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Robert Paul Reyes

Al Gore Is An Oxygen Thief - British environmentalists have withdrawn a video in which a teacher blows up children who refuse to reduce their carbon footprint.

Top Ten Dead Giveaways That Eddie Long Is Gay - He never preaches a sermon without wearing his lucky purple thongs. Although they are more brown than purple by now.

For God's Sake Vanessa Griffin Long, Expose Your Husband Eddie Long! - Vanessa hasn't publicly defended her husband because she knows that he is guilty as sin

Crazy Old Lady Bribes Cop With Grilled Cheese Sandwich - A police officer in Florida says a grandmother tried to avoid a drunken driving arrest by offering to make him a grilled cheese sandwich.

Eddie Long Hires Private Eye To Investigate His Victims! Shame On Him! - Private investigator T.J. Ward a superstar on cable news has been hired by Bishop Eddie Long.

New Bin Laden Audio Tapes: Kinder And Gentler Terrorist? - A new audio message purporting to come from al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is on Islamist websites, say reports.

Eddie Long's Top Ten Excuses Why He Turned Into A Perv Who Molests Boys - I was normal until I started switching between Sesame Street and an infomercial of Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies, now I`m a pervert.

Bishop Eddie Long: I'm David Fighting Goliath! Say What? - After four young men accused Eddie Long of using money, jewelry and cars to coerce them into having sex when they were teenagers, the televangelist compared himself to the biblical David fighting Goliath, asserting, "I have five rocks and I haven't thrown one yet."

Man Goes Postal On His Brother Because He Ate His Pizza - Note to folks sharing a refrigerator: Leave the pizza alone or you risk getting hit as a Florida man was for noshing on his brother's leftovers.

Vanessa Griffin Long Is As Corrupt And Culpable As Her Husband Eddie Long - A politician or a celebrity is embroiled in scandal and he faces a battery of microphones with his wife standing by his side. How many times have we seen this scenario play out in the last few years?

Stupid Criminal Denies Coke Concealed In His Rear End Is His - Police in Florida said a suspect arrested for drug possession denied ownership of the cocaine he was found to be concealing in his buttocks.

Bishop Eddie Long Vows Never To Step Down From Pulpit - A defiant Bishop Eddie Long vowed that he would stay on as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to the thunderous applause of his congregation.

The Dangers Of Talking On Cell Phone While Driving - New York State Police said a traffic stop of a woman for using a cell phone while driving led to the arrest of her husband on an 8-year-old warrant.

Worship Service For Pets Is A Big Hit - The pastor of a Chicago-area church said a monthly service where people bring their pets is becoming popular.

Sex Line Number Printed On Ochocinco Cereal Box - Kroger stores in Cincinnati said cereal boxes named for Bengals star Chad Ochocinco are being pulled due to a misprinted phone number leading to a sex line.

New Delhi Deploys Monkeys As Security Guards At Commonwealth Games - Delhi authorities are to deploy a contingent of langurs -- a large type of monkey -- at Commonwealth Games venues to help chase away smaller simians from the sporting extravaganza.

Bishop Eddie Long: Monster In Human Flesh - I've seen Bishop Eddie Long preach, and he's as transparent as a cheap toupee.

Madonna Ad Retouched: Before And After Pics - Madonna is at war against old age, a war that we are all destined to lose.

Top Ten Ways To Teach Bishop Eddie Long A Lesson - Rip Long's ridiculous toupee from his bald pate.

Owner Of Segway Company Dies In Segway Accident! - The British millionaire businessman who owns the firm Segway has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff with one of the two-wheeled electric scooters near his body.


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