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Robert Paul Reyes

School Bus Driver in Hot Water Over Facebook Photo - An Ohio school bus driver`s Facebook photo appears to show her drinking alcohol on the bus, and it`s landed her in serious trouble.

Texas Teen's Terrible Tweet Gets Her Fired On Twitter! - Is Cella a heroine or a ratchet drama queen, let her know via Twitter.

Lil Man the Chihuahua and Brandi the Pit Bull Fall in Love at Animal Shelter - You wouldn`t expect a Chihuahua and a Pit Bull to find true love, but who can explain the alchemy of romance?

Hero Dog Thwarts Gas Station Robbery, Bites Robber in Face! - Dog bites man isn`t a news story, but dog thwarts armed robbery by biting robber on each side of his face is a heartwarming story guaranteed to elicit smiles.

Viral Video! Owl Dance-Off - These dancing owls are a real hoot!

Pharrell Williams Not Impressed With Taylor Swift's Dance Moves at Grammys! Video! - For the sake of racial peace and harmony, I beg Taylor Swift: For the love of God don`t dance, ever!

Meet Hulk the Pit Bull Puppy Who Weighs 173 Pounds! Video! - Clifford the Big Red Dog ain`t got nothing on Hulk!

Zhang Ziyi's Boyfriend Proposes to Her Via Drone From Hell - Zhang Ziyi, the actress known from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and other films, was recently proposed to using a drone.

Singapore Restaurant Utilizing Flying Robot Waiters from Hell! - Robots give me the willies!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Hell Attacks Sleeping Woman! - I`d rather rent out my spare bedroom to Charlie Manson than bring a robot vacuum cleaner inside my home.

South Korean Cafe Features Two Live Sheep - Sheep in a restaurant is a baaah baaah bad idea!

Man Lists 'Drug Dealer' as Occupation on Arrest Report - A West Palm Beach man listed his occupation on an arrest report as drug dealer.

Female Mugger Sprays Man With Pepper Spray - Charlotte Mecklenburg Police said a woman attacked a man with pepper spray outside his condominium on Fairview Road and demanded money from him.

Is Bobbi Kristina Brown a Victim of Foul Play? Is Her Gay Boyfriend Responsible? - Our thoughts and prayers are with Bobbi Kristina Brown!

UFO Group Claims They Can Summon UFO's by Meditating! Video! - Not one but two glowing UFO ships appeared over the horizon off the scenic coast of Vero Beach, Florida, last week, and a group that charges $2,500 for training sessions in how to communicate with UFOs claims that its members summoned the twin objects to appear by meditating."

Bruce Jenner the Transgender Woman is a Dead Ringer for Sarah Palin! - Just man up you publicity-obsessed freak!

Uber Offers Kitten Delivery Service for One Day in Australia! Purr-fect Idea! - I commend Uber for thinking outside the litter box, and conceiving this unusual and delightful promotion.

Pope Franics: It's OK for Parents to Smack Children for Bad Behavior! Amen! - Corporal punishment doesn`t need a theological basis; it`s just frigging common sense!

Ferguson Police to Test Non-Lethal Weapon! The World Has Officially Gone Nuts! - Welcome to the madhouse, it`s now politically-incorrect to kill criminals, even when they lunge for an officer`s gun.

Home Movie Shows Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field in 1930s - A black-and-white home video shot at Wrigley Field in the 1930s shows a crowd of Chicago Cubs fans at a game during the early days stadium`s iconic ivy.


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