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Robert Paul Reyes

Survey: 20 Percent Believe Aliens Exist In Our Midst Disguised As Humans - Aliens exist and they live in our midst disguised as humans -- at least, that's what 20 percent of people polled in a global survey believe.

Adults Are Hooked On FarmVille, Their Kids Are Hooked On Prescription Drugs - Pharma parties, where kids get together to share drugs pilfered from their parents' pill bottles, have been a known phenomenon for only a few years, experts say.

American Idol Miracle: Tim Urban Delivers Adequate Performance - Teflon Tim's smile, humility, good grace, and adequate vocals has won me over, I hope he's the next American Idol!

Black Tea Party Members Are A Disgrace To Their Race - The Tea Party uses standard conservative talking points as a cover, but the movement's not so hidden agenda is to keep blacks, Hispanics and other minorities in their place.

Amy Winehouse Drunk As A Skunk On Easter Sunday - Bleary eyed, her hair messy, and jacket pulled protectively around her, it seems Amy Winehouse has slipped right back into her old behaviour.

Snooki Gets Paid More For A Personal Appearance Than Lindsay Lohan - A hot celeb like Kim Kardashian can charge over $50,000 for a personal appearance, but according to Perez Hilton the troubled actress gets only $2,500 for a personal appearance.

Madonna Is The Most Played Artist In The UK - Madonna has been revealed as the artist whose recordings have been played in public in the U.K. more than any other over the past 10 years.

Dude Creates Lego Bust Of Amy Winehouse! Why? Dear God, Why? - A TEENAGER has crafted a bust of troubled music icon Amy Winehouse ... out of LEGO.

Is Lady Gaga The Most Influential Person In The World? - Let's get real, artificiality and pretence permeates our culture, and there is nobody more fake than Lady Gaga.

Idiot Cop Issues Tickets Dressed Like Easter Bunny - He was trying to lighten things up while issuing tickets, but cop Tom Broadway had to ditch his Easter Bunny disguise when city officials charged his stunt was 'breathtakingly dangerous.'

Women Hold Topless March In Maine - About two dozen women marched topless from Longfellow Square to Tommy's Park this afternoon in an effort to erase what they see as a double standard on male and female nudity.

Guru Claims He Can Kill Anyone Using Only His Mental Powers - When a guru boasted on TV that he could kill another man using only his mystical powers, most viewers merely nodded unquestioningly. Sanal Edamaruku's response was different. 'Go on then - kill me,' he said.

US Out Of Afghanistan Now! - President Hamid Karzai lashed out at his Western backers for the second time in three days on Saturday, accusing the U.S. of interfering in Afghan affairs.

Adorable Paris Hilton Loves All Her Pets - Just finished giving all my puppies their late night snack and now tucking myself into bed. Sweet dreams everyone" Paris Hilton tweet

Tiger Woods' Kindergarten Teacher Demands An Apolgoy - Retired teacher Maureen Decker emerged yesterday from Woods' sordid past to say that a story he's told about being brutalized by racist kids on his first day of kindergarten was pure bunk.

Top Ten Hottest Female Bisexual Celebrities - The Frisky.Com posted a list of the Top Ten Female Bisexual Celebs. Here`s my thoughts and observations.

Old Lady Causes Havoc At Hair Salon - Some ladies at a Grand Rapids salon had quite the hair-raising experience Thursday.

Charlie Sheen To Leave "Two And A Half Men" At End Of Season" - Troubled Charlie Sheen says he's leaving his hit CBS sitcom, 'Two and a Half Men,' at the end of the season.

Top Ten Questions I'm Dying To Ask Tiger Woods - On Monday, Tiger Woods will have a press conference at Augusta National prior to The Masters.

SETI Astronomer: We Will Discover Intelligent Alien Beings By 2025 - "Senior Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) astronomer Seth Shostak last night boldly claimed that mankind would certainly detect intelligent alien life


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