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Robert Paul Reyes

Mayoral Candidate Claims Endorsement From Jesus Christ - WWJD? I seriously doubt Jesus would vote, let alone endorse, a candidate who accused her opponent of using voodoo sorcery against her.

Lady In A Pickle: She Beat Employee Who Added Too Many PicklesTo Her Sandwich - Don`t expect a fast food restaurant to get every item on the menu right, just be grateful if their specialty is usually delicious.

Plane Passenger Ejected For Non-Stop Singing Of Whitney Houston: Videos - If there is a God in heaven this woman`s cellmate will be a jailbird who can`t stop singing Justin Bieber songs.

Dude Completes Handwritten Bible After 7 Years: Video - I must give Patterson credit for seeing his arduous project through to completion. Too many of us start an ambitious project, writing a novel or whatever, and then give up in frustration.

Australian Restaurant Offers $120 Bacon and Egg Sandwich: Video - If I was starving and Jehovah rained down manna from heaven, I would demand bacon instead.

Pop God Tom Jones Seeks To Appeal To Younger Fans: Video - Since the mid-1960s, Tom Jones has been a vital and energetic force in the genres of pop, blues and blue-eyed soul.

Man, 92, Will Attempt To Pull Buick With Mouth - I`d be afraid to try to pull a tricycle with my mouth; I have nothing but admiration and respect for 92-year-old Mike.

Outrage: Housing Complex Bans Bikini-Clad Hotties - How about it my faithful readers, would you rather have women in bikinis or unruly children in your favorite park?

Happy Mother's Day! Snoop Dogg 'I Love My Momma' Video - If a bad a** like Snoop can publicly express his love for his mother, the least you can do is buy your mom some flowers, take her out to dinner, and give her a big hug.

Pungent Pot Makes Spanish Cops Ill - The cops complained of headaches, nausea and inability to concentrate ever since 600 pot plants were seized in a drug raid and stored at the police station.

Outrage: Teacher Fired For Bikini Modeling Side Job: Video - In my book this hot teacher should be awarded the "National Teacher of the Year" award.

Will Lindsay Lohan Escape From Betty Ford Clinic Because Her Adderall Was Taken Away? Video - I hope Lohan escapes from rehab, and gets thrown in jail.

Lady Dressed As Green Hulk Beats Up Teen Girl: Video - If you see a green woman with an attitude call the cops, they are still looking for her.

Homeowner, 70, Fights Off Burglar: Video - This elderly gentleman puts many of us to shame: He`s got a mean right hook, stays out all night with his girlfriend, and doesn`t put up with any nonsense.

Pets Cut Heart Disease Risk: Video - If you don`t have a pet, and you want to lessen the risk of suffering from heart disease, adopt a pet from an animal shelter today.

Natural Gas Smell: Scratch-and-Sniff Cards - In the future it might be a good idea to burn any surplus scratch-and-sniff cards.

Pope Francis Tells Nuns: Don't Be Old Maids - Pope Francis, it`s imperative that you liberate female Roman Catholics, and allow them to be priests.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: Psy Is The Herpes Of Music: Video - Billie Joe Armstrong`s comment is intemperate, politically-incorrect and mean, but it`s 100 percent spot on.

Couple Gets Into A Fight On Kiss Cam: Video - The dude actually gave his girlfriend the talk to the hand " treatment. Who can blame the young woman for pouring a drink all over her lame boyfriend and walking out?

Woman Chokes To Death On Hot Dog At Wrigley Field - Watching a baseball game at Wrigley Field, while drinking a beer and eating a hot dog is as close to heaven as we can get this side of the great divide.


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