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Robert Paul Reyes

Video: Walmart Opens In Afghanistan - A "Walmart Afghanistan" has opened in a bazaar in the war-torn nation, providing bleak hope that maybe our mission has not failed.

Anna Chapman: The Spy We Love - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Saturday he had met with Russian spies swapped in an exchange with the United States earlier this month, and promised them a bright future in Russia.

Jail A Veil Of Tears For Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay Lohan was in tears on Thursday when the prison wardens ripped out her hair extensions and made her remove her false eyelashes.

Lindsay Lohan Goes Into Hysterics When Inmates Chant "Fire Crotch" - Lohan, 24, who was jailed Tuesday at Lynwood women's prison for parole violations, had the meltdown apparently after other prisoners began taunting her about her sexuality.

Should Fat People Be Taxed? - Marco Wanderwitz is right, we should tax fat people. It is unfair and unsustainable for taxpayers to subsidize the profligate lifestyle of fat people.

Are Alien Beings Hurling Meteorites At House Of Hapless Dude? - The man claims that he is being targeted by aliens, but his explanation is hogwash.

Westboro Baptist Church Freaks Protest Lady Gaga - The Westboro Baptist Church nutjobs demonstrated at a Lady Gaga concert in Oklahoma City.

Al Gore: Creepy Sexual Predator - Gore is now a national joke, and every time he speaks about climate change he does disservice to his cause.

World Breathes Sigh Of Relief: Amy Winehouse Not Pregnant - After partaking in a late night out on the town, Amy Winehouse happened to stir up rumors that she's expecting a child with new beau Reg Traviss.

Stolen Statue Of Elvis Presley Found In Company Of Angels - A statue of Elvis Presley stolen from a diner was found leaning up against angel statues in a cemetery.

Hot Mess Amy Winehouse Cries When She Sees Lindsay Lohan Go To Jail - It seems Amy was moved to tears by seeing Lindsay Lohan go to jail earlier this week.

Dude Loads Gun With Wad Of Toilet Paper And Shoots Cougar Wife - Police in North Carolina said they arrested a man who allegedly loaded his gun with a wad of toilet paper and shot his wife in the back.

Lindsay Lohan Will Go Nuts In Jail - So LiLo can't drink, take drugs or dress up behind bars, what in the world can Lohan do to occupy her time? Will the pop diva go stir crazy in her 12-by-8-foot cell?

Moron Cop Hooks Up With Midget Porn Star - Police in Massachusetts said an officer resigned after leaving his patrol to meet "the world's smallest porn star" and adding a laser sight to his pistol.

600-Pound Lady Fattest Woman To Have Given Birth - A 600-pound New Jersey woman has been declared the Fattest Woman to Have Given birth by Guinness World Records.

Lindsay Lohan's Lame Friends Tweet Their Support - 'Please all of @lindsayLohan's fans, let's support our girl,' her Machete costar Electra Avellan writes. 'Send great vibes, love and light. She counts on us for strength. We love you LL.'

Paris Hilton Panties In A Twist Over Topless Pic! Does She Even Wear Panties? - Paris Hilton photographed topless, is that really a surprise? Aren't the majority of Paris Hilton photos on the web of her partially naked?

Michael Lohan Showed Up At Courthouse To Express Support For Lindsay Lohan - Michael Lohan showed up at the courthouse to demonstrate support for his wayward daughter, shouting, "We love you Lindsay".

Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Scared In Jail! But Will Lohan Be Scared Straight? - Lindsay Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley has said that her client is 'scared but resolute' about the idea of going to jail.

Cupcakes For Men: Thumbs Up Or Down? - Arrick's butch cupcakes are selling like hotcakes, but once the novelty factor wears off he will go out of business.


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