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Robert Paul Reyes

Dude Takes Burrito and Beer Break in Middle of Marathon - A man in Tennessee took a brief pit stop in the middle of running a marathon to enjoy a burrito and a beer before continuing the race.

Old Lady Trapped in Library Restroom for 36 Hours - A woman who had been trapped in the restroom of a Texas library over the weekend was rescued on Monday.

Caitlyn Jenner Biggest Freak? Meet Man Who Became a Woman & Now Transitioning into a Dragon! - A transgender former banker claims to be the first and only person to have both ears cosmetically removed as part of her ongoing quest to become a `dragon`.

Outrage: Deranged Mom Performs Tricks at Skatepark While Pushing Baby Stroller - A German skateboarder shared her passion with her infant son by performing a skateboard trick while pushing his stroller.

Is Huma Abedin in Love With Hillary Clinton? - Rumors have been swirling for years around the nature of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton's relationship. I can understand why Hillary would be attracted to her young and beautiful right-hand woman, but I've always wondered what does Abedin see in Hillary besides an attraction to naked power?

Toddler Ring Bearer From Hell Almost Destroys Wedding Ceremony: Video - This bow tie-wearing offspring of Satan perfectly illustrates the wickedness that lies within the heart of man. I can only hope that the couple had a successful and happy wedding in spite of the little troublemaker straight out of the pit of hell.

Air France Stewardesses Furious Over Order to Wear Headscarves on Tehran Flights - A number of female Air France stewardesses reacted with outrage when the airline informed them that they would be required to wear headscarves and 'loose fitting' clothing in Iran when flights to Tehran resume later this month, according to union representatives.

Kids Form Human Arrow to Point Cops to Crook: Video - A group of young people paused their Easter egg hunt to form a human arrow pointing a police helicopter toward a robbery suspect hiding nearby.

Pizza-loving Squirrel Achieves Internet Immortality: Video - The video posted to YouTube by Chris Weeden shows a squirrel dragging a slice of pizza on the ground near a tree while the people filming from inside a nearby building provide commentary.

Dude Claims UFO Hovered Over His House in Las Vegas - Steven Barone is armed with two high definition cameras, one with night vision capabilities. He`s a local Las Vegas resident who`s been scanning the skies over the valley for almost two years.

Fearless Kitty Rides Vacuum Cleaner - For many cats, the scariest thing in the world is a vacuum cleaner, but this cat took an unusual route to escape the monster machine!

Ultrasound Pic Shows Baby Flashing Peace Sign - The pregnant woman didn`t notice the fetus flashing the peace sign; she was too preoccupied analyzing his nether regions trying to determine its sex.

Pooch in Baby Carrier Dozes Off at Philadelphia Phillies Game - A sleeping dog in a baby carrier caught the attention of cameras at a Philadelphia Phillies spring training baseball game.

Police Officer Teaches Young Girl How to Play Hopscotch: Video - Police officers serve and protect their communities by arresting criminals, maintaining a visible presence, investigating crimes, and sometimes by taking time to teach a homeless a young girl how to play hopscotch.

Parrot Freaks Out Reporter: Video - Watch this reporter freak out over this uninvited guest on her shoulder.

Man Had 1,428 Bags of Heroin In His Rectum - Vermont State Police said a man found with drug paraphernalia in his car during a traffic stop was concealing 1,428 bags worth of heroin in his rectum.

Granny, 78, Deadlifts 245 Pounds: Video - This muscle-bound granny may convince some of my readers to exercise and hit the gym, but I find her exploits depressing.

Evil Baby Doll Faces Popping Up in Denver! The End is Near - For months, small baby doll faces have been creeping up across Denver and creeping out many people who see them.

Adorable Sloth Munches on Orange Flower: Video - An adorable sloth at a Florida zoo celebrated the arrival of spring by taking his sweet time noshing on a delicious orange flower.

Homeless Dude Asking Cafe Owner for Money Gets Something Better: A Job - It`s been about three weeks since a homeless man walked into a small cafe in Minneapolis looking for money. Now he`s a regular employee.


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