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Robert Paul Reyes

Robert Paul Reyes Interviews Cirque Du Soleil Star Cowboy Will Roberts - SOP Writer Robert Paul Reyes Interviews fellow SOP writer and world-renowned celebrity Will Roberts.

Is Pop Tart Paris Hilton A "Soulless Machine"? - SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has taken aim at PARIS HILTON and the current crop of celebrity socialites, comparing them to soulless 'machines."

Madonna's Boyfriend Cries Like Schoolgirl: Bully Throws Beer In His Face - Madonna's lover Jesus Luz was forced to stop his DJ set in Brazil on Sunday after a rowdy clubgoer threw a drink in his face."

Howard Stern Is Organizing The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant - The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, organised by the US shock jock Howard Stern, will be held on March 10.

Lindsay Lohan Considering Moving To England - God has kept Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse separated by a huge body of water for the good of humankind. If Lohan moves to England it will unleash the opposite of a harmonic convergence: A coming together of dastardly forces that will destroy Britain.

Kara DioGuardi Utters The "B" Word On American Idol - Kara is a gifted songwriter and an insightful judge, but she's a poor role model for the younger generation.

Bristol Palin To Appear On Reality Show - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol has agreed to appear on a reality show despite her mother's well-documented objection to reality.

Amy Winehouse Shelled Out $20K For Shoes During One Shopping Spree - AMY Winehouse has spent a 'stupid amount' of money on shoes, the singer`s dad has revealed.

Video: What's Wrong With Whitney Houston? She Bombs In Australia - Houston couldn't survive the lethal combination of Bobby Brown & crack, and she's just a shell of her former self.

Gary Coleman's Horrifying Mugshot - A picture is worth a thousand words, look if you dare at this mug shot of Gary Coleman. This is the scariest mugshot I have ever seen, I hope that the police photographer who snapped it was offered psychiatric counseling.

Should Hot Dogs Be Redesigned To Prevent Choking? - The American Academy of Pediatrics wants hot dogs to come with a warning label -- they pose a choking hazard to children.

Electromagnetic Fields Responsible For Toyota's Unwanted Acceleration Problem? - Electric signals can briefly interfere with the electronic controls of cars.

Lindsay Lohan: Drugs Almost Killed Me - LINDSAY LOHAN today lays bare the extent of her drug addiction - and confesses she came close to killing herself through a heady mix of alcohol, cocaine and mind-bending drugs.

Ric Flair Beat Up By His Wife - The wife of professional wrestler Ric Flair was arrested Sunday night for allegedly assaulting him, TMZ reported Monday.

Charlize Theron Joins Kabbalah Celeb Bimbo Club - Following her split from long-term boyfriend Stuart Townsend, actress Charlize Theron, 35, has turned to Kabbalah.

Elton John: Jesus Was A Compassionate, Super-intelligent Gay Man - We shouldn't focus on Jesus Christ's sexuality, we should strive to follow his example of humility, compassion, and empathy for our fellow human beings.

Lady Gaga Walking Tightrope Between Sanity And Insanity - Lady Gaga is always "in character", she wears her outlandish costumes not only on stage, but to the grocery store as well. It's emotionally draining to always be "in character", and it's taking its toll on Lady Gaga.

Crazy Dude Wearing Only Undies Hops On Hood Of Girlfriend's Moving Car - Police expect to file charges against a 57-year-old man who was wearing only underwear in frigid temperatures when he hopped on the hood of his girlfriend's moving car during an argument."

Growing Pains Actor Andrew Koenig (Boner) Is Missing - Sarah Silverman, Alyssa Milano, Dave Holmes and other celebrities have been tweeting for information leading to the whereabouts of Andrew Koenig, best known for playing Boner on 'Growing Pains.

Tiger Woods Caddie Stands By His Man - Tiger Woods had the good sense to put on a remorseful demeanor for his carefully choreographed public apology, but his caddie/pimp is full of bluster and arrogance.


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