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Robert Paul Reyes

Robber Returns, Asks Victim For Date - A man suspected of robbing a North Side woman apparently couldn't resist returning to her home to ask for a date.

Lady Gaga Can't Shake Rumors She's A Man - Recently Lady Gaga was interviewed by a radio station, and the conversation quickly turned to the rumor that she's a man.

Michael Vick Speaks To High School Students - Michael Vick spoke to a group of 200 incoming freshmen on their first day of classes at Nueva Esperanza Academy.

Lady Gaga: Fame Has Made Me A Sex Symbol - Lady GaGa has credited fame for improving her popularity with the opposite sex.

H1N1 Prevents Catholics From Kissing Bottle Containing Saint's Blood - Fear of H1N1 flu will stop devout Neapolitans from performing the time-honoured ritual of kissing the blood of their patron Saint Gennaro.

Lady Gaga Collaborates With Michael Bolton - Lady GaGa continues to live up to her name with news of yet more unpredictable behaviour. This time she's planning to hook up with Michael Bolton.

Susan Boyle Channels Madonna - Madonna is amongst the acts Susan Boyle has covered on her upcoming debut album, it has been revealed.

WoW! The Seinfeld Reunion Will Be "Must See TV" - The 'Seinfeld' quartet is reuniting with that sitcom's co-creator Larry David for a multi-episode arc on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.'

Fans Don't Care That Lady Gaga May Be A Man - Lady Gaga's single 'Poker Face' is the most downloaded song in Britain in the five years since download charts were first compiled.

Right-Wing Racism & Paranoia Over Obama's Speech To Our Nation's Kids - The birthers, tea baggers, pro-life zealots, gun nuts, Palin sycophants, and town hall meeting trolls have managed to convince many Republicans that Obama is a dangerous radical.

Levi Johnston Spills The Dirt On Sarah Palin - Sarah Palin trotted out Bristol and Johnston during campaign appearances -- Johnston wearing a nice suit and Bristol radiant in her maternity dress.

Pop Tart Paris Hilton Sues Hallmark Cards - Paris Hilton may pursue her lawsuit against Hallmark Cards over its use of her picture and catchphrase 'That's hot' on a greeting card, a federal appeals court ruled.

Bank's Thumbprint Rule Irks Man Born With No Arms - A man who sought to cash his wife's check at her bank ran into an unusual problem: the teller wanted his thumbprint. Problem was, the man had no arms.

Lady Gaga May Pose Nude For PETA's Anti-fur Campaign - Lady Gaga has been quoting saying "I hate fur", so she would be a natural for PETA's "Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy To Pose For Playgirl - Burgeoning Levi Johnston has decided to accept an offer to pose for Playgirl - the only catch is that he won't be fully nude.

Midnight Snacks Will Leave You Looking Like Oprah Winfrey - Midnight raids on the fridge may have worse consequences than indigestion ...

Video: Is Lady Gaga Not A Lady? Is She A Man? - SINGER Lady GaGa has blasted rumours that she's a hermaphrodite as "ridiculous".

Madonna Exploits Her Daughter - Madonna is way too old to look sexy, she's reduced to pimping her daughter to promote her new greatest hits compilation.

Professor Stalks Weatherman Because His Forecasts Aren't Accurate - A professor, who for 2 years barraged weatherman Fritz Coleman with e-mails contending his forecasts are inaccurate, has been convicted of violating a judge's order to stop harassing him.

Should Catholics Say A Prayer Before Sex? - Roman Catholic couples are being encouraged to pray together before they have sex.


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