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Robert Paul Reyes

Can John Lennon's Tooth Be Used To Clone Dead Beatle? Video! - Let`s hope no dentist has kept a tooth from Nicki Minaj or Justin Bieber as a souvenir.

British Lady Dislocates Jaw Eating Triple-Patty Burger: Video - I would gladly volunteer to move to England and nurse gorgeous Nicola back to health.

If Obama Had A Son He Would Look Like Christopher Lane - Why hasn`t Obama declared, If I had a son he would look like Christopher Lane "? The irony is that if Obama had a son he would look like the promising athlete and college student Christopher Lane and not like the hoodie-clad, grill-wearing Trayvon Martin.

Meet Sunny Obama's Adorable New Pooch: Video - Everybody loves Obama's new pooch!

White College Baseball Player Christopher Lane Murdered By 3 Black Teens For 'Fun Of It' - Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Why aren`t they screaming that Christopher Lane`s civil rights have been violated?

Miracle: Dick Van Dyke's Car Engulfed In Flames! Video! - I was surprised when I read this news report, I thought Dick Van Dyke had been dead for at least a couple of decades, but the octogenarian is still alive and kicking

Zombies Invade Vancouver Streets! Video! Zombie Apocalypse! - Don`t Canadians watch any zombie movies? Zombies never carry guns; they just chew up the scenery with their outstretched arms, looking for brains to munch on.

CIA: Area 51 Is Real! Video! - Duh, you can even look up Area 51 on Google Earth!

Outrage: Blind Man Crashes Car, Almost Kills Pedestrian - Dirty Harry: A man`s got to know his limitations.

Most Americans Would Save A Dog Over A Foreigner: Video Tribute To Dogs - Given the choice between saving my own pooch or anybody else, it`s a no-brainer: I would save my pet.

OMG! Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber Song 'Slave 2 The Rhythm' Leaks Online! Listen - Anybody who expresses admiration for this ungodly collaboration is putting his soul in danger of eternal damnation.

Mark 'Black Cat Appreciation Day' By Adopting Black Cat: Video - Black cats like all felines are mysterious and mischievous, but they aren`t evil.

Islamic Female Terrorists To Hide Bombs In Breast Implants: Video - This latest terrorist threat gives new meaning to the term "booby trap."

Woman, 99, Wins Shopping Spree at 99 Cent Only Store - Winning a shopping spree to a 99 Cent Only store is like winning a dinner to a Chinese buffet restaurant that has been condemned by the health department.

Would You Buy 'Carlos Danger' Brand Of Weiners? Video! - Hot dogs are associated with baseball and pure and innocent pleasures, why ruin such an iconic food by linking it with a sleazy politician sexting a brainless whore?

Dog Purse Elicits Outrage In New York City - A pet owner was recently spotted on the streets of New York with her small pup dangling from a brown and camouflage cross-body carrier. The pooch purse appeared to be some kind of harness with long straps, so the woman was able to wear it like a satchel.

New Zealand 'Buttcrack Bandit' Arrested: Video - A New Zealand burglar nicknamed the "Buttcrack Bandit` due to security camera footage of his exposed buttocks was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Dude Rides Horse into Bar and Lassoes Fellow Patron: Video - So a man on a horse rides into a bar...

Paris Hilton: I'm Not An Airhead! Video! - The pop tart`s simple mind is the least of her faults; she should be more concerned about her reputation as a skanky party girl.

Cops To Hand Out Doritos At Hempfest 2013: Video - With all that marijuana smoke wafting through the air at Hempfest, I predict that a spirit of brotherhood will prevail, and even the cops will be blowing bubbles and dancing with strangers.


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