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Robert Paul Reyes

Fort Hood Tragedy: Clear Case Of Islamic Terrorism! - It is crystal clear that the Fort Hood massacre was the work of a Muslim terrorist. The American public is losing confidence in the mainstream media because they refuse to tell the truth.

Peter Howson's Horrifying Portrait Of Amy Winehouse - Artist PETER HOWSON's unusual portrayal of Amy will go under the hammer at a Scottish art auction on November 10.

Carrie Prejean X-Rated Sex Tape: Too Hot For The Internet - Now that is has come to light that Prejean freely allowed one of her lovers to film her as she masturbated, will the Jesus crowd still stand by the disgraced beauty queen?

Fool Dresses Like A Breathalyzer For Halloween, Gets Nabbed For DUI - A man dressed up as a Breathalyzer was pulled over and arrested for a DUI on Halloween night.

Breaking News: Massacre At Fort Hood - A pair of mass shootings at Ft. Hood military post in Texas left at least 7 dead and as many as 30 wounded Thursday, and one suspected gunman is on the loose, the Army said.

Top Ten Captions For Photo Of Madonna Yawning - LOS ANGELES (KABC) invited their readers to write a caption for this photograph of Madonna yawning during a breaking ground ceremony for her school in Malawi. Here are my top ten captions.

Michael Jackson Wasn't A Pedophile - Michael Jackson was a shy and abused child who grew up to be an adult with many psychological problems.

Video: Christopher Walken Channels Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga fancies herself as an avant garde performer, but she takes a back seat to the King of Quirkiness Christopher Walken.

Lady Gaga: The Ultimate Accessory Is The Condom - Lady Gaga is infamous for her wild accessories, namely silly hats and garish jewelry. Accessories make the woman, or in Lady Gaga's case, the man.

Top Ten Signs Lady Gaga Is A Dude - It's di rigeur for bimbo celebs to flash their goodies. Lady Gaga hasn't flashed her vagina, because she doesn't have a vagina.

Lady Gaga Kills Photographer With Her Ridiculous Outfit - AJ Sokalner died mere minutes after shooting Lady Gaga arriving at the ACES award.

Would You Book A Room In A Hotel That's In SPACE? - A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012.

Cleveland Serial Killer Body Count Keeps Climbing - Do serial killers have carte blanche to murder with impunity in low income communities? Do the authorities only investigate murders with all due diligence if the victims live in exclusive neighborhoods?

Paris Hilton Too Evil For Hello Kitty - I was browsing a tabloid when I spied a pic of Paris Hilton with a Hello Kitty purse. Don a white rob and climb the nearest mountain top, Jesus is coming! Surely this is a sign of the end times.

Louis Vuitton Kicks Madonna To The Curb - Move over Madge there's a new Louis Vuitton model in town.

Lady Gaga And Madonna Will Never Collaborate - Lady Gaga and Madonna garner a lot of press by dropping hints that they may perform together, but don't count on it.

Michael Lohan Fears Lindsay Lohan May Be Dead Within A Year - Michael Lohan cares more about garnering publicity than he does about the health and well being of his wayward daughter. He should be working behind the scenes to save his daughter, and not in the glare of the cameras.

Paris Hilton's Halloween Party: A Disaster - Paris Hilton's glamorous Halloween party ended in a fiasco after her security guards refused to let in hundreds of her VIP guests.

Yoga Guru Snubs Madonna - Pop diva Madonna was left fuming after well-known Indian yoga guru Bikram Choudhury refused to give her private lessons insisting that the singer would have to take classes with his other students.

Good God! Indonesia Bans Hot Babes In Tight Pants - I love The Ohio Players' ode to girls in tight jeans, good music, good times and good-looking women in tight pants, that's what I'm talking about


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