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Robert Paul Reyes

Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant? - Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for Lindsay Lohan - the actress is reportedly pregnant.

Audience Thrilled When Storm Cuts Short Amy Winehouse Concert - Heavy rains forced the trouble-ridden British singer to cut short a performance at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival on Friday, her first gig in 2009. Fans couldn't have been more pleased, according to the BBC.

Christian School Bans Dancing, Rock Music And Hand Holding - Kids spend 90% of their time dancing, listening to rap and rock music and making out, and the other 10% avoiding homework.

Gribbles May Spark Green Revolution - The potent digestive enzymes that the gribble produces to convert wood into the sugars they live on, may help in the development of sustainable carbon-neutral fuels.

Madness In UK: Paramedic Wearing Just A Thong Walks Into Supermarket - A paramedic was facing disciplinary action today after he walked into a supermarket crowded with shoppers wearing just a thong

New Documentary "Outrage" Claims Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Is Gay - You don't have to be gay or be blessed with the gift of discernment to figure out that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is gay.

Carrie Prejean's Fate May Be Decided Monday - The Miss California USA pageant says its co-directors plan to address whether Carrie Prejean will hold onto her crown amid allegations of contract violations

Recent Movies Generating Controversy - Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and Angels & Demons generating controversy.

Madonna Hires English Tutor For Boy Toy Jesus Luz - Pop superstar MADONNA is spending a staggering $1,000 a week on a tutor to teach her Brazilian boyfriend English.

Dina Lohan: Mommie Dearest On Steroids - Dina Lohan is slamming recent reports that question her parenting skills and claim that her 15-year-old daughter, Ali, is socializing instead of studying.

Should Carrie Prejean Accept A Cool Million To Star In Porn Movie? - Carrie Prejean has been offered a whopping one million dollars for doing a porn movie role.

University Bans Shaking Hands At Graduation To Stop Spread Of Swine Flu - It's a graduation tradition: a congratulatory handshake along with your diploma. But the H1N1 flu virus has the University of Illinois at Chicago banning handshakes.

Respect The Constitution: Boycott National Day Of Prayer - Obama is planning a muted observance of today's National Day of Prayer, a response that has disappointed both Christians and an atheist group that wants to end the tradition.

Pop Tart Britney Spears Buys Oxygen Chamber To Protect Her Voice - Spears is buying a $20,000 oxygen chamber in a bid to protect her voice. Sources say she is currently very worried about bad air and its long term affects on her career.

Paris Hilton: I Can Bring About World Peace By Throwing A Party - Paris Hilton has suggested that she could end conflict between the US and other countries by throwing a party.

Lindsay Lohan Leading Her Younger Sis Straight To Hell - Lohan has always been and always will be a party girl. And while it wasn't enough that she messed up her own career, she's taking her lil sis Ali Lohan down with her

High School Teacher In Trouble: Called Creationism 'Superstitious Nonsense' - A federal judge ruled that a public high school history teacher violated the First Amendment when he called creationism 'superstitious nonsense'.

Born Again Hottie: Nude Pics Of Carrie Prejean - The first of a reputed six racy photos of Carrie Prejean, donning little more than her traditional family values, leaked online.

Baby Genius: 2-Year-Old Elise Tan-Roberts Joins Mensa - BRAINY Elise Tan-Roberts has become the youngest member of Britain's boffins' club Mensa at the age of TWO

Ignorance Prevails: Half Of Brits Don't Believe In Evolution - Half of British adults do not believe in evolution, with at least 22% preferring the theories of creationism or intelligent design.


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