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Robert Paul Reyes

Hot Mess Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab Ahead Of Jail Sentence - Facing a 90-day jail sentence for violating terms of her driving-under-the-influence probation, actress Lindsay Lohan has checked into a sober living house in Los Angeles founded by famed attorney Robert Shapiro.

Amy Winehouse Jumps On Stage, Duets With Professor Green - Amy Winehouse unexpectedly joined Professor Green live on stage last night - and even Prof Green himself seemed surprised by Wino's appearance.

Dastardly Dudes Pummel Porky Pig - Police in suburban Chicago say two Six Flags Great America employees visiting the park on their day off allegedly assaulted a worker dressed as Porky Pig.

Ladies, How Often Do You Change Your Hairstyle? - A British salon chain owner says a study he commissioned suggests British women change their hairstyles more than 100 times during their lives.

Mentally Retarded Sen.Candidate Alvin Greene Now An Action Figure - U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene said his solution for a weak economy would be to make action figures in his likeness, a minor league baseball team has answered the call.

LOL: Chupacabra Turns Out To Be Coyote-Dog With Parasites! - A Texas animal control officer said a hairless creature that sparked chupacabra rumors was a canine-coyote hybrid with mange.

Movie Theatre Seats Have Gotten Bigger To Accommodate Big Butts - Seats in U.S. theatres have gotten bigger during the last century to accommodate the expanding size of the members of the audience.

Crocodile Dumb-Dee: Idiot Of The Year - An Australian man dubbed 'Crocodile Dumb-dee' for trying to ride a huge crocodile after a drinking spree described Wednesday how he just wanted to play with the animal.

Tom Jones Record Label Calls His Gospel Album A Sick Joke - TOM Jones' record label called his new album a 'sick joke' Monday after the singer put together a collection of hymns.

Tabloids Claim Lesbian Prison Gangs Can't Wait To "Welcome" Lindsay Lohan - Word on the street is that lesbian gangs are dying to get their hands on Lindsay Lohan.

Lady Gaga Holds "Whore" Teacup"? Truth In Advertising? - The Bad Romance singer posted a picture of herself on Twitter, holding a teacup with the word "whore."

Man Crashes His Vehicle While Taking Off His Shoes - Pennsylvania State Police said a man who crashed his SUV while taking off his shoes was charged with careless driving.

John Lennon's Fans Furious! How Dare Lady Gaga Play Lennon's Piano! - Lady Gaga has once again been accused of blasphemy - but this time it's not for sporting a latex nun outfit.

Who Cares Who Won The World Cup? It Was All About The Vuvuzelas - 'Vuvuzela' has been voted the word of the World Cup by global linguists who said Monday the tournament will be best remember for the name of South Africa's deafening trumpet.

Tragedy Averted! Amy Winehouse Stopped From Meeting Prince Harry! - Amy Winehouse was stopped from meeting Prince Harry at a music festival " being told by security to stay away.

Will Hot Russian Spy Anna Chapman Inspire Young Girls To Join The CIA? - Eleven Russian spies were arrested a few days ago, but we care only about Anna Chapman. I could care less if the other Russian spies were waterboarded by the CIA, but I pray that our spooks didn't lay a finger on the Russian hottie.

Amy Winehouse Walks To A Gig With Her Boob Popping Out Of Her Blouse - Oops! Amy Winehouse bared a little too much boob on the way to Mark Ronson's gig at the 100 Club in Oxford Street London this week.

Bill Clinton Officiates At Congressman's Wedding - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will soon be attending his daughter's wedding but Saturday he officiated at one.

Hottie Anna Chapman Deported To Russia: America Mourns - If Russian President Medvedev allowed Chapman to return to the United States, America would be forever grateful.

Priest Steals Money From Church To Pay For Male Hookers! - A disgruntled Catholic priest was charged Tuesday with raiding church coffers to finance a double life befitting a mogul - and to pay for male escorts.


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