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Robert Paul Reyes

The Future of Radio Is Here Now: The SOP Radio Network - The SOP radio Network is the cream of the crop of Internet radio, it features an all-star line-up of radio personalities.

When Will Oprah Winfrey Come Out Of The Closet? - Kitty Kelley's new biography claims Oprah had secret lesbian affairs and her production company is run like a a cult.

Mayor Wants Controversial Sculpture Removed Before Pope Visits Malta - The mayor of a town near Malta's main airport called Monday for the removal of a sculpture resembling a penis near the road leading to the capital Valletta ahead of a weekend visit by the pope.

House In Which Pope Benedict Was Born Vandalized! - The house in which Pope Benedict XVI was born in the southern Bavarian village of Marktl am Inn was vandalized overnight with an 'obscene' phrase spray- painted above the main door, police said.

Pope Benedict Must Be Arrested For Crimes Against Humanity - PLANS to have the Pope arrested for 'crimes against humanity' during his visit to Britain were revealed yesterday.

Phil Mickelson Wins Masters: Good Guys Sometimes Finish First - Mickelson stole the spotlight from Tiger Woods, he made some incredible shots, smiled at the gallery, and acted like a gentleman at all times.

Kid Brought Back From The Dead: I Saw Granny In Heaven - A three-year-old boy brought back from the dead after his heart stopped beating for three hours has told how he saw his great-grandmother in Heaven.

Child Bride, 12, Dies From Internal Bleeding After Sex With Much Older Husband - A 12-year-old Yemeni bride died of internal bleeding following intercourse three days after she was married off to an older man, the United Nations Children's Fund said.

Lindsay Lohan Is Broke - The troubled starlet is reportedly unable to pay her rent on time because she is 'broke,' reports.

Look Out Tea Party! Here Comes Crash The Tea Party! - Crash The Tea Party is becoming pretty well known already. Crash The Tea Party is an organization that is trying to end the way The Tea Party does things.

Sarah Palin Doesn't Exactly Rock The Madonna Look! - Sarah Palin made a campaign stop Wednesday to support Michele Bachmann and showed up in the following outfit: velvet blazer, black tank, a triple strand of layered pearls, and a large silver cross necklace.

Fake Boob Drama For Terrified Amy Winehouse! - "TERRIFIED UK singer Amy Winehouse has been rushed to hospital with agonizing pains from her breast implants, The Sun reported.

Gruesome Death By Burka - A young Muslim woman had died after her burkha became snagged in a go-kart.

Two Women Try To Smuggle Corpse Onto Plane - Two women were arrested at a British airport on suspicion of trying to smuggle a dead relative onto a flight bound for Germany, police said on Tuesday.

Lin Yu Chun: YouTube Sensation! Geek Rocks! - A young Chinese singer with a booming voice is YouTube's newest sensation, as a video of his performance on a talent show is earning him the title of 2010's Susan Boyle.

Does Amy Winehouse Dress Like A Hooker? - AUTHORITIES in Treviso, Italy, have erected 'warning - prostitutes' signs to inform road users that 'ladies of the night' could be touting for business in the area.

Wesley Snipes Fascinated By Different Religions - Wesley Snipes is fascinated by different religions and reads as much as he can to further explore the meaning of life.

Video: Deplorable Tiger Woods Nike Ad - The 30-second ad features a mute Woods listening to his dead father's voice chastising him from beyond the grave.

Survey: 20 Percent Believe Aliens Exist In Our Midst Disguised As Humans - Aliens exist and they live in our midst disguised as humans -- at least, that's what 20 percent of people polled in a global survey believe.

Adults Are Hooked On FarmVille, Their Kids Are Hooked On Prescription Drugs - Pharma parties, where kids get together to share drugs pilfered from their parents' pill bottles, have been a known phenomenon for only a few years, experts say.


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