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Robert Paul Reyes

Forget Interview With Oprah, Miley Cyrus Should Appear On Jerry Springer Show: Video - Before Miley has a chance to twerk her skinny white butt for more than a few seconds, the crowd will chant: Slut! Slut! Slut! Jerry`s peeps have developed slut-shaming into an art form.

Patrick Stewart, 73 Weds Sunny Ozell, 35: Video - This is Stewart`s third marriage; let`s hope the third times the charm.

Outrage: Bruno Mars To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show: Video - I'd catch a grenade to stop this outrage!

Is Diana Nyad The Rosie Ruiz Of Marathon Swimming? Video! - Journalists, whose default mode should be skepticism, shouldn`t take Nyad`s word that she completed her miraculous swim without cheating.

Giant Rubber Duck In China Looks Like Wrinkled Chicken: Video - A rubber duckie is an iconic toy that never fails to make children of all ages smile. But this monstrosity resembles a wrinkled chicken more than an adorable rubber duck.

Russian Couple Agrees To Pay Fine After Pet Cat Is Kidnapped: Video - Russia is owned and operated by organized crime, from the Kremlin in Moscow to a two-bit village in Siberia.

Italian Dog Rides Bus Every Day Without Help From Owner - The driver never asks Camillo for his fare, his ticket to ride is his smile and his wagging tail.

UFO Spotted At A Canadian Baseball Game: Video - A UFO could land in centerfield, and a 3-foot green alien being could step up to the pitcher`s mound and strike out the side, and nobody would care. Who gives a flying fig about a minor league baseball game in Canada?

Danish Cat Turns Up In England - The Cats Protection in England has been unable to match the cat`s ID number to an owner. How civilized of England to have on organization called The Cats Protection. "

Naked Robbery Suspect Tries To Hide In Stranger's Home - As James fled, a cop grabbed his pants, causing the criminal`s pants to fall down. In order to facilitate his escape, James took off his shirt and pants, and fled the scene with no clothes on.

Girl Twerking Catches On Fire! If Only This Would Happen To Miley Cyrus! Video! - No girl, regardless of her ethnicity, should twerk unless baby got back.

Dude Sues Churches Over Bell Ringing: Video - hope Devaney wins his lawsuit and bankrupts the ungodly churches.

Japan's Kirobo: First Robot To Speak In Outer Space: Video - I just hope our robot masters won`t be Hello Kitty androids!

LG End Of The World Prank Video Goes Viral: Best Video Ever? - The Earth is evil indeed; I hope life on Earth ends with a bang, and not a whimper.

Scottish Couple Spend Only $1.56 on Their Wedding: Video - The average American couple spends a fortune on their wedding. What a wonderful way to start a new life together, by getting in debt to your eyeballs.

'Obama's Presidential Library' Is An Outhouse: Video - Is it in bad taste, an insult to the presidency, blatant racism, a crappy publicity stunt, or an expression of free speech above everything else?

How Do You Explain Miley Cyrus' Depravity? Billy Ray Cyrus! Video! - Our long national nightmare ushered in by Miley Cyrus isn`t over yet. Miley, for the love of God, renounce your evil father, and get down on your knees and repent!

London's 'Walkie Talkie' Skyscraper Melting Cars! The End Is Near! Video! - There is something rotten in Denmark! Something Wicked This Way Comes! The Sky is Falling! Wake up and Smell the Coffee! It`s Time to Buy your Tin Foil Hat!

UFO Nut Rihanna Pays Dude To Search For UFO's: Video - When you hire a person to update you on what`s happening on the UFO front, you have way too much money.

Warmonger John McCain Caught Virtual Gambling During Senate Hearing On Syria: Video - Congress must oppose the Syria strike resolution; are we going to shed blood merely to save Obama from losing face.


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