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Robert Paul Reyes

Miracle Baby Survives Tornado And Flying Cow - A Minnesota woman says her new baby was named Skylar to note the time last summer when she and her unborn daughter were hit by a flying cow during a tornado.

Heidi The Cross-Eyed Opossum Has Thousands Of Facebook Friends - A cross-eyed opossum in Germany called Heidi who is not yet even on public display has become an Internet hit, winning more than 65,000 admirers on social networking website Facebook.

Relax Farmville Addicts! Facebook Not Shutting Down March 15 - A rumor Facebook was shutting down wafted over the Web, forcing the hugely popular social network to deny it had any intention of closing.

Sarah Palin's Hands Are Dripping With The Blood Of Gabrielle Giffords - Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was one of Palin's targets, but she managed to win reelection over a Tea Party candidate.

Chilean Miner Who Loves Elvis Presley Visits Graceland - Edison Pena, 34, who spent 69 days trapped underground with 32 colleagues, was a special guest Friday at Elvis Presley's annual birthday celebration at his Graceland home in Memphis.

Baby Penguin In The Lions' Den - A resourceful baby penguin took advantage of Germany's wintry weather to give her minders the slip and embark on a tour of the zoo before waddling into the lions' den.

Thief Leaves Wallet At Scene Of The Crime - Here's a case that even Barney Fife might have been able to solve. It's not every day that a perp leaves his wallet at the scene of the crime.

Sarah Palin's Alaska Not Renewed For Season Two - Aficionados of animal snuff films and fans of Sarah Palin will be disappointed to learn that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" isn't going to be renewed for a second season by TLC.

Gender-Neutral Passport Application Applauded By Gay Rights Groups - The words 'mother' and 'father' will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology, the State Department says.

Would You Stand In Line In Your Underwear For Free Clothes? - Hundreds of shoppers in Spain braved chilly weather to queue outside shops in their underwear on the first day of the winter sales Friday to take advantage of an offer of free clothes.

Chaser The Brainiac Pooch Has Learned Over 1,000 Words - A border collie has learned more than 1,000 words, showing US researchers that her memory is not only better than theirs, but that she understands quite a bit about how language works.

Dead Fish, Dead Birds: Taste Of Horrors That Will Be Unleashed In 2012? - On 2012 when horrible things start happening, if government officials offer patently absurd explanations, the people will lose all faith in the government, and we might see panic and riots.

Town Loves Fritz The Police Dog! - Southwestern Pennsylvania residents are rallying in support of a hometown victim of budget cuts -- the local police dog.

Hundreds Of Swedes Call Dangerous Icicle Hotline - Swedish authorities said a hotline for citizens to report dangerously dangling icicles in the capital has received about 600 calls so far this winter.

Dead Fish, Dead Birds, Dead Crabs: Biblical or Ecological Apocalypse? - Kirk Cameron has spoken and that settles it, we aren't living in the Biblical end times.

Moron Speeding To Take Wife In Labor To Hospital Slapped With Ticket! Amen! - New Hampshire State Police said they will not back off a speeding ticket given to a man who was rushing his wife to the hospital while she was in labor.

Terrific Idea: Strip Club To Be Located Next To DFW International Airport - One of the busiest airports in the world will soon be a neighbor to an upscale gentlemen's club, but some prominent North Texans are trying to shut it down before it even opens.

Outrage: Facebook Friends Mock Lady Who Posted Suicide Message Online - A middle-aged woman who told her 1,048 Facebook 'friends' that she had taken an overdose was found dead the next day after none came to her aid.

Customer Subdues Robber With Pickle Jar! - A gunman who tried to rob a Milwaukee grocery was subdued when a customer hit him with a pickle jar, police said.

Outrage: New Version Of Huckleberry Finn To Replace N-Word With Slave - It's ironic that a few civil rights leaders want to ban or edit Twain's masterpiece in the name of defending African-Americans' integrity, when the runaway slave Jim, is the most noble character in the novel.


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