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Robert Paul Reyes

Will Hillary Clinton Divorce Bill Clinton And Run For President In 2016? - For God`s sake Hillary, you don`t need your lying and conniving husband, demonstrate that you are presidential material, by promptly divorcing him.

Pair Of Robbers Who Got 68 Cents From 3 Victims Receive Lengthy Sentences - We need more judges like State District Judge Raymond Angelini, who show compassion for victims, and absolutely no mercy for criminals.

Video: Dude Run Over By Subway After Defecating Between Cars - There should be a zero tolerance attitude for the homeless, a few are in need of medical or psychiatric assistance, but most of them need a good swift kick in the butt.

Creep Goes On Wedgie-Spree At Movie Theater - A have a feeling Ross won`t stop his annoying behavior until one of his victims beats the hell out of him, and rams his cell phone down his throat.

Europe Court: British Airways Flight Attendant Can Wear Cross - Europe and America are secular and democratic societies, and if citizens choose to wear religious symbols it doesn`t weaken our secular or democratic ideals.

Study: Male Jurors More Likely To Find Fat Females Guilty - A fat female defendant would be well-advised to call Jenny Craig, even before she calls her lawyer.

Miracle: Cat Makes 190-Mile Trek Home On Her Own - Word of advice: No more road trips for Holly.

Miracle: Kitten Survives 36-Mile Trip On Truck Engine - Nine times out of ten when I can`t find my cat she`s hiding someplace where it`s warm: The back of the fridge, on top of a computer, or near a heating vent.

Video: Does Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, Support Recreational Use Of Weed? - It is patently unfair to ask a beauty pageant contestant a question other than her age, her favorite color, and her stance on world peace.

Video: Brad Paisley Performs 'The Ballad Of Honey Boo Boo' - Paisley is a giant in the world of country music, and he isn`t mean or vindictive in poking fun at the phenomenon that is Honey Boo Boo Child.

Giant Cobra Made Out Of Dung Big Hit With Children - The kids love to play with the giant cobra, and they probably think Bopposov is the greatest artist in the world, or at least in Siberia.

Is Jerry Springer Responsible For The Destruction Of Western Civilization? - Yes Jerry, you are the father of the destruction of Western civilization, and we salute you! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Dude Pelts Girlfriend With Oranges Over Lousy Karaoke Singing - It`s traditional to pelt a lousy singer with rotten eggs or tomatoes, this desperate-for-attention woman got off quite easy.

Suspect Identified By Tattoo Of Her Birth Date - A lady or a gentleman who embarks on a life of crime would be well-advised to get rid of any easily-identifiable tattoos.

Girl, 16, Beaten To Death Over Teasing Friend For Passing Gas - This is an unfortunate incident that should have resulted in embarrassing glances, not punches and death.

Will Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire' Be Heard On Preparation H Commericials? - Out of respect for Johnny Cash, I don`t think I will be humming along with the Ring of Fire " Preparation H commercial.

Giant Python Hitched A Ride On A Qantas Flight - Did anybody stop to consider that if there was a giant snake outside the plane, that maybe there was one inside the plane as well?

Lindsay Lohan's Bizzare Behavior On Set Of 'The Canyons' - At this point in her career, Lohan only has the freak factor working in her favor.

Animal Control Officer Steals Pooch From Nun, 82, With Bad Hip - In a perfect world the hounds of hell would be unleashed on this animal control officer, but I will be satisfied if she does time for burglary and robbery.

Homeowner Discovers Homeless Person Living Inside Her Crawlspace - Tip of the day: Keep your crawlspace locked!


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