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Robert Paul Reyes

Poll: Young Girls Vote Miley Cyrus Worst Celebrity In The World - Miley was voted the worse celebrity influence on young kids, not by a PTA organization or a religious group, but by young kids themselves.

Hottie Bristol Palin Dropped As Speaker For Washington University Sex Week - Bristol Palin earns a living speaking about the consequences of teen pregnancy - but some students at Washington University in St. Louis didn't want to be the ones signing her paycheck.

Wife Divorces Husband Because He Brought His Mommy On Their Honeymoon - A furious 36-year-old Italian woman has filed for divorce just a month after her wedding because her husband brought his mother on their honeymoon.

Beardo Fake Beard Perfect For Dudes With Facial Hair Of A Schoolgirl - A Canadian man with little facial hair says his invention of the Beardo, a cold-weather toque with a detachable knitted beard, is selling nicely.

Charlie Sheen's Mother Of All Porn Parties Ends With Trip To Hospital - We're told Sheen had several people inside his home during the 36-hour span that started Tuesday night -- including 2 porn stars, a business associate, and several other women.

Dude To Cops: Please Help Me, My Wife Is Constantly Demanding Sex - A desperate Turkish man living in Germany has turned to the police for protection from his insatiable wife's constant demands for sex, authorities said on Wednesday.

Nightmare Day: Lady Loses Her Boyfriend, Pet Alligator, Freedom And Weed - Police responding to a report of a possible domestic disturbance in New Mexico said they discovered marijuana and a 2-foot-long alligator in the home.

Rude Awakening: Truck Stolen While Dude Was Sleeping In Bed Of Pickup - A Denver man who has been living in his pickup truck camper said he was shocked when he woke up to find someone stealing the vehicle with him still inside.

Obama's Sputnik Moment Vs Sarah Palin's WTF Moment - Palin was widely ridiculed and criticized for her "WTF" moment, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable hearing a potential presidential candidate use that coarse phrase.

Hottie Bristol Palin Has A New Boyfriend: An Alaskan Pipeline Worker - Following her stint on ABC`s Dancing with the Stars and moving on from her former boyfriend Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin has revealed that she has a new boyfriend.

Why Did Hottie Bristol Palin Buy Home In Maricopa, Arizona? - Bristol Palin buys a five-bedroom house on the edge of Maricopa, Ariz. Locals wonder whether it's a sign of a housing market rebound in the sleepy Phoenix suburb.

Hottie Bristol Palin Considering Phoenix Radio Station Gig - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin has been offered a job at a Phoenix radio station.

Hottie Bristol Palin Keynote Speaker For Washington University's Sex Week - Bristol Palin is scheduled to speak at Washington University during the school's Sexual Responsibility Week, according to the university's student newspaper.

Woman Survives Jump From 23rd Floor, Lands On Taxi - A woman survived after jumping from the 23rd floor of a Buenos Aires hotel, landing on a taxi moments after the driver dashed to safety.

10 Downing Street Rat A Celebrity - A rat appearing on camera during a BBC broadcast from in front of the British prime minister's residence made a second TV appearance during an ITN report.

Where's The Beef? Not At Taco Bell! Their Beef Tacos Are Only 35 Percent Beef! - An Alabama law firm claims in a lawsuit that Taco Bell is using false advertising when it refers to using 'seasoned ground beef' or 'seasoned beef' in its products.

Jesse Ventura Sues TSA And Janet Napolitano: Don't Touch My Junk! - Don't submit to airport sexual gropings, because the rest of the sheeple meekly comply. Man up, and be like Jesse Ventura, and sue the TSA, and write a blog expressing outrage at the Gestapo tactics of TSA agents.

How Do You Feel About Ten Cents Fee For Every Plastic Grocery Bag? - How do you feel about being charged ten cents for every plastic bag you use at the grocery store? That kind of legislation is on the table right now in Indiana.

Dude Designing Medical Marijuana-Infused Soda Pop! - A California man said he is designing medical marijuana-infused soda pop, a product he has no intention of trying.

Todd Palin Sex Scandal Burning Up The Net! Sarah Palin Silent! - SARAH PALIN's husband TODD is caught up in a sleazy sex scandal, The ENQUIRER has learned!


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