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Robert Paul Reyes

Queen Of Pop Madonna Suicidal After Her Divorce - MADONNA was so distraught after her divorce she considered suicide.

Miracle Toddler Survives 30-Feet Fall Onto Rocks - A 23-month-old boy appeared to have escaped without major injuries after falling from a third-story window at an apartment complex in Antioch.

3 Men Die Running The Detroit Marathon - Three men died within 16 minutes of each other while running a marathon in Detroit, officials said.

Madonna Takes Ice Baths To Stay Young - Queen of Pop' Madonna has finally admitted that age has caught up with her as she needs ice baths and special therapy to soothe her body after every concert.

Madonna Driving Her Neighbors Nuts - Madonna is spending so much time getting into the groove that she's driving her neighbor crazy.

Lindsay Lohan's Probation Period Extended - Lindsay Lohan is a selfish and self-obsessed lawbreaker who needs tough love, but instead of being pimp-slapped by the criminal justice system the skanky celeb is slapped on the wrist.

Eminem Says No To Collaboration With Madonna - According to the 'Material Girl,' she had previously reached out to Eminem for a collabo, and guess what? Em turned her down.

GOP Brings Out Big Guns: Meghan McCain's Titilating Twitter Pic - Meghan knows how to work it, if she becomes the face of the new GOP, the Dems are in trouble.

Tabloids Fall For Fake Amy Winehouse Story - A filmmaker duped some of the country's top tabloid newspapers into printing fake stories about celebrities, including one about Amy Winehouse's beehive catching fire.

Video: Balloon Boy Saga Captivates Nation - A six-year-old boy thought to have been carried away by a helium balloon in Colorado was in fact hiding in a box in an attic at home.

'Memba The Ice Cream Truck? Say Hello To The Pot Bus! - The driver of a fake school bus was able to evade arrest after a state trooper discovered more than $1 million worth of marijuana inside the bus.

Amy Winehouse Sings For Fellow Hospital Patients - British pop star Amy Winehouse decided to sing for fellow patients while recovering in a hospital after her breast surgery.

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Buys Piglet - Paris Hilton has moved on from tiny dogs to tiny pigs and not surprisingly, PETA is none too pleased about it.

Aussies In Blackface Perform As Jackson Five - Last night an Australian variety show aired a skit with five men in blackface performing as the Jackson 5. And the audience cheered! Thank goodness Harry Connick Jr was there to be the voice of reason.

Don't Hate On Michael Jackson Because He Was Nominated For 5 AMAs - Singer Michael Jackson has been posthumously nominated for five American Music Awards (AMAs), including artist of the year.

Apartment Residents Told To Take Down American Flags - When the American flag is viewed as a controversial or divisive symbol, I worry that people have lost sight of what our great country stands for.

Lindsay Lohan Crazy In Love With Samantha Ronson - Lindsay Lohan is always complaining that the press won't leave her alone, and that they are always prying into her private life. But then the clueless bimbo spills the most intimate details of her personal relationships on Twitter.

Mooning A Train May Be Dangerous To Your Health - A German man mooning at railway staff in a departing train got his trousers caught in a door and ended up being dragged half naked along the platform, out of the station and onto the tracks.

Michelle Obama Doll Only $12.99 - Coming on Nov. 20: The Michelle Obama action figure.

Kanye West In Seclusion After VMA Disaster - Kanye West has gone into seclusion since ruining Taylor Swift's big day at the MTV VMA Awards. West canceled his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga, and he snubbed the BET awards despite being nominated for nine awards.


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