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Robert Paul Reyes

Priest Steals Money From Church To Pay For Male Hookers! - A disgruntled Catholic priest was charged Tuesday with raiding church coffers to finance a double life befitting a mogul - and to pay for male escorts.

Lady Sues McDonald's, Claims There Was A Bone In Her Burger! Scam? - A McDonald's customer sued the fast-food giant in Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday for allegedly serving her a double cheeseburger that contained a bone or bone fragment.

Islamic Edict In UAE Condemns Vuvuzelas - An Islamic edict in the United Arab Emirates has decreed that vuvuzela trumpets that blare above 100 decibels are religiously forbidden, a local daily reported on Friday.

It's Official: "Glee" Britney Spears Tribute Episode - They've paid homage to Madonna and Lady Gaga, now the cast of Glee are set to take on the hits of one Miss Britney Spears.

Video: Proof Amy Winehouse Has Lost Her Musical Mojo - Amy Winehouse surprised concertgoers in London on Tuesday night during a show with Back to Black producer Mark Ronson.

Another Lindsay Lohan Humiliation! She's Cut From "Machete" Trailer! - At one time Linday Lohan was the "It Girl" and movie producers flooded her with offers. But now the troubled startlet is so desperate that she's going to play the late porn star Linda Lovelace in a third-rate biopic.

Former Soccer Player Crazy In Love With Amy Winehouse! - Paul Gascoigne has admitted that he fancies Amy Winehouse.

Russian Spy Anna Chapman Embodies The American Spirit - All red-blooded Americans should petition America and Russia to allow Anna Chapman to live in the United Sates. Anna is one of us, and we miss her deeply.

Lady Settles Noise Dispute By Flashing At A Five-Year-Old Boy - A CANADIAN woman has sparked controversy after settling a neighbourhood noise dispute by flashing her breasts at a five-year-old boy.

Porcelain Doll's Nipples Too Hot For Facebook Censors - Facebook's prude police are out in force yet again, this time threatening action against a Sydney jeweler for posting pictures of an exquisite nude porcelain doll posing with her works.

Should BP Officials Be Pelted With Tar Balls? - The Coast Guard was out making sure the beaches are clean for the time being.

Why Is Everybody Googling "Lindsay Lohan Fingernail?" - Lindsay Lohan may have been all sobs during her 90-day jail sentencing, begging for understanding and expressing respect for the court on Tuesday. But her middle finger quietly offered another message.

Madonna Heartbroken Over Her "Granny Hands" - Madonna needs medical help to fix her "granny hand". She is reportedly consulting her dermatologist Dr Frederic Brandt to help stop the protruding veins in her hands which tells her real age.

Mud Day Should Be A National Holiday - Michigan's Wayne County marked local holiday Mud Day with hordes of children playing in a mud pit created from 200 tons of dirt and 20,000 gallons of water.

Running Of The Bulls Organizers Ban Satanic Vuvuzelas - I agree that vuvuzelas are more of a threat to our physical and mental well-being that running with angry bulls trying to gore you to death.

Will Amy Winehouse Ever Finish Her Third Album? - Mark Ronson has claimed that Amy Winehouse still hasn't started work on her third album.

Idiot Blake Fielder Civil Got Zip In Divorce From Amy Winehouse - Amy Winehouse's ex-hubby Blake Fielder Civil has said he got nothing in his divorce from the star.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 90 Days! Will She Fall In Love With A Girl Inmate? - A Beverly Hills judge found Lohan violated probation on two DUI cases and sent the 'Mean Girls' star away after a day-long hearing that left the actress in tears.

Columbian Authorities Seize World Cup Trophy Made Out Of Cocaine - Columbian Cops seize a replica tournament trophy made entirely of cocaine.

Is Lindsay Lohan Dating Israeli Army Chick? - It is being rumored that Lohan is cozying up with female Israeli military veteran Eilat Anschel, who has reportedly provided her with a shoulder to cry on.


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