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Robert Paul Reyes

Amanda Bynes Mortified By Mugshot, Gets Nose Job! Video! - There is no shame in Amanda Bynes` game, celebs and bloggers should can the faux sympathy and concern, and cover her only for the purpose of mockery.

Evil Teacher Fakes Terminal Illness To Skip Class - Barker may be lacking in integrity, but she`s got chutzpah up the wazoo, she`s fighting her termination.

Bus Passenger: I Was Late To Work Because Driver Stopped At McDonald's - I`d rather don a platinum wig, put on high heels, and walk to work than put up with the riff-raff who use public transportation.

Prancercise Your Way To Fitness With Joanna Rohrback: Video - Rohrback claims a horse inspired her exercise, but methinks a camel was the inspiration because homegirl sports some serious cameltoe.

Of Amanda Bynes, Misogyny And Morality Plays - I must admit that my lust for schadenfreude is sated when I write about Amanda, who doesn`t take pleasure in the downfall of an arrogant bimbo?

Meet 'Chris P. Bacon' The Most Famous Pig In The World: Video - Not all Internet superstar animals are cats, meet Chris P. Bacon, the cutest and pluckiest pig in cyberspace.

Life On Mars? 'Lizard' Spotted On Surface Of Mars Is Just A Rock: Video - UFO believers aren`t content with mistaking airplanes in the sky for UFO`s, now they are mistaking rocks on the surface of Mars for lizards.

Is Black Speck In Sky Dust On Camera Lens Or UFO Mothership? Video! - Maybe Amanda Byne`s tenuous grasp on reality has finally snapped and she`s floating in the skies dropping bongs on unsuspecting citizens.

Shoplifter Gets Stuck In Ceiling: Video - Balm is a piece of work; she probably thinks that her jail cell will have a false ceiling that can provide her with an escape route.

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be Released Early From Rehab To Celebrate Birthday! Video - How can LiLo celebrate her birthday in a style that she`s accustomed to, when alcohol, cocaine and marijuana are banned at the Betty Ford Center?

Is Amanda Bynes Demon Possessed, Drug-Impaired Or Just Plain Nuts? Video - Regardless of where Bynes is now, Buffalo, Timbuktu, or a drug-induced fantasy land, she must be back in Manhattan on July 9 for a court appearance.

Dude Sees Mountain Lion With House Cat In Its Mouth From Apartment Balcony - Late Friday night is a time when young people have a tendency to get drunk. I wonder if Todd`s deck was littered with beer cans. Just saying "

Moron Steals Rugs From ATM Vestibules - William Footman, 55, is the most stupid criminal in the annals of crime.

Kindergartener Gets Detention For Brandishing Lego Gun Size Of A Quarter: Video - There such be zero tolerance for zero tolerance anti-toy gun bans in schools

Anti-Binge Drinking Ad Shows Dude Vomiting Up His Girlfriend - Drink responsibly!

Kid Hid In Trash Bin, Wanted To See Inside Garbage Truck: Video - Connor`s parents should fire the babysitter, give Connor a spanking he won`t soon forget, and thank the gods that their son wasn`t seriously hurt.

Outrage: Six Flags Great America Gives 100 Millionth Guest A Free Pizza - I will never set foot inside a Six Flags amusement park again, I`d rather spend all my money at a carnival where all the games are rigged, and all the carny employees are inbred rednecks.

Burger King Employee Hides Robbers' Getaway Car: Video - Hey idiots do you want fries with that, or are you content with egg on your face?

Princess The Cat Survives Two Weeks Trapped In Owner's Car Engine - It`s a good idea not to let your cats venture outside, they have a hundred and one places to hide inside your house, you may never find them if they decide to play hide and seek outside.

'Thong Cape Scooter Man', 56, Despised By Civilized Society: Video - What can you do? It`s not against the law to be an obtuse and obese moron!


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