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Robert Paul Reyes

Viral Halloween Video of the Year! - Congratulations to the happy couple, and Happy Halloween to all my readers.

Democratic Faithful Walk Out in Middle of Obama Speech - Can you say buyer`s remorse "? Can you say dashed hopes and unwelcome change"?

Video of Mike Sobel and Ripple the Dog`s Weather Forecast Goes Viral - Alberta weatherma Mike Sobel does the forecast with a different pooch every Wednesday to promote pet adoptions, but he got more than he bargained for when he tried to do the forecast with Ripple.

Drunk Woman Mistakes Jail for Bar, Gets Arrested! - A woman was arrested Sunday morning for drunken driving after she pulled into the parking lot of the Van Buren County Jail, which she believed to be a bar.

Unspeakable Tragedy: Dog is Allergic to Humans - If you have a pooch, and neither one of you is allergic to the other, count your blessings and enjoy your time together!

UFO Flying Over the Moon? Video! - The chances of you witnessing a cow jump over the moon are substantially higher than the chances of you observing a UFO fly over the lunar surface.

American Tourist Locked in London Bookstore After Hours - American tourist David Wills found himself trapped in a London Waterstones late last night after staff closed up shop whilst he was still perusing the shelves on the second floor.

Canadian Finds Dead Rat in His McDonald's Coffee - Ron Morais of Fredericton says he got more than he bargained for when he picked up a cup of coffee from a local McDonald`s restaurant on his way to work.

Pumpkin Halloween Heaven! How to Make a Jack O'Lantern With No Carving: Video - Can you say: Paint your pumpkin?

Man Wakes Up From Colonoscopy to Discover He's Wearing Pink Panties - A man who underwent a colonoscopy awoke after the procedure to find he was wearing pink panties.

Creepy Clown Sightings Go Nationwide! Halloween from Hell! - The rash of creepy clown sightings in California appears to have spread nationwide, with reported en-clown-ters in Florida, Indiana and New Mexico.

Elderly Patient Has Miraculous Recovery After Hospital Reunion With His Dog: Video - Watch the heartwarming reunion, have plenty of tissues ready!

Sarah Jessica Parker's Makeup Artist Arrested for Shoplifting - It`s impossible to tell if Sarah Jessica Parker was upset by the arrest of her make-up artist, considering the actress always has a long face.

Young Woman Shocked to Receive Text From Dead Grandma! - Most people would be shocked to receive a text message from a grandmother who was still in the land of the living. Old folks think a text message is the closed captions on their TV sets.

Chicago Holds Top Spot on Rattiest Cities List - If only Orkin offered a service to exterminate rats of the human variety.

Halloween Video: Corgi Puppy Plays With Baby Pumpkin - Halloween is right around the corner, and everybody loves puppies, so here`s an adorable video of a cute Corgi puppy playing with a baby pumpkin.

Outrage: Michelle Obama Releases Ratchet Vine to Promote Healthy Eating - Can you imagine Jackie Kennedy using a phrase with blatant sexual and drug connotations to promote healthy eating?

UFO Watches NASA astronauts on ISS Spacewalk: Video - As two astronauts aboard the International Space Station made some outside repairs, a UFO appears to hover in the background, as seen on a video released by NASA.

Alicia Keys Protests Kidnapping of Nigerian Schoolgirls by Islamic Terrorists: Video - Protests, hashtags, and social media campaigns may work to persuade a grocery store chain to ban plastic bags, but these methods are ineffectual in shaming Islamic terrorists into releasing the girls they`ve kidnapped.

Holy Cow! Blosom World's Tallest Cow at 6'4" - Try tipping over this cow, might as well try to jump in line at a buffet line ahead of Oprah Winfrey!


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