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Robert Paul Reyes

Christie Brinkley Still Looks Hot At 59 - Brinkley you are a beautiful and classy lady.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Scratch & Sniff Stunt Reeks: Video - Some critics claim that 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' stinks to high heaven, that may or may not be true but this publicity stunt certainly reeks.

Video Of Man, 86, Singing 'You Are My Sunshine' To His Wife - Today I will forego my daily dose of satire and phlegm, and instead I`m sharing this video this is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eyes.

Tanning Mom (Patricia Krentcil) Ordered To Detox: Video - Tanning Mom your 15 minutes of fame are up, for God`s sake get yourself together for the sake of your daughter.

Sarah Palin's Brilliant Take On Syria: Let Allah Sort It Out! Video - America should sit on the sidelines and enjoy the show as Muslim radicals do what they do best: Commit slaughter and mayhem in the name of the religion of peace.

Amanda Bynes Apologizes To Drake For Hating On Him: Video - Word of advice for Amanda Bynes: Buy a thesaurus.

Tish Cyrus Files For Divorce From Billy Ray Cyrus: Video - It`s sad that Cyrus` marriage has come to an end, but angels in heaven will rejoice and Americans will dance a jig if the country crooner retires from the music industry.

Kidney Patient, 13, Holds Dance Recital At Hospital: Video - The show must go on! Don`t give up, keep fighting, and keep living!

Sarah Palin Returning To Fox News - Why Roger Ailes decided to bring Palin back to Fox News is beyond comprehension. Palin has nothing of substance to offer, and her good looks are quickly fading.

Keith Richards Still Drinks And Smokes Pot: Thank God! Video - The beautiful fact that 69-year-old Keith Richards is still smoking weed and drinking alcohol lets me know this world hasn`t gone completely to pot.

Sebastien De La Cruz Returns To Sing National Anthem Before Spurs-Heat Game 4: Video - All the hate that was poured on De La Cruz backfired; he was invited back for an encore performance for Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Outrage: Humane Officer Cleared After Shooting Kittens In Front Of Children - This inhumane monster should not only be fired, but charged with animal cruelty. Accorti not only murdered a litter of defenseless kittens, but he traumatized the children who witnessed the massacre.

Hillbilly Stabs Brother Over Beer - If a redneck can`t find his mac and cheese he`s going to be in a nasty mood, but if you accidentally knock over his beer, he is going to go postal on your sorry butt.

Mexican-American Boy's National Anthem Provokes Racist Backlash: Video - In a city with a rich Hispanic heritage, a Spanish name, and a Latino mayor is it any surprise that a gifted young Latino was chosen to sing the National Anthem?

Hong Kong Says Goodbye To Giant Rubber Duck: Video - Like every other normal teen I used to always take a bath with a rubber duckie swimming in my tub.

Passengers On Delayed Flight Sing 'I Believe I Can Fly' Video - What about you? What song would you want the passengers to sing if your plane was stuck in the tarmac?

Lady, 75, Fights Off Home Invaders With Old-Fashioned Rotary Phone - The old rotary dial phones were lethal weapons, they weighed a ton and you could stop a bear dead in its tracks by conking him over the head with one of them.

UFO? Sea Serpent? Mermaid? Watch Video You Decide - After viewing this video of this scary and creepy oarfish, I`m even afraid to get into my tub.

UFO Photographed Over Netherlands Muiderslot Castle: Video - Now we know that extraterrestrials don`t come to the Netherlands just for the great weed in Amsterdam, they also enjoy looking at really cool castles.

UFO Collides With Air China Boeing 757? Video! - Unfortunately the secretive Chinese government will never reveal the answer to this mystery.


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