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Robert Paul Reyes

Don't Believe Twitter Rumors: Charlie Sheen And Hugh Hefner Not Dead! Not Yet Anyway! - Troubled star Charlie Sheen has become the latest victim of online death rumour. The death news of Sheen, 45, has hit the virtual world after similar reports claimed Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner, to be dead.

Austrian Pastafarian Allowed To Wear Pasta Strainer On Head For Driver's License Photo - An Austrian 'Pastafarian' won the right to wear a pasta strainer on his head in his driving license photo after a three-year struggle.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie To Get Married? - After six years together (and six kids!), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are planning a wedding set to take place within the next few months, three separate sources confirm in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith To Leave Glee At End Of 3rd Season - Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith won't be returning for a fourth season, show co-creator Ryan Murphy told the Hollywood Reporter. Murphy says the characters will be among those 'graduating.'

Miracle: Gloucester The Hero Cat Survives Fall From 20-Story Apartment - Weeks after a cat survived a 14-storey fall from her owner's Manhattan flat, another has gone one better by recovering from a 20-storey plunge.

Outrage! Creep Stuffs Cat Into Bag And Leaves Him In The Street - The Council Bluffs Animal Shelter would like to know who put a cat in a bag and then left it on a city street where "any number of horrific things could have happened to it.

Video: Anna Graceman Sings 'What A Wonderful World' On 'America's Got Talent' - When 11-year-old singer, Anna Graceman. announced that she was going to sing "What a Wonderful World" on "America's Got Talent", I almost threw up.

HBO's Bill Maher: Sarah Palin Can Win The Presidency - Bill Maher told Piers Morgan that Sarah Palin could win the Republican nomination, and then anything could happen. Maher is an astute observer of pop culture, and his opinion carries a lot of weight.

Fox News Journalist Greta Van Susteren: Sarah Palin Will Run For President - Fox News' Greta Van Susteren - who has interviewed Sarah Palin and traveled with her for a portion of her "One Nation" bus tour - believes the former Veep hopeful is in for 2012.

Sarah Palin's Newsweek Cover Photo Is Sizzling Hot! God Bless America! - The Newsweek cover reads "I Can Win", and there's no doubt in my mind that the former governor of Alaska can win a hot body contest.

Lady Ends Argument Over Borrowing A Razor By Conking Boyfriend With Frying Pan - Florida officials say a domestic beef over razors in the shower ended with a woman's arrest for allegedly hitting her boyfriend on the head with a frying pan.

Outrage! Pop Diva Paris Hilton Fires Assistant Over Side-Job Writing Porn - Paris Hilton fired her assistant after going on an undercover mission to expose her side-job as a porn writer.

Shock Video: Drunk Snooki Dances With A Potted Plant - A video depicting an inebriated Snooki dancing with a plant has gone viral.

Hottie Sarah Palin Tells Newsweek: I Can Win - 'I believe that I can win a national election,' Sarah Palin told Newsweek, as she explained how she believes Americans are 'desperate' and 'deserving' of 'positive change.'

OMG! Dude Dressed As A Gorilla Attacked By Kid Dressed As A Banana - Police in Ohio are searching for a violent banana they say attacked a man dressed as a gorilla.

Freak 'Magnet Boy" Claims His Body Attracts Metal Objects! - An 11-year-old Brazilian boy has doctors scratching their heads as they try to figure out whether the boy is truly able to attract metal objects with his body.

Drunk Dude Takes Van Full Of Drunks On A Wild Ride - A man is accused of giving a bus full of drunks a ride to remember after he had a few too many drinks himself Thursday night.

Tot Mom Casey Anthony's Top Ten Employment Opportunities - Casey Anthony's only skills are murdering young children, lying, and partying. Tot Mom's job prospects aren't very bright, however here are some possibilities.

Snooki's Ex-Boyfriend Claims MTV Turned Her Into An Alcoholic - Emilio Masella just blasted the network over Snooki's plant-dance video, writing on his Twitter, "This is Disgusting. MTV's Jersey Shore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic."

Tim Pawlenty Says He Loves Lady Gaga! Is T-Paw Hinting He's Gay? - T-Paw putting his paws up for Lady Gaga, interesting, very interesting.


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