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Robert Paul Reyes

Obama The Most Authoritarian and Dangerous President In History - Power has absolutely corrupted President Barack Obama, and talk of impeachement shouldn't be out of the question.

Shorts Banned: Male Train Drivers Switch To Skirts In Summer - If I worked in a train cab, where the temperature can hit 95 degrees, I would wear a skirt. Not a stuffy kilt mind you, but a silk mini-skirt that would let my legs breathe.

Washington Named No. 1 Best State for Bigfoot to Live In: Video - California took second place as a potential home for Bigfoot. If Bigfoot lived in California he`s already have his own reality show and his own clothing line.

Sydney Cafe Lets Couples Pay For Coffee With A Kiss: Video - I`m all in favor of anything that promotes romance; I hope this creative promotion is a great success.

Deadbeat Baby Daddy Has 22 Kids With 14 Women: Video - I`m not a rocket scientist, a social worker, or a psychologist, but I will venture to guess that not one of Shaw`s children will grow up to be a teacher, scientist, lawyer, accountant or physician.

Hero Subdues Bank Robber With Candy Dish - Farrington is MacGyver on steroids; he used a candy dish and a phone cord to subdue a dangerous criminal.

Space Cadet Justin Bieber Going To Space: Video - The fare is not cheap at $250,000, but many of us would chip in to pay Bieber`s fare if he didn`t return to Earth.

Northern Ireland Erects Fake Storefronts Ahead of G8 Summit - Will the G8 leaders have the courage to forego cosmetic changes, and take tough measures to improve the economy?

Lady Injured Blocking Exit Of Couple Making Love In Car - At 1:30 a.m. I doubt any children were around to ogle the amorous couple, and the busybody lady should have left them alone.

Brittany Minder's Breasts Too Big For High School Prom: Video - The buxom young lady was publicly humiliated, and she deserves a public apology from the school administrators.

Man, 90, Saves Woman, 19, From Drowning: Video - Kudos to the old-timer for his courage and quick thinking.

'Operation Safe Summer': Cops Give Kids Ice Cream Cones For Wearing Bike Helmets! Video - I hope there will be many kids in Brimfield Township enjoying a free ice cream cone this summer.

Did You Celebrate 'Hug Your Cat' Day? Video! - You can`t very well participate in "Hug Your Cat Day" if you don`t own one. Visit your local animal shelter, and adopt a friend who will give you a lifetime of love.

Post Office Cited For Overgrown Grass - My mailman spends most of his time chatting with lonely old ladies on his route; I wish the bum would put his time to good use and mow my front lawn.

Woman gets $130 Ticket for Driving with Dog on Lap - A woman driving down the road with her little yapping dog on her lap is a disquieting and disturbing scene.

Criminal, 22, Arrested For 77th Time: Where's Charles Bronson? Video - Am I wrong for wishing that Charles Bronson`s character from "Death Wish", Paul Kersey was alive and well in Chicago?

Dunkin' Donuts Puts Bacon, Egg on Glazed Donut: Video - I know where I will be eating breakfast every day for the rest of my life.

Cheerios Ad With Interracial Family Brings Racists Out Of Woodwork: Video - Fight racism: Buy a box of Cheerios

Amanda Bynes Mortified By Mugshot, Gets Nose Job! Video! - There is no shame in Amanda Bynes` game, celebs and bloggers should can the faux sympathy and concern, and cover her only for the purpose of mockery.

Evil Teacher Fakes Terminal Illness To Skip Class - Barker may be lacking in integrity, but she`s got chutzpah up the wazoo, she`s fighting her termination.


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