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Robert Paul Reyes

Paris Hilton Gives Susan Boyle Tips On How She Can Be Hot - I think Susan has an amazing voice.' Paris Hilton told Extra when asked about the woman that's a billion times more popular than she is. 'But she needs to work on the pose.

Military Planes Frequently Mistaken For UFOs - Spy and stealth planes - some with bizarre, bat-shaped wings, others with triangular silhouettes that imply otherworldly designs - have long generated UFO sightings

Are UFOs Invading Vail Valley, Colorado? - Recently there have been reports of Unidentified Flying Objects around the Vail Valley area, including five in Eagle County.

Lady Freaks Out When She Discovers Cat Buried In Garden - A woman planting tomatoes was shocked when she was turning over the soil in her garden to plant tomatoes and found cat paws sticking out.

Surfer Smuggles Weed On Surfboard - The Border Patrol said a man has been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle 24 pounds of marijuana ashore on his surfboard.

American Idol Star Adam Lambert: I'm Proud To Be Gay - "I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay," Lambert says.

Indians Pray To Frog That Changes Colors - A FROG that constantly changes colour is being worshipped as a GOD in India.

Newsflash: Topless Photos Of Britney Spears Surface On The Net - Topless photos of Britney Spears -- ones we probably all knew existed-- have finally surfaced online.

Lindsay Lohan Goes Cuckoo At Cuckoo Nightclub - How appropriate that Lohan found refuge in the Cuckoo nightclub, the pop tart's cuckoo behavior won't stand out as much in a club patronized by Eurotrash, poseurs and celebrity skanks.

Miami Beach Gives Celebrity Rooster Mr. Clucky 7 Days To Get Out Of Town - Mr. Clucky is to Miami Beach what the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco, if Mr. Clucky is kicked out of town this popular tourist destination will lose its soul.

Lance Armstrong And Anna Hansen Announce Birth Of Baby Boy On Twitter - Lance Armstrong posted a message on his Twitter account and included a picture of the newborn, playfully sticking out his tongue at the camera.

Train Wreck Amy Winehouse Wants A Black Baby - I pray Winehouse will never adopt a baby, she is too wasted to raise a hamster let alone a baby. I wouldn't even trust Amy with a Barbie doll, she would probably yank off the doll's head and use it as a bong.

Couple Accused Of Spying For Cuba For 30 Years - A retired State Department worker and his wife have been arrested on charges of spying for Cuba over three decades.

End That Cell Phone Call Or I'll Tase You Bro - Ushers in movie theatres and waitpersons in restaurant should be armed with Tasers, and any creep who uses his mobile phone in these public venues should immediately be tasered.

"Bring Your Gun To Church Day" Stirs Up Controversy - A pastor in Kentucky is redefining the tradition of wearing your Sunday best to services by encouraging his congregation to strap on holsters and bring their weapons to church.

David Carradine Found Dead In Bangkok Hotel - Actor David Carradine, who broke through as the willing student called 'grasshopper' in the TV series 'Kung Fu' and decades later in 'Kill Bill,' was found dead in Thailand.

Starchild Skull: Human Or Alien? - The Starchild skull is a very unusual humanoid skull which has been found around 1930 by a girl in a long-abandoned mine tunnel in Mexico.

Lady Brings Home 3 Strangers From A Bar And Chaos Ensues - A woman invited three people from a bar to her home, and an argument erupted over a pair of shoe

Boobs Burn Grandview Topless Coffee Shop - An early morning fire destroyed a topless coffee shop in Maine that created a controversy when it opened in February.

It's An Outrage That The History Channel Broadcasts "UFO Hunters" - Why does the History Channel broadcast UFO Hunters, shouldn't this inane program about grown men chasing imaginary objects be aired on the Sci-Fi Channel?


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