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Robert Paul Reyes

Weatherman Eats Cat Vomit During Live News Broadcast: Video - Scot Haney reminds me of the weird and wacky weathermen who were a staple of local news stations a few decades ago.

Outrage: Owner Of Wheelchair-Bound Cat Fined For Not Using Leash! Video! - Yvonne Steel is a lady, a scholar and an animal lover; she deserves a commendation from animal services for taking such good care of her disabled kitty.

UFO Conference and Halloween Fair To Be Held In New England: Video - Happy Halloween to one and all, and don`t let the goblins and little green men from Mars scare you!

Jonas Brothers Cancel Concert Tour! Anybody Care? Video! - The Jonas Brothers are getting a little bit long in the tooth; they have already been replaced by younger boy bands like New Direction and The Wanted.

Sandy Springs Under Attack By UFO's? Video! - Dear God, what more proof do you cynics need that the residents of Sandy Springs will soon be anal probed, abducted, and impregnated by extraterrestrial beings?

Clerk With Machete Fights Off Armed Robber: Video - Things don`t usually end on a positive note when you bring a knife to a gunfight

Fans Yell At Houston Texan Quarterback Matt Schaub At His Home! Over The Line? Video! - Matt Schaub shouldn`t whine too much when irate fans show up at his house and berate him for his poor play.

Carrie Prank Terrifies Cafe Patrons: See Scary Video! - Had there been real customers in that café, at least one of them would have been an evangelical who would have responded by hurling hot coffee in the face of the demon-possessed witch. "

Egghead Professor: Cats Hate To Be Petted! Video! - Ignore this eggehead, dogs love to run, Mike Tyson loves to nibble on human ears, Miley Cyrus loves to to be a skank, and cats love to be petted.

Cat Massage Video Goes Viral! Maryjean Ballner Is The Cat's Meow! - Cats rule the Internet; it`s not surprising that a video tutorial on how to massage your feline has elicited millions of views.

Loser Who Forgot To Flush Arrested For Burglary: Video - Moral of this story: Always flush the toilet, especially if you are a burglar using your victim`s toilet.

White Rabbit Reveals Snow White's Portal To Spiritual & Physical Bliss: Video - Portal to Nirvana!

Cops Give Girl, 7, Fake Ticket For Illegally Parking Her Pink Barbie Jeep: Video -

UFO Visible For 2 Hours: Not Enough Time For Dude To Find Camera To Tape It: Video - This article doesn`t say if Duan is a physics professor at the university, a student, or a janitor.

UFO Turns Out To Be Spotlight For Cheesy Mexican Restaurant - There hasn`t been one single documented case where a UFO has been scientifically proven to be a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin.

Outrage: Jack Osbourne Dresses Baby Pearl Like Ozzy Osbourne: Video - For the love of God, somebody please call Children`s Services!

Hulk Hogan Spoofs Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Video: God Help Us! - Curse you Miley Cyrus for unleashing this insanity!

Dude Sees Not One, But Two Bigfoot! Bigfeet? Video! - If Stoneman had claimed that he saw the monsters copulating, this would be the top story on the cable news networks.

UFO's Hover Over A Burning Ship: Video - I`m not going to hit panic-mode over a few mysterious lights in the sky. I don`t fear a UFO invasion, I have real fears: Zombie Apocalypse.

Spanish Judge Wisely Rules Women Are Worse Drivers Than Men: Video - It`s axiomatic that women are worse drivers than men, but in these politically-correct times it`s imprudent to speak the truth.


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