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Robert Paul Reyes

UPS Bomb Plot And Osama bin Laden Tape Related? - A tape of a man claiming to be Osama Bin Laden threatening France appears to be authentic, the French Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

Evil Mom Pleads Guilty To Killing Baby For Interrupting FarmVille Game! - This demon-possessed woman was so addicted to FarmVille, that she shook her baby to death after the little boy's crying distracted her from playing the game.

Did Bishop Eddie Long Steal A Horse's Tail To Make Himself A Wig? - Authorities in Montana said at least two horse owners have called police to report the theft of hair from their animals.

Paulina Porizkova Condemns Madonna's Plastic Surgery Addiction - Former model Paulina Porizkova, 45, who looks terrific without the aid of plastic surgery, criticized Nicole Kidman and Madonna for their addiction to cosmetic surgery.

Madonna Is Too Old To Adopt Any More Children - Rumour has it Madonna is off to Malawi to pick out a third orphan to join her family.

Top Gun 2 Will Take Us To The Lame Zone - Top Gun director Tony Scott says he's on board to direct a sequel to the 1986 blockbuster film.

Fool Mistakes A Halloween Decoration For Bloody Human Foot - Police in Kansas called out to investigate a report of a bloody foot hanging from the trunk of a car determined it was a Halloween decoration, authorities said.

Charlie Sheen Messes Up Again, We Still Love Him! - Charlie Sheen has responded to reports that he allegedly wrecked a hotel suite in a drunken tantrum after an encounter with a prostitute.

Amy Winehouse Drama Involving A Gong - Music producer Mark Ronson said he won't lose his new Q Award like he did when he picked up Amy Winehouse's gong.

Glee's Mark Salling's CD Pipe Dreams Comes Out Soon - One of the stars of Glee is breaking away from the cast and releasing his own CD. You may know Mark Salling as Puck.

Detroit, Ore. To Change Its Name, For Obvious Reasons - Proponents of a ballot measure to change the name of Detroit, Ore., say they want to separate the tourist town's image from the Michigan city.

Fitness Freak Madonna To Open Chain Of Fitness Centers - Madonna conquered the world of pop music, but failed dismally as an actress. I predict that Madge's foray into the world of health clubs will make her career as a thespian look like a brilliant success.

Disgraced Bishop Eddie Long Should Be Ordered To Be Tested For AIDS! - Eddie Long puts that wig through hell, with all that hooting, hollering and histrionics that passes for preaching in his church. That thing is a sweaty mess teeming with bacteria.

Who Is More Gangsta: Bishop Eddie Long Or Kerney Thomas? - Televangelist Thomas Kerney (The Funny Screaming Preacher) makes Bishop Eddie Long look a stern Calvinist preacher.

Pastor, 85, Skydives To Celebrate Birthday! - A Texas pastor celebrated his 85th birthday by jumping out of a plane, the fifth year in a row he says he's returned to that item on his personal 'bucket list.'

Small Plane Crashes After Crocodile Causes Panic - A small airplane crashed in Africa, killing all but one of the passengers after a crocodile smuggled on board escaped and apparently caused a panic.

Everybody Jumping On The Hate Brett Favre Bandwagon! - Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre looked as ancient as Methuselah as he limped off Lambeau Field Sunday, probably for the last time as a player.

Want To Spend A Night On A Magic Mushroom? - Visitors to Berlin's Museum for Contemporary Art can book themselves a night in an installation created by artist Carsten Hoeller at a cost of 1,000 euros.

Halloween Madness: 11 Guests Jump From Hotel Window To Escape Satan! - Eleven people jumped out of a second-floor window Saturday after apparently thinking they had seen the devil, French authorities said.

Sean Penn And Amy Winehouse: Separated At Birth? - With his ratty wig and bright red lipstick, Penn is a dead-ringer for Amy Winehouse.


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