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Robert Paul Reyes

Insanity: Couple Has Sex Every Day For A Year! Poor Husband Deserves Medal! - Charla Muller pledged to have sex with her husband Brad every single day of his 40th birthday year, which she subsequently documented in an unexpectedly bestselling book.

Horror: Mom From Hell Duct-Tapes Her Toddler! Thought It Was Funny! - A California woman is under arrest after authorities say she duct-taped her 2-year-old son.

Chinese Magician In Hot Water Over Goldfish Trick - Chinese animal rights groups are urging TV stations not to show a magic trick of goldfish swimming in formation.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Says No To High-Speed Rail System - Gov. Rick Scott, citing concerns over potential cost overruns, rejected $2.4 billion in federal dollars to pay for construction of a high-speed rail line connecting Tampa and Orlando

Levi's Ex-Girlfriend Tight Jeans For Men: Simply An Abomination - If a guy with a small package wears Levi's Ex-Girlfriend jeans -- good luck getting a girlfriend.

Pop Tart Britney Spears Named Ultimate Gay Icon Of All Time! - Who is the ultimate gay icon of all time? It's Britney, Bi***!

Video: Watch Amy Winehouse At Her Worst! - Watch this video, girlfriend looks like she's tweaking as she plays with her hair, rolls her eyes at the crowd, and scratches her face as if she has bugs crawling over her.

Video: Animal Planet Nabs Klepto The Adorable Cat Burglar - A thieving feline has been caught on camera, stealing over 600 items from neighbors' homes in a California town, reports said Wednesday.

Outrage: German Government Says Noisy Kids Not Noise Pollution! - The German government on Wednesday made it more difficult to file complaints about the sound of children playing in residential areas by altering noise pollution laws.

Teen Burglar Kills Goldfish: Idiot Didn't Want To Leave Any Witnesses - Police in Illinois said a 16-year-old burglar killed three fish with poison because he didn't want to 'leave any witnesses' to the crime.

Dude Goes Bonkers: Found Out He Was Buying Drinks For Drag Queens - This Valentine's Day might be considered a real drag for Josue Hernandez.

Shock Poll: Birthers A Majority Of Likely 2012 Republican Voters - It's sad to say, but as things stand now the incompetent Sarah Palin is more qualifed than Obama to serve as president, at least there are no doubts that she was born in America.

Will Frank The Cross-Eyed Jaguarundi Become A Celebrity? - Meet Frank the jaguarundi, a 14-year-old wild cat from the Tiergarten Delitzsch in eastern Germany, who has his own pair of crossed eyes.

McWedding? Would You Get Married In A McDonald's? - Hong Kong couples can now grab love on the run at the city's McDonald's outlets, which are offering a burgeoning new sideline: 'McWeddings.'

British Prime Minister Cameron To Get A Cat To Catch Celeb Downing Street Rat - British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting a cat after a couple of rats, or the same rat twice, made surprise appearances on news broadcasts.

400-Pound Shoplifter Gets Stuck In Doorway: How Embarrassing! - A 400-pound Michigan woman was caught shoplifting when her motorized cart got stuck in the store's door, authorities say.

Groupon's Valentine's Day Disaster - Amid allegations that FTD jacked up the price on flowers being sold through a Groupon promotion, both companies are offering a refund to peeved customers.

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Push For Equality On Valentine's Day - Marriage is a civil right, not a heterosexual privilege, said Tiffani Bishop of Austin, who is active in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Best Simple Pleasure: Google Doodles! Check Out Valentine's Day Doodle - Google may be more powerful than God Almighty, but God bless Google for their delightful Google Doodles. Go to Google and enjoy the Valentine's Day Google Doodle.

Valentine's Day Magic: Couple Married Almost 74 Years Still In Love - After nearly 74 years of marriage, Tony and Rose Ament of St. Cloud, Minn., say they still tell each other "I love you" every night at bedtime.


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