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Robert Paul Reyes

What Are The Odds Tiger Woods Slept With A Black Bimbo? - What are the odds that Tiger Woods' tarnished image will ever be repaired? I have a better chance of having a threesome with Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Lindsay Lohan Gets Into The Christmas Spirit - Getting into the holiday spirit in a big way, Lindsay Lohan took part in a beach photo shoot in Santa Monica, California on Sunday (The 20th of December)."

Amy Winehouse Hasn't Changed, She's Still Nuts - DRUG-ravaged AMY WINEHOUSE was facing a police probe last night for allegedly kicking a theatre manager in the groin - after hurling four-letter abuse at PANTO stars.

RIP Brittany Murphy - The death of Brittany Murphy at the tender age of 32 came as a shock to her many fans, hopefully it will serve as a wakeup call to Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and the numerous other celeb train wrecks.

Tiger Woods To Make Guest Appearance On SNL? - Sources within hooker-swinging distance of Tiger Woods say the golfer may make a visit to the 'Saturday Night Live' stage soon.

Is Tiger Woods Still Practicing His Strokes With Rachel Uchitel? - Tiger Woods has reportedly been seeing club manager Rachel Uchitel since the scandal broke.

Pics Of Nude & Sloppy Drunk Tiger Woods May Surface Online - Tiger Woods was photographed naked by one of his mistresses after passing out drunk in a hotel room.

Coward Tiger Woods To Set Sail For Bahamas? - Tiger Woods has reportedly jumped on his yacht, ironically given the name 'Privacy,' for a little R&R away from the paparazzi and prying eyes of media camped out near his Orlando area home.

Priest Advises Poor To Shoplift - A clergyman has been criticised as 'highly irresponsible' after advising his congregation to shoplift following his Nativity sermon.

100-Year-Old Granny Plans Parachute Jump On Xmas - A 100-year-old Brazilian grandmother will experience gravity in a whole new way this Christmas when she takes the plunge out of an airplane to become the world's oldest parachuter.

Paris Hilton Syndrome Strikes San Francisco Animal Shelters - Animal rescue centres in the San Francisco area are calling it the "Paris Hilton syndrome", and they are not talking about the latest hairstyle or taste in glitzy clothes.

LOL: Tiger Woods Pretended To Be Wide-Eyed Innocent In Topless Bars - Tiger Woods used to enjoy going to topless bars, but he always pretended he was a wide-eyed innocent who'd never seen a stripper before, sources say.

Madonna Treats Jesus Luz Like Dirt - Madonna has chosen not to spend Xmas with her toy-boy Jesus Luz as she heads to London to spend Christmas with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

Drawing Of Jesus Gets Second-Grader Suspended - A Taunton father is outraged after his 8-year-old son was sent home from school after drawing a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Cigar Endorsement Deal For Playboy Tiger Woods? - Orlando-based Corona Cigar Co. said it is offering Tiger Woods a $100,000 endorsement deal.

Nude Bike Ride To Protest Lane Removal - Bicycle-loving Brooklyn residents are furious about the city's recent decision to eliminate a bike lane, so they've organized a nude bike ride in protest.

Material Girl Madonna Loves Shoes More Than Sex - Madonna told me that buying a pair of my shoes is more satisfying than having sex with a man," Choo said.

Insanity In The UK: Divorce Vouchers - Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Is your marriage or a friend's going through a rocky patch? How about a divorce voucher?

If Tiger Woods Cracks Up It Will Be A Good Thing - Woods has isolated himself from even his closest friends since wife Elin Nordegren learned of his philandering ways, leading those close to him to worry he might be 'cracking up.'"

Steroids-Tainted MD Treated Madonna And Tiger Woods - Tiger Woods' doctor Dr. Tony Galea had treated Madonna as well, according to sources. The singer is said to have needed Galea's care after falling off her horse in the Hamptons last April.


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