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Robert Paul Reyes

Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF) Changes Name - LOL, this sounds like an AFJ, it's AFT that the folks at the Wisconsin Tourism Federation finally caught on to the meaning of "WTF"! I mean really, WTF!

Evil Lady Fries & Eats Husband's Pet Goldfish - A Pasadena woman won't be charged after police say she cooked up her common law husband's goldfish.

Crime-Ridden Chicago Doesn't Deserve 2016 Olympics - Chicago and Obama need to be publicly humiliated; I hope commonsense prevails and the Windy City loses its bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Dudes, Would You Join A Knitting Circle? - A knitting circle conjures up images of old broads knitting while they discuss their varicose veins and success or lack thereof at the Bingo game.

Lady Gaga Named Billboard's Rising Star Of 2009 - Lady Gaga will be honored as "Rising Star" at the 2009 Billboard Women in Music event Friday in New York.

Does Amy Winehouse Want To Settle Down And Have A Family? - Amy Winehouse's pal Kelly Osbourne claimed last week that the troubled pop star wants to 'have a family, settle down and be left alone'.

Drunk Footballer Jailed For Simulating Sex With Parking Meter - A DRUNK footballer's loudly simulated sex with a parking meter has been recounted in Cairns Magistrates' Court

Pop Tart Britney Spears Gets Joint Custody Of Her Kids - Britney and KFed will be splitting custody of their two kids through the end of the year, according to TMZ.

Did UFO Visit China During Solar Eclipse in 2009? - The UFO world is alive with speculation that China is about to reveal details of startling footage of a UFO taken during the solar eclipse on July 22.

Lindsay Lohan Booted From Hotel - Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have blowup fight in New York City.

Madonna's Bro Makes Fun Of The Material Girl - Madonna's brother is a catty little bit**. Normally we don't care for that, but since he's directing his insults toward his sister, we're thrilled.

Newsflash: Paris Hilton Buys A Book - While shopping for books (seriously, she was), Paris Hilton's bright pink princess Barbie Bentley was the recipient of a parking ticket.

Mika: Lady Gaga Doesn't Have Man Parts - Technicolor tunesmith Mika has paddled into the Lady Gaga gender debate by announcing his eccentric pop pal is all WOMAN.

Brits Obsessed Wtih UFO's - Jane and Nigel Brickett of Raven Close, were at home when they noticed a series of bright, orb-shaped lights hey thought could be UFOs.

Drugs Destroy Amy Winehouse's Teeth - We've all seen those pics of meth heads with decaying teeth, but Amy's choppers make those meth heads look like models for teeth whitening products.

Sarah Palin Uses Social Media To Reach Her Base - Relying almost exclusively on social media to get her message out, Palin has managed to carve out her own high-profile place in the national health care debate, on energy policy and on tort reform.

Video: 2006 Performance By A Normal-Looking Lady Gaga - This is a video of Lady Gaga performing "Hollywood" at the "Bitter End" in January of 2006. Witness Stefani Germanotta before she became "Lady Gaga": A pantless blond drag queen of dubious gender identity.

Lady Awarded 200K For Being Tased By Cop - Recently cops have gone Taser-happy, and municipalities need to introduce regulations strictly limiting the use of this dangerous weapon.

New Michael Jackson Song To Be Released: The King Lives! - This is the opening salvo of an onslaught of new Michael Jackson material, and I predict the new single will be a hit.

Amy Winehouse Spits On Teen Bully - Winehouse, 26, showed she can put a middle school bully in her place, spitting on and insulting her goddaughter's supposed torturer.


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