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Robert Paul Reyes

Rapper Danny Brown Receives Oral Gratification On Stage: Video - Rapper Danny Brown was defended by fellow touring rapper Kitty Pryde after a fan in Minneapolis rushed the stage and performed oral sex on him.

Store Clerk Scares Off Robbers With AR-15: Video - Moral of this story: Hire a veteran! Buy a gun to defend yourself against evildoers!

Stoner Calls 911 80 Times Seeking Kool-Aid, Burgers And Weed: Video - The cops dispatched a cruiser to this loser`s home, and they didn`t bring any Kool-Aid or burgers, not even coffee and donuts.

Moron Cop Gives Armless Driver Ticket For Not Wearing Seatbelt - Simonar may have lost his arms when he was electrocuted almost 30 years ago, but at least he wasn`t born without a brain like the clueless cop.

Transmission Shop Commercial A Masterpiece! - The Volkswagen Thing prominently displayed in the commercial is almost as hot as the girls.

Chris Kelly Of Rap Duo Kris Kross Dead Of OD At 34: Video - Somewhere there`s a fool wearing his pants backwards, and shooting heroin as a tribute to Chris Kelly.

Tara Reid Hates On Lindsay Lohan: Video - The lovely and talented Tara Reid says that when LiLo is drunk she`s mean, which means that the troubled thespian is mean most of the time.

Lindsay Lohan Trying To Find Rehab That Will Let Her Smoke: Video - Lindsay Lohan, who`s suffered from asthma since she was a toddler, needs to give up the nicotine, as much as she needs to give up the prescription drugs, street drugs, alcohol and promiscuous behavior.

Mark Loses Life Savings At Carnival But Wins Giant Banana With Dreadlocks: Video - You don`t tug on Superman`s cape, you don`t spit in the wind, you don`t pull the mask off the Lone Ranger, and you don`t play games at a carnival with the expectation of winning.

Peeping Toms Fall Through Bathroom Ceiling, Land In Toilet - The Kovynev deviants landed right where they belong: In the toilet. In a perfect world they would have been flushed, never to be seen again.

Teen Boy Hurls Knife At Girlfriend In Argument Over Toast - Young girl can you say No Mas ", and find a boyfriend who will treat you with dignity and respect?

Game Show Host Who's Been Around Forever! Answer: Who Is Alex Trebek? - Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper and Brian Williams have been mentioned as possible replacements for Alex Trebek

Lindsay Lohan To Blog? Dear God, I Hope Not! - Bloggers already have a poor reputation, for God`s sake Lindsay Lohan: Don`t blog!

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova: Burglars Who Beat My Servants Should Burn In Hell! Video - Bless you Anastasia!

Lady, 80, Accidentally Swallows A Diamond: Video - Fortunately, Tucker was scheduled for a colonoscopy in a couple of days, and the doctor removed the diamond.

Dude Robs Store With Hand Saw - If a burglar armed with a hand saw broke into my house, I would put him to work remodeling my bathroom.

Viral Video: Cat In Shark Costume, Riding A Roomba, Chasing A Duck - The Fox network affiliate in Boston deemed it worthy to cover this video so don`t begrudge me for adding my two cents worth.

Naki'o First Dog To Receive Four Prosthetic Legs: Video - This story has a happy ending, watch Naki`o run and play

Dastardly Criminal Punches Police Dog In The Face - What`s lower than stealing candy from a baby or stealing coins from a blind beggar`s tin cup? Why punching a police dog in the face, of course!

Tom Brokaw Horrifed Lindsay Lohan Attended White House Correspondents Dinner Last Year: Video - Even if Lilo flashed her goodies at the Correspondents Dinner, what the hell it`s already a celebrity circus covered by the likes of People Magazine.


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