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Robert Paul Reyes

Green UFO's Invade Germany: Video - Germany isn`t being invaded by flying saucers, but this video might entertain you for a few seconds.

Paul Karason, Also Known As 'Blue Man' and 'Papa Smurf' Dies: Video - Rest in Peace Papa Smurf!

Zombie Survival Store Opens In Orlando! Are You Prepared For Zombie Apocalypse? Video! - Make no mistake about it; with Obamacare set to begin in just days, the Zombie Apocalypse is right around the corner.

OJ Simpson Caught Stealing Cookies From Prison Chow: Video - Double murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and now stealing cookies! Off with his fat head.

Outrage: San Diego Bans Annual 4th Of July Marshmallow Fight: Video - Enough with the tomfoolery let the marshmallow fights commence!

Kudos To Jimmy Kimmel For Dissing Kanye West: Video - The recent Kanye West BBC interview wasn`t an aberration; West always comes across as a parody of himself.

Town Up In Arms Over Traffic Barriers That Look Like Penises: Video - I say cover the darn things with condoms, that way they will serve a dual purpose: Traffic barriers, and a public service message promoting safe sex.

How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet: Videos - Why not think outside the litter box, and train your cat to use the toilet?

United Bamboo's Cat Calender Featuring Cats Wearing Clothes An Abomination: Video - Where`s PETA when you need them? They should be protesting this catastrophic calendar that robs felines of their dignity and respect.

Vatican: Jesus Was The First Tweeter! Video! - Pope Francis has more than three million followers on Twitter in English alone. I strongly advise ministers to tweet more and preach less.

Lady, 99, Gets Honorary High School Diploma - Back in the day you could do OK without a high school diploma, but in today`s high-tech world you won`t get anywhere without a high school diploma and a college degree.

Dina Lohan Loses Her Driver's License! Is It Any Wonder Lindsay Lohan Is Hot Mess? Video! - When Dina isn`t pimping her daughter Ali, or trying to bum cash from her other daughter Lindsay, she is drinking herself to oblivion.

Miley Cyrus Raps! Miley's Going To Start A Race War! Video! - Miley Cyrus makes Vanilla Ice look like a piker when it comes to exploiting and appropriating black culture.

Cher Announces 2014 Concert Tour: Video - If a nuclear war destroys the world, cockroaches and Cher and Keith Richards will survive. Picture Cher and Richards doing the nasty with cockroaches crawling all over them.

CeeLo Green Debuts Wac Head Tattoo On 'The Voice'! Video! - Green`s significant other shouldn`t feed him until he scrubs his scalp clean.

Burger King's Low-Calorie 'Satisfries' An Abomination! Video! - Satan, or perhaps Michelle Obama, is behind this abomination, there is nothing satisfying about Satisfries.

Outrage: Palestinian Strings Up Mouse Who Ate His Cash - The dirty rat in this incident is the Palestinian; only a moral coward would torture a poor defenseless creature and then post a pic of his unspeakable crime on the Internet.

Rihanna Poses With Endangered Slow Loris: Video - Rihanna may be well-meaning, but she`s giving the impression that she considers a slow loris a prop or a fashion accessory.

Sarah Silverman Only Funny Female Stand-Up Comic! Why Aren't Females Funny? Video! - The stand-up comic field is dominated by men; successful female comics are few and far between. Women simply aren`t funny, period!

Crazy Brit Cuts Off Testicles At Church, Wedding Goes On: Video - There must be a less ballsy, more practical way to try to stop a wedding...


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