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Robert Paul Reyes

Fans Heartbroken Over Death Of King Of Pop - The man behind the world's biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken followers of the star have committed suicide because of his death.

Iowa State Fair To Feature Giant Butter Statue Of Michael Jackson - Iowa State Fair organizers announced Tuesday that they will have a statue of Michael Jackson made of butter.

Dude Sells Weed In Chicken McNuggets Box - Connecticut police have arrested a teen, accusing him of selling marijuana and packing it in a Chicken McNugget box.

Michael Jackson: The Jackie Robinson Of The Music Business - In 1983 MTV (under tremendous pressure) put Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" on heavy rotation. This video along with subsequent videos from Jackson's Thriller album obliterated the color barrier.

John Edwards Sex Tape Scandal - John Edwards and his former mistress Rielle Hunter once made a sex tape, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

Britney Spears Not Dead: Hacker Left False Message On Her Twitter Account - Britney needs to hire a personal assistant or a counselor who will lay down the law:

Jenny Sanford: Great American And Woman Of Integrity - If Gov. Mark Sanford doesn't resign, the General Assembly should kick him out of the governor's mansion for the same reasons his wife kicked him out of the family mansion. He's no longer fit to lead.

TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dies - Tampa police say Billy Mays, the television pitchman known for his boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died. He was 50.

Perez Hilton Ridicules Michael Jackson - Perez Hilton's coverage of Michael Jackson's death has brought the celebrity blogger more attention - but not because he broke any news.

Pabst: The Newly Crowned World's Ugliest Dog - A prominent under-bite, scrunched face and floppy ears are the hallmarks of a winner.

Mass Moonwalk Tribute For Michael Jackson King Of Pop - A huge crowd gathered in London, UK on Friday for a mass 'moonwalk' - paying tribute to Michael Jackson by dancing to his most iconic songs and replicating his famous walk.

Cheetos Brawl In Shelbyville Makes News All Over The World - A local couple arrested on domestic assault charges Sunday had an unusual choice of alleged weaponry -- Cheetos.

Mike Luckovich's Controversial Cartoon Of Michael Jackson's Death - Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Mike Luckovich has infuriated the fans of the gloved one by depicting the devil and St. Peter flipping a coin over who gets Michael Jackson.

America Mourns The Death Of Michael Jackson The King Of Pop - The death of the Prince of Pop has generated thousands of newspaper articles, millions of blogs and non-stop coverage on the all news cable networks.

Death Of Michael Jackson A Godsend To Thugs In Iran - The demise of the universally loved entertainer has been a godsend to the mullahs.

Stoned Wallabies, Not UFOs, Responsible For Crop Circles - Australian wallabies are eating opium poppies and creating crop circles as they hop around "as high as a kite."

King of Pop Michael Jackson Now Appearing in Heaven - As a young man Jackson's "Off The Wall", "Thriller" and "Bad" CD's sustained me through several career moves and several relationships.

Teen White Guy Released From Jail: Pretended To Be Adult Black Man - Myrtle Beach police are searching for an 18-year-old white man in jail on public intoxication charges who they say was accidentally released when he pretended to be a 34-year-old black man.

Dude Crashes When Wild Turkey Lands Inside Cab Of Manure-Hauling Truck - A wild turkey landed inside the cab of a manure-hauling tractor trailer, startling the driver and sending the truck rolling into a ditch.

Government Funded Program Pays Girls $1 Per Day Not To Get Pregnant - A buck-a-day -- that's the incentive being offered to young girls to keep them from getting pregnant.


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