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Robert Paul Reyes

Video: Tom Hanks Drops F-Bomb On 'Good Morning America' End Of The World? - We still love Tom Hanks, and I doubt he will ever make the same mistake again.

President Barack Obama Acknowledges Honey Boo Boo Child's Endorsement - If Obama booted the smirking buffoon, Joe Biden, and replaced him with Honey Boo Boo Child, he would win in a landslide.

Outrage: Evil Seattle Elementary School Principal Bans Halloween - Childhood should be about having fun, not about bowing to the gods of political correctness.

Germans Fall In Love With Baby Albino Kangaroo - The joey is snow white, and she looks like a rabbit on steroids.

Outrage: Jailbirds Demand Floss - If inmates want floss, let them pull a thread from their dirty drawers.

Rapper & Reality Star Flavor Flav Arrested For Domestic Battery! - Tick tock, your time is almost up fool!

Mascot That Looks Like Decrepit Old Dude Found In Garbage Bin - There is nothing scarier than an old man, because he reminds us of our impending death.

Does Zoo's Halloween Decorations Look Like Blacks Hanging From Trees? - It`s Halloween for God`s sake, lighten up people and have some fun.

Newsweek Magazine To Go To A Digital Only Format By End Of Year - This announcement from Newsweek is neither surprising nor disappointing, newspapers and magazines are an anachronism in the digital age.

Snooki's Baby Poops During His TV Debut, Meatball Doesn't Fall Far From Plate - Maybe I`m Lorenzo`s baby daddy; I think he`s taken after this pop culture critic.

Lady Calls 911 To Thank Sheriff For Bologna Sandwich - If the correctional officers are smart they won`t serve Brown her favorite sandwich, after all they don`t want her using 911 to call the sheriff when she`s released from jail.

Video: Woman Sets Soda Machine On Fire After It Swallows Her Money - If this oxygen thief lost her temper with an inanimate object, image how she would react if she got into an argument with a hapless stranger.

Video! Newsflash: Honey Boo Boo Child Endorses Barack Obama - If Obama gives a "Shout Out" to Honey Boo Boo during tonight`s debate, he will win over the audience.

Insanity Prevails In South Africa - South Africa is a failed nation, AIDS, crime and corruption run rampant, and insanity prevails.

'Pepper Spray Princess' Famous For Attacking Teen With Jalapeno Pepper Spray - I can already hear some folks arguing that if jalapenos are outlawed only outlaws will have jalapenos.

Honey Boo Boo Child Not A Fad, She Will Be A Star For Decades! - If Honey Boo Boo Child doesn`t burn out, she will be a star for decades to come.

Dog-Poop Bags Feature Images Of Barack Obama & Mitt Romney - Obama and Romney are both full of crap, it would be appropriate for bags with an image of either presidential candidate to be full of excrement.

Bold Bears Steal Honey From Beekeeping Farm - You don`t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to solve this caper, even Barney Fife could figure out who stole the honey at the Ballard Bee Company.

Video: Kathie Lee Gifford Drops Puppy On Its Head! - Pooches are very discerning creatures, and when the pup was picked up by Kathie Lee Gifford the poor thing reacted as if he were in the clutches of Cruella Deville.

Obama Fails To Condemn Nicki Minaj For Threatening To Kill Mariah Carey - I will not vote for Obama, and I will never watch American Idol again.


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