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Robert Paul Reyes

World Record Hamburger: 185 Pounds! Perfect For Rosie O'Donnell - A Michigan restaurant owner says going for a Guinness world record for the largest commercially available hamburger was a matter of patriotism.

Memory Medallion: Dead Can Speak From The Grave - A Pennsylvania company says its 'Memory Medallion' product for tombstones allows cellphone users to access text, video and Web sites about the deceased.

Want To Increase Your Brain Power? Have S[e]x! - S[e]x apparently can help the brain grow, according to new findings in rats

Sarah Palin's Celeb Appeal Doesn't Translate Into Political Power - Pew Research just released a new poll finding that more than twice as many Americans see a Palin endorsement as a negative for a Congressional candidate than view it as a positive.

Dudes: Dress In Red To Catch A Woman's Eye - Men wanting to catch the eye of women should dress in red, a color which new research shows makes them more alluring to the opposite sex.

Judge Rejects Candidate's Controversial Slogan From Appearing on Ballot - A federal judge threw out a case brought by a fringe candidate for the Wisconsin state Assembly who wants to describe herself on the ballot as 'NOT the whiteman's bit**.'

Wear A Wet T-shirt: Go To Jail - Janet Lovett said she was at the Tavares splash park with her husband and 7-year-old son when park staff asked her to leave because her white T-shirt was wet.

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Acts Up In Front Of King Of The Zulu Nation - It's not every day you are in the presence of royalty - so it's a pity Amy Winehouse wasn't better bee-hived when she met the King of the Zulus...

Amy Winehouse Mischa Barton Catfight: That's Entertainment! - AMY Winehouse and Mischa Barton got caught up in a pub catfight, according to reports.

Michelle Obama's Expensive Vacation - While many of us are struggling, the First Lady is spending the next few days in a five-star hotel on the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain with 40 of her 'closest friends.'

Little Girl Kicks Burglar In The Nuts, Wimp Runs Away - A 12-year-old British girl said she discovered a burglar in her family's kitchen and drove him off with a swift kick in the groin.

Forensic Medium Finds Babe Ruth's Piano - A Massachusetts 'forensic medium' says she used her otherworldly gifts to find Babe Ruth's piano at the bottom of a pond.

Winston Churchill Feared Releasing Info Of UFO Sightings Would Create Panic - A descendent of one of Winston Churchill's wartime aides says the British prime minister ordered the classification of a UFO sighting by a

Will Lindsay Lohan's Jail Journal Be Published? God, Let's Hope Not! - Lindsay Lohan used her time behind bars to brush up on one of her favorite hobbies ... writing -- and TMZ has learned she plans on turning her work into a profit.

Pop Tart Amy Winehouse Complains: My Beau Doesn't Respect Me - Singer Amy Winehouse has reportedly said her boyfriend Reg Traviss has 'no respect' for her.

Britney Spears' "It's Britney, B-Word": Greatest Pop Lyric Of All Time? - But the opening words of the song "It's Britney, Bit**", is perhaps the greatest lyric in the history of pop music.

Jackass Lady Dies From Silicon Injection To Butt - Mayra Lissette Contreras died after receiving injections of silicone to the buttocks. Autopsy results are still pending, but she is thought to have died from respiratory problems after the operation.

Robber Finds Jesus, Robs Shoe Store Two Hours Later - Florida police arrested a man who they said was convinced not to rob a store by a manager who told him to 'seek Jesus,' but then went on to rob a nearby store.

Lady Gaga Said What? Really? - 'I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina,' she told the magazine.

Fat Folks Should Be Called Fat! - Calling people fat rather than obese would be more likely to motivate them to lose weight, according to the public health minister.


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