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Robert Paul Reyes

Stop The Insanity! Dude Arrested For Singing 'Kung Fu Fighting' - A beach bar singer on the Isle of Wight has been arrested for performing the song Kung Fu Fighting. Simon Ledger stands accused of racially aggravated harassment.

Moron On Bicycle Robs Drive-Through Dunkin' Donuts - Police in Connecticut said a bicycle-riding robber threatened a clerk at a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through and pedaled away with a cash drawer.

Hero In Cow Suit Steals Milk From Wal-Mart - Jonathan Payton, 18, isn't a shoplifter; he's a talented performance artist. The cop should have asked for his autograph, instead of issuing him a summons.

Outrage: Clueless Parents Upset Over Teacher Who Writes Romance Novels - Some parents at a Pennsylvania school said they were upset to learn a high school English teacher has a second job writing erotic romance novels.

Lindsay Lohan's Community Service: Teaching Acting To Ladies At Shelter? - Lindsay Lohan might teach acting classes at the Los Angeles homeless shelter where she was ordered to do community service.

LOL! 'Goddess' Bree Olson Dumps 'Rock Star' Charlie Sheen Via Text Message - Charlie Sheen humbly refers to himself as a "rock star from Mars", but a more apt description would a "rock star from Uranus."

Hero Marmaduke The Great Dane Adopts 30 Chick Hatchlings - A young male Great Dane has turned maternal and is helping to rear 30 chicks in British Columbia, its owners said.

'Italian Oprah' Judyth Piazza To Interview Royal Expert Victoria Arbiter - The American Perspective is a cutting edge national radio program that is full of inspiration and information which airs on The SOP Radio Network.

Breaking News: Obama Finally Releases Birth Certificate! Donald Trump A Hero! - The White House today distributed copies of Barack Obama's Hawaii birth certificate, saying the president had long ago settled any questions about where he was born.

3rd Grader Gives Her Teacher Pot - Authorities in Florida said an 8-year-old girl who brought marijuana to school identified it to her teacher as the substance her mother 'puts in blunts'."

Package Of Pot Delivered To Elderly Couple, And They Turn It In To Police - Police say an elderly Pennsylvania couple mistakenly received a UPS package containing 5 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $10,000.

Hottest Reporter Covering Royal Wedding? Victoria Arbiter Of CBS News - I'm enthralled by Victoria's British accent, if Rosie O'Donnell had a British accent I might be tempted to hit on her.

Americans Are Justified In Believing Obama Is An African Muslim - In my opinion Obama is neither Muslim nor Christian; he is most likely an atheist (not a bad thing) who pretends to be a Christian out of political expediency.

Dopey Mexican Girl Fasted For 16 Days In Bid For Invitation To Royal Wedding - A 19-year-old Mexican woman who fasted for 16 days in a bid for an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William has finally been granted her wish.

Another Sign Our Culture Is Sick: Michael Lohan To Star In Reality Show - "Michael Lohan, father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is taking the experience of rehab to open waters with plans to launch a rehab center aboard a yacht.

Franklin Graham: 2nd Coming Of Jesus Will Be Announced On Twitter And Facebook - The Rev. Franklin Graham says he knows what could be the ultimate trending topic on Twitter: the second coming of Christ.

Russians Bake 3-Ton Easter Cake Monstrosity - Bakers in St. Petersburg, Russia, celebrated Easter by serving a 3-ton cake known as a kulich during celebrations in the south of the city, organizers said.

Homophobic "Don't Say Gay" Education Bill May Become Law In Tennessee - A Tennessee state Senate committee approved a bill to ban teachers from discussing homosexuality with students who have not yet entered the ninth grade.

Video: CNN's Anderson Cooper Hates On Jersey Shore's Snooki - The CNN anchor could use a few thousand tanning sessions himself, he looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost's ill-tempered father.

Monster Tornado Hits Lambert International Airport In St. Louis - The National Weather Service reports that the storm that ripped through the region late Friday was the worst it has seen in more than 40 years.


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