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Robert Paul Reyes

The King Of Pop's Chimp Bubbles To Pen Tell-All Book - Bubbles the chimp, Michael Jackson's one-time protégé, is set to release a tell-all memoir about his time with the late music icon.

Crazy Psychologist: Sex Without Condom Good For You - HAVING sex without a condom is good for your mental health, according to controversial research conducted by a leading Scottish psychologist.

Sarah Palin Is Just Another Paris Hilton - Sarah Palin is no shrinking violet, she's a Pitt Bull with lipstick who bares her teeth when attacked or ridiculed by the press.

Grad Sues Alma Mater Because She Hasn't Found A Job - "Trina Thompson, a 27-year-old graduate of Monroe College in the Bronx, N.Y., is suing her alma mater for $70,000 in tuition money.

Why Isn't Sarah Palin Tweeting? - Palin promised to keep in touch with her legion of tea bagging fans via Twitter and Facebook, they are worried sick about her silence.

Is It Sexist To Argue That Sarah Palin's Best Move Is To Stay At Home? - Palin is so clueless she doesn't realize the Quixotic nature of her quest for the White House. Palin will never expand beyond her base of birthers, tea baggers, gun nuts, evangelicals, and pro-life zealots.

Amy Winehouse's Dad Makes A Record - Amy Winehouse's dad, Mitch, is a taxi driver. But he's started recording an album of Frank Sinatra covers, along with a sprinkling of his own songs

Do You Respect Someone Who Worked For McDonald's For 20 Years? - Marlene Wickerink and Janet Chapman ended their McDonald's careers this month with more than 40 years of service between them.

Is Sarah Palin Going To Divorce Her Husband? - The former Alaska governor has no plans to divorce, insists a Palin spokeswoman, flatly denying Internet reports that the former Republican vice presidential candidate and her husband, Todd, are splitting up.

Video! William Shatner Channels Sarah Palin - Shatner is a pimp (that's a compliment), and he is beloved by people of all ages. He isn't afraid to tackle any role, and recently he took on the challenge of channeling Sarah Palin.

Catholic Archbishop: Text Messaging Undermining Community Life - The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales is concerned that excessive use of emails and mobile phone text messaging is creating shallow friendships and undermining community life.

Pope Benedict To Release CD In Homage To Virgin Mary - Pope Benedict XVI has signed with a major record label to cut an album of songs and prayers to the Virgin Mary.

Is Omer Bhatti Michael Jackson's Son? - Joe Jackson asserts Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old dancer and aspiring rapper from Oslo, Norway is the pop icon's estranged fourth child.

Katherine Jackson Wins Custody Of Michael Jackson's Children - Michael Jackson's mother will get custody of the late pop star's three children after reaching an agreement with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, avoiding a custody battle only days before a court hearing on the matter.

Sand Sculpture Tribute To The King Of Pop - A sand sculpture has been made of Michael Jackson as a tribute to the singer.

Glenn Beck: Obama Has Deep-Seated Hatred Of White People - FOX News host Glenn Beck dialed up his rhetoric against President Obama Tuesday, branding the president a 'racist' in an appearance on the morning show 'Fox and Friends.'

Who Says A Monopoly Game Can't Be Violent? - Kenneth Anthony Repke was charged with assault and battery for allegedly hitting a woman during a game of Monopoly.

Joan Rivers Drops F-bomb On Live TV. Can't Take A Joke! - Joan Rivers is so old and plastic surgeons have stretched her face so tight, I'm surprised the old broad can still talk. After an interview the comedian has to rest her big mouth for the rest of the day.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Of Madonna's Arms - Madonna or Madge as she is known now that she's a bit older looks marvelous for her age, as long as she keeps her arms covered.

Careful What You Tweet! You Could Be Sued. - Sued over a tweet? Yep. A realty company in Chicago sued a tenant for a comment about mold.


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