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Robert Paul Reyes

Gorgeous Drunk Cowgirl Wearing Only Cowboy Boots Arrested On Valentine's Day - The cop who pulled her over on Valentine's Day must have faced quite a dilemma: Should he read her the Miranda Rights or recite a Valentine's Day poem?

DVD Review Of 'The Big Year' Starring Jack Black By Robert Paul Reyes - The film is labeled a comedy, but in spite of a cast featuring such comedic heavyweights like Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, I didn't crack a smile even one time.

I Have No Love For Postal Service And Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day is as outdated a concept as the postal service.

Moron Fugitive Gives His Location Away On Facebook, Cops Nab Him - Michele is now in prison in Rome, he won't have to update his Facebook page as to his current location, everybody knows where he is cooped up.

Israel Should Destroy Iran's Nuclear Facilities With Tactical Nuclear Bombs - The survival of Israel, our only reliable ally in the region, is at stake, and our friend must take whatever steps are necessary to make sure there isn't another holocaust.

Will Glee Do A Valentine's Day Whitney Houston Tribute? - Houston's songs are the perfect fit for the Valentine's Day Glee episode.

Surprise! A Buddhist Monk Is The Inventor Of 5-Hour-Energy Drink - Energy drinks are anathema to folks like me, "laid back" is my default mode. A non-energy drink with a name like "Supreme Dank" or "Marvelous Mary Jane", that's my cup of tea.

My Favorite Whitney Houston Hit? I Wanna Dance with Somebody! - When I hear "I Will Always love You" on the radio I shed a tear almost every time. Classic pop songs are evocative, they take us back to a special place and time. Whitney's signature song takes me back to when I was still young, and true love seemed everlasting.

Pop Icon Whitney Houston Dead At 48! Rest In Peace! - Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music`s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

Stop The Insanity: Company Tattoos Hair Onto Bald Men - Smart chicks love bald-headed gentleman, rock that bald head, ladies will follow you like you are the Pied Piper of Cool.

One- Legged Dude Hid Cocaine In His Behind, Couldn't Outrun Cops - Wyman is intelligent and resourceful, he hid his cocaine in the crack of his behind, knowing full well that cops will think twice before searching a big fat ugly man's nether regions.

Incredible Images: Cloud Tsunami Rolling Over Florida Skyscrapers - JR Hott's photos of the cloud tsunami rolling over Florida's high-rise condos will blow your freaking mind. After seeing these images you might reach for a cigarette or a pen to write down your impressions.

Madonna Fans Want PM To Delay Attacking Iran Until After Madonna Concert! - Madonna is a pop icon, and girlfriend rocks, but how about a little perspective?

Ex-Mayor Steals Gigantic Mixer To Mix Pizza Dough For Party At His House - I doubt if Guidi would be elected dogcatcher of Hawthorne at this point.

Outrage: Saudi Journalist Could Be Executed For Tweets Critical Of Prophet Mohammed - How I wish liberals who are too cowardly to speak out against the tyranny of Islam would be deported to a Muslim paradise like Saudi Arabia.

Outrage: Judge Orders Domestic Violence Defendant To Take Wife Bowling - This is the type of "slap on the wrist" punishment that women receive when they assault men. Domestic violence should always be taken seriously, regardless if the offender is a male or female.

Lady's Baby 'Micropig' Turns Into Huge 200-Pound Porker - I commend the couple for making accommodations for the pig, and showing it love and affection.

Shock Video: Huge Argentine Mastiff Bites Anchor On Face On Live TV - The animal is being quarantined until a judge can decide its fate.

DVD Review Of 'In Time' Starring Justin Timberlake By Robert Paul Reyes - The director and the cinematographer have created an interesing world, time will fly as you watch this flick.

Happy Couple Mark Their 80th Wedding Anniversary! Congrats! - I hope the Flemings and all two of their friends who are still alive enjoyed the party. I'm sure they partied like it was the last day of their lives.


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