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Robert Paul Reyes

Great News: Air New Zealand Will Allow Passengers To Text And Send Emails - Air New Zealand is planning to let some passengers send text messages and emails mid-flight by the end of the year but fellow travelers need not worry -- phone calls will not be allowed.

Lady Gaga Buys Round Of Drinks For Elderly Boozers At A Pub - LADY GAGA gave elderly locals quite a shock by turning up for a drinks session in a Birmingham boozer.

Westboro Baptist Church Idiots Picket Dio's Memorial Service - A public memorial service for heavy metal rocker Ronnie James Dio is planned for Sunday, with members of the Westboro Baptist Church saying they will picket the ceremony.

Lee DeWyze Burns Up The iTunes Charts - Lee DeWyze is riding high on his success as the Illinois singer has scored two simultaneous songs in the top ten pop singles chart in iTunes.

Hundreds Of Crazy Hot Blondes March To Cheer Up Latvians - Decked out in pink, their locks glinting in the sunshine, hundreds of blondes marched arm-in-arm through the Latvian capital Riga Saturday, in a bid to raise spirits in the slump-stricken Baltic state.

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Make Her Alcohol-Monitoring Device Look Beautiful - Troubled actress and aspiring style guru Lindsay Lohan wants Chanel to help customize an unwanted fashion accessory -- her alcohol monitoring bracelet.

Unarmed Bank Robber Makes Getaway On Bike & Crashes Into Cop Car - A man suspected of robbing a downtown bank Thursday afternoon and who fled the scene on a bike crashed into a police car and hit the ground, with cash spilling out of his backpack.

Focus On The Family Fights Repeal Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - As lawmakers consider a compromise plan to repeal 'don't ask, don't tell,' a prominent conservative group is arguing that overturning the policy against gays in the military will increase 'homosexual misconduct'

Amy Winehouse's Dad Releases Album - Mitch Winehouse has recorded an album of jazz tracks, Rush Of Love.

Hundreds Celebrate The Birthday Of Linping The Panda - Riot-stricken Thailand had something to smile about on Thursday as the nation's only panda cub, who enjoys a cult-like following across the kingdom, celebrated her first birthday in style.

Kimba The Australian Kitty Survives 30-Minutes Dunk In Washing Machine - A fluffy white Australian kitten survived a 30-minute dunk in a washing machine, including a high-speed spin cycle reports said on Friday.

Gary Coleman On Life Support! Pray For The Tiny Terror - Former child star Gary Coleman was hospitalized in critical condition in Utah. The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center confirmed that the 42-year-old was admitted on Wednesday, but could not release any details.

M.I.A Slams Lady Gaga - M.I.A has lashed out at Lady GaGa once again, saying that she can't bear the thought that people are now calling her name.

British Talk Show Host Graham Norton: Lay Off Amy Winehouse - Audiences don't find Amy Winehouse funny anymore because now it's the walking wounded. Something bad is going to happen... And so, although she could be a very useful punchline, we avoid it."

Freaky Toddler Smokes 2 Packs Of Cigarettes A Day - Ardi Rizal isn't even out of diapers, but he already smokes around 40 cigarettes every day, according to

Many Supplements Contain Toxins - Nearly all of the herbal dietary supplements tested in a Congressional investigation contained trace amounts of lead and other contaminants.

Sarah Palin Has A New Neighbor In Wasilla, And He's No Fan - Sarah Palin has a new neighbor in Wasilla, Alaska, and he's not just any old regular joe

Scary Rumor Hits Internet: Madonna To Replace Simon Cowell - According to Perez Hilton, sources close to show boss Simon Fuller would very much like to bring the Material Girl on board as the head judge.

Last Minute Prediction: Crystal Bowersox Next American Idol - Crystal performed like she wanted to win the American Idol crown, and move on to bigger and better thins. Lee looked exhausted, and ready to return to his old job selling paint.

Does Lady Gaga Have Lupus? - Ever since she nearly collapsed on stage in March and had to cancel several shows earlier this year citing exhaustion, Lady Gaga has had pals worrying if she's on the verge of tipping.


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