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Robert Paul Reyes

Tim Mahoney Arrested DUI: Bum Rap, Sleeping It Off On Side Of Road - Former U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-Fla., was arrested early Saturday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence, Palm Beach Gardens police said.

There Is A God! Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton BFF Again! - Former rivals Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan -- who both avoided long-term prison time recently -- have rekindled their friendship.

Lady Gaga To Play Amy Winehouse In Biopic? Dear God, Say It Ain't So! - Lady Gaga is a gifted singer, but a hack songwriter. Her controversial lyrics are meant to make the cash register ring. Listening to a Gaga song is like chewing bubble gum, after a few minutes the taste is gone and you spit it out.

Jimmy McMillan 'Rent Is Too Damn High' Dude Being Evicted! - The New York man who ran for governor on the 'Rent is Too Damn High' platform says his landlord company is trying to have him evicted so it can raise the rent.

Bless Buddha: Buddhists Buy And Set Free Bunch Of Lobsters - 30 Buddhists of all ages trekked to this northern Massachusetts fishing hub to buy 600 pounds of lobster from a seafood wholesaler and save the critters from imminent death.

Girls Strip In Support Of Dmitry Medvedev! God Bless Russian-Style Democracy! - Three young women stripped down to bikinis on a chilly Thursday in central Moscow in support of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his anti-beer drive, in the latest racy campaigning ahead of 2012 elections.

Middle-aged Couple Devastated Over Loss Of Bongo:The Beanie Baby Monkey! 'He Was Like A Son' - A New York couple are offering a $500 reward for the return of the stuffed toy monkey they have thought of as a 'child' for 10 years.

Creep In Bunny Suit Terrorizing The Children Of Idaho Falls - Police in Idaho Falls have told a man to stop wearing a bunny suit in public after people complained he has been frightening children.

Fox News Hosts Admit They 'Pull Punches' With Sarah Palin - During a quick segment on Sarah Palin's Hannity appearance, The Five's Greg Gutfeld and Bob Beckel both discussed the difficulty with ever saying anything bad about the former Governor since she is, technically, a "co-worker."

Outrage: Oprah Winfrey To Receive Honorary Oscar - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is going to give Oprah Winfrey the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award at the annual Governors Awards on Nov. 12.

Escaped Peacock Returns To Safety Of Central Park Zoo After One Night - Officials at the Central Park Zoo in New York said an escaped peacock returned home on its own after spending the night on the ledge of an apartment.

Dude Who Sunbathed Nude In Stranger's Yard Nabbed By Cops - Wisconsin police said a man (Derek Knight) caught driving a stolen vehicle is also facing charges for allegedly sunbathing nude in a stranger's yard chair.

Video: Residents Of Garden State Terrified Of Big Red Eye Creature - Some searchers for the mythical Sasquatch in New Jersey say there is a man-ape dubbed Big Red Eye for his glowing eyes.

OMG! 'SpongeBob SquarePants' Robs 7-11 - Authorities in Florida said they were trying to identify an armed man who robbed a 7-11 store while dressed as the cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Sold Donuts And Herself At Work - Police in New Jersey said they arrested a Dunkin' Donuts worker accused of offering her services as a prostitute to customers.

Outrage: Little Girl Fined For Rescuing Baby Woodpecker - A Virginia woman said she feels 'harassed and angry' after being slapped with a $535 fine after her daughter rescued a baby woodpecker from a cat.

Pop Diva Lady Gaga Talks Amy Winehouse On 'The View' - Only an idiot would fail to learn any lessons from the untimely death of Amy Winehouse. Hopefully Lindsay Lohan isn't as dense as Lady Gaga, and she will learn that a drug-fueled lifestyle leads to an early grave.

Gabrielle Giffords: Profile In Courage! Congress And Obama Shame America - I share Giffords' disgust at the Theatre of the Absurd that has prevailed in Washington the last few weeks.

Old Woman Faces Jury Trial Over Plastic Testicles - The police chief of a small South Carolina town will ask a jury to decide if a woman broke the state's obscenity laws by driving a pickup truck with plastic testicles hanging from the back.

Sign The Apocalypse Is Near: Justin Bieber-Themed Summer Camp - Roanoke County in Virginia has been offering pop culture-related camps this summer, including a Justin Bieber-themed day camp, officials say.


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