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Robert Paul Reyes

Female Cyclist Flips Donald Trump the Bird! God Bless Her! - The president of the United States is used to being saluted, but a cyclist in Virginia put her own particular slant on the tradition on Saturday when she was overtaken by Donald Trumps motorcade.

Heartless Reporters Bring Their Children to White House to Meet Donald Trump - It's a longstanding tradition for the children of the White House correspondents to visit the Oval Office for Halloween festivities.

Ellen DeGeneres Ogles Katy Perry's Breasts! Shame on the Butch Lesbian! - Ellen DeGeneres is facing backlash for tweeting a photo in honor of Katy Perrys birthday that some social media users consider sexist.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? Because They're Jerks! - Cats have their quirks, no doubt. But one of the more puzzling - and annoying - things they do is to knock stuff off tables and shelves.

Bob Corker is Spot On! Donald Trump's Legacy Will be the Debasement of Our Nation - We must keep resisting and keep fighting until Trump is removed from office, one way or another.

The CNN 'This is an Apple' Ad - Impeach Trump!

Life-Size Trump Scarecrow At California Elementary Schools Scares Bejesus Out of Kids - Parents are divided after a scarecrow depicting President Donald Trump was put up as part of a class project on the Santa Clarita Elementary School campus.

Clueless Canadian Cops Give Dude Ticket for Singing Along With His Jam: Video - Those clueless Canadian cops need to chill the hell out, smoke some weed and listen to Bob Marley, how dare they give Moalla a ticket for singing along with his jam.

Donald Trump Jr. Posts Fake Time Cover of Donald Trump as Superman! I Want to Die! - Social media users took delight in ridiculing President Donald Trumps oldest son on Saturday after he posted a bizarre picture of his father on the Internet.

The Ms. Senior America Pageant is an Abomination - Beauty pageants may conjure up images of young women in bikinis, but in Atlantic City a roomful of sequined grandmothers and great-grandmothers are putting their best stiletto forward.

Donald Trump's Renoir is as Fake as his Orange Complexion - A PAINTING which Donald Trump claims is a real Renoir is fake according to experts.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Should Classify the White Evangelical Movement as a Hate Group - From this point forward the white evangelical movement is anathema to me.

Why is God Always Destroying Trailer Parks? - Fire officials in Arizona say a man who was attempting to burn spiders under his mobile home sparked a fire on Sunday night.

Watch Video and You Will Understand Why Hillary Clinton Lost to a Vulgar Pig - Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became visibly irritated during an interview with Australian TV when she was asked about Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

True Christians Should be Horrified by the Evangelical Movement's Embrace of Trump - The mainstream evangelical movement has thoroughly aligned itself with the alt-right and Donald Trump, and any evangelical who is a true believer in Jesus, should disavow the evangelical movement.

Larry Flynt Offers $10 Million for Dirt on Donald Trump - Pornography publisher Larry Flynt is offering $10 million in cash for any information leading to the impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Bob Corker Blasts Donald Trump for Castrating Rex Tillerson - US Republican senator Bob Corker stepped up his public feud with Donald Trump on Friday, saying the presidents undermining of his secretary of state was like castrating him in public.

Donald Trump Flings Red Meat at Values Voter Summit! Evangelicals Enthralled by the Vulgar Moron - In lieu of any legislative victories Trump has signed one executive order after another, and thrown enough red meat to his supporters to feed an army.

Eminem's Anti-Trump Freestyle Rap Silliest Thing I've Ever Seen - The only thing more ridiculous than septuagenarian rockers like the Rolling Stones performing and engaging in all the histrionics of rock stars is a middle-aged white rapper grabbing his crotch and rapping about bitches and bling.

Trump May Visit DMZ! Who's Behind This Plan Mike Pence? - Having Trump visit the DMZ within shooting distance of North Korean soldiers strikes me as dangerous as scheduling him to speak at an antifa rally.


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