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Robert Paul Reyes

F-bomb, Sexting, Earworm & Man Cave Added To Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - I don't have to explain "sexting" to my faithful readers; they're a bunch of freaks.

Outrage: Miss Italy Beauty Pageant Does Away With Bikinis - Officials with the Miss Italy beauty pageant seem to be unclear on the concept, it's a beauty pageant not a spelling bee or a debate.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore On Gulf Coast Beaches - What do you think, is there something fishy about all these reports of dead fish? Send us your thoughts.

Pit Bull Adopts Baby Goat: Inseparable Friends - There are many terrific pooches like Piper available for adoption at your local animal shelter, bring home a companion today.

Dude Inflitrates Classical Music Station, Changes Playlist To Rap - Davis should face the music, that is to say his punishment should be to listen to classical music for 24 straight hours.

Holy Crap: Dude Selling Bird Dropping That Looks Like Michael Jackson! - I love Michael Jackson, but I won`t be making a bid on this particular item. If I want to remember the King of Pop, I will play one of his albums.

Kim Kardashian Thrilled With Song Kanye West Wrote About Her: Perfect Bit*h - Shame on any mother who lets her precious daughter watch any of the Kardashians` reality shows; don`t be surprised if your daughter grows up to be a "Perfect Bit*h."

Teen Tells Cop: Her Booty Looked So Good, Couldn't Resist Touching It - Aaron Morris, 18, is treating this despicable act as a joke; he doesn`t seem to realize the gravity of violating a woman in this crude manner.

Will Alanis Morissette Be An American Idol Judge? God, I Hope Not - Morissette is the quintessential angry young woman, and I can see her heaping scorn on a male contestant because he reminds her of a boyfriend who ditched her when she was a struggling artist.

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Goes Bonkers At Francesca Eastwood's Birthday Party - Give it up Lindsay Lohan, nobody wants you around!

Snoop Dogg Gets Paris Hilton To Chug A 40-Ounce! Is Hilton Going Gangsta? - Is there anything scarier than Paris Hilton going gangsta?

Tacky, Tacky, Tacky: Las Vegas Denny's To Include Wedding Chapel - What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas; I hope the concept of a Denny`s wedding chapel stays in Sin City.

Outrage: Fake Butter Flavoring May Cause Alzheimer's Disease - These killjoy scientists should focus on doing something useful, like discovering how to open a CD case in under five minutes.

'Lady' Leaves Kids, 4, 3 & 10 Months Home Alone To Knock Boots With Neighbor - It`s a shame that whorish women who have one child after another, with no means to support them, can`t be forcibly sterilized.

Cops Find Naked Dude In School: Claims He Thought He Was In A Motel - There is no truth to the rumor that the naked guy was Tim Pawlenty, on a bender because Mitt Romney didn`t select him as his running mate.

Roadkill Raccoon Becomes Internet Sensation - Do I need to post a pic of me eating a dead raccoon sandwich on Facebook to become famous?

Mom Vents On Facebook About 'Hooker' Clothes For Young Girls - Parents should care more about instilling proper values in their children, than in trying to be cool parents who will let their daughters were the latest fashion trends, even if they make them look like midget prostitutes.

Tanning Mom Gives Up Tanning For A Month: Looks At Hot As Angelina Jolie - But believe it or not, after a month without tanning, Tanning Mom looks hot! Not hot as in baked by the sun, but hot as I in I want to knock boots with her.

Women: Drinking A Glass Of Wine A Day Can Prevent Osteoporosis - A glass of wine a day will keep the doctor away.

Hot Lady Attacks Boyfriend With Pink Stripper Pole & Hot Cooking Oil - Sarah is a very attractive woman, and her heart seems to be in the right place, every woman should keep a pink steel stripper pole in her home to entertain her man.


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