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Robert Paul Reyes

Anthony Weiner Films First Campaign Commercial - Weiner is wasting his money; the public has already seen more of Weiner than they had ever planned on seeing.

Woman Claims She Was Attacked By Feral Cats: Video - What actually happened to the woman and her pooch? Only one answer: Zombies! Zombie human beings, not zombie cats. Not even a zombie cat would attack a human being for no good reason.

Lady In Hoveround Told Not To Use Drive-Through At McDonald's In England: Video - If some joker goes through a McDonald`s drive-through on a freakin` mobility scooter in New York City or San Francisco, he is going to get a healthy dose of road rage.

High-Tech Toaster Can Tweet And Has Own Twitter Page: Video - Which device would you wire to your Twitter account? If Oprah Winfrey wired her fridge to Twitter, an opening fridge " message would appear dozensof times every hour.

Top Ten List Of Most Inappropriate Jobs For Anthony Weiner - Anthony Weiner's political career is over, he will never be able to overcome the public`s perception that he is a pervert.

Is A Urinating Statue Obscene? Video! - art should be free and accessible to everyone, and what better place to install a work of art than in a river?

Prancercise Queen Releases New Video! - Giddy Up Girlfriend!

Should Anthony Weiner Give Up Politics & Become An Adult Movie Star? - Weiner needs to come to terms with the fact that he`s a freak and a pervert, and he would be well-advised to give up any aspirations that he will ever again attain political office.

Dude Steals Ribs For BBQ, Ends Up Dining On Bologna Sandwich In Jail - Moral of this story: If you can`t afford bbq ribs, buy some hotdogs and slather them with condiments.

Spike TV Introduces '10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show Video! - Bigfoot is a mythological creature, you know like The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus.

Who Is More Disgusting: Anthony Weiner or Huma Abedin? - Huma is complicit in the sins of her spouse, she was aware that Weiner`s sexting compulsion continued unabated after he resigned from Congress in disgrace.

Transcript Of Anthony Weiner's Online Chat With Bimbo: Satire Video! - Anthony Weiner, what a tool!

Dude Wins Beer Drinking Contest, Then Dies Of Alcohol Poisoning - Moral of this story: Legalize weed!

Lady Takes Horse Inside McDonald's, Horse Takes A Dump On Floor: Video - A British woman was fined after she was told she couldn't bring her pony through the drive-thru at McDonalds and took the horse inside the fast-food restaurant instead.

Insanity: TSA Seizes High Heels Designed To Look Like Guns - If the TSA agents were replaced by the Keystone Kops I don`t think security would suffer.

Grandma Drummer Rocks The Internet: Video - Thanks Grandma Rocker for teaching us that you`re never too old to rock out!

The Horror, The Horror! Geraldo Rivera, 70, Tweets Semi-Nude Selfie! Video! - A septuagenarian has absolutely no business taking a topless pic of himself.

Hero George Zimmerman Rescues Car Crash Victims: Video - This incident illustrates the civic-minded spirit and heroic nature of George Zimmerman.

Dude Punched Self In The Face, Tried To Blame Neighbor - Moral of this story: Hate destroys. You are only hurting yourself when you hate on someone.

Singer Ryan Adams, Husband of Mandy Moore, Sees Giant UFO: Video - Adams` only claim to fame was being married to pop singer Mandy Moore; I guess he`s trying to carve out his own identity as a flying saucer nut.


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