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Robert Paul Reyes

Teen Bling Ring Burglars Targeted Paris Hilton Because She's "Dumb" - US socialite Paris Hilton was burgled of over 1 million pounds worth of possessions by a gang after she left the key to her home under her doormat.

Amy Winehouse Moving Back To Caribbean - Amy Winehouse has reportedly almost finished recording her new album and is set to fly out to Jamaica next week to put down the final touches.

Video: American Idol Contestant Michael Lynche Booted For Spilling Beans - Michael Lynch picked last week for the Top 24 was booted over the weekend, according to reports.

Amy Winehouse: Poster Girl For No-Smoking Crusade! - Smoking is disgusting & unhealthy addiction. The government should mandate that this image of Amy Winehouse should appear on every carton of cigarettes --smoking would decline by over 60 percent.

Want Some Quiche? Show Me Your ID! - A British supermarket was left with egg on its face after insisting a woman shopper show proof of age.. for buying a slice of quiche.

Bikini Boy: Worst American Idol Contestant Of All Time - American Idol producers should exercise a little bit more restraint, Bikini Boy's creepiness factor outweighs any entertainment value.

Painting Depicts Amy Winehouse Vacuuming! How Real Is That? - Amy Winehouse's manager has bought her a painting - which depicts her as a housewife.

Lady Gaga To Collab With Lindsay Lohan? - It seems like an unlikely pairing, but rumor has it that Lady Gaga may be teaming up with Lindasy Lohan for a duet.

Is Tranny Amy Winehouse Lookalike Better Than The Real Thing? - Amy Winehouse's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil was in a relationship with a 17-year-old transsexual man who looks like the singer.

16-Year-Old Girl Who Was Raped Is Lashed 101 Times - A 16-year-old girl who was raped in Bangladesh has been given 101 lashes for conceiving during the assault.

Amy Winehouse Throws Birthday Bash For Dionne Bromfield - "Singer Amy Winehouse recently threw her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield a "celeb-filled" party to celebrate her birthday.

Would You Trade In Your Wife For A Robot Maid? - MESSY homes are set to be terminated by a robot maid that cleans, washes and has 3D vision.

Pic Of Amy Winehouse & Her Dad: Too Horrifying For Words - A picture speaks a thousand words, and this horrifying image speaks volumes of the depravity of Amy Winehouse.

Paris Hilton: Threat To Humankind - Ramiro Benitez filed for a restraining order against Paris Hilton, claiming she has threatened him 'sexually, physically and financially.'

Aliens Invade Godalming! God Almighty! - ALIENS were circling over Godalming last week, that is according to people living in the town.

Madonna Bonkers Over Coconut Water - Madonna has become so nuts for coconut water that she invested $1.5 million in one of the leading makers of the drink.

Michael Jackson's Kids Pay Tribute To Dad At Grammys - Some critics complain that Jackson's children were exploited to pump up the ratings, and that's probably true. But it was good to see that Jackson's kids are doing well months after the death of their father

Malaysia: Tribal Court Fines Cheating Husband 4 Buffalo & A Pig - A tribal court in Malaysia's Sabah state on Borneo Island has fined a man and his lover four buffalo and a pig for having an extramarital affair.

Ambulance Company Demands Payment In Advance - On a ski holiday to Austria, remember to bring your boots, your hat and -- on the off-chance you might break a leg -- your bank card.

Dude Buys Used Car & Discovers Secret Compartment With Counterfeit Cash - Tye Kuykendall found $200,000 in counterfeit money inside a hidden compartment behind the back seat of the car.


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