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Robert Paul Reyes

I Don't Stand With Ahmed Mohamed! Fraud Deserves to be Clocked! - Faux Internet outrage is a horrible thing, but the exultation of a nerdy kid and his fake invention is even worse. Let`s get real Ahmed doesn`t deserve a Nobel Prize and he doesn`t deserve to be lauded as a civil rights hero, he`s just a geeky kid who deserved to be clocked for his deceitful and ingratiating manner.

Harley the Chihuahua Named 2015 American Hero Dog - Harley the dog is almost impossibly small. He`s missing an eye, his legs are deformed and his tongue sticks out of his mouth because most of his teeth had to be removed. But Harley is more than a survivor, he`s a hero.

Two Cats and a Snail! Must See Video! This Will Blow Your Mind! - But just when I thought I had seen everything, I stumbled on this video of two cats and a snail involved in a ménage à trois. Now I have officially seen everything, at least pertaining to felines.

Dimwit Burglars Grab Dummy Phones From Verizon Store: Video - A Verizon store was the victim of a break-in overnight, but the thieves didn`t get away with what they thought they did.

General Mills Giving Away Selfie Spoons For Free! The End is Near! Video! - Parents for God`s sake don`t let evil take up residence in your home, if your son or daughter uses a selfie spoon while eating breakfast, beat the devil out of them with a baseball bat.

Kali the Cat Using a Toilet Just Like a Person: Video - Elena Cano's cat mastered potty training faster than a lot of people's kids.

Priest's Lego Vatican on Display at Philadelphia Museum: Video - Thank goodness at least one priest has dedicated himself to playing with children`s toys instead of raping young boys.

Woman With 3,714 Knives in Her Mobile Home Arrested - A convicted felon, 3,714 knives in a trailer, and throw in a pentagram and fake body parts, and you know that the dateline for this story is Florida.

Lost Pooch Found Keeping Watch Over Trapped Friend: Video - If you`re seeking a friend who will never leave you or desert you, go to your local animal shelter and adopt a puppy.

Farmer Creates Giant Corn Maze Featuring Taylor Swift's Face! Abomination! - Summers Farm in Frederick County, Maryland has created a 12-acre corn maze with Taylor Swift`s face etched into it.

Cloud Iridescence in Costa Rica: Sign of Rapture or Zombie Apocalypse? Video! - But if this same cloud appeared over Manhattan, the Stock Market would crash, people would jump off skyscrapers, and riots would break out.

Madness Down Under: Snake Catcher Removes Pythons From Toilets - Everything is topsy-turvy Down Under, wild animals are the masters, and human beings cringe in fear. We`ve all read countless articles about dingoes kidnapping babies, crocodiles biting off arms and legs, kangaroos fighting in suburban streets, and now it turns out Aussies can`t even relax when they are taking care of business for fear that a python may be lurking in the toilet bowl.

Hala the Penguin Plays Tag With Toddler: Video - You can see Hala at the Ripley`s Aquarium of the Smokes in Gatlinburg.

Serial Foot-sniffer Arrested: Video - Authorities have arrested the man wanted by Florida International University authorities for smelling women's feet on campus.

Rocksy the Raccoon Knocks at Door for Food: Video - Raccoons have a well-deserved reputation as creatures with a mean disposition and as carriers of rabies. I wouldn`t attempt to befriend a raccoon, but I must admit that Rocksy the Raccoon is adorable.

Adorable Bear Cub Breaks Into Pizzeria - This is the most adorable thief ever nabbed by the Colorado Springs police; I would love to have the mugshot for my Facebook profile.

Russian Female Powerlifter Pulls 17 Ton Tram: Video - Putin is a poseur who is often photographed wrestling bears and performing other macho feats, but Oksana is the real deal.

Dear God Almighty! Crocodiles Can Jump Out of the Water! Video! - I`m going to stay the hell away from Florida and Australia!

Kim Cattrall Says It's Offensive to be Called 'Childless'! Amen! - Kudos to all the mothers who love and properly raise their children, and to all the wonderful women like Cattrall who never had any children, but serve as mentors and role models.

Mysterious Mexican Parade Float in East LA Object of Mirth! - Ese get real! You live in East LA, ain`t nothing random or unusual about a Mexican float passing by your house.


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