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Robert Paul Reyes

Skimpily Dressed Women Must Cover Up Before Visiting Rikers Island Jailbirds - Skimpily dressed visitors at Rikers Island, New York City's main jail complex, are allowed to see inmates only if they agree to cover up with an oversized, baggy, green t-shirt as part of an updated dress code intended to maintain a "family friendly` environment.

Is MTV Going To Replace Entire Cast Of 'Jersey Shore'? No More Snooki? - Reportedly producers of the Jersey Shore want to recast the MTV series.

Dude Updated Facebook Page During Armed Standoff With SWAT Team - An armed Jason Valdez, 36, held a woman hostage at a motel in a tense 16-hour, overnight standoff with SWAT teams, all while finding time to keep his family and friends updated on Facebook, authorities said.

Book Review Of Dirty Sanchez Nation By Evan Marz - Review of "Dirty Sanchez Nation" by SOP columnist Robert Paul Reyes.

LA Police On The Hunt For Infamous 'Baby Stroller Bandits' - Los Angeles police said they are searching for two women dubbed the 'baby stroller bandits' for allegedly stealing wallets from shopping mothers.

Boa Constrictor Named Hudini Escapes At Park - A snake owner said he is trying to find Hudini, the 5-foot boa constrictor that escaped from his backpack while he was napping in a Michigan park.

Most Annoying Video In History: Michaele Salahi 'Sings' 'Bump It' The End Is Near! - Alleged White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi were invited guests at NBC Miami Friday, where the 'Real Housewives of D.C.' reality star made her live singing debut.

Chloroform, Yeah Right! Top Ten Subjects Cindy Anthony Is Googling Right Now! - In a stunning revelation, Cindy Anthony, the mother of accused child killer Casey Anthony, testified Thursday that she is the person who searched for chloroform.

Shameless Obama Tries To Appease Gays By Referencing Lady Gaga - Obama you weren't born that way, you weren't born a cowardly fool. When it comes to the issue of gay marriage, Dick Cheney is more evolved than you. Come to your senses and come out in favor of human rights!

Dude, I Just Tossed My Weed On Top Of A Cop Car! - New York State Police said a man threw a small bag of marijuana from a car's sunroof and it landed on the police vehicle behind him.

Casey Anthony Will Be Found Guilty, But Won't Be Sentenced To Death - It's a foregone conclusion that Casey Anthony will be found guilty of first-degree murder, only a Casey Anthony groupie or a moron would argue otherwise.

People Going Bonkers Over Fried Kool-Aid - In the South we fry everything from okra to catfish to roadkill. We might even fry and eat a vegetarian or a nutritionist who tries to make us give up our delicious cuisine.

Moron Pleads 'Not Guilty' To Eating Live Baby Rat - A Utah man who allegedly posted a video of himself eating a live baby rat to the Internet pleaded not guilty to aggravated animal abuse.

Al Gore: Best Way To Tackle Global Warming Is By Stabilizing World Population - If everyone is America lessened their carbon footprint by recycling, and walking or taking a bike to work, the effect on global warming would be negligible as long as human beings continue to breed like rats.

Will Chewing 'Vigo' Gum Make You Look Hot? - Swedish consumer and health organizations are criticizing the makers of a new chewing gum that promises to keep chewers 'looking their best.'

True Romance: New Bride Gets Drunk, Dances With Other Man, Bites Hubby! - Police in Florida said a woman was arrested on a domestic violence charge hours after her wedding for allegedly biting her new husband.

Sarah Palin The Quitter Quits Bus Tour - Less than a month after Sarah Palin embarked on her surreal bus tour of nationwide historical sites, the former beauty queen has returned to Alaska.

Video: Child Prodigy Anna Graceman Rocks The House On America's Got Talent - I should sue "America's Got Talent" for false advertising, the show has been an unmitigated disaster this year. So far only one performer has knocked my socks off: Eleven-year-old Anna Graceman.

Video: Puppy Locked In Hot Car Dies! Evil Owner Arrested! Deport Her To China! - Police say a 19-year-old woman is facing animal cruelty charges for causing her dog's death by leaving it in a hot car while she went shopping.

Insanity: Florida Marlin's Manager Jack McKeon, 80, Thinks Twitter Is A Dog! - Jack McKeon asked what I had going on tonite. Told him I was going to play w/Twitter. He replied 'oh, what kind of dog is it?


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