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Robert Paul Reyes

Cigar Endorsement Deal For Playboy Tiger Woods? - Orlando-based Corona Cigar Co. said it is offering Tiger Woods a $100,000 endorsement deal.

Nude Bike Ride To Protest Lane Removal - Bicycle-loving Brooklyn residents are furious about the city's recent decision to eliminate a bike lane, so they've organized a nude bike ride in protest.

Material Girl Madonna Loves Shoes More Than Sex - Madonna told me that buying a pair of my shoes is more satisfying than having sex with a man," Choo said.

Insanity In The UK: Divorce Vouchers - Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Is your marriage or a friend's going through a rocky patch? How about a divorce voucher?

If Tiger Woods Cracks Up It Will Be A Good Thing - Woods has isolated himself from even his closest friends since wife Elin Nordegren learned of his philandering ways, leading those close to him to worry he might be 'cracking up.'"

Steroids-Tainted MD Treated Madonna And Tiger Woods - Tiger Woods' doctor Dr. Tony Galea had treated Madonna as well, according to sources. The singer is said to have needed Galea's care after falling off her horse in the Hamptons last April.

List Of Top Ten Nightmares Facing Tiger Woods - Tiger Woods is now in the same league with Flavor Flav, in a couple of years I won't be surprised to see him in a reality TV show.

Miss Piggy: Kermit Isn't Scum Like Tiger Woods - 'My Kermie is nothing like [Tiger]. I just want to say, he would never do anything untoward moi, but, if he did, you can rest assured there'd be a hole in one, and he'd be the one!'

Tiger Woods Wretched Cheater: Bimbos! And Steroids? - The FBI in Buffalo is investigating a Canadian doctor with ties to golfer Tiger Woods and dozens of well-known athletes for possible drug violations.

Tiger Woods, Jessica Simpson Affair? - Pop singer Jessica Simpson has become the first celebrity to be linked to Woods.

Madonna Fake Ad - Dolce and Gabbana products must be as phony as as the photoshopped Madonna.

Clinton Portis Is Down With Cheating Tiger Woods - Washington Redskins running back, Clinton Portis, told ESPN radio that Tiger Woods is "being treated unfair." Clinton Portis is an idiot and we shouldn't take anything he says seriously, nevertheless let's parse his words.

Tiger Woods' Wife Should Kick Him To The Curb - The holidays may bring a final showdown in the marriage of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, a source close to the golfer's wife tells PEOPLE, saying, 'She plans to leave Tiger.

Cougar Stalks Tiger Woods - Theresa Rogers may be a skanky cougar, but she's no fool, she's hired the barracuda lawyer, Gloria Allred, to represent her. Watch out Tiger, this cougar has you by the ... tail.

Oral Roberts Dies Of Pneumonia: Good Riddance! - Oral Roberts dies of pneumonia. I shed no tears for the scam artist.

Upper Deck Stands By Cheater Tiger Woods - Sports-memorabilia retailer Upper Deck Co. said it is standing by Tiger Woods, as other sponsors scale back their relationships with the star golfer following revelations of his alleged extramarital affairs.

Will Tiger Woods Identify As Black As Scandal Intensifies? - I wonder if Tiger is going to pull an OJ or a Michael Jackson and all of a sudden discover that he's black?

Tiger Woods Bimbo Count Now Stands At 13 - Tiger Woods` list of paramours grew to 13 with the New York Post`s report linking him to Julie Postle, whose ex-boyfriend says had an affair with Woods five years ago, before and after he married Elin Nordegren."

Kitten Hitches 120-Mile Ride In Spare Wheel Of An SUV - A three-month-old kitten apparently hitched a 120-mile ride in the spare wheel well of a man's SUV.

Pop Tart Lady Gaga May Be Fined For Smoking On Stage - Lady Gaga may be facing a fine as she recently lit up a cigarette during a performance inside a British Columbia venue, where it is illegal to smoke indoors.


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