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Robert Paul Reyes

Firefighters Free Man's Private Parts From Sex Toy: Video - The hapless dude spent the night in the urology department and was released the next day.

Roswell, UFO Mythology & What Is Says About America: Google Doodle Video - When individuals imagine they see UFO`s in the sky they are unconsciously expressing a fear that American satellites are keeping track of their every move.

Three Men Arrested for Stealing 9ft Statue of a Chicken - Moral of this story: Crime doesn`t pay, don`t commit fowl play!

Tubby Tabby's Fat Belly Saves Its Life: Video - The tubby tabby`s fat belly may have saved her life, but her extra pounds will lead to an early death.

Beautiful Amputee Builds Lego Prosthetic Leg: Video - It took this beautiful woman only two days to create the prosthetic leg out of Legos, and it`s actually functional.

Corpse in River Turns Out to be Living Old Lady - The elderly woman is recuperating at a hospital.

French Company Selling Men's Briefs Designed To Release Sweet Scent - You can`t stop a vicious dog from biting, a bee from stinging, or a man`s dirty drawers from reeking.

Cops Respond To Domestic Dispute Involving Boyfriend Farting: Video - This dude is lucky his girlfriend didn`t go postal on him for farting like there`s no tomorrow.

Dude Catches 200-Year-Old Rockfish: Video - Congratulations Henry you old rebrobate, you get to enjoy a few moments of joy while snuffing the life out of a creature that`s been around for 200 years.

Customers Return $3,600 Taco Bell Clerk Gave To Them By Mistake: Video - If a Taco Bell employee handed me a bag full of cold hard cash, I would run for the border.

Russian Patriot Anna Chapman Proposes To American Patriot Edward Snowden: Video - These two young idealists are patriots to their respective countries, and millions of Russians and Americans would rejoice if they tie the knot.

Outrage: Men Fight Over Pews At Mormon Church - As if Jodi Arias hasn`t given the Mormon Church a black eye, here`s another news item that doesn`t exactly portray the church in a good light.

Homeowner Finds Naked Intruder Cooking Eggs - If you discovered a naked intruder cooking eggs in your kitchen, what would be the first words out of your mouth?

Helen Mirren To Lindsay Lohan & Amanda Bynes: Don't Be Up Your Own Bum! Video! - Young starlets would be well-advised to emulate this classy lady, and treat every word she utters as a pearl of wisdom.

Outrage: Kid Plays Basketball Using A Chicken Instead Of A Ball: Video - I find nothing amusing about this video, the adult who filmed it should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.

Dennis Rodman Deserves Nobel Peace Prize: Video - Rodman never droned anybody and he didn`t escalte the war in Afghanistan. Brother deserves some kind of recognition, let`s show him some love.

Loch Ness Monster Caused By Earthquake Fault: Video - The Sea Serpent is an optical illusion on the surface of the lake cause by an earthquake fault. End of story.

Outrage: Dude Gives Bigfoot Lecture At Library! Video! - Why did a library give this gentleman a platform to espouse his Bigfoot tomfoolery?

Outrage: Parents Teach Baby To Swim Across Pool, Video - I hope this viral video doesn`t inspire any witless parents to try to teach their babies how to swim. Any human being who can`t control his bowel movements has no business trying to learn how to swim.

Mark Sanchez 'Butt-fumble' Immortalized In Short Film On YouTube - It was only a matter of time before the Jets quarterback` cringe-worthy miscue was immortalized in a video on YouTube.


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