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Robert Paul Reyes

Miley Cyrus Horrible Influence On Tweens - Miley Cyrus has been voted the worst celebrity influence of 2009 by the very people who made her a star, tweens and teens.

America Infested With Bedbugs: Max The Beagle To The Rescue - Max the Beagle is a certified bed bug scent detection dog working with Wil-Kil Pest Control in Madison.

Lindsay Lohan Unpaid Consultant For Ungaro - Lindsay Lohan might want to think about getting a part time job that actually pays.

Fans Flock To Michael Jackson's "This Is It" - Michael Jackson fans around the world flocked to screenings of 'This Is It' on Wednesday.

Madonna Like Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe? - MADONNA accepts she's no spring chicken anymore, describing herself as 'the old woman that lived in a shoe

Amy Winehouse Shows Off New Knockers To The Whole World - Some celebs like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have an occasional wardrobe malfunction, but Amy's new boobs bust out of her blouse as often as Oprah Winfrey gobbles a bon bon.

Company Paid Dude 470K Before Realizing He Wasn't Working - A New Jersey company paid a man nearly half a million dollars before realizing he wasn't working.

Celebrity Scientologists Are A Curse On Humankind - Scientology wants to convert the whole world, that's why this cult spares no effort to entice celebs to join their movement.

Bob Griese Tells Racist Joke About Juan Pablo Montoya - Griese is a broadcasting professional who knows that if he makes an inappropriate comment it's going to reflect badly not only on himself, but on ESPN and the network's advertisers.

British Brats Receiving Career Guidance - Children in British primary schools as young as nine are to receive advice via internet sites such as YouTube on their future career paths under a new scheme.

Hugo Chavez: Limit Showers To Three Minutes - Hugo Chavez called on Venezuelans to stop singing in the shower and to wash in 3 minutes because the oil-exporting nation is having problems supplying water.

Forget Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue", Buy The Nation's "Going Rouge" - A collection of rejected Penthouse Forum letters would be more edifying than Palin's book. Shame on those who buy Palin's book, may there children grow up to be as enlightened and intelligent as their idol.

Paris Hilton: I'm Down To Earth And Smart - 'In real life I'm completely different, I'm very down to earth, I'm smart, I know what's going on,' Paris Hilton told a British TV station last week"

Texas Woman Given Ticket For Being Non-English Speaking Driver - A Texas woman was given a ticket for being a non-english speaking driver, but after she got a lawyer, she found out there was no such law.

Video: Steve Phillips' Lover Is Bonkers - Baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been fired by ESPN after admitting to an affair with an assistant at the cable network.

President Obama Declares War On Fox News - Fox News' motto "Fair and Balanced" has as much credibility as Iran's claims that it maintains its nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Getting A Divorce Is Bad For The Planet - "Staying married is better for the planet because divorce leads the newly single to live more wasteful lifestyles, an Australian lawmaker said Tuesday."

Amy Winehouse Squandering All Her Money On Wild Lifestyle - We don`t expect pop stars to be saints, but if they are selfish crackheads we should think twice before showering them with our love and loyalty.

Blackbeard's Anchor Recovered - An anchor from the shipwreck believed to be Blackbeard's flagship,has been raised and can be viewed by the public before conservation of the artifact begins.

Lil' Wayne Gets One Year In Jail - Lil' Wayne is headed to the big house.


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