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Robert Paul Reyes

Pathetic Pickpocket Leaves Behind His Wallet - Have fun in jail dude, don`t drop the soap.

Video! Is Your Child Prone To Sleep Texting? - There`s a hundred and one things worse that kids can do in bed: Wetting their beds, smoking a joint, sneaking in a girlfriend, eating snacks and making a mess -- you get the picture.

The Nerve: Woman Sues After Losing Thumb While Dancing At Strip Club - Berry should stop whining, attend college, and get a real job.

Dude Gets 7 Years For Skipping Out On Subway Fare! What A Loser! - Nip it in the bud", as Deputy Barney Fife always said. Even if this moron hadn`t been carrying a loaded gun, he still should have done at least a year in jail for hopping the turnstile.

Video: Dude Who Invaded Stage When Adele Was Receiving Grammy Arrested - The interloper wasn`t Kanye West drunk on Hennessey, a fashion cop outraged by Adele`s fashion style, or Jenny Craig finally returning Adele`s call.

Party People Celebrating Chinese New Year See Lights In Sky! Not UFO's, But Chinese Lanterns - If you are drunk out of your skull, and you see mysterious lights in the sky, please don`t alert the media, call the police or even tweet your experience.

Neighborhood Leaders Nix Robert Tatum's Chimp Wearing Bikini Top Mural - These neighborhood leaders are birdbrains for choosing a bird wearing a hat over a chimp in a bikini top and a grass skirt.

Video! Condor Escapes From Handler Before Hockey Game! Bedlam At Arena! - Thank goodness the nickname of the Bakersfield hockey team wasn`t the "Tigers", if a tiger escaped from his handler in a hockey arena it wouldn`t have been a pretty sight.

Video! Meet Caffrey The Two-Legged Cat! An Inspiring Story! - Caffrey gets along just fine on two legs, watch him run and play in this inspiring video.

3-Year-Old British Girl Joins High IQ Club, Mensa - At three I could barely talk, and the only club that I was eligible for was the "I know how to poop in the toilet" club.

Yuck! Couple Addicted To Coffee Enemas! - A coffee enema isn`t just my cup of tea, cup of coffee?

Video: Jamie Foxx Utters Racist Statement At NAACP Image Awards - You can`t expect eloquence, wisdom, and common sense from a celeb who calls Barack Obama "Our Lord and Savior", but I was still shocked at Jamie Foxx`s racist statement.

Video! Runaway Goat In New York City Nabbed By Former Goat Herder! What Are The Odds? - It`s not often that you see a goat running through New York City traffic, lots of jackasses sure, but no goats.

Gas Station Pulls Racist 'Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit' Bumper Stickers - The term "illegal immigrant" in itself is offensive, there is no such thing as an illegal human being.

Airline Creates Baby-Free Seating Zones - Why not take this idea to its logical conclusion: A baby-free flight!

Video: Miracle Dog Tonik Has Human Face! God Knows I'm Not Lying! - I would kill to adopt this pooch!

Student, 7, Suspended For Tossing Imaginary Grenade Into Box Of Pretend Evil - School administrators should have given Alex an imaginary scolding, a pretend suspension, and a very real hug for his noble ambition of trying to save the world from evil.

Dude Accidentally Sets His Johnson On Fire With Flare Gun - Perez is only 23, and hopefully he will recover from the burns to his genital area, get married and become a father.

Grammy Awards To Female Artists: No Boobs Or Buttocks - I can tolerate a wardrobe malfunction or two, what I can`t abide is singers lip synching or no-talent artists rewarded with a Grammy award.

Video: Black Parents Sue Disneyland, Claim White Rabbit Refused To Hug Their Kids - America isn`t a post-racial society and there are many legitimate incidents of racial discrimination, but cases like this make a mockery of all claims of racial discrimination.


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