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Robert Paul Reyes

Stupid Criminal Denies Coke Concealed In His Rear End Is His - Police in Florida said a suspect arrested for drug possession denied ownership of the cocaine he was found to be concealing in his buttocks.

Bishop Eddie Long Vows Never To Step Down From Pulpit - A defiant Bishop Eddie Long vowed that he would stay on as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to the thunderous applause of his congregation.

The Dangers Of Talking On Cell Phone While Driving - New York State Police said a traffic stop of a woman for using a cell phone while driving led to the arrest of her husband on an 8-year-old warrant.

Worship Service For Pets Is A Big Hit - The pastor of a Chicago-area church said a monthly service where people bring their pets is becoming popular.

Sex Line Number Printed On Ochocinco Cereal Box - Kroger stores in Cincinnati said cereal boxes named for Bengals star Chad Ochocinco are being pulled due to a misprinted phone number leading to a sex line.

New Delhi Deploys Monkeys As Security Guards At Commonwealth Games - Delhi authorities are to deploy a contingent of langurs -- a large type of monkey -- at Commonwealth Games venues to help chase away smaller simians from the sporting extravaganza.

Bishop Eddie Long: Monster In Human Flesh - I've seen Bishop Eddie Long preach, and he's as transparent as a cheap toupee.

Madonna Ad Retouched: Before And After Pics - Madonna is at war against old age, a war that we are all destined to lose.

Top Ten Ways To Teach Bishop Eddie Long A Lesson - Rip Long's ridiculous toupee from his bald pate.

Owner Of Segway Company Dies In Segway Accident! - The British millionaire businessman who owns the firm Segway has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff with one of the two-wheeled electric scooters near his body.

Lea Michele Singing The Only Exception Highlight Of Glee Britney Spears Episode - The performance that completely blew me away was Lea Michelle singing Paramore's "The Only Exception."

Top Ten Things Eddie Long Will Miss Behind Bars - Long has a wardrobe that is the envy of pimps and drag queens worldwide, he may wax suicidal not being able to accessorize behind bars.

Top Ten New Job Possibilities For Bishop Eddie Long - If Eddie Long appears in a Bosley commercial as a example of how ridiculous a man looks wearing a toupee, millions of bald men will burn their wigs and make an appointment with Bosley.

Quincy Jones: Amy Winehouse Is A Smart Little Girl! Say What? - Quincy Jones has described Amy Winehouse as a "smart little girl"

Teacher Is A Former Prostitute, So What! - Some parents of her pupils say they are not happy their children are being taught by a former sex worker.

More Lindsay Lohan Drama: Lindsay Lohan Shooting Heroin? - Let's hope it wasn't heroin that Lilo was injecting herself with, better yet let's hope that really wasn't Paris Hilton she was kissing.

Eddie Long: A Product of The Homophobic Black Church - Long is so transparent that even a child can see that he is a con artist, but his followers are blinded by his snazzy wardrobe, and his silver tongue.

Reality Diva Snooki Treated For Alcohol Poisoning In May - Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi was hospitalized in South Beach for alcohol poisoning during the filming of the second season of "Jersey Shore," reported today.

Black Ministers Afraid To Speak Out Against Eddie Long - It's not clear at this point if Long can be criminally prosecuted, but it's abundantly clear that Long has made a mockery of his calling as a spiritual leader.

The Horror, The Horror: Amy Winehouse And Pete Doherty Living Together - This is bad. Dueling crackheads Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse are not only writing songs together, according to reports, they are living together in London.


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