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Robert Paul Reyes

Bicycle Messenger Makes Rounds With Cat Perched On His Shoulder: Video - Commuters find it difficult not to smile when they see bike messenger Rudi Salida make his appointed rounds with his cat, Mary Jane, precariously perched on his shoulder.

"Clouds' Singer Zach Sobiech Dies Of Cancer At 17: Video - Sobiech`s "Clouds" video inspired millions suffering from cancer, and encouraged the rest of us to do something positive with our lives.

Detroit Mower Gang Mowing Abandoned Playgrounds: Video - I applaud the Detroit Mower Gang for their good intentions, but they remind me of rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

Dude Wore Ankle Monitor During 20+ Break-ins - Throw away the key and the ankle monitor and lock up this oxygen thief for the rest of his miserable life.

Outrage: City Orders Homeowner To Take Down Christmas Decorations - This incident isn`t an example of the so-called War on Christmas ", it`s a prosecution of an aesthetic crime.

Failed Bank Robber Robs Drugstore Across The Street - The defining characteristic of this moron is laziness, not stupidity.

Girl Bully Learns Lessons From Thrift Shop Clothes! Macklemore Video! - If you are innately cool you can buy your wardrobe at a thrift store and rock the hell out of second-hand duds.

Lindsay Lohan's 'Mean Girls' Co-star Wears 'Go To Jail Lindsay' Shirt - Jonathan Bennett, who starred with Lindsay Lohan in the flick Mean Girls " was photographed wearing a "Go to Jail Lindsay" T-shirt.

Frisco Restaurant 'Bacon, Bacon' Forced To Close Because Of Bacon Smell, Video - I would pay to live next to an eatery where the delicious aroma of bacon envelopes the neighborhood.

Singer-Songwriter Alan O'Day 'Undercover Angel' Dead At 72! Video - Alan O`Day was a singer-songwriter whose only claim to fame was writing and singing Undercover Angel ", a #1 hit in 1977.

Moron Car Burlgars Accidentally Butt Dial 911 - A Smartphone can be a dangerous instrument in the hands of a butthead.

Outrage: Couple Change Baby's Diapers At Their Seat At Starbucks - The cops should have hauled away the offending couple, and their damn baby to jail.

Too Lazy To Play With Your Cat? Buy The Solar Chaser Cat Toy! Video - Cats spend most of their time sleeping, but they do have a playful side, and it`s fascinating to watch them at play.

Old Hag's Claim Gang Of Blacks Robbed Her Of Jewelry:FALSE - This old woman is a one-person crime wave, and the cops should at the very least charge her with filing a false police report.

Theater Critic Smashes Audience Member's Smartphone - Bravo! Mr. Williamson, you are a scholar and a gentleman.

Holy Crap: According To Rev. Pat Robertson It's A Woman's Fault If Husband Cheats - It appears as if in his old age Robertson has developed a laissez faire attitude towards cheating, at least if it`s the husband who`s fooling around.

Candice Glover Wins American Idol, Anybody Care? - Now that Idol has been totally discredited, and it has been abandoned by the judges and the viewers, this is the last article I will every write about this subject.

Lindsay Lohan Gains 5 Pounds After Quitting Adderall: Video - LiLo may be the first celeb to go straight from rehab to a fat farm.

Jay Carney: Benghazi, IRS and AP Not Scandals! Obama Admin Corrupt! ! Video - Had Jay Carney been a public relations flack for the Titanic he would have issued the following statement: The Titanic has suffered a minor setback, but the crew and passengers are having a splendid time.

Burglar Shot After Victim Forced into Closet with Gun - Fortunately, the deadliest weapon in the closet wasn`t a pair of stiletto heels.


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