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Robert Paul Reyes

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet DVD, CD Due In March - U.S. pop star Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' concert is to be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD, it was announced Wednesday by Live Nation.

Guys Don't Like Painted Tarts Like Amy Winehouse - Millions of men think women wear too much make-up and prefer girls who adopt a more natural look, researchers found.

Is Playboy Tiger Woods In Sex-Rehab? - Forget the sex-rehab nonsense, the dirtbag golfer needs pride-rehab. Tiger needs to be grilled by a seasoned and tough reporter.

Woman Sees UFO During New Year's Eve Fireworks Show - A CHESHUNT mum was 'freaked out' after spotting several pink UFOs in the skies...

Video: Kooky Pat Robertson: Haiti Cursed By God - Pat Robertson said on his television show that it was all the Haitians fault for making a pact with the devil and rebelling against their French masters.

Mariah Carey Disses Paris Hilton - Despite Mariah Carey`s musical histrionics, she`s a talented singer who`s had a long and distinguished career. The Diva is a hot mess,

Lady Gaga's Profanity Lands MTV In Hot Water - Lady Gaga's foul mouth has landed her in trouble with broadcasting watchdogs - bosses at MTV have been forced to apologise after one of the singer's tirades was aired on TV.

Vatican: Avatar Worships Nature And Is Bland - The Roman Catholic Church should try something novel like ministering to the poor, instead of reviewing Hollywood blockbusters.

Amy Winehouse Undermining British Civilization - Winehouse hasn't released any new material since 2006, she's been dabbling in crack, alcohol, and Lord only knows what else.

General Motors Smacks Down Tiger Woods - GM kicks Tiger Woods to the curb.

Tiger Woods' Wife Back In Florida And Living In Her Own Mansion - Elin and the kids are back in town... and living on their own.

Carnival Cruise Line Kicks Cougar Club To The Curb - Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines wants to keep man-hunting cougars off its ships, so much so that it's banning the younger man/older woman cruises.

Roid Head Mark McGwire Admits Taking Steroids - Mark McGwire admits to taking steroids. Duh, it was obvious even to Stevie Wonder, that the slugger didn't develop his humongous arms by taking Flintstones vitamins.

Gatorade Tiger Woods Hoax - Gatorade revealed on Monday that fake Gatorade labels featuring a picture of Tiger Woods and the word 'unfaithful' on them have been found on bottles in Colorado stores.

Dirtbag Mel Gibson Feels Sorry For Scumbag Tiger Woods - Mel Gibson is teed off over the treatment of disgraced golfer Tiger Woods.

Clueless & Hopeless Sarah Palin Joins Fair & Balanced Fox News - Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, will take her message to Fox News as a regular commentator.

Amy Winehouse Blasts Her Meddling No-Good Dad! - "The troubled 'Back To Black' singer is furious with her 'embarrassing' dad, Mitch.

Hundreds Participate In No Pants Subway Ride - Hundreds of New Yorkers with an exhibitionist streak spent Sunday afternoon riding the subways in boxers, briefs and lacy panties during the ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride, despite chilly weather.

Pop Tart Britney Spears Losing Her Hair - Britney Spears had dyed her hair so many times, she's starting to lose her hair.

Doggies Flee To New York To Escape Paris Hilton - The first batch of homeless Chihuahuas will be arriving in New York from Los Angeles today.


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