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Robert Paul Reyes

Video: Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial Grosses Out America - Thanks Go Daddy for grossing out America!

Punxsutawney Phil, Groundhog Weather Dude, Predicts An Early Spring - The cute as a button groundhog predicts an early spring!

Study: On Average Sex Lasts 6 Minutes And Burns 21 Calories - Most guys are thinking: You mean I`ve only been burning a couple of calories during my lovemaking?

Video: Barney, George W Bush's First Dog, Dies - Barney we mourn your death, but you will live forever in the dozens of videos you left behind.

Dude Walking His Pooch On Beach Finds Lump Of Valuable Whale Vomit - I`ve dreamed of striking it rich by finding a pot of gold, but I never imagined that some lucky dude could hit the jackpot by finding a lump of whale vomit.

Outrage: Judge Bans Combat Veteran's Poodle Service Dog From Court - Army Col. Timothy McKernan has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Somalia, he should be allowed to attend the trial buck naked with his miniature poodle and his goldfish, if he so wishes.

Secret Service Pooch Falls To Death While Protecting Joe Biden - The hapless people who endured Biden`s speech must feel awful knowing a brave pooch gave his life so that the Vice President could ramble on like an idiot on crack.

Teens Were Playing 'Call Of Duty', Passerby Thought Somebody Was Being Murderded, Cops Called - Give the kids a break, there`s nothing to do in Sweden but complain about the snow, fantasize about living somewhere else and play violent video games.

Facebook Users Save Gay Dog From Euthanization - The gay pooch has been adopted by a person associated with a rescue/shelter group.

Aimi Jones 'Accidentally' Posted Naked Pic On eBay Posing With Ugly Yellow Dress - Jones realizes that sex sells, and what better way to sell a yellow mustard dress than by posing nude with the ugly thing?

Shazam! Jim Nabors Marries Long-Time Boyfriend! - There are probably a lot of blue-haired old country gals who are exclaiming: Shazam, I didn`t know Jim was gay.

Is Honey Boo Boo's Dad, Sugar Bear, The Sexiest Man In America? - Sugar Bear is the ideal husband, I wouldn`t be surprised if he gets thousands of emails from adoring female fans.

NFL Should Suspend San Francisco 49ers Chris Culliver For His Anti-Gay Rant - I`m sure gay Niners are as common as grammar-challenged players.

The More Housework Married Men Do, The Less Sex They Have - This may sound sexist but if a man does manly things around the house, and a woman keeps the place clean, harmony and good sex will prevail.

Stinky Family Kicked Out of Paris Museum - All I`m asking for is a little common sense; nobody should be allowed to enter any public building if he smells like a portable restroom.

Hungry Burglar Gets 3 1/2 Years For Raiding Homeowner's Fridge - If the man was hungry he should have gone to a soap kitchen, instead of causing damage to a home by taking a window out if its frame and raiding the homeowner`s fridge.

Florida Man Scared Silly Over Baby Alligator On Doorstep - You would be right to be shocked if you found Bigfoot taking a dump on your doorstep or the Loch Ness Monster swimming in your pool, but it ain`t a big thing to find a trespassing gator in Florida.

The Brolly Umbrella: For Tech Savvy Hipsters - I`ve been considering buying an iPhone as a chick magnet, but I think I will keep my android phone and buy a Brolly umbrella instead.

Is Bubble Wrap The Greatest Invention In History? - I don`t care what my friends get me for Bubble Warp Appreciation Day ", as long as they wrap my gift in Bubble Wrap.

Rapper Rick Ross Crashes Rolls Royce Into Building After Dozens Of Shots Fired - Congratulations Rick Ross, crashing in the building is the biggest hit you`ve had in years.


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