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Robert Paul Reyes

Dad & Son Have Epic Brawl Over Mac & Cheese: Video - Macaroni but no cheese is a culinary emergency!

Outrage: Security Guards Fired For Taking Pics With Tom Brady: Video - Pictures with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday led to two Houston Texans security guards losing their jobs.

Christmas Outrage: Girl, 11, Barred From Selling Mistletoe to Fund Braces: Video - The precocious girl got her first set of braces on Monday; I hope Santa melts when he sees her smile and gives her tons of presents.

Roseanne Barr Vows Never to Work in TV Again: God Let's Hope So! - Roseanne Barr is on a downward spiral to irrelevance, let`s hope To God she`s true to her word and stays away from TV forever.

Robber Attempts To Steal Cash Register, Settles For $3 Can of Beer - Who`s the more despicable criminal: A robber who fires shots and steals a can of beer, or the convenience store that sells a can of beer for three bucks?

The 2013 Kardashian Christmas Card Is An Illuminati Abomination - The sights and sounds of Christmas are in full effect: There`s a Santa in every mall, snow on the ground, choirs singing Christmas carols, and the Kardashians have revealed their annual Christmas card.

Coffin Calendar With Naked Models Raises Eyebrows: Video - We associate coffins with decrepit and decomposing bodies, featuring beautiful nude women posing with coffins is a stroke of artistic genius.

Waitress Fired For Calling Cops On Pregnant Lady Breastfeeding While Consuming Alcohol - Shame on the pregnant mom, Tasha Adams, 28, for not only getting drunk while breastfeeding, but for breastfeeding at a table in a restaurant.

Paul Crouch: Prosperity Preacher, Closeted Gay?, & All-Around Evil Man Dead! Video! - It`s interesting how the evangelical movement that is so hostile to gays and lesbians, turns a blind eye to ministers like Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker, and Benny Hinn who have more than a little bit of sugar in their tank.

ABC's 'Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular' Bombs Spectacularly! Video! - Listen girlfriend, everything you put out from your latest album ArtPop to this satanic collaboration with the Muppets is pure unadulterated crap!

Drunk: Zombies Scared BeJesus Out Of Me! - Moral of this story: Avoid drunks driving newspaper delivery trucks, and give Christmas shoppers pushing shopping carts a wide berth.

Zombie Apocalypse Is Here! Zombies Hit Department Stores For Christmas Sales! Video! - The Zombie Apocalypse isn`t just an Internet meme; it`s a dead-cold reality. Tens of thousands of zombies lined up outside of retail stores Thursday night November 28, 2013, anxious to buy crap they don`t need, with money they don`t have, to impress people they don`t like.

The Killers' Drummer: I Saw A UFO! Video! - The Killers need to play up the UFO angle, they should release a few drones that look like UFO`s during one of their concerts, I tell you they will be bigger than One Direction!

Lost Pooch In A Doggy Wheelchair Reunited With Owner - Moral of this story: If you are a homeless wheelchair-bound citizen wandering the streets of a big city: Good luck to you pal. But if you are a lost wheelchair-bound pooch, kind-hearted folks will come to your rescue.

Homeowner with Gun & Female Ex-Boxer with Attitude Stop Burglary - It is incumbent upon a homeowner to pepper a burglar full of holes to ensure that he never breaks into another home again.

Pizza Hut Reinstates Manager Fired After Refusing to Open Thanksgiving - It`s anathema, communist, and downright evil for a pizza joint to open on Thanksgiving. It`s an affront to goodness, love and everything that`s decent in the world for Pizza Hut to open their doors on Thanksgiving.

Robert Paul Reyes: What I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving: Video - I`m thankful " That`s an attitude I hope I will continue to have throughout the year!

World's Most Arrested Man Will Spend Thanksgiving Behind Bars: Video - This being Thanksgiving I will surrender to my compassionate side, and wish everybody, including Earl, a happy and joyful Thanksgiving Day.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Drunk Driver Knocks Out Power to 20 Homes: Video - Methinks the gorgeous lady has learned her lesson, let`s hope that the homeowners who were left in the dark will pay her bail, and for her rehab.

Lady Gaga's 'ArtPop' (ArtPoop?) Flops! Video! - Lady Gaga and her music label squandered millions promoted her crap album. Lady Gaga needs to take a long vacation, and listen to Adele`s albums non-stop, and maybe she will get a clue.


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