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Robert Paul Reyes

Woodstock Generation Still Getting High - Baby boomers, now well into middle age, are still turning on to illegal drugs, doubling the rates of illicit drug use for the older generation,

Putpockets Slip Money Into Unsuspecting Pockets - Aware that people are suffering in the economic crisis, 20 former pickpockets have turned over a new leaf and are now trawling London's tourist sites slipping money back into unsuspecting pockets.

Dude Steals Socks From Clothesline - A Palominas resident is out a dozen pairs of socks after someone snuck into his back yard early Monday and plucked the items from a clothesline.

Who The Heck Is Gonna Watch The Jackson Brothers' Reality Series? - Nobody gives a flying fig about the Jackson brothers, their reality show is going to bomb. I have more important concerns than how Tito is dealing with the death of his world-famous brother.

Lady Busted With 19 Bags Of Crack In Her Bra - A woman has been arrested after she was found hiding 19 bags of crack cocaine in her bra.

Michael Jackson Portrait By Andy Warhol Fetches Cool Million - If the portrait of Michael Jackson painted by Andy Warhol sold for only $1 million, the buyer got a great deal because it will only increase in value.

Should Muslim Lady Be Allowed To Wear Burkini In Public Swimming Pool? - French officials have banned a Muslim woman from swimming in a public pool while wearing a swimsuit that covers her entire body.

Clementine Lee, 10, Fined $50 For Selling Lemonade Without License - Three sourpuss Parks Department agents put the squeeze on a 10-year-old girl in Riverside Park yesterday, slapping the tyke with a $50 ticket for hawking lemonade without a permit.

Lady 'Pregnant" With 12 Babies A Hoax - Just a few days after a Tunisian woman claimed she was pregnant with a record-breaking 12 babies, the 34-year-old has been exposed as a fraud,

Rapper C-Murder Sentenced To Life In Prison - Rapper C-Murder was sentenced to a mandatory term of life in prison without parole in the '02 beating and fatal shooting of 16-year-old fan Steve Thomas.

My Response To Critics Of My "Advertisers Ditch Glenn Beck" Article - I'm not demanding that Big Brother shut down the Glenn Beck show, I am appealing to advertisers to pull their ads from Beck's program.

Madonna Celebrates Her 51st Birthday With Jesus - Madonna's celebrating her 51st birthday with some help from her 23-year-old boy-toy, Jesus Luz, and her family.

Every Time Dude Cheats He Buys Wife Diamonds - Every time British businessman Robert Charlton cheated on his wife, he bought her some extravagant jewelry to try to make amends.

Are Most Twitter Messages "Pointless Babble"? - Forty percent of the messages on Twitter are 'pointless babble' along the lines of 'I am eating a sandwich now,' according to a study conducted by a US market research firm.

Send God A Tweet - Alon Nir has opened a Twitter site,, where prayers can be sent for placement in the crevices of Jerusalem's Western Wall.

Video: Are You Brave Enough To Watch Clip of Paris Hilton's New Song? - The clip is only 46 seconds, I figure that is as much as the average person can take. Besides, I don't want to be sued for intentionally inflicting mental harm on my unsuspecting readers.

UFOs As Real As Easter Bunny Or Tooth Fairy - A cluster of UFO sightings over Britain in 1996 may have had more to do with public fascination with TV shows like the 'X Files' than extraterrestrial activity

Video: Parents Outraged Over Miley Cyrus Stripper Pole Performance - Some parents are questioning the propriety of Miley Cyrus using a stripper's pole as a prop during her performance on the Teen Choice Awards.

Advertisers Ditch Crybaby Glenn Beck - In what is shaping up to be one of the more effective boycott campaigns in years, advertisers are abandoning the 'Glenn Beck' show on Fox News.

Moms Stage Nurse-In At Fast Food Restaurant - Breastfeeding mothers had a 'nurse-in' Friday at a fast-food restaurant in Orlando, Fla.


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