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Robert Paul Reyes

Cops Find Loaded Glock in Hollowed-out Bible - Respect and obey peace officers, and always remember that Blue Lives Matter!

Adorable Bunny and Fawn Jump Around: Video - Rabbits know how to do two things, hump and jump, and this heartwarming and delightful video captures an adorable bunny and the equally adorable fawn jumping and frolicking.

Dr. Ben Carson Condemns Racist Organization, Planned Parenthood: Video - I can understand if Planned Parenthood was popular with the KKK, but why are white liberals so enamored with this criminal organization?

Black Lives Matter Militants Threaten to Disrupt Donald Trump Campaign Event - It would be wonderful if Trump personally delivered an a** whipping to the Black Lives Matter racists, but you delegate security to deal with riff raff.

Outrage: HOA Threatens Family With Jail for Putting Up Purple Playground - A family said they are being threatened with jail time by their community home owners association. Marla Stout said it is all because of the purple-colored playset that`s been in her backyard for two years.

Outrage: KFC Selling Pink & Black Chicken Sandwiches in China - Pink and black buns may work in a nation where people are afraid to complain about anything for fear they might end up in a concentration camp, but these strange buns would never fly in the good old United States.

Viral Video: Fish Bites Man's Nipple - The video goes into slow motion as one of the fish locks its eyes on Green's chest and jumps out of the water to latch onto the man's nipple.

Cecil the Lion: Icon, Celebrity, Myth, Savior! - Before his untimely and savage death Cecil the Lion was a beloved tourist attraction and the subject of research by academics from Oxford University, but the tragic circumstance of his death has propelled him to worldwide fame.

Viral Video: Diesel the English Bulldog Bouncing Off Walls, Cars & Doors - A New Jersey woman shared video showing how her English bulldog enjoys playing with boxes more than he cares about walking into walls.

Cecil the Lion Cub Killed by Rival Lion! - A cub of slain Cecil the lion was killed by another big cat in Zimbabwe realizing the worst fears of conservationists following the celebrated feline`s slaughter at the hands of a Minnesota dentist.

Woman's Bra Deflects Hunter's Stray Bullet - A female cyclist's underwire bra may have saved her from life-threatening injuries after a hunter accidentally shot her.

Caitlyn Jenner's 'I Am Cait' a Wretched Unwatchable Disaster! - Watching Bruce Jenner do his grotesque parody, caricature of a woman is the antithesis of 'Must See TV.'

Caitlyn Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Selfie Portends End of the World - A selfie has been posted on Instagram that portends nothing less than the End of Western Civilization. Kim Kardashian posted a pic of herself with mother Kris and stepdad/stepmom Caitlyn, with the caption The parent trap.

Outrage: Black Lives Matter Fascists Disrupt Bernie Sanders Event - I despise the toxic rhetoric of Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matters activists, they deserve each other. If I were God I would dump the Donald and the Black Lives Matters race-baiters in a deserted island in the middle of the sea.

Viral Video: Coolest Owl in the World - The owl doesn`t sweat the small stuff; he realizes that this too shall pass. We could learn an important lesson from this owl, and not get out panties in a bunch when small insignificant people swarm all over us criticizing everything we do

Whole Foods Sells $6 Asparagus Water! Are You Kidding Me? May God Smite Whole Foods! - Whole Foods is an abomination and an affront to our democracy, when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes or the next riot, I hope that the zombies/rioters will focus their fury on Whole Foods.

What's Up With Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' Matching Injuries? - Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos revealed their matching injuries Thursday on Instagram.

Meek Mill Compares Drake to Caitlyn Jenner in Latest Diss! Sh** Just Got Serious! - Caitlyn Jenner needs to man up, step up to the plate, and pimp slap these losers until they promise to end their pathetic and ridiculous feud.

Baby Monkey Rides on Dog's Back in Malaysia - A Malaysian motorist stopped his car to take video of an unusual sight: An orphaned monkey getting a piggyback ride from a dog at the side of the road.

Motorist Brought Sheep Along for McDonald's Run - A British motorist pulled over for driving with bald tires told police the sheep in the back of his car was just along for the ride to McDonald`s.


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