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Robert Paul Reyes

Evangelicals Go Bonkers Over Oreo Cookie With Rainbow-Colored Filling! - I support love and yummy treats, I will continue to buy Oreo cookies and other delicious Kraft products.

Gorgeous Megan Fox Shows Off Her Baby Bump! Motherhood Is Beautiful! - Enjoy Megan Fox pics!

Justin Bieber's NBC Special And Album "Believe" Big Duds - I do believe that Bieber`s bubblegum pop has run out of taste.

Wacko In Waco! Zombie Eats Family Dog! Zombie Apocalypse Near? - If Obama dines on Bo it doesn`t mean he turned into a zombie, it just means he was feeling nostalgic about his childhood in Indonesia.

Teen Thief Gets Hand Stuck In Soda Machine! - The silly kid was arrested, and he will be charged with petty theft.

Outrage: Poor Woman Furious Over Sitting Next To Dead Person On Long Flight - The poor passenger sought compensation, and all she got from the airline was a measly $713.

'Snooki & JWoww' Reality Show Epic Failure! - The "Snooki & JWoww" reality show is a dumbed-down version of "Laverne & Shirley", I could feel my brain cells dying as I watched a few minutes of the premiere.

Scottish History Buffs Told: You Can't Recreate Battle Using Swords & Axes - Boys will be boys, what fun is it recreating a battle that took place in 1314 if you can`t brandish axes and swords?

Take Your Dog To Work Day: The Greatest Day Of The Year - I would be proud to bring my dog to work, she exhibits the fine qualities of her master: Loyalty, intelligence and a sense of mischief.

Is Obama A Muslim, Christian, Atheist Or Does He Only Worship Weed? - I don`t care if Obama is a Muslim, Christian, atheist or if the former Choom "Choom Gang" member only worships weed.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Accidentally Drops Pot With Bank Deposit - Dunkin` Donuts is a perfect place for a stoner to work, on her break Kim can go to her car and smoke a joint, and when she returns to work she can eat a dozen donuts.

'Mugly' A Chinese Crested Pooch Wins 'World's Ugliest Dog' Title - People who have manifestly hideous canines, love their ugly little things to death.

Outrage A Pregnant Snooki Tumbles: She Was Wearing Platform Sandals! - Shame on anyone who enables this moron by watching her reality show.

Freaky Speedo-Wearing Cop Fired, Then Reinstated - Any dude, not just a cop, who wears a Speedo should be arrested by the Fashion Police.

400-Pound Woman Takes Off Her Clothes & Calmly Waits For Bus - McCollum collects Social Security disability checks, is there a bleeding heart who wishes this woman a long healthy life?

Twitter Crashes! Millions Lose Will To Live! Facebook No Substitute! - Twitter is back online, and everything is right with the world.

Insanity: Male Principal Loses Bet: Milks Cow Dressed As Lady Gaga! - It`s appropriate that it was a male principal who dressed as Lady Gaga given that the pop diva looks like a drag queen on crack.

Video: Black Lady Beats Up Random White Dude On Bus! Where's The Outrage? - If that woman had selected me as her victim, she probably would have ended up dead.

Mom Found Naked & Eating Ice Cream After Crash! Zombie? Bath Salts? - I don`t think she's zombie on bath salts -- she`s an obese woman with no shame in her game.

Model Zoe West Undeterred By False Arrest: Will Continue To Perform - Zoe is a fighter, not only is she suing New York City for false arrest, but she will be participating in another nude body painting performance on June, 21, 2012.


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