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Robert Paul Reyes

Homeowner Finds Naked Intruder Cooking Eggs - If you discovered a naked intruder cooking eggs in your kitchen, what would be the first words out of your mouth?

Helen Mirren To Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes: Don't Be Up Your Own Bum! Video! - Young starlets would be well-advised to emulate this classy lady, and treat every word she utters as a pearl of wisdom.

Outrage: Kid Plays Basketball Using A Chicken Instead Of A Ball: Video - I find nothing amusing about this video, the adult who filmed it should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

Dennis Rodman Deserves Nobel Peace Prize: Video - Rodman never droned anybody and he didn`t escalte the war in Afghanistan. Brother deserves some kind of recognition, let`s show him some love.

Loch Ness Monster Caused By Earthquake Fault: Video - The Sea Serpent is an optical illusion on the surface of the lake cause by an earthquake fault. End of story.

Outrage: Dude Gives Bigfoot Lecture At Library! Video! - Why did a library give this gentleman a platform to espouse his Bigfoot tomfoolery?

Outrage: Parents Teach Baby To Swim Across Pool, Video - I hope this viral video doesn`t inspire any witless parents to try to teach their babies how to swim. Any human being who can`t control his bowel movements has no business trying to learn how to swim.

Mark Sanchez 'Butt-fumble' Immortalized In Short Film On YouTube - It was only a matter of time before the Jets quarterback` cringe-worthy miscue was immortalized in a video on YouTube.

Old Woman Accidentally Glues Lips Together: Video - Which celeb would you wish had his or hers lips glued together?

Outrage: Mariah Carey Caught Lip Syncing At BET Awards Show: Video - Did the diva cheat? You be the judge!

Inebriated Lady Charged With Felony Battery For Kissing Cop - After Seeing Hill`s mugshot I concur that being kissed by this unsightly woman qualifies as felony battery.

Dude Finds Bigfoot Skull: Video - Todd May of Ogden claims to have proof that Bigfoot is real: A giant fossilized Bigfoot skull.

Cher: Tom Cruise Is On My List Of Top Five Lovers! How Gaydiculous! Video! - Dude it`s time to come out of the closet: Enough with the sham Scientology marriages, the next person you marry should be a man.

Airline Recruits Hot Slim Female Flight Attendants To Save Fuel - I applaud GoAir for thinking outside of the box, and coming up with an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to save money.

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Taylor Swift: Video - Girlfriend try to restrain your libido, in a few years when your audience grows older, you can be more adventurous in your romantic life.

Suspected Feces From Airplanes Falls On Canadian Homes - There`s nothing to do in Canada but fling snow or dung around, bored kids could have showered the cars with doo-doo.

Cover Of New Yorker Magazine Suggests Bert And Ernie Are Gay: Video - The current issue of The New Yorker magazine depicts Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie cuddled on a sofa in front of a TV on which the Supreme Court justices are shown.

City Won't Allow Woman To Keep Pet Pig - You can`t fight City Hall

Taco Bell Claims Marijuana Expo Used Logo Without Permission - Come on Taco Bell dudes, embrace the weed!

Rachel Jeantel: The Most Fascinating Woman In America: Video - Rachel Jeantel is an indictment of the laissez faire attitude towards education prevalent in the inner city, and she`s a symbol of the state of Florida`s weak case against George Zimmerman.


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