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Robert Paul Reyes

Islamic Fighters Free Hundreds Of Their Comrades From Prison In Pakistan - This incident underscores the fact that we should never breathe a sigh of relief when Pakistani forces capture al Qaeda militants or Taliban fighters. Pakistan is too weak and too corrupt to prevent militant victories of this kind.

Outrage: American Idol Judges Save Jessica Sanchez! Go Hollie Cavanagh! - America show Jennifer, Steve and Randy who's the boss, and kick Jessica Sanchez to the curb and vote for Hollie Cavanagh.

Video: The Ramos,The Most Aggravating Alarm Clock In The World - Once it goes off, to stop it you must get out of bed, go into the kitchen or bathroom, and punch the day's date into a telephone-style keypad.

Barack Obama: Great Role Model For Black Children - Do I still think Obama is a great role model for kids? Yes

Beautiful Lady Arrested For Stealing Car And Pooping On Side Of Road - I would make an awful cop, Melissa is so drop-dead gorgeous that if I found her in such a comprising situation, I would get her some toilet paper and wish her Godspeed.

Dumbbell Drops Dumbbell On Bullet, Dings Self - It's more plausible that this man was working out with the lonely widow next door, and when his wife found out she shot him and hid the gun.

Intruder Makes Himself At Home In Diddy's Crib: Eating, Drinking & Trying On Diddy's Wardrobe - Taylor claims to have broken into the rapper`s mansion a few times before, he says he`s not a big fan of Puffy, he just likes living like a Mack Daddy every once in a while.

Dude Armed With Toilet Plunger Tries To Rob A New York Bank - The hapless robber should be sentenced to three months of community service cleaning toilets in a retirement home or a hospital.

Firefighters Rescue 13 Ducklings From Storm Drain - Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for the ducklings and their mom. I hope all of my readers enjoy a safe Friday the 13th!

Judge Blocks Execution Of Boots The Cat - The hero is this tale is the executor of the will, Fifth Third Bank,(Jeffrey Schmidt) went to court, to ask a judge to block Ms. Dvorak's morbid request.

Outrage: Middle School Student Suspended For Hugging His Teacher - The teacher should have simply had a talk with the young boy, and explained why his action was inappropriate. That's what teacher do: They teach!

Mom Gives Birth To Colossal 12-Pound Premature Baby! Ouch! - I wish the mother and her little bundle of joy nothing but the best.

Creep Stuffs 6 English Bulldog Puppies In Suitcase And Throws It In Trash - Davis is no rocket scientist, I bet he would be stupid enough to pay an undercover cop with a check for some cocaine. Like most persons who are real dull, he is also exceedingly evil.

Study: Drinking Greatly Improves Problem Solving Skills! I'll Drink To That! - The next time I need to make an important decision I`m going to get drunk like a skunk.

DVD Review By Robert Paul Reyes: Martha Marcy May Marlene - Martha Marcy May Marlene" is a psychological thriller written and directed by Sean Durkin, and starring Elizabeth Olsen.

Dude Refuses To Get Rid Of Pet Goat, Willing To Go To Jail! - Ferguson is correct, Yogi is his kid, since kid is what you call a young goat. But homebody needs to get a life, if he really treats a goat as a member of the family.

Moron Gets 3 Days In Jail For Wearing Saggy Pants To Court! You Go Judge! - LaMarcus will pay a much more serious penalty if he shows his butt in jail, he will be walking bowlegged for weeks.

Betty White Joins Twitter! Sends Flirty Tweet To Ryan Seacrest - Every teen is now worried that his grandma will join Twitter and tweet something like: Yo, I need me some Depends, be a good boy and score me some. Love Nana!

Lady Strips And Smokes In Non-Smoking Area At Denver International Airport - The KDVR Web site doesn't include a pic of Jenny, so I don't know if I would have been more offended by her smoking or her decision to take off her clothes.

Lady Swears Potato Chip Looks Like Jesus Christ! - Carol, being a religious woman, sees a hole in a potato chip that looks like Jesus, Snoop Dogg would bet his stash that it looks like Bob Marley, Paris Hilton would tweet that it looks like cocaine.


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