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Robert Paul Reyes

Maher Calling Sarah Palin C-Word Not Same As Limbaugh Calling Sandra Fluke A Sl*t - A private citizen should never be called a slut by a public figure, and a public figure should think twice before calling another public figure the c-word.

Mitt Romney's Torture Of His Dog Seamus Disqualifies Him From Presidency - I urge dog lovers everywhere not to vote for Mitt Romney, perhaps the most evil person ever to run for president.

Would You Buy Camel Milk Ice Cream That Tastes Like Saffron Or Date? - A word to the wise: Stay the hell out of UAE

BK Employees Grab Robber When He Enters Through Drive-Through Window - This gentleman is taking Burger King's slogan a bit too literally, you can't have it your way and just help yourself to Burger King's money.

Cheetos Greatest Snack! Couple Sells Seahorse-Shaped Cheeto For $100 - If the last Cheeto in my bag looked like a bikini-clad Angelina Jolie I would be faced with quite a dilemma: Should I gobble the delicious morsel, or save it and put it up for sale on eBay where it would probably sell for a gazillion bucks?

Will Snooki Be The Most Unfit Mom In The History Of Hollywood? - Snooki`s bun in the oven should also have encouraged her to go on a mission from God to find out who`s the baby daddy.

Outrage: Rick Santorum Takes Off His Shirt In Public! Shocking Photo! - Santorum can forget whatever fantasy he had about winning the Republican presidential nomination. Who is going to vote for a racist albino beached whale?

Outrage: American Idol Warns Colton Dixon To Tone Down His Faith In Jesus - I hope Dixon doesn't win, but it's not because of his faith, he's one of the least talented Idol hopefuls. Dixon's faith inspires his music, let him do his thing.

Boy, 8, Takes His Sister, 5, For A Drive: Crashes Into A Tree - The parents should spank the 8-year-old brat so hard he won`t be able to sit in the driver`s seat or anywhere else for a few days.

Cops Show No Mercy: Arrest Suspect While He's Sitting On Toilet - The police did the right thing, Ross was carrying a concealed weapon.

Lady Claims She Found A Feather In A McNugget! Truth or Bullfeathers? - If I found a feather in a box of McNuggets I would be relieved that McNuggets are really made from chicken.

Kid Steals Skateboard, Mom Makes Him Hold Up 'I'm A Thief" Sign - The young man took his punishment in stride declaring "It's my 15 minutes of shame.

LA Little League Rejects Donation From A Strip Club! Do You Agree? - I hope than one or more citizens of Los Angeles will step up to the plate and make up for the donation that was turned down.

Video: American Flag Featuring Image Of Obama Taken Down! Should Have Been Set On Fire! - This isn't a rant against Obama, I would have been just as boiling mad if an American flag bearing the likeness of Ronald Reagan was flying outside the Lake County Republican headquarters.

Judyth Piazza CEO of SOP to Join KQUE Radio In Houston - The star of the SOP Radio Network is Judyth PIazza, her show "The American Perspective" is one of the most popular programs on the Internet.

Love Is In The Air At Detroit Zoo! Will Polar Bears Mate? - Detroit isn't exactly known as the City of Love, it ain't no Paris, but it's spring and a young polar bear's fancy turns to love.

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Hits Man With Car, Then Flees - This episode proves that Lindsay Lohan is still boozing it up until the wee hours of the night, and that she's still a scofflaw.

Newsflash: Pop Tart Paris Hilton Exits Her Car In A Ladylike Fashion! Bravo! - Congratulations to Paris Hilton for demonstrating a modicum of good manners.

Top Ten Best Gifts For Snooki's Baby Shower - A copy of "How to Raise a Baby for Dummies"

Beauty, 22, Accused Of Assaulting Her Live-In Boyfriend, 74 - Chaffin is currently locked up in county jail, no doubt the correctional officers and inmates are praying that the hotter than hot bad girl won't be able to come up with money for bail.


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