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Robert Paul Reyes

Lindsay Lohan: My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours - A few years ago Lindsay Lohan was sashaying down red carpets, and appearing at world premieres of her movies. The anorexic star is now reduced to hawking a fake tan spray and hawking a milkshake named after her.

Prudes' Panties In Twist Over Nude Sculpture At Shopping Center - Parents in Florida are complaining about a sculpture of a nude family outside a shopping center west of Delray Beach.

Is Lindsay Lohan A Genius? - MOTHER of actress Lindsay Lohan, Dina, says the troubled star is a 'genius', media reported on Wednesday.

The King Of Pop's Nose Is Missing - Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose, according a report - and it was missing from his surgically mangled face as he lay in an LA morgue.

Flat-Rate Brothel: Entry Fee Entitles You To Endless Sex, Food And Drink - Prostitutes in Germany are fighting back against attempts by conservative politicians and some irate residents to stop popular 'flat-rate' brothels.

Dude Threatens To Go Postal On Telemarketer - Charles Papenfus was arrested at the Fostoria Police Dept. and taken to St. Louis, Mo., on a charge that he threatened to kill a telemarketer.

Silly Girl Falls Into Open Manhole While Texting - It was an accident waiting to happen -- an open sewer and a 15-year-old girl who was texting while she walked.

The Arrest Of Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Disturbing Example Of Racism - I`ll be the first one to admit that we`ve come a long way towards achieving racial equality, but racism is still firmly entrenched in our society.

Is Paula Abdul Leaving American Idol? - Paula Abdul may not return to 'American Idol' for a ninth season, her manager claimed in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Gays Fight Mormon Intolerance With Kiss-In - The Jesus Christ of the Gospels, who never uttered a single word against homosexuality, would have joined the kiss-in.

Baseball Team's "Salute To Pregnancy": Good Or Bad Idea? - The Brooklyn Cyclones offered a Lamaze class in center field before Sunday night`s game. It was one of the activities as part of the `Bellies and Baseball: A Salute to Pregnancy` event.

Invasion Of Giant Squid: Real Life, Not Horror Movie - Thousands of jumbo flying squid, aggressive 5-foot-long sea monsters with razor-sharp beaks and toothy tentacles, have invaded the shallow waters off San Diego.

Space Station Toilet Breaks Down - The new toilet in the U.S. Destiny laboratory module aboard the International Space Station, currently hosting a combined crew of 13, malfunctioned today.

Newsflash: Lindsay Lohan Likes To Shock People - Lindsay Lohan looks sweet and innocent with her freckles and her naturally red locks. I wish she wouldn`t dye her hair blond and cover up her freckles.

Octomom Update: Octoghost, Octokid Goes Bonkers And More Drama - The National Enquirer suggested that one of Suleman's children attacked Grandma with a steak knife.

Clumsy Dentist Drops A Tool Down Patient's Throat. Twice! - A Florida dentist is being sued for allegedly dropping tools down the throat of an elderly patient - twice.

Cowardly Monster Robs Teen Girl Working At Snow Cone Stand - Investigators said an armed man seemed reluctant, but robbed a 16-year-old girl working at a snow cone stand anyway.

LaToya Releases Single As Tribute To Michael Jackson - A song LaToya Jackson previously recorded to honor her family is now being re-released as a tribute to her brother Michael.

Adult Flick Pokes Fun At Lindsay Lohan - The Larry Flynt empire serves up a skin flick starring a Lohan look-a-like trysting with Ron Jeremy while a Samantha Ronson 'doppelganger looks on.

Video: Madonna Pays Tribute To Dead Stagehands At Concert In Italy - Two stagehands were killed this week when rigging collapsed as workers were building a stage for a Madonna concert in Marseille, France.


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