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Robert Paul Reyes

Lindsay Lohan May Be Forced To Stay Out Of India - Lindsay Lohan could be banned from travelling to India following a documentary and false child trafficking claims.

Clueless Parents Complain About Lack Of Warnings At Lady Gaga Concert - PARENTS of young pop fans are seething after raunchy on-stage outbursts from shock-rocker Lady Gaga.

Boy George Politely Declines To Sign Lady Gaga's Love Box - Singer Lady Gaga asked Boy George to sign her vagina when they met before a gig.

C-Span Has Uploaded All Of Its Video Archives To The Internet - Researchers, political satirists and partisan mudslingers, take note: C-Span has uploaded virtually every minute of its video archives to the Internet.

American Idol Drama: Ryan Seacrest & Simon Cowell Confrontation - The contestants should always be the focus of American Idol, but last night Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell engaged in a bizarre form of theatrics that momentarily stole the spotlight from the young singers.

Dudes Dig Women's Beach Volleyball - The bikinis sported by most beach volleyball players are more than fashion and function, they are an absolute necessity if the thriving sport is to retain its popularity.

Betty White To Star In Sitcom - I don't know anything about "Hot in Cleveland", but the fact that White plays a role in that sit-com makes is Must-Watch TV.

Jesus Luz Must Marry Madonna To Be Considered A Real Man - Madonna's boyfriend Jesus Luz has compared their long term relationship to a 'marriage' - insisting he already feels like a father-figure to the pop star's kids.

Facebook Edges Google In Site Visits - Facebook topped Google to become the most visited U.S. Web site last week, indicating a shift in how Americans are searching for content.

Madonna's Toyboy Stays Away From Lindsay Lohan - Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly tried to get close to Madonna's toyboy Jesus Luz.

Corey Haim To Be Buried Tuesday, Toronto Will Cover Expenses - Corey Haim will be buried in his native Canada on Tuesday, a week after the 38-year-old 'Lost Boys' actor collapsed and died in his mother's Los Angeles apartment.

British Pair Caught Kissing In Public In Dubai Face Jail Time - A British man living in Dubai and a female friend, were arrested in November on accusations of kissing and touching each other intimately in public and consuming alcohol, their lawyer said

Tea Party Not Your Bag? Now There's The Coffee Party - "Tea Partiers, make room. The Coffee Party is about to steal some of your media thunder.

Update: German Village Sells Potholes - A novel idea by a hard-up east German village to sell its potholes to finance their repair looked Friday to have got off to a good start, with 111 already snapped up, the official website showed.

Karl Rove: Torture Is Good - In a BBC interview, Karl Rove, who was known as 'Bush's brain', said he 'was proud we used techniques that broke the will of these terrorists'.

Daylight Savings Time: Check Smoke Detectors - DST should also be a reminder to check our smoke detectors.

Huffing Rates Rise Among Young Teens - When their kids turn 12, parents are concerned about peers pressuring them to smoke cigarettes, drink and use drugs, but it turns out 12-year-olds are doing something else: getting high on inhalants.

Dude Run Over By Wife, Twice! She Claims It Was An Accident! - A New Zealand man is recovering from injuries after being run over by his wife -- twice, local media reported on Friday.

Prescription Drug Ring Tied To Corey Haim's Death - Actor Corey Haim's death is being linked to a major drug ring which has been illegally obtaining prescription drugs, US police have said.

Sarah Palin: God Writes On Palm Also - Palin was speaking at an Ohio Right to Life fund-raiser when she addressed the palm-writing incident that occurred at a Tea Party convention last month and earned her so much media mockery.


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