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Robert Paul Reyes

A Soup Kitchen For Dogs? - Criticism of a soup kitchen for dogs is unwarranted, it is our duty to care for animals who can`t fend for themselves.

Dick Cheney Endorses John McCain:OMG - "Vice President Dick Cheney made a rare campaign appearance yesterday, throwing his support behind GOP presidential candidate John McCain before

Teen Pregnancies Tied To Sexy TV Shows - "Groundbreaking research suggests that pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior than among

Don't Forget To Vote - After almost two years the 2008 presidential campaign is finally over. No more robo calls, negative ads, talking heads and bewildering and often contradictory

DJ Punks Sarah Palin - "Sarah Palin has been hoodwinked by a French Canadian radio host posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Obama's Aunt Living Illegaly In United States - The 2008 presidential campaign has bestowed quite a few dubious characters with their precious fifteen minutes of fame: Joe the Unlicensed Plumber, Tito the

Drag Queens Love To Impersonate Sarah Palin - Palin believes that homosexuality is a sin, but she should send a shout out to her fans in West Hollywood on her next stump speech.

Touch My Rash: A Punk Rock Band On The Rise - America is still the land of opportunity, where only your desire and imagination limits how much you can accomplish.

Sarah Palin A Disaster For The Republican Party - I like to read foreign publications to get their read on the United States presidential election, and this guy from the UK is spot on in his assessment.

Issues Obama And McCain Need To Address - It`s the economy, stupid. Understandably, with the economy in a tailspin this subject has been dominating the election in the last few weeks.

Controversial Church Sign: God Love You, Allah Hates - "JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- `God Loves You, Allah Hates,` reads a sign posted outside a Mandarin church. The marquee has grabbed the attention of some and offended others.

John McCain Is Winning The Cat Litter Box Vote - "To put it in a tasteful way, a vote in Ohio is determining which White House hopeful is the pick of the litter.

Joe Lieberman Disses Sarah Palin - Replying to a question from The Stamford Advocate during a conference call on Friday, Lieberman said of Palin, `Thank God she`s not going to have to be president from day one. McCain`s going to be alive and well.`

Girl Finds $1000 In a Used Richard Simmons Videotape - The video store I frequent has a bin of used VHS tapes for $1 a pop, and the same tapes have been there for months.

George Bush's Attack On Syria A Political Ploy - "Iraq on Tuesday slammed a deadly American helicopter raid on a Syrian border village at the weekend, an assault a US official in Washington said had

Touch Screen Voting Machines Not Working Properly - Young people are comfortable with electronic devices, on a daily basis they interact with touch screen computer monitors, cell phone keypads and game console joysticks.

Who Wants A Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch Kid Doll? - "For those that remember the ever popular Cabbage Patch Kids, there is a new doll that will soon be hitting eBay for charity.

Sarah Palin Off and Running For 2012 - The electorate isn`t fooled by Palin`s $150,000 wardrobe and her down-home persona, her approval ratings are in the gutter.

Atheist Bus Ad: There's Probably No God - Evangelical Christians who adopt this confrontational approach aren`t going to gain many converts.

Colorado Couple Gets Free Weed With Their Order Of Tacos - "A Colorado couple found an unusual topping on their order of tacos: a small bag of marijuana.


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