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Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin Lets Down Her Flock At Tea Party Rally - The Palin supporters left the rally disappointed, but I'm sure their faith remains strong. They rationalize that their heroine is waiting for just the right time to make her announcement.

Sarah Palin To Headline World Knowledge Forum! Say What? - Sarah Palin`s added another trip to her roster: She`ll head to South Korea in October to headline the World Knowledge Forum, which runs from Oct. 11 to 13.

Stop The Insanity! Dude Arrested For 'Maliciously Molesting' Vending Machine! - Police in Florida said they arrested a man who 'maliciously molested, opened, broke, injured, damaged and inserted his body parts" into a vending machine.

Pop Diva Lindsay Lohan Tattoos Billy Joel Lyrics On Her Ribs - Thank goodness Lohan wasn't high when she got her tattoo, she could have ended up with the lyrics to Rebecca Black's "Friday" on her beautiful body

Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong Booted Off Flight Over Saggy Pants - Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says he was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday night for wearing his pants too low.

Dude Caught At Miami Airport With 7 Snakes And 3 Turtles In His Pants - The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said the man had seven exotic snakes and three tortoises wrapped in nylon bags that had been stuffed into his pants.

Mitt Romney: The Phoniest Politician In American History - Romney is a chameleon, he changes his color to suit his audience. He is a political contortionist who will bend over backwards and sideways to please the crowd he is addressing at the moment.

PETA Protests Rose Bowl Parade Float Featuring An Elephant -- A Fake One - Officials in Glendale, Calif., are working on ways to make their circus elephant float for the Rose Bowl Parade less obnoxious to animal rights activists.

Mel Gibson Lucks Out! He Only Has To Pay Oksana $750,000 In Settlement - Mel Gibson has agreed to pay his ex-girlfriend just $750,000 under the terms of their court settlement - a year after she is said to have turned down an offer of $15 million.

Bravo! Soccer Star Hope Solo To Star In 'Dancing With The Stars' - Millions of guys who hate soccer tuned into the World Cup to see the drop-dead gorgeous Hope run around the soccer field in her short shorts.

Outrage: Nancy Grace To Be A Contestant On 'Dancing With The Stars' - Nancy Grace has, the s(e)x appeal of Octomom (when she was pregnant with her litter), and the compassion of Hot Sauce Mom.

Cow-A-Bunga: Minnesotans Going Nuts Over Cow Plop Bingo! - A Minnesota city said its 'cow plop bingo' event, a licensed form of charitable gambling in the state, raised about $2,000.

Outrage: Beautiful Model Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Arrested In Times Square - Finally performance art involving a drop-dead gorgeous woman, and the Man puts a stop to the fun. Zoe West is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Outrage: Chaz Bono Selected As Contestant On 'Dancing With The Stars'! - 'Dancing With the Stars' aims for provocative casts, and Chaz Bono's addition to the show has already yielded strong reaction -- some of it ugly.

Neighborhood Fed Up With Noisy Kid! Where's 'Hot Sauce Mom' When You Need Her? - If the monitoring equipment and the fines fail to quiet the lad, then the Hull City Council should force the parents to hire the infamous "Hot Sauce Mom" as a nanny.

LOL: Tracking Tag Attached To Drug Suspect's Prosthetic Leg - A British security firm said it fired two employees who attached a tracking tag to a suspect's prosthetic leg, allowing him to violate his curfew.

Are You OK With A Painting Depicting Jesus Christ As Muscular And Tattooed? - A Kentucky artist (Stephen Sawyer) is taking a page from Rembrandt's book by giving a makeover to the image of Jesus Christ, this time by adding muscles and tattoos.

Couple In Hotel Room Overlooking Stadium Thrill Fans With Their Lovemaking - A woman spotted having s(e)x in a hotel room overlooking a Belgian stadium during a soccer match said she and her beau had thought the windows

Lady Gaga Pathetic As Jo Calderone On MTV VMA's - Lady Gaga is all about performance art and artifice, music is only an afterthought for the controversial diva.

Video: Streaker Dashes By Weather Channel Reporter - An intrepid reporter covering a hurricane has endure a lot of trials and tribulations: Avoiding falling trees, strong winds tossing him to and fro, torrential rains drenching him to the bone...


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