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Robert Paul Reyes

Tiger Woods' Arrogance Matched Only By His Libido - Tiger Woods is a dirtbag whose arrogance is matched only by his libido. The disgraced golfer deserves to be mocked, ridiculed, and criticized by the press and the public.

Is Madonna A Devil Worshipper? - Only the Evil One could inspire a 51-year old woman to don skin-tight lavender leotards, and writhe on stage like she's still 21. Google "Madonna's hands" and tell me her hands aren't devilish!

98-Year-Old Lady Kills Her 100-Year Old Nursing Home Roommate - A 98-year-old Massachusetts woman has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly suffocating her 100-year-old nursing home roommate, local media reported.

Liberty Counsel Wants You To "Adopt A Liberal" - Liberty Counsel's 'liberal cards' are now under production. We told you about the '"Adopt a Liberal' program. It encourages conservatives to pray for liberal leaders in an effort to change their views.

Would You Buy Lindsay Lohan's Used Clothes? - Lindsay Lohan is giving her fans the chance to dress just like her - by selling off her second-hand clothes on her family's official website.

Tiger Woods Finally Gets It: He's Taking "Indefinite Break" From Golf - Tiger Woods says he's taking 'an indefinite break' from professional golf, according to a statement on his Web site Friday.

Top Ten Titles For Tiger Woods Adult Film Parody - Just two weeks after the Tiger Woods cheating scandal exploded an adult movie called "Tiger's Wood" is already in production, according to E! Online.

Let's Show Tiger Woods No Mercy! - According to singer, reality star and co-star of Kim Kardashian sex-tape, Ray J, the public should just leave Tiger alone.

Tiger Woods Can Forget About Congressional Honor - A California congressman is dropping his effort to honor Tiger Woods with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Crazy Lady Attacks Boyfriend With Raw Steak! - A central Florida woman allegedly slapped the taste out of the mouth of her boyfriend with a steak because he didn't want to taste her buns, police claim.

Madonna Terrorizes GMTV Studio - Madonna, who came to the GMTV studio for an interview during her recent trip to London, objected to anything that was not in line with her liking.

Tiger Woods' Voicemail Message To Bimbo Goes Viral - Tiger Woods's voicemail message to cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs has become an internet viral after it was remixed, set to music and posted on YouTube

Ordinary Citizens Using YouTube To Make Fun Of Tiger Woods - There's no reason why ordinary citizens should miss out on the fun, post your thoughts about the disgraced golfer on Twitter, or create your own parody song of Tiger Woods.

Evil Madonna Doesn't Let Her Adopted Kids Meet Their Families - Shame on Madge for depriving her adopted children from meeting with their families. There is a special place reserved in hell for jaded celebrities who buy African babies, and turn them into spoiled monsters.

Dennis Rodman Defends Tiger Woods: Birds Of A Feather... - On the Mike Huckabee show Dennis Rodman expressed support for Tiger Woods.

Mayor Attacks Obama On Facebook - It's not just teen girls who post crazy messages on Twitter or Facebook that they later regret. The mayor of Arlington has made his town a laughingstock.

Tiger Woods' Ads Disappear From TV - The Wall Street Journal, citing data from Nielsen Co., reported today that advertisers haven't aired TV commercials featuring Woods since shortly after the scandal broke.

Double Standard? Why Hasn't Tiger Woods Been Offered Adult Film Role? - Tiger Woods' list of possible paramours grew to eleven Tuesday with the addition of a second adult film star.

Tiger Woods Scandal Responsible For Huge Uptick In Web Traffic - Tiger Woods may be losing fans in some quarters, but he has one in Carol Bartz, Yahoo's chief executive.

Tiger Woods' Mother-In-Law Hospitalized - Elin Nordegren's mother, Barbro Holmberg, has been released from the hospital after her ambulance-abetted trip to the emergency room this morning.


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