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Robert Paul Reyes

Megachurch Pastor Jim Swilley Comes Out Of Closet! Your Turn Eddie Long! - An evangelical preacher who attacks gays and lesbians, only to be exposed as a closeted homosexual is an often repeated spectacle.

Watch Hilarious Taiwanese Video Poking Fun At TSA Groping Controversy - For every John Tyner who declares "Don`t touch my junk" there are thousands of Americans who meekly submit to a TSA goon groping their private parts.

Janet Napolitano's TSA Goons: Proof The Terrorists Have Won? - Pilots and passengers are revolting against the TSA, it seems like every day another pilot or passenger sues the TSA for violating their 4th Amendment rights.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Amazing Performance On Glee! - After bringing the house down at the CMA Awards with her country real rendition of "Country Strong", Gwyneth Paltrow thrilled Gleeks with her rousing interpretation of Cee Lo Green's "F You."

Florida Prisoner Accusing Sheriff Of Torture By Repeatedly Playing Same Movies - A Florida jail inmate awaiting trial is accusing the sheriff of "torture" by repeatedly showing the same movies.

Radio Host Owen JJ Stone: TSA Jerk Put Hand Down My Pants - Radio host Owen JJ Stone doesn't have any stones, I would never allow a TSA goon to put his hand down my pants.

Madness In UAE: Maid To Get 100 Lashes For Having Sex Out Of Wedlock - A FILIPINA maid and her Bangladeshi lover will receive 100 lashes and be deported for having sex out of wedlock in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, a newspaper said today.

Would You Enroll Your Pooch In A Gym For Dogs? - An Arizona gym catering to canines says its aim is to help clients with weight loss, nutritional counseling and other aspects of healthy dog living.

Don't Be A Wimp! Tell TSA Goons: Don't Touch My Junk! John Tyner Hero! - A California man got thrown out of San Diego's airport when he refused a revealing full-body scan and then an alternative pat-down, telling a Transportation Security Agent, "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."

Creep Gets Life Sentence For Scaring Old Lady To Death - A bank robbery suspect whom authorities accused of scaring an elderly woman to death after hiding in her home has been sentenced to life in prison.

Fishy Story: Dick Van Dyke Claims Porpoises Saved His Life - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang star Dick Van Dyke has revealed he was once adrift at sea - and rescued by a pod of porpoises.

Madness: Roman Catholic Church Holds Conference On Exorcism! - More than 100 Roman Catholic priests and bishops have gathered in Baltimore for a conference on exorcism.

Giant Pink Plastic Snails Take Over Miami - Gigantic pink plastic snails -- some up to 8 feet tall -- will begin appearing in public places in Miami with an environmental message, their creators say.

A Tale About A Lawn Mower, Two Drunk Guys, And A Dude Who Ate His Beard - A Kentucky man says when the dust settled after a drunken fight, he was spitting out chunks of his own beard.

Somali Pirates Free Elderly British Couple! Huge Ransom Paid! - A British couple who had been kidnapped by Somali pirates and held in captivity in a remote, swelteringly hot patch of central Somalia for more than a year were finally released, Somali officials said Sunday.

Bishop Eddie Long: Top Ten Things He Wants For Christmas - Eddie Long wants to make an exercise tape with Richard Simmons. The bishop doesn`t care what kind of exercises they do at long as they get to wear short shorts, wax their legs and giggle like schoolgirls.

Would You Dine At A Pitch-Black Restaurant Staffed By Blind Waiters? - At Dans le Noir? New York, blind waiters will serve French cuisine in a windowless space with no light.

Malaysia: Kid Caned For Bringing Pork To School - MALAYSIA'S parliament this week debated whether or not it was right for teachers to cane a 10-year-old boy for bringing pork to school.

I Apologize To Bishop Eddie Long! He's A Man Of God And Not A Scammer! - At first glance Bishop Eddie Long is a transparent con artist living large at the expense of his congregation. But don`t let the ridiculous wig, and the twinkle in Long`s eye fool you -- he`s a genuine Man of God.

Dude Gets Shot In His Groin, Finishes Sandwich, Then Seeks Treatment - Connecticut police said a man who heard gunshots while exiting a deli went home and ate his sandwich before seeking treatment for shots to the groin and thigh.


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