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Robert Paul Reyes

Religious Police Sentence 75-Year-Old Woman To 40 Lashes - A 75-year-old Saudi Arabian woman has been sentenced to receive 40 lashes for hosting two unrelated men in her house.

Obama Offers New Parents Regular Visits From Trained Nurses - "We are going to offer 55,000 first-time parents regular visits from trained nurses to help make sure their children are healthy and prepare them for school and life." President Obama

Britney Spears Flashes Her Goodies At Concert In Tampa - Britney had a very well choreographed wardrobe malfunction during a show in Tampa. Spears made sure that even the fans in the nosebleed section knew about her "accidental" exposure.

Amy Winehouse Not Allowed To Enter US - Amy Winehouse will not get a work visa to travel to the US in time to perform at a leading music festival because she was charged with assault last week.

Liquor Control Board Hires Consultant To Teach Clerks To Be Happy - PA's Liquor Control Board is spending more than $173,000 to try to make workers friendlier and more well-mannered at the nearly 650 stores it operates.

Obama Lifts Restrictions On Federal Funding Of Stem Cell Research - Obama lifted restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, angering conservatives but cheering those who believe the study will produce treatments for many diseases.

Escaped Con Nabbed Trying To Sneak Back Into Jail - "Authorities say they arrested an escaped jail inmate trying to sneak back into the lockup with cigarettes allegedly stolen from a nearby store."

America Is Becoming More Secular - The percentage of Americans who adhered to no particular religion jumped from 8.2 percent in 1990 to 15 percent last year

Octomom's PR Flack Quits: This Woman Is Nuts - Publicist Victor Munoz officially resigned as Nadya Suleman's rep Friday night.

Priest Excommunicates MD For Giving 9-Year-Old Girl Pregnant With Twins An Abortion - A nine-year-old girl was pregnant with twins after being raped by her stepfather. Priest excommunicated doctor for giving her an abortion.

PETA: Fur-Loving Madonna Is The Worst Dressed Celeb - The animal rights group PETA isn`t too impressed with the Material Girl`s fashion flair. PETA has named the pop diva the worst dressed celebrity.

School Custodian Position Draws 700 Applicants - Nearly 700 people have applied for a single job as a school custodian

Catholic College Doesn't Allow Students To Pass Out Free Condoms - Should College senior Katie Freitas be allowed to pass out free condoms at a Catholic college?

Madonna Gets Freaky With Boy Toy At Da Club - When a DJ played a Britney Spears song, Madonna went bonkers aggressively making out with Jesus Luz, her new boy toy.

Do You Want Paris Hilton To Be Hit By Lightning? - Paris Hilton is the celebrity the British public would most like to see struck by lightning

Should Michael Steele Step Down As RNC Chairman? - A member of the Republican National Committee called yesterday for Michael S. Steele to step down as the party's national chairman.

Octomom Spawns Laws Regulating Fertility Clinics - If the government regulates fertility clinics, is that the first step towards limiting how many children a couple can have?

McDonald's Out Of McNuggets? Call 911 - Authorities say a Florida woman called 911 three times after McDonald's employees told her they were out of McNuggets.

Michael Jackson Planning Comeback Tour - The King of Pop is due to announce the mother of all comebacks - a string of concerts that organizers hope will net the financially troubled star millions

Will The Real Leader Of The GOP Please Stand Up - President Barack Obama is the undisputed leader of the Democratic Party, but who is the real leader of the GOP?


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