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Robert Paul Reyes

Blind Dude Hits 3-pointer to Win Free McDonald's for a Year: Video - During halftime at the College of the Ozarks vs. Bellevue men`s basketball game on Saturday, Michael Quinn drained a three-pointer and won himself free McDonald`s for a year.

Alleged Sexual Predator Bill Cosby Must Not Be Allowed to Return to NBC - Cosby may be an icon and an institution, but we must all be held accountable for our transgressions.

Woman Jailed for Failing to Return Jennifer Lopez Video She Rented in 2005: Video - Kayla is a hottie and I don`t care if she`s a deadbeat. Listen up girlfriend, I`m hooked up with cable and Netflix, move in with me and you can watch just about any movie for free.

Michael Keaton Interested in Beetlejuice Sequel: Video - Not to put too fine a point on it but Keaton looks like an anorexic zombie, and he wouldn`t even need any makeup to reprise his role in Beetlejuice II. "

Conan O'Brien Mocks Joe Biden's Non-Answer About Running for President: Video - The Democratic Party is not in a good situation: Their best hopes for 2016 are a septuagenarian with no brains and a sexagenarian with no sex appeal.

Dudes Report UFO that Looked Like Goodyear Blimp! Must Have Been Smoking Primo Weed! - UFO`s are usually described as being aerodynamic sleek saucers; this must be the first recorded case of a UFO that looks like the Goodyear Blimp.

Selfie Church Burglar Nabbed by Cops: Video - Dude looks like a total meth head! Notice his tightly pursed lips; homebody doesn`t want anyone to see his rotting teeth.

Comedian Elaine Stritch, 89, Opens Twitter Account: Video - The octogenarian comedian said the hardest part was hooking up her typewriter to her TV.

'Movie Title Breakup' Viral Video Perfect for Valentine's Day - It`s such a cliché for a couple to see a romantic movie on Valentine`s Day! Dudes, how many times is your girlfriend going to force you to sit through a chick flick on Valentine`s Day?

Owl Attacks Canadian Trapper - A Canadian trapper says an owl viciously attacked him while he was checking his rabbit snares one night this week, leaving his face bloodied.

Insanity: 56 New Gender Options for Facebook Users: Video - I would be afraid to poke a Facebook user who identified as "two-spirit" or "non-binary"; in fact I`m seriously considering terminating my Facebook account.

Manhattan Restaurant Offers a $30,000 Valentine's Day Dinner - Whether you celebrate Valentine`s Day at the Waffle House or a gourmet restaurant, I wish all my readers a happy and romantic Valentine`s Day.

O.J. Simpson Goes on Hunger Strike: Wants to Kill Himself! Video! - Disgraced former American Football star O.J. Simpson has gone on hunger strike in jail in a bid to kill himself.

McDonald's Accepting Reservations for Valentine's Day: Video - Two Tampa-area McDonalds are offering couples a chance to have romantic dinner together under the golden arches.

Eight Corvettes Swallowed by Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum: Video - Life is so capricious and unfair, why didn`t a sinkhole swallow the Kentucky Moonshine Museum instead of the National Corvette Museum?

Dude Bites Mailman Three Times in the Leg! - An Ohio man allegedly attacked a postal worker with pepper spray and bit him in the leg because he was frustrated that a check he was expecting didn`t arrive.

Unclothed Woman Jumps Out of Teen's Bedroom Window: Video - An Arizona woman jumped from the second-floor bedroom of a 15-year-old boy after his mother caught her cavorting naked with the teen.

49ers and Seahawks Fans Unite to Help Homeless Boy: Video - Ronnie Andrews became a hero to 49ers fans everywhere last week when he showed up to the Seahawks' Super Bowl parade wearing 49ers' clothing from head-to-toe.

UFO Cult the Raelians Offer Circumcised Women Free Surgery: Video - The cult's surgeons claim they can restore sexual feeling and orgasms to victims, but most surgeons consider the controversial surgery nothing more than quackery.

Members of Virginia's White Tail Chapel Attend Church Naked: Video - About an hour`s drive south of Richmond, there`s a small congregation that doesn`t care about material things. They worship the same way we were all brought into this world, naked.


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