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Robert Paul Reyes

Pop Tart Lady Gaga, Usher To Perform At Bill Clinton's Concert - Wannabe Queen of Pop Lady Gaga, R & B King Usher, and old farts The Edge and Bono will perform at an LA concert celebrating the 10the anniversary of former President Bill Clinton's foundation.

Good News: Smoking Weed Won't Make You Gain Weight - I'm not surprised by the results of this study, most of the heavy pot smokers I know are rail-thin

'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Shows Off Her Hideous New Tattoo - 'Jersey Shore' star Snooki showed off her new tattoo on Twitter. The large tat on her upper arm features a crown on top of a pink bow.

Taliban Justified In Attacking US Embassy In Afghanistan! - Taliban gunmen armed with suicide bombs and heavy weaponry Tuesday launched coordinated attacks in Kabul, targeting NATO's headquarters, the US embassy and the Afghan intelligence agency."

Outrage: It Takes Hunter Nine Hours To Pull Alligator From Lake - A man said he pulled a 12-foot alligator from an Alabama lake after wrangling with the big reptile for about 9 hours.

Video: Outrage, NYPD Cops Dirty Dancing At The West Indian Day Parade - An online video shows some men who appear to be uniformed NYPD officers enjoying the festivities at the West Indian Day Parade.

Outrage: Fat Dude Sues White Castle Over 'Small' Seats - A 290-pound New York man is steaming mad at the White Castle fast-food chain, which he claims repeatedly broke promises to make the booths in his local eatery bigger.

Coffee Shops In San Jose Feature Topless Servers - Police in California said three women were issued public nudity citations for allegedly serving customers in a Vietnamese coffee shop while topless.

Great Idea: Movie Night At Wrigley Field - A Chicago alderman approved of the Cubs' plan to show a movie in Wrigley Field next month, saying it will be good for the neighborhood.

9/11: Ten Year Anniversary, It's Outrageous To Suggest The Terrorists Won - The terrorists will never win, terrorism will never destroy us. Only we can destroy ourselves, if we fail to realize that we are still one people, indivisible.

Snooki Won't Wave Green Flag At NASCAR Race Honoring Heroes Of 9/11 - Snooki from Jersey Shore, will not be waving the green flag before the start of Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway.

Italian Priest Gives 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki A Piece Of His Mind - In a new promo for the MTV series, Snooki revealed that a priest was upset by the suggestive ensemble she wore while walking across sacred ground, Us Weekly reports."

World's Greatest Invention: Remote Control Auto-Mutes Annoying Celebs Like Snooki - Matt Richardson has invented the greatest device of all time: A remote control that will automatically mute the TV when certain celebs and bimbos are mentioned.

Save America: Banish The Pledge Of Allegiance From Our Schools - A Massachusetts group is drawing criticism for its quest to take the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools, saying it is 'reminiscent of McCarthyism.'

Jack The Cat Lost At JFK Airport Has Tons Of Twitter Followers - A cat missing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for the past two weeks has become an Internet celebrity, complete with Twitter account.

Amateur Stripper With Admirable Work Ethic An Inspiration To Americans - Police in Florida said they arrested a woman who took off her clothes and asked for money at a gentlemen's club, despite not being an employed

Dude Cited For Riding Motorcycle With Pooch On His Lap - Authorities in New Jersey said a man cited for riding his motorcycle with his pug on his lap told them he had been riding with the canine for years.

Ali Lohan's Shocking New Look! - Ali is underage, her mother must have given permission for her daughter's face to be completely reshaped. Who is more evil: Hot Sauce Mom, Octomom, or Dina Lohan?

Famous Sculptor Creates Beautiful Bust Of Pop Icon Amy Winehouse - Sculptor Daniel Edwards is famous for creating works of art that make us wonder what planet he's on, but he set the craziness aside this time when he made a bust in tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

Tony Bennett: Lady Gaga The Most Talented Artist Ever! Is He Senile? - Lady Gaga is like bright pink cotton candy, it's fun to eat the snack but it won't fill your stomach.


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