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Robert Paul Reyes

Dude Solves Rubik's Cube During Free Fall In Wind Tunnel: Video - A British skydiver took 3 minutes, 16 seconds to become the first person to solve a Rubik's Cube puzzle in a freefall-simulating wind tunnel.

NASCAR Race & Bacon and Beer Milkshake: Redneck Heaven! Video - I`m not a NASCAR fan, but I plan on making a pilgrimage to the Texas Motor Speedway, hit on a Daisy Dukes- clad country floozy, get drunk on Shake 'N Bacon Brews, and pretend I`m interested in the race.

Japanese Company Sells Wine For Cats: Video - The company also produces Wan Wan Beer for dogs. How appropriate, dogs strike me as beer drinkers and finicky cats as wine imbibers.

House Stenographer, Diane Reid: Patriot of the Year! Video of Outburst! - Our long national nightmare is over, at least for a few months, Congress finally passed legislation ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling.

Kim Kardashian's Disgusting Butt Selfie: God Have Mercy On Us! - Kardashian specializes in a sub-genre of selfies: The butt selfie. As soon as she popped out her baby, she was back to doing what she loves the most: Taking selfies of her freakishly large ass.

Nude Dude Arrested For Jumping On Cars - Dude, in jail the jailbirds are going to be jumping on you!

Jack in the Box Customer Goes Postal Over Ranch Dressing Dispute: Video - Seattle police said a man was assaulted at a Jack in the Box eatery while attempting to intervene in an argument about the price of ranch dressing.

Alison Gold's 'Chinese Food' Video Makes Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Seem Like Masterpiece! - The song starts with Alison bragging that after "ballin`, clubbin` and huggin," she`s worked up an appetite for Chinese food.

Dwarf Hollis Jane Felt Degraded Performing With Miley Cyrus - Hollis Jane is a little person with a big heart, and she doesn`t need Miley Cyrus to make it big in show business.

Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road?: Video - A large animal believed to be a desert tortoise was killed Sunday as it wandered onto Interstate 10 in an unincorporated area of Riverside County.

Norman the Scooter Dog Officially Sets Guinness World Record: Video - Karen Cobb has trained her French sheepdog to ride bikes, scooters and skateboards.

Fat Airline Passenger Forced To Buy 2 Seats That Aren't Together: Video - A morbidly obese individual shouldn`t fly -- period!

Lutheran Church Offers Drive-Through Prayer: Video - A Lutheran church in Scituate, Mass., is offering a drive-through prayer service in an attempt to connect with busy residents.

Yo! Sandra Bullock Raps! Check It Out Y'all! Video! - During a recent appearance on a British talk show hosted by Jonathan Ross, the screen legend proved that she can rock a micro-mini skirt and rap.

Dude Survives Bear Attack By Grabbing Its Tongue: Video - Cyr is lucky he didn`t lose his hand, and not to mention his life.

Pit Bull Saves Kitty From Coyotes: Video - Two coyotes had Kitty and were shaking her violently, but Jack came to the rescue and fought off the wild beasts.

Outrage: 300-Pound Probation Officer Shoots 12-Pound Dog: Video - PETA should dog this cowardly and reprehensible probation officer until he resigns in disgrace.

Dude Walks Away After Being Hit By Train - Wenberg was treated for lacerations to his legs and shoulder, and to add insult to injury he was charged with criminal trespass.

Principal Cancels Classes Due to Beautiful Weather: Video - Mr. McWilliams you sir are a gentleman, a scholar and an all-round cool dude; I hope there will be many beautiful days in your retirement.

Man Dies After Overdosing On Hero Instant Energy Mints - One hapless man dies from a caffeine overdose after gobbling Hero Instant Energy Mints, and now some do-gooders want to ban them.


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