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Robert Paul Reyes

Top Ten Ways Bishop Eddie Long Will Celebrate Halloween - Play Tiddlywinks with his down low friends.

Wanna Look Like Lindsay Lohan For Halloween? Here's What You Have To Do! - Rent a serial killer couple and pretend they are your parents.

Naomi Campbell Turns To Kaballah - The supermodel has revealed that she is attempting to reign in her explosive temper by converting to the mystical Kabbalah religion.

Want To Look Like Snooki For Halloween? Follow These Ten Steps! - Go to skid row and grab any wino, and everyone will think you are Snooki painting the town red with her boyfriend.

Lady Stabs Woman...At An Anger-Management Class - A Seattle-area woman attending a court-ordered anger management class was charged with assault after she stabbed a classmate, police said.

How To Look Like Madonna For Halloween! Not For Weak Of Heart! - The other day I stumbled upon a current unretouched photograph of Madonna, and it scared the hell out of me. I had to take a shower, and have a pedicure and a manicure before I felt clean again.

Barbara Billingsley June Cleaver Beloved TV Icon Dies - Barbara Billingsley is in the great big suburban subdivision in the sky, but thank goodness we will always have June Cleaver.

Paris Hilton Showers LA Homeless Shelter With Halloween Treats - Former trouble seeking Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits stopped by a homeless family shelter in Los Angeles yesterday to drop off some Halloween supplies and spend time with the residents.

Crazy Amy Winehouse Says She Dresses Like Old Jewish Black Man - There are very few Jewish black men, the pop diva was probably referring to Sammy Davis Jr. If you exhumed Sammy's body, I'm sure that the remains would

Madonna's 1991 Letter: Anatomy Of Evil - Madonna's 1991 letter to photographer Steven Meisel exposes her cruel and evil heart. The Material Girl wrote the letter when she was filming "A League of Their Own" starring Geena Davis.

Brett Favre Hit In Family Jewels By Errant Football - During practice this week, a camera caught the NFL's most prolific passer getting nailed in the groin with an errant football. Favre can be seen

Eddie Long's New Birth Church: A Cesspool Where Satan Would Feel At Home - If there's a hell, Eddie Long will suffer in pain for all eternity wearing a sizzling hot wig that he will be unable to rip off from his head.

National Siesta Championship Taking Place In Spain - The first national siesta championship is under way in Spain to identify the best nappers and revive an endangered tradition of lunchtime snoozing.

Outrage: There May Be A Taylor Swift-Themed Glee Episode! - There have been conversations," the young singing sensation teased of her guest-starring in the hit show 'Glee'.

Brian Bradley, 14, Has YouTube Hit Song: Stop Looking At My Moms - A 14-year-old New Yorker has created a YouTube hit with his rap song calling for men to stop ogling his mother.

Armless Pianist Wins China's Got Talent! Freak Show? - An armless pianist who plays with his toes has won the first series of China's version of the internationally popular television talent show, 'China's Got Talent.'

Lindsay Lohan Tried To Break Out Of Rehab To Buy Coca-Cola - Lindsay Lohan tried to break out of rehab to buy Coke--of the caffeinated soft drink variety.

Mystery: How Did Amy Winehouse Injure Her Hand? - Pop tart Amy Winehouse has been spotted hitting the pubs with a bandage on her right wrist.

Bummer: Swiss Scientists Claim New Earth-Like Planet May Not Exist - The announcement by U.S. astronomers of an Earth-like planet that could possibly support life circling another star has hit a slight bump -- it may not exist.

GOP Hottie Sarah Palin Isn't Going To Run For President - Sarah Palin will definitely not run for president in 2012, she's having too much fun being a celeb.


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