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Robert Paul Reyes

Video! Pic Of Ahmadinejad Hugging Chavez's Mom Causes Controversy In Muslim World - The fact that Ahmadinejad`s act of compassion has caused a storm of controversy in the Muslim world tells you everything you need to know about the nature of Islam.

Heaven On Earth: Dudes Sell Weed From Purple Ice Cream Truck - I`ve used Tupperware containers to store all kinds of nasty leftovers, but a Tupperware container filled with grass is like a gift from the gods.

Batty Brit Finds Bird Sewn Into Slipper - This dude has bats in the belfry, and if there was a dead bird inside his slipper, I`m guessing he put it there himself.

Video! Baby Mops Onesies: Put Your Baby To Work Mopping Floors - I hate babies; all they do is burp, fart, poop and cry. They are selfish miserable creatures, but now I finally see a good reason to get one.

Bank Teller Doesn't Take Ginger Kid Bank Robber Seriously, He Runs Away Like Scared Schoolgirl - Ginger Kids are wonderful and just like everybody else. Why, just look at natural redhead Lindsay Lohan.

Outrage! 8 School Buses Stolen, Found In Scrap Yard Chopped In Pieces - For thieves to steal eight school buses, worth about $75,000 each, and chop them in pieces to be sold as scrap is a crime beyond comprehension.

Dude Steals Smartphone, Accidentally Posts Pic Of Himself to Victim's Facebook Page - Mugging victims for their smartphones, especially iPhones, is becoming an epidemic.

Loony Canadians Report Nearly 1,000 UFOs Every Year - This news is hardly surprising, what else in there to do in Canada except get drunk on Molson beer and report you saw a UFO.

Video! Lady, 82, Dragged Off Train For Refusing To Sop Singing Gospel Hyms - The old woman is a scofflaw who thinks the rules don`t apply to her. It`s not OK for her to break the rules because she was singing religious hymns.

Principal Goes Ballistic Because Kid Brought Cupcakes With Toy Soldiers - Principal Susan Wright has ruined a little boy`s birthday, and dissed our brave warriors.

Joy Behar And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving 'The View' - I hope ABC will approach the Kardashian sisters about replacing Behar and Hasselbeck, the bimbos will only add to the cacophony, but boy are they hot.

Dude Returns Library Book Overdue For 50 Years - Who needs a library in this age of Google, Wikipedia and e-books?

Joy Behar Quitting 'The View'? Anybody Going To Miss Her? - How about a younger version of "The View" featuring the hot Fox News female anchors or the US Olympics beach volleyball team?

Lindsay Lohan Needs A Good Spanking, A Stint In Rehab, And A Year In Jail - Lindsay Lohan needs a good spanking, which I am humbly willing to administer, a stint in rehab, which Charlie Sheen will probably pay for, and a year in jail which the taxpayers won`t mind paying for.

Drunk Pantless & Shoeless DWI Suspect Tries To Flee In Toy Truck - The woman, who was drunk as a skunk, was wearing a sweatshirt, but no pants or shoes. What a sight she must have been: An inebriated half-naked woman trying to escape in a toy truck.

Video! Valerie Harper (Rhoda Morgenstern) Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer! - Thank you for making this a better and funnier world!

Video! Publicity Stunt Alert! Russell Crowe Posts UFO Video On YouTube! - Russell Crowe, it doesn`t take a beautiful mind to realize you are a publicity hound trying to hype your latest movie.

Rapper Lil' Wayne Sings For Pop Tart Paris Hilton At Her Birthday Party - After attending Hilton`s birthday party Weezy is going to have kill a dozen cops to regain his street cred.

Drunk Dude Trapped In Safe For 30 Minutes - If a friend tells you, I dare you... ", before he finishes his sentence, knock him out cold, it will save you a lot of humiliation and embarrassment.

History Channel's 'The Bible' Clobbers 'American Idol' In The Ratings! - Actually American Idol doesn`t have a prayer, not even Jesus himself can resurrect this abomination.


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