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Robert Paul Reyes

Video: Adorable Baby Seal Breaks Into Woman's Home, Takes Nap On Sofa - You don't need to be an expert on seals to discern that a seal who decides to take a nap on your sofa is "very unique." No (expletive delete), it's unique.

Herman Cain's Disgusting Christmas Video! Warning: Strong Stomach Required! - Herman Cain is like a clod of dung that just won't come off your expensive shoes, he refuses to leave the spotlight.

Secret Santa Hands Out $100 Bills In Thrift Store - The Secret Santa has bee handing out $100 bills in thrift stores and other locations for five years. The Secret Santa needs to get with the program and hand out loot to gentlemen in strip joints, lap dances are expensive!

Men's Health Magazine Names Jennifer Aniston Hottest Woman Of All Time! Do You Agree? - Brad Pitt chose Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston: Case closed.

Outrage: Homeless Dude Used A Stolen Credit Card To Get A Pedicure - Whether this clown is in jail or homeless, he will be a burden on society for the rest of his life. If God is really in the blessing business, He would bless taxpayers and smite Troutman stone cold dead.

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Lame Ellen DeGeneres - Ellen's talk show is played out anyway, I'm tired of her lame dancing and her even lamer interviewing skills. As far as I'm concerned, everybody should blow off Ellen.

London Dude Walks Into Pubs With His Pet Reindeer - The English aren't as uptight as Americans, if some dude in America got on a bus with a reindeer the passengers would have a cow and the health authorities would be on him like white on rice.

Shoplifter Hacks Off Ear Of Guard Who Was Trying To Be RoboCop - Somebody needs to give Morrison an earful: Dude don't take your job too freakin' seriously.

Paris Hilton Throws Loud Party! Neighbors Furious! - I feel sorry for Hilton's neighbors, I'd rather have the Antichrist living next to me.

Fake MD, 81, Gets 1 Year In Jail For Offering Free Breast Exams - When did the two ladies notice something was amiss? Was it when they realized that Winikoff was salivating and that his hands were shaking because he was so excited?

David Axelrod Compares Newt Gingrich To A Monkey Exposing His Rear End - Newt is named after an aquatic amphibian, but his disposition and behavior more closely resembles a crotchety monkey.

Bad News: Pop Tart Lady Gaga Back On Twitter - Lady Gaga is so conceited and divorced from reality that she fancies that the world just can't survive without her banal tweets.

78-Year-Old Hunter Shot By His Own Dog! - The only thing a 78-year-old man should be hunting for is his dentures, this old man`s hunting license and his driver`s license should be immediately revoked.

Outrage: Teacher Hoses Down Pre-Kindergarten Student For Soiling His Pants - The child's rough treatment at the hands of his teacher will probably make him such a nervous wreck that he will wet his pants all the time.

Mitt Romney's Foolish $10,000 Bet With Rick Perry! - A presidential hopeful who isn't tone deaf would have bet a six-pac of beer, or a burger, only Mitt Romney would have bet 10,000 bucks. I bet a Big Mac that Romney had $10,000 in his wallet.

The Three Stooges Trailer! Does Snooki's Cameo Ruin The Movie? - Snooki's "Jersey Shore" is so putrid, that it may be the final nail in the coffin of reality TV. Snooki may very well have killed off the reality show genre, but let's hope she doesn't kill of another genre: Sophomoric movie comedies

Study: Swearing Is Good For You! - Profanity is like fine champagne, it's not supposed to be served indiscriminately, but reserved for special occasions.

Grinch Steals Trailer Full Of Gifts For Poor Children - Let's all of us remember those less fortunate this holiday season, it's a shame if even one family in this prosperous nation is hungry and forgotten this Christmas.

Evil Women Steal Christmas Decorations From Their Neighbors - These two ladies stole Christmas decorations from their neighbors and used them to decorate their own homes. One of these brainless thieves lives only a block from her victim's home.

Video: Jonah Mowry Profile In Courage! Young Boy's Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral - Jonah's video has been viewed over seven million times -- let's hope that thousands of those viewers will join the fight against bullying and homophobia.


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