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Robert Paul Reyes

UFO Photographed Over Netherlands Muiderslot Castle: Video - Now we know that extraterrestrials don`t come to the Netherlands just for the great weed in Amsterdam, they also enjoy looking at really cool castles.

UFO Collides With Air China Boeing 757? Video! - Unfortunately the secretive Chinese government will never reveal the answer to this mystery.

Chinese Man Keeps Extraterrestrial In His Freezer: Video - There`s a chance that Mr. Li did capture a severely injured extraterrestrial who died after he fed the visitor from another galaxy Chinese food containing lead and MSG.

Justin Bieber Snaps Pic of Fan's Bra Thrown on Stage - Bieber`s music is vapid and irritating, I`m betting he will accumulate a hell of lot more bras than Grammys.

Lady Celebrates 90th Birthday By Taking CN Tower Edge Walk: Video - Congrats to this delightful elderly lady, she proved that you are never too old to live life on the edge.

Morris the Cat (Candigato) Runs For Mayor In Mexican Town: Video - Eventually we will be able to vote online for national elections, and when that day comes we just might see the first cat elected President of the United States.

500 Pound Safe Stolen From Florida Home - Moral of this story: Even a safe isn`t safe from burglars. Buy a good insurance policy.

Marijuana-Sniffing Police Dog Has New Job In Prison - In a perfect world police dogs that sniffed marijuana in an individual`s possession, in his car or in his home would be trained to give him a sloppy lick on the face.

Obama The Most Authoritarian and Dangerous President In History - Power has absolutely corrupted President Barack Obama, and talk of impeachement shouldn't be out of the question.

Shorts Banned: Male Train Drivers Switch To Skirts In Summer - If I worked in a train cab, where the temperature can hit 95 degrees, I would wear a skirt. Not a stuffy kilt mind you, but a silk mini-skirt that would let my legs breathe.

Washington Named No. 1 Best State for Bigfoot to Live In: Video - California took second place as a potential home for Bigfoot. If Bigfoot lived in California he`s already have his own reality show and his own clothing line.

Sydney Cafe Lets Couples Pay For Coffee With A Kiss: Video - I`m all in favor of anything that promotes romance; I hope this creative promotion is a great success.

Deadbeat Baby Daddy Has 22 Kids With 14 Women: Video - I`m not a rocket scientist, a social worker, or a psychologist, but I will venture to guess that not one of Shaw`s children will grow up to be a teacher, scientist, lawyer, accountant or physician.

Hero Subdues Bank Robber With Candy Dish - Farrington is MacGyver on steroids; he used a candy dish and a phone cord to subdue a dangerous criminal.

Space Cadet Justin Bieber Going To Space: Video - The fare is not cheap at $250,000, but many of us would chip in to pay Bieber`s fare if he didn`t return to Earth.

Northern Ireland Erects Fake Storefronts Ahead of G8 Summit - Will the G8 leaders have the courage to forego cosmetic changes, and take tough measures to improve the economy?

Lady Injured Blocking Exit Of Couple Making Love In Car - At 1:30 a.m. I doubt any children were around to ogle the amorous couple, and the busybody lady should have left them alone.

Brittany Minder's Breasts Too Big For High School Prom: Video - The buxom young lady was publicly humiliated, and she deserves a public apology from the school administrators.

Man, 90, Saves Woman, 19, From Drowning: Video - Kudos to the old-timer for his courage and quick thinking.

'Operation Safe Summer': Cops Give Kids Ice Cream Cones For Wearing Bike Helmets! Video - I hope there will be many kids in Brimfield Township enjoying a free ice cream cone this summer.


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