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Robert Paul Reyes

Video: Kathie Lee Gifford Drops Puppy On Its Head! - Pooches are very discerning creatures, and when the pup was picked up by Kathie Lee Gifford the poor thing reacted as if he were in the clutches of Cruella Deville.

Obama Fails To Condemn Nicki Minaj For Threatening To Kill Mariah Carey - I will not vote for Obama, and I will never watch American Idol again.

Lindsay Lohan Endorses Mitt Romney! I'm Sure Obama Is Devastated! - I would be shocked if Lohan is registered to vote...

There Is A God! Octopus Attacks Woman Riding An Aquabike! - This world is insane; I'm praying it will end December 21, 2012

Tanning Mom Challenges Octomom To Boxing Match! Which Freak Would Win? - Who the hell would spend good money to watch these two freaks fight?

Honey Boo Boo's Niece, Baby Kaitlyn, Enters First Beauty Contest - Three thumbs up for Baby Kaitlyn!

Dude Using Propane Torch To Cook Squirrel Starts Apartment Fire - This moron should never again be allowed to live in an apartment, he should be locked up in a jail cell or forced to live in the woods.

Debate Video: Is Joe Biden Stark Raving Bonkers? - I am scared stiff of Joe, I don't want him picking up my trash, let alone being one heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States.

Video: Christopher Walken & Colin Farrell Recite Honey Boo Boo Dialogue - America needs to sit in front of the boob tube, fix a mess of sketti, and watch "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo", and recite the dialogue along with Honey Boo Boo.

Don't Be A Wimp! Play Hooky From Work! - Don`t be a wimp; you have a constitutional right to play hooky.

Insanity: Old Dude Steals Ambulance To Get Home From Hospital - If you survive to the age of 77 you have carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want.

Shocking Photo: Sarah Palin Looks Like A Crackhead On Her Deathbed - It won`t be long before Palin will tweet lingerie pics, and have a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.

Would You Dress Your Pooch As Snooki For Halloween? - If you must dress your dog for Halloween, dress him as a pumpkin,witch, Dr. Phil, anything but Snooki.

Video: Heather Clem Devastated Over Release Of Hulk Hogan Sex Tape - At one point the bloated ex-wrestler orders Clem to stop performing a sex act so he can answer his cell phone.

Stevie Nicks Would Have Strangled Illuminati Puppet Nicki Minaj - I would pay good money to witness the dinosaur pop star attempt to strangle the Illuminati puppet to death.

Old Couple Tend Giant Pot Plant! Claim They Didn't Know It Was Weed! Yeah, Right! - The clueless cops blindly accepted their claim that they had no idea it was a pot plant.

Cops Tase & Pepper Spray Dude Fighting With A Stop Sign! - Correctional officers should install a stop sign in this dude`s jail cell, until he learns the meaning of the word.

America Loves Honey Boo Boo Child & Hates Rosie O'Donnell - Loving on Honey Boo Boo Child is O`Donnell`s last desperate attempt to ingratiate herself with the American public, but it`s too little too late.

Pop Tart JWoww Reveals She Will Get Married In Las Vegas - The typical show biz marriage lasts about 500 days, if JWoww had a lick of sense she would keep her wedding plans very simple.

Lindsay Lohan's Lifetime Movie 'Liz & Dick' To Premiere November 25 - The bar has been set almost as low as limbo bar for Lohan, what a joke to call a Lifetime Movie a comeback. "


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