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Robert Paul Reyes

Don't Hate On Michael Jackson Because He Was Nominated For 5 AMAs - Singer Michael Jackson has been posthumously nominated for five American Music Awards (AMAs), including artist of the year.

Apartment Residents Told To Take Down American Flags - When the American flag is viewed as a controversial or divisive symbol, I worry that people have lost sight of what our great country stands for.

Lindsay Lohan Crazy In Love With Samantha Ronson - Lindsay Lohan is always complaining that the press won't leave her alone, and that they are always prying into her private life. But then the clueless bimbo spills the most intimate details of her personal relationships on Twitter.

Mooning A Train May Be Dangerous To Your Health - A German man mooning at railway staff in a departing train got his trousers caught in a door and ended up being dragged half naked along the platform, out of the station and onto the tracks.

Michelle Obama Doll Only $12.99 - Coming on Nov. 20: The Michelle Obama action figure.

Kanye West In Seclusion After VMA Disaster - Kanye West has gone into seclusion since ruining Taylor Swift's big day at the MTV VMA Awards. West canceled his upcoming tour with Lady Gaga, and he snubbed the BET awards despite being nominated for nine awards.

Hillbilly Busted: 929 Gallons Of Moonshine Found In His Shed - There may not be gold in them thar hills, but there's plenty of moonshine to keep a horde of hillbillies merry for many a moon. Police found 929 gallons of moonshine under Nance's shed.

Woman Sees Jesus In Kitchen Curtains - It's a visitor Barbara Brame says she never imagined having. She'll never forget the June day she believes Jesus came into her kitchen.

Obama Betrays Gays - After several months in the White House Obama has done nothing to advance the cause of gay rights. All gays and lesbians are able to squeeze from the president are words and more words.

Billy Ray Cyrus Urges Miley Cyrus To Return To Twitter - Miley Cyrus' fans aren't happy that the pop phenom closed her Twitter account Thursday. Especially one particular admirer, who just happens to be related to her.

Enough With The Madonna & Jesus Sham Relationship! - They're said to be close to marrying but Now can reveal the truth about Madonna's relationship with Jesus: they don't even sleep in the same bed and he lives in staff quarters.

Video: Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Raps About Why She Quit Twitter - In a new YouTube video Miley Cyrus raps out about her personal reasons for quitting Twitter,

Gaza Zoo: Donkey Painted With Stripes To Look Like Zebra - Two white donkeys dyed with black stripes delighted Palestinian kids at a small Gaza zoo on Thursday who had never seen a zebra in the flesh.

Why In God's Name Was Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize? - A surprised world greeted the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama with a mixture of praise and skepticism on Friday.

Outrage: Mike Vick Has Reality Show - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will star in an eight-part documentary series set to run on BET early in 2010.

Amy Winehouse's Neighbors Can't Stand Her - Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse has angered her neighbours with her early morning recording and loud partying.

Homer Simpson Advocate For Healthy Eating? - Forget all the pizza and doughnuts -- the British government wants fans of 'The Simpsons' to ditch junk food and eat more healthily.

Boomer: The World's Tallest Dog - Caryn Weber of Casselton, N.D. , says her dog measures seven feet from nose to tail, stands 36 inches tall at the shoulders, and weighs 180 pounds."

Tiger Mauls Idiot Intruder At Calgary Zoo - I'm glad that the zoo has no intentions of putting the tiger to sleep, the magnificent creature was simply protecting his territory.

Top Ten Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes For 2009 - Sarah Palin: You don't really need to buy a costume to look like the ditzy conservative, simply have your eyes dilated and folks will think you are her.


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