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Robert Paul Reyes

Barbie Video Girl: The Most Dangerous Doll In The World? - The new Barbie Video Girl, which retails for just over $100, has a built-in camera in the doll's necklace and an LCD screen on her back.

Tea Party Quack Wants Sarah Palin To Run For Republican Party Chair - Sarah Palin may be a nincompoop, but I have to give the devil her due and confess that she has a talent for motivating her base.

Hundreds Of Santas Go Bar Hopping In San Francisco! Merry Christmas! - Hundreds of Santas fanned out over San Francisco and drank to good cheer in an annual tradition this weekend, bar employees said.

Grisswald Wannabe Has Too Much Xmas Spirit For His Neighbors - Mike Babick's display of Christmas spirit has grown too popular for some neighbors, who complain his expanding array of lights and holiday figures draw some unwelcome gawkers.

Xmas Madness: Dude Wearing Santa's Hat Kicks Female Cop! - A man wearing a Santa hat and a fake fur coat apparently wasn't in a holiday spirit when he as asked to leave a Chicago store, police said.

Hillary Clinton Takes Crass To A New Level! - "Crass" is the middle name of every politician, to have a credible chance of winning a presidential aspirant must raise a ton of money by schmoozing with the filthy rich.

Man Marries His Dog - An Australian man has surprised friends by getting married - to his pet dog of five years, a golden Labrador called Honey.

Gingerbread Man Mania - A Dunkin Donuts survey finds a significant majority of people who eat gingerbread men like to start with the head and work down.

Store Clerk Fired For Trying To Be A Hero! - A Florida store clerk said he was suspended from work the day he chased a robber from his store and fired a few days later.

Restaurant Owner Poisons Pigeons! Animal Lovers Outraged! - Frequenters of a Florida fishing pier near a restaurant where an estimated 50 pigeons were killed with poisoned bait said the act was 'disgusting.'

Latest Internet Fad: Changing Facebook Profile Pic To Cartoon Character - Facebook users the world over are changing their profile pictures to cartoons from their youth as part of a trend a U.S. Web site says began in mid-November.

Obama's Secret Trip To Afghanistan: An Epic Disaster - The war in Afghanistan enriches Halliburton and other defense contractors, and it affords the weak and ineffectual Obama an opportunity to play commander-in chief.

Lady Devastated That Her Snowman Was Stolen - Who in their right mind checks on a snowman to make sure he hasn't been stolen. This woman really needs to get a life, she can start by going to a dive and picking up a bloke who will make her forget about a bloody snowman.

Top Ten Ways Gay Bishop Eddie Long Can Improve His Tarnished Image - For the Glee disco episode, Long should dress in drag like Gloria Gaynor and sing "I Will Survive."

Cops Plead With Public: Don't Call To Report Snowball Fights! - An English county's police department is pleading with the public to stop calling the emergency line to report snowball throwing.

Would Sarah Palin Fail A Literacy Test? Geography Test? You Betcha! - You betcha that only hardcore Sarah Palin supporters will refudiate my claim that she wouldn't be able to pass a literacy test. The former half-term governor of Alaska may be able to see Russia from her porch, but she can't spell "Russia."

Christians And Atheists Engage In Billboard War - Drivers heading into and out of New York through the Lincoln Tunnel now get an atheist billboard on the New Jersey side and a Christian one in Manhattan.

Praise God! The Word Christmas Removed From City Hall Bazaar Sign - A Philadelphia city official says slicing the word 'Christmas' from City Hall holiday bazaar sign was about 'being inclusive,' not 'political correctness.'

Video: Hot Lady In Wheelchair Clad Only In Underwear Hassled By TSA Creeps - A wheelchair-bound woman dressed only in bra and panties caught a Wednesday morning flight out of Oklahoma after passing through security.

Big Bloomers Co. Makes Panties For 600-Pound Women - A British company known for making the world's largest panties announced the new 'super-super size' range, for women with waistlines up to 105 inches.


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