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Robert Paul Reyes

Dude Steals 42,000 Pounds Of Wisconsin Cheese! Video! - If you`re going to steal cheese, you might as well steal Wisconsin cheese...

Russian Dude Strips To Swimming Trunks To Protest Long Winter - I hope my readers will enjoy a beautiful sunny Easter Sunday.

Heroic Tiny Pooch Goes After Pit Bull To Save Girl, 8 - Adopt a canine hero from your local animal shelter, whether he`s a big hound or a little mutt, he will love and defend you.

Pope Francis' Simplicity Is Next To Godliness - Happy Easter to all my readers!

Lindsay Lohan Has Stickiest Fingers In Hollywood! Video! - LiLo thinks she`s entitled to everything that`s not locked or nailed down, but the only thing she`s entitled to is a smack in the behind.

American Idol Death Watch! Video! - American Idol: The End is Near!

Couple Marries At Uncle's Funeral - Life goes on...

Video! Outrage: Joe Biden Takes Another Luxury Vacation - No vice president is entitled to one vacation a year, but Joe Biden is enjoying his third luxury vacation of the year at taxpayers` expense.

Video! Pope Francis Imitates Jesus By Washing Feet Of Inmates! - I have been a long-time critic of the Catholic Church, and I was convinced nobody could steer the Titanic away from danger and irrelevance, but the current pope is making a valiant effort to return to the roots of Christianity.

Video! Honey Boo Boo Child A Girl Scout Cookies Selling Machine! You Go Girl! - The Girl Scouts should consider it an honor and a privilege that Honey Boo Boo Child wears their uniform.

Video! Neighbor Accuses Pop Fop Justin Bieber Of Assault - Bieber is out of control, recently he was also accused of assaulting a photographer.

Doggone Miracle: One-Eyed Dog Returns Home After Two Years - Adopting a cat or a dog is like adopting a child; you should never give away your beloved pet just because he`s old or not in the best of health.

Puppy Love: Pooch Travels 10 Miles In Middle of Winter To Reunite With His Love - You`ve heard the love stories about Romeo and Juliet and Bonnie and Clyde, here`s another love story that`s bound to melt your heart.

Video! Chicken Born With Four Legs - Lucy is unable to walk because of the location of her four legs; the most compassionate thing may be to put the hapless thing out of its misery.

Video! Outrage:Elementary School Principal Bans 'Easter' - Kids equate the Easter bunny with candy and Easter eggs, not Christianity.

Video! Nike's 'Winning Takes Care of Everything' Tiger Woods Slogan Cynical - Nike`s Winning Takes Care of Everything " marketing slogan is cynical, and it`s bound to turn off self-respecting golf fans from buying Nike merchandise.

Video! Lindsay Lohan May Do Her 90 Days In Jail Instead Of Rehab - As a public service I would be willing for Lindsay Lohan to serve house detention in my house. Lohan is a trifle kinky, she probably wouldn`t complain if I slipped handcuffs on her and cuffed her to my bed.

Video! The FedEx Panda Express To Toronto - I`m OK with China exporting millions of products containing lead to the United States, as long as they continue to export pandas to us and to our neighbors to the north.

Video! Mayor of Opa-Locka Outraged Residents Hanging Drawers On Guard Rail - The drawers hanging from the guard rail are proof that Opa-locka is a god-awful town where no semblance of civility remains, but aren`t there more pressing matters the mayor needs to address?

Video:Thousands Of Detroit Residents Heckle Legendary Red Dwarf - It`s untrue that Danny Devito was playing the part of the red dwarf.


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