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Robert Paul Reyes

Black Celebs Got Bishop Eddie Long's Back - Mary Mary and her ilk leave us shaking our heads at the pathology of some blacks who instinctively defend one of their own even if he is a monster in human flesh.

Psycho Mom Robs Bank, Picks Up Daughters From School On Way Home - Police in Oregon said they arrested a woman who allegedly robbed a bank and then picked her daughters up from elementary school on the way home.

Celebrity Junkie Lindsay Lohan Sent Back To Jail - Actress Lindsay Lohan has been sent back to jail after failing a court-ordered drug test.

Cat Comes Down From Tree After 11 Days - The cat finallycame down from the tree this Thursday. The cat scratched the person who finally succeeded in coaxing him to come down, and scurried off, hopefully to his home.

Biggest TV Event Of The Year Next Tuesday: Glee Britney Spears Episode! - Britney Spears + "Glee" = Must See TV!

Lindsay Lohan: Victim Of Drug Addiction Disease Or Cynical Junkie? - Drug addiction is not a disease, Lohan didn't catch a virus that robbed her of her free will and rendered her powerless to resist the urge to snort cocaine.

Cowardly Bishop Eddie Long Cancels Radio Interview! Shame On Eddie Long! - The Atlanta megachurch leader accused of coercing young men into sex canceled his previously-scheduled radio interview Thursday after a third man came forward with allegations of sexual misdeeds.

Japan Just Says No To Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton's drug conviction may enhance her celeb appeal in the United States, but Japan takes a very dim view of junkies.

Madonna Stalker Arrested Again - I have two questions after reading this NYMag.Com article: What's a Leatherman, and what kind of a disturbed individual would fixate on the likes of Madonna?

Pastor Eddie Long Hit With Lawsuit: Two Men Claim He Cooerced Them Into Sex - The bishop of a prominent Baptist megachurch is accused of being a big-time sinner.

Rachael Ray Has A Mad Gay Crush On Tina Fey - Tina Fey's sex appeal transcends gender, Rachael Ray has a gay crush on the SNL alum.

CIA Prowls on Facebook For Recruits - Since December 2006, the Central Intelligence Agency has been using, the popular social networking site, to recruit potential

Insanity: Cambridge Issues Parking Tickets With Yoga Illustrations - This kind of nonsense might work in Cambridge, but it ain't gonna fly anywhere else.

Jerusalem Zoo Erects Barrier To Protect Visitors From Stone-Throwing Chimps - A barrier is being built at a Jerusalem zoo to prevent stone-throwing chimps from hitting visitors, officials said.

Russian Company Makes Inflatable Tanks! How About Inflatable Soldiers? - A Moscow company says the inflatable jets, tanks and missiles it creates for the military appear real when viewed on radar or by satellite.

Amazing Feat: Limbless Man Swims English Channel - A French father-of-two who swam across the Channel 16 years after losing all his limbs in an electrical accident said Sunday that he was 'the happiest man alive.'

Snooki Loves N Snyc: Hello! Told You Snooki Is Nuts! - If your tween daughter is into Justin Beiber, for God's sake arrange an intervention! We don't need any more Snookis wreaking havoc.

Don't Tell A Girl Her Feet Stink, You Might Get Stabbed In The Back! - Dudes, if you have a foot fetish stay the hell away from Dallas Amber Smith! One lick of her smelly foot, and you will be cured of your fetish.

Amy Winehouse: Mark Ronson Is Dead To Me - Somebody should give Amy Winehouse an Etch an "Etch a Sketch" and tell her it's a computer the next time she gets an urge to Tweet so early in the morning.

Tea Party Hottie Christine O'Donnell: I Once Dabbled In Witchcraft - I dabbled into witchcraft - I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. ... I dabbled into witchcraft. Christine O'Donnell


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