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Robert Paul Reyes

Verdict Reached: Casey Anthony Not Guilty Of Murder! - Whether we agree with the verdict or not, we must be give the jury credit and praise for putting their lives on hold for a few weeks. The jury declared that Casey is, and we must accept this verdict.

Rolling Stone Crowns Lady Gaga 'Queen Of Pop' Madonna Real 'Queen Of Pop' - Rolling Stone magazine has named Gaga the queen of pop based on album and digital song sales, Hot 100 rankings, radio airplay, YouTube views, social media, concert grosses, industry awards and critics' ratings.

Colossal World Record Hamburger: 777 Pounds! Happy 4th Of July! - "A California man says he smashed the record for the world's biggest burger, creating one that weighed in at 777 pounds, including bun, cheese and condiments.

Fox News Twitter Account Hacked: Obama Killed, Joe Biden President - Hackers apparently broke into the's Twitter feed for political news early Monday and used it to announce -- falsely -- that President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

Chinese Girl Offers To Sell Virginity To Buy iPhone, Chinese Boy Sells Kidney for iPad - The craze to own an Apple product in China gathered steam this week as one Chinese girl allegedly has offered to sell her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4

OMG! Is Snooki Recording An Album? Say, It Ain't So! - Snooki has made millions of Americans afraid to turn on the TV, and now Snooki has been spotted in a recording studio. My God, are we going to be terrified of turning on the radio? Is Snooki recording an album?

Sarah Palin Is The Biggest Tease In Politics - Bristol Palin told Sean Hannity of Fox News that her mother has made up her mind about running for president.

Beware The Casey Anthony Death Stare - I love movies about serial killers and deviant personalities, but not even the Hannibal Lecter films could have psychologically or emotionally prepared me for the Casey Anthony death stare.

Drunk 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Falls Flat On Her Face - The pint-sized guidette (Snooki) fell flat on her face after a long evening of partying with the Jersey Shore cast and had to be helped to her feet by her doting boyfriend Jionni Lavalle.

Outrage: 2 Orlando Gas Stations Refuse To Post Their Prices - A Florida artist weighed in on the controversy over a gas station's refusal to post its high prices by 'playing the role of a sign' for about six hours.

Maria Shriver Humiliated! Files For Divorce From Arnold Schwarzenegger - Six weeks after Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he had fathered a child out of wedlock, his wife Maria Shriver filed divorce papers Friday to end their marriage of 25 years.

Video: Lindsay Lohan Celebrates End Of House Arrest By Getting Drunk - Lohan stumbled out of the bar at an ungodly hour, proof she hasn't learned any lessons from her troubles with the law.

Feel Good Story: Firefighters Free Baby Goat From Pipe - Marty Clauw of Macomb County said he returned home from work Tuesday to find the 11-week-old goat's head had become stuck in the pipe.

Hugo Chavez Has Cancer! Venezuelans And Americans Praying For Iconic Leader - The usually vivacious Hugo Chavez, 56, confirmed in a stern speech on Thursday night he had surgery in Cuba to remove a cancerous tumor and was receiving more treatment.

Outrage! Colossal Statue Of Jesus Christ Erected In Peru! - President Alan Garcia formally opened the monument, known as Cristo del Pacifico or Christ of the Pacific, on a hill in the capital Lima.

Saintly Boy George Offers To Help Hot Mess Amy Winehouse - Boy George has reached out to troubled singer Amy Winehouse to offer support in her sobriety battle.

Toyrianna Smith Makes Casey Anthony Look Like Mother Teresa - A CHICAGO woman is accused of strapping her baby's corpse into a sling and taking him shopping after killing the three-month old in a drunken rage.

Video: Wannabe Rapper Climbs Light Pole, Ties Up NYC Traffic - New York police said several Times Square streets were closed for nearly 2 hours when a rapper climbed a light pole in a stunt designed to promote his CDs.

OMG! Lady Sprays Hapless Cops With Breast Milk! - A lactating woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff's deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle.

Bravo! City Council To Recite Pledge Of Allegiance Only 4 Times A Year - Officials in Eugene, Ore., said the City Council's decision to recite the Pledge of Allegiance four times a year yielded complaints from out of state.


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