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Robert Paul Reyes

Wise Judge Rules Students Can Wear 'I Love Boobies' Bracelet! Don't We All? - A federal judge in Philadelphia ruled a middle school cannot punish students for wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets proclaiming a love for 'boobies.'

Insanity! Elementary School Calls Easter Eggs 'Spring Spheres' - Whether you are a pagan who sees an egg as a fertility symbol; a Christian who views a colored egg as a symbol of his faith, or a damn fool who calls an egg a "spring sphere", I hope one and all enjoy the beautiful spring.

Applebee's Serves Toddler Booze, Parents Sue! - The company that owns the Applebee's restaurant chain said on Monday it was immediately retraining its workers nationwide after a server at a suburban Detroit location accidentally served alcohol to a toddler.

Dude Shoots TV When Bristol Palin Is On DWTS, Gets Probation - A Wisconsin man who engaged in a 15-hour standoff with police after shooting his TV during 'Dancing with the Stars' has been put on probation.

Amy Winehouse Rocks The Muffin Top Look! - Amy looks like the girl next door, that is if the girl who lives next to you has a mile-high beehive hairdo. A gentleman no longer has to be embarrassed about introducing the pop diva to his blue-haired grandmother.

How Embarrassing! Politician Caught Stealing Toilet Paper! - A German politician has been caught short after janitors collared him red-handed pilfering toilet roll from the gents in the town hall during a sting operation, authorities said on Wednesday.

Feral Chickens Running Wild In New Orleans - Residents of New Orleans say the city's population of wild chickens has boomed in the years since Hurricane Katrina.

Video: Outrage! TSA Thug Gropes A 6-Year Old Girl! Napolitano Must Go! - The family of the 6-year-old girl who received a pat down at airport security in New Orleans said today there needs to be a different screening process for children.

Video: Czech Leader Vaclav Klaus Steals Pen! - A clip showing Czech President Vaclav Klaus spiriting away a pen during a press conference has become cult viewing on YouTube and inspired a tongue-in-cheek Facebook campaign.

Outrage: Calif. Park Rangers Dipping Goose Eggs In Oil! Where's PETA? - California park rangers said they are combing parks for Canada goose eggs they dip in oil as a form of avian birth control to keep the population in check.

115-Year-Old Lady Gets Wheelchair For Her Birthday - A 115-year-old, Haitian-born Montreal woman received a prayed-for wheelchair bought by friends she never met, her great-grand-daughter-in-law said.

New Lady Gaga Video 'Judas' Offends Catholics And Copies Madonna - If there were a God in heaven Lady Gaga would be a street performance artist in San Francisco or a Madonna impersonator at a third-rate bar in Las Vegas.

Donald Trump Fires Back At Bill Cosby! Don't Mess With The Donald! - Cosby was a fool to tangle with Trump, the real estate king doesn't take any tomfoolery from Obama or from has-been entertainers.

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse: Godmother Of The Year! - Amy Winehouse advised her goddaughter not to be "too cheesy" or too much like Pavarotti when she was recording her new album.

Sarah Palin Is History! Donald Trump And Bachmann New Tea Party Favorites - Long Live Palin the celebrity. May Palin the politician rest in peace.

Alaska: Dudes In High Heels Walk A Mile In Anti-Rape Protest - The fourth annual Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event on Friday saw dozens of participants teetering along at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Would You Eat A Piece Of A 300-Foot Enchilada? - San Antonio laid claim to the world record for longest enchilada after a cadre of volunteers whipped one up that stretched 300 feet this weekend.

Moron Burglar Leaves T-Shirt With His Mug Shot At Scene Of Crime - A robbery suspect is in jail after a T-shirt with his photo on it was found outside a home police say he robbed last week.

Would You Wear A License Around Your Neck At A Dog Park? - A proposal that would require humans using an Illinois dog park to wear a license around their necks has some area residents growling.

Robert `Bobby` Titcomb Arrested In Prostitution Sting - Robert `Bobby` Titcomb, 49 - a long time friend of the President - was arrested after he allegedly approached an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute in the downtown area of Honolulu


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