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Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Silverman Only Funny Female Stand-Up Comic! Why Aren't Females Funny? Video! - The stand-up comic field is dominated by men; successful female comics are few and far between. Women simply aren`t funny, period!

Crazy Brit Cuts Off Testicles At Church, Wedding Goes On: Video - There must be a less ballsy, more practical way to try to stop a wedding...

New York City Wheelchair Bandit Nabbed By Cops: Video - I hope the judge throws the chair as this dude!

Purrfect Idea: Cat Cafe Opens In Paris! Video! - I have friends who love cats, but live in apartments that don`t allow pets; a cat café would be perfect for them.

Jon Gosselin Fires Warning Shot At Female Photographer - I never cared much for Gosselin, his wife, or his children for that matter, but I respect that he`s finally earning an honest buck waiting on tables.

Lady Distracted From Making Out With Boyfriend By UFO's: Video - This woman needs to get a life, or at least a new boyfriend.

Joe Biden Has Driven His Niece, Caroline Biden, Bonkers: Video - I feel your pain Caroline; I would be a pill head if Joe Biden were my uncle.

Cincinnati Bengals' Fans Roar In Outrage When Katy Perry's 'Roar' Is Played; Video - Let`s get real, a pussycat can only roar so loud. It`s anathema for Katy Perry`s insipid pop tunes to be heard in an NFL stadium.

Boris The Clown Catcher Vows To Track Down The Northampton Clown - I just pray that Boris isn`t a poseur who is seeking his 15 minutes of fame; he`s likely to reap an eternity in hell, messing around with the likes of the Northampton Clown.

Pope Francis Chastises Priests For Being Obsessed With Abortion, Gays & Birth Control - The pope`s comments may be viewed with alarm by conservative Catholics who are largely responsible for the moribund condition of the Roman Catholic Church, but they are welcomed by progressive Catholics and everyone else.

Dude Combines All 43 McDonald's Sandwiches: The McEverything! Video! - Are you loving it?

Watch Video: Is It A Giant Seahorse, A Balloon Or A UFO? - Bap has a collection of videos depicting inter-dimensional beings; I bet they include a unicorn, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and the Tooth Fairy.

Update: Northampton Clown Still Terrorizing Residents : Video Evil Clown From Hell! - Dear God people, pray for the citizens of Northampton!

Maple Syrup Smell Wafts Through New York City: Video - There`s something rotten in Denmark, when there`s a sweet scent emanating from New York City.

The Most Boring UFO Video In History! - Please, an eight-year-old girl who just got her first laptop from mom and dad could fabricate a more realistic and interesting UFO video.

Toothless British Man Bites Neighbor's Manhood During Fight: Video - I can`t quite grasp the logistics of biting a dude`s private parts during a fight. If a dude lowers his head in the direction of my nether regions I will kick him in the head.

Prancercise Lady, Joanna Rohrback, Does Commercial For Pistachios: Video - Pistachios are wonderful! The Prancercise Lady is wonderful! Life is wonderful!

Bus Stop Dancing Queen, Ellie Cole, Makes Stage Debut: Video - Moral of this story: Never give up your dream, just keep dancing baby.

Teens Kicked Out Of McDonald's For Bringing Their Own Cutlery & Tablecloth: Video - Fine dining and McDonald`s don`t exactly go together, and the teens caused chaos by attempting to bring a little bit of class into the fast food joint.

Dog Shoots Owner, 78 - I`m all for a homeowner having a shotgun at the ready, but 78 may just be too freakin` old to own a weapon of any kind.


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