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Robert Paul Reyes

Honey Boo Boo Child Should Be Proclaimed Patron Saint Of Country Evangelicals - Catholics, evangelicals and atheists should agree that nothing but good can come from invoking the name of Honey Boo Boo Child.

Top Ten Images Of 2012 Presidential Campaign - Did I mention Joe Biden`s scary, sinister and silly smile? I will have nightmares for the rest of my life.

Dead Candidates Win In Florida And Alabama! Voters Brain-Dead! - What on earth were the voters thinking, what good is a 96-year-old man anyway, dead or alive?

Jermaine Jackson Seeks To Change Name To Jermaine Jacksun! What A Tool! - I just pray that my favorite Jackson, Tito Jackson, will never change his name.

Honey Boo Boo Has More Spiritual Wisdom Than The Pope Or The Dalai Lama - I ain`t got crap to learn from the Pope or the Dalai Lama, but I`m confident that if I spent a day with Honey Boo Boo Child and her family that I would attain nirvana.

Are You Suffering Post-Election Depression Over Obama's Victory? - Some conservative pundits sound like Old Testament prophets, weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, warning that Obama`s re-election victory means the end of democracy and the beginning of a New World Order.

Colorado, Washington First States To Legalize Recreational Marijuana! - "The recreational use of marijuana" isn`t a phrase that portends the end of Western Civilization; it`s high time that we made it legal and safe to purchase the natural herb.

Priest, 85, Rappels Down Side Of Cathedral To Challenge Negative Stereotypes Of Seniors - Rappelling down the side of a 131-foot-tall bell tower will only reinforce negative stereotypes of seniors, only a kook would attempt that feat at the age of 85.

Mama Gives Honey Boo Boo Child New Pet: Chicken Named Nugget - Won`t be long before Mama, Sugar Bear and Honey`s plump sisters will get tired of Sketti, and fry that sucker.

Lady In Labor, Water Had Broken, Votes On Way To Hospital! Vote! - Vote!

Insanity: After Superstorm Sandy New Yorkers Pack Only Open Starbucks In Midtown - When all hell breaks loose, the last place in the world I want to be is in a line with a bunch of trendies waiting to buy overhyped and overpriced coffee.

Irish Bookie 'Paddy Power' Pays Out On Obama Victory - Both the Obama and the Romney camps exude confidence, but most impartial observers rightfully conclude that the race is too close to call.

Video: Hikers Run Away Screaming Like Schoogirls From Bigfoot - We may never know if there really is a Bigfoot, but we certainly have enough evidence that there are a lot of wimps.

Joe Biden Forgets The Name Of Senator He Is Endorsing! - Biden has a habit of repeating what he considers important statements, a bad habit when every other sentence is a gaffe.

Drying Clothes Inside Poses Health Risks - Hanging my clothes in the backyard, isn`t an option, I ain`t gonna let anybody see my dirty drawers.

Video: Joe Biden Screams At Crowd In Colorado - Two more days, and hopefully Biden will disappear from the political landscape.

Crazy Joe Biden: I'm Taking Vacation 3 Days After Election! Yes, You Will Joe! - Joe, the voters will tell you on November 6, 2012 that they want you on permanent vacation.

Insanity! Aussie Schoolgirl, 10, Punished For Hugging Friend! - If a child is given detention for hugging, what will you do to a kid who punches a classmate? A couple of years in juvenile detention?

Joe Biden Familiar With Honey Boo Boo Child! Joe Boo Boo Child? - Biden has made so many mistakes; he should be called Joe Boo Boo Child. And he should have his own catchphrase: You Betta Demneckognize I`m a fool!

Video! On Eve Of Election Joe Biden Commits Biggest Gaffe Of His Career - Joe Biden is a piece of work!


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