viral Singing Biz Markie's 'Just a Friend' to Miss Piggy - 'Just a Friend' greatest rap song?

Alan Ladd's Wife Says Bill Cosby Raped Her - If a white celebrity were accused of raping dozens of black women, he would be treated like a racist leper and he would need an army of bodyguards. Why do we allow Cosby to get away with murder?

Hero Dog Frees Silly Cat With Cup Stuck on Its Head: Video! - This video depicts a dog removing a cup that was stuck in the head of a cat. This pooch should be applauded for dispelling the stereotype that dogs and cats are natural and implacable enemies.

Parents Outraged Over 'Po Pimp' Homework Assignment! Video! - This kind of slang is never appropriate in a grade school curriculum; somebody needs to be pimp-slapped!

Viral Video: Girl, 12, Loves Driving Big Rigs! Girl Power Up the Wazoo! - Her favorite part about driving the big trucks! Honking the horn of course! Get down with girl power and leave a nice message on her YouTube page!

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: Send in the Clowns! - Evangelicals need to wake up, smell the damn coffee, read their Bibles, and kick Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to the curb!

Singapore Man Fined $15,800 for Throwing Cigarette Butts out Window - If you travel to the island paradise of Singapore you`d better mind your Ps and Qs, the authorities have zero tolerance for criminals, scofflaws and riff-raff.

Panda Cubs Engage in Epic Brawl: Video! - What`s more exciting than a wrestling battle royale, more adorable than cheerleaders engaging in a pillow fight, and more riveting than a NASCAR mass crash? A quintet of panda cubs settling their differences in a mass brawl, of course!

Adorable Angelic Albino Baby With New Glasses Sees Mom for First Time! Video! - The angel`s smile when she sees her mother for the first time is simply priceless!


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