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Robert Paul Reyes

Layaway Santa Pays Off $20,000 in Layaway Accounts At Walmart: Video - Paraday is a good egg, let`s follow his example and get busy performing random acts of kindness this Christmas season.

LA Black Santa Most Popular Santa In The World: Video - I don`t care if Santa is purple as long as he leaves some presents under my Christmas tree this year.

Walmart Employee Shoots Co-Worker's Car Over Employee of the Month Award: Video - Mitchell may win an inmate of the month award, but I doubt he will ever win an employee of the month award.

Swedish Grinch Steals Christmas Mailbox Full of Christmas Cards - The Swedish postal service has a quaint custom of installing red mailboxes during Christmas; wide-eyed children drop their letters to Santa and blue-haired old ladies with weak eyes drop Xmas cards to their grandkids in these festive mailboxes.

Perfect Christmas Gift For UFO Nuts: UFO Detector! Video! - If you have a weird uncle who`s into yoga, collecting butterflies and UFO`s, buy him a UFO Detector for Christmas. This contraption beeps when it detects a magnetic anomaly usually associated with flying saucers.

Obama's 'If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It' Lie of the Year! Video! - Scripture warns us that liars will burn in the lake of fire, Obama, Joe Isuzu and Baghdad Bob have a fiery future.

Santa Warns Christmas May Be Canceled In Wretched Greenpeace Video - Santa with his red face, bulbous nose, and imposing girth symbolizes the greed, debauchery, mindless consumerism and gluttony of Christmas. Good old freaking Santa Claus is the ideal symbol for capitalism gone awry.

Kmart's 'Shipped My Trousers' Commercial Goes Viral - This sh** just ain't funny!

Nelson Mandela Fake Interpreter Steals Spotlight From World Leaders: Video - The only sign language I know is flipping the bird, but I could tell that this Flip Wilson lookalike mental basket case was just flailing his arms and winging it.

Canada Post Apologizes for Santa Letter Returned to 6-year-old for Misspelling 'North Pole' - I`m surprised Santa`s letter with the postal code "hohoho" wasn`t mailed to Miley Cyrus.

TSA Confiscates 2-Inch Gun From Sock Monkey: Video - I can sleep peacefully at night knowing that the TSA goons are diligently working to make sure that the Friendly Skies are free from sword-wielding terrorists and gun-brandishing sock monkeys.

McDonald's Employees Assaulted over Missing Hash Browns: Video - Police have charged an Arizona couple with assault and disorderly conduct after they called 911 and threw food at McDonald's employees because their breakfast order was missing hash browns.

Dude Brandishes Sword & Demands 6 Free Tacos: Video - Adam Kramer is accused of attempting to score himself six free tacos by using a sword to threaten a server at the Bexar County Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.

Mexican Girl, 17, Injects Krokodil Into Genitals: Vagina Rotting! Video! - We`re all familiar with the classic "this is brain on drugs" commercial, perhaps this fine young lady can star in 2013 update "this is your vagina on drugs " public service ad.

Duck Dynasty's Christmas Album Outsells Britney Spears' 'Britney Jean' Album - For a pop princess Britney Spears is getting a little bit long in the tooth. The pop tart has lost the blue and pink-haired youngsters, her next stop Vegas where blue-haired old ladies rule is the perfect place for her.

Obama Humiliates Wife & Disrespects Memory of Nelson Mandela With Selfie At Mandela Funeral: Video - Obama has humiliated his wife, disrespected the memory of Nelson Mandela, and made an abject jackass out of himself.

Grinch Caught On Surveillance Video Stealing Christmas Decorations - The Philadelphia Police Department has arrested Marie Amari after they say she was caught on surveillance video taking Christmas decorations from outside a home in South Philadelphia.

Dude Wakes Up from 10-hour Sleep with Knife in Back - A New Jersey man awoke from a 10-hour sleep with an aching back only to be told by his brother the cause was a 5-inch knife blade stuck in it.

Domestic Violence Charge Dropped In Squirt Gun Attack & Pillow Fight - The charges may have been dropped, but Borge has been ordered not to come within 50 feet of her boyfriend. Good idea, if she gets too close, she may lash him with a wet noodle or pinch his butt.

Reindeer Runs Away From Santa: Video - The hapless reindeer was caught, and he will be forced to keep Santa company for a few more weeks.


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