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Robert Paul Reyes

School Bus Ride From Hell: Wild Turkey Goes Through Windshield Of Bus - It's a good thing this accident didn't happen a few days before Thanksgiving, the youngsters would have been to shaken up to eat turkey.

Bruce Springsteen Older Than Dirt; His Fans Too Old For Digital World - Rock on Bruce, as long as the batteries on our hearing aids hold out, we will continue to groove to your music.

Pat Robertson Hears From A Higher Power: Legalize Pot! - I don`t think Robertson will be inviting Cypress Hill to sing "Insane in the Membrane" in his church, but he is moving in the right direction.

Broward Offers Free $25 Gas Cards To Summer Hotel Guests - Actually it wouldn't take much to entice me to visit Florida; I've always had a terrific time when I visited the Sunshine State.

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Delivers Monster Ratings For 'Saturday Night Live' - Lohan has a tough road ahead of her, and judging from her history, the odds are against her.

Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton And The Dumbing Down Of America - If you are watching 'Jersey Shore' or buying magazines with the likes of Britney Spears or Lil' Kim gracing the cover, you are contributing to the dumbing down of our once great nation.

Video: Iranian Girl, 13, Does Great Job Singing Adele's 'Someone Like You' - Let's hope Tara doesn't discover Lady Gaga, she may be hauled off to prison is she sings one of the controversial diva's songs.

Robber Shoots Off His Finger! Cops Looking For Suspect With No Brain & Missing Finger - The severed finger is too damaged, and the police can't obtain fingerprints from it.

Outrage: Jessica Simpson, Nude & Pregnant, Appears On Cover Of Elle Magazine - Most folks want to use the Simpson issue of Elle magazine as a dart board, the brazen bimbo has given us one more reason to hate her.

Outrage: Granny, 55, Wants To Be Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! Heck No! - When fans see hot cheerleaders on the sidelines they fantasize about making love to them, not helping them to cross the street.

Milkmen A Dying Breed! Do They Get A Lot Of Action? - Skyrocketing gasoline prices, convenience stores and jealous husbands are to blame for the demise of the milkmen.

Dude Robs Convenience Store, Gets Away With Two Bucks - The crook should have left his gun at home, armed robbery is a felony, and when he's caught he will end up doing hard time over two bucks.

Fat Dude Wearing Tutu And Purple Tights Burglarizes A Church - At one point Baker jumped a chain link fence -- not a wise thing to do when your genitals are exposed.

Rock Legend Debbie Harry, 66, Mistaken For Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan, 25 - When a 25-year-old woman is mistaken for a 66-year-old rocker, it's time to give up the booze and drugs.

'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Admits She's Pregnant! Is Jionni The Baby Daddy? - Snooki is too young and too immature to be a mother, we should all be praying that she's not preggers

Sarah Palin Reveals She Voted For Newt Gingrich! Nobody Cares! - Newt Gingrich, 68, grows more cranky and bitter by the day, not even the endorsements of the Pope and Angelina Jolie would help him at this point.

Ron Paul 0 for 23! Time For The Media To Kick Paul To The Curb! - Rep. Ron Paul is now 0 for 23, he's failed to win a single primary or caucus.

Copper The Therapy Dog Dies: Popular Pooch Ministered To Hundreds In Nursing Homes - We should learn from Copper's example and minister to the elderly in nursing homes.

Owner Fights Cougar To Save His Pooch - The brave dog owner wasn't hurt, and his tiny pooch escaped with only a few scratches.

Trooper The Cat Who Was Frozen To Driveway Loses Leg & Tail, But Doing Well - Trooper has earned the right to live in peace and comfort for the rest of his life.


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