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Robert Paul Reyes

TLC Should Pull The Plug On Jon & Kate Plus 8 - A production break isn't long enough for Jon & Kate to deal with the aftermath of the dissolution of their marriage, after four seasons it's time to pull the plug on the reality show.

A Salute To Ed McMahon: King Of The Second Bananas - Ed McMahon, who died Tuesday in Los Angeles, will be remembered mostly as the man who sat next to Johnny Carson, except when more important celebrities came between them.

Ton Of Pot Goes Up In Smoke - 2,000 pounds of pot worth $6 million went up in smoke in Hillsborough County, Florida, destroyed in a TECO waste-to-energy incinerator.

TSA Goon Squad Harasses Ron Paul Associate - Bierfeldt is by no means the only passenger who has been harassed by TSA thugs, Bierfeldt's harassment at the hands of TSA goons only came to light because he recorded the interrogation with his iPhone.

Lady Claims She Was Evicted Because She Decorated Door With Peeps - A woman is going to court claiming she was wrongly evicted from her apartment because she kept her Easter decorations on her door for two weeks after the holiday.

Samantha Ronson Turns Away A Pleading Lindsay Lohan - LiLo hit rock bottom when she turned up at 2.30am and started knocking furiously on on-off girlfriend SaRo's front door

Black Ring: UFO, Sign From God Or Smoke From Volcano? - A Virginia family believes the black ring they saw in the sky during a trip to an amusement park was a sign from God.

Are Ryan Seacrest And Lindsay Lohan An Item? - Linsday Lohan and Ryan Seacrest were snapped partying late into the night at her room at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, before moving the party over to his house.

Beyonce Knowles Out Of Control In London - Beyonce is famous for two things: Having a bootylicious butt, and being married to a thug rapper. She has no discernable talent as a singer, dancer or actress.

Brent Bozell Rails Against Online Porn - AN American nonprofit group devoted to 'traditional American values' has called on Google to be more vigilante about limiting access to online porn.

Brooksville City Employees Ordered To Wear Underwear - A Florida city is cleaning up with a new dress code that requires city workers to wear underwear and use deodorant.

Born Again Hottie Carrie Prejean Threatens To Sue Miss California Officials - Prejean is on a mission from God to wreak vengeance on the Miss California officials for stripping her of her crown.

PETA Upset With Barack Obama For Killing A Fly - PEOPLE for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is upset with Barack Obama killing a fly during a televised interview

Cheeseburger In A Can? No Way! - Swiss outdoor goods maker Katadyn has created an easy-eating solution -- the cheeseburger in a can.

Did Lindsay Lohan Steal Expensive Diamonds? - If a crime occurs and Lindsay Lohan was anywhere near the crime scene -- she's the culprit. If an expensive fur coat is missing at a night club where Linds is in attendance, police round up the usual suspect: Lohan.

Lady Gaga Doesn't Want To Look Like Amy Winehouse - Lady Gaga recently admitted to dyeing her hair blonde just to avoid people confusing her with the "Rehab" singer.

Lindsay Lohan Posts Scary Skinny Topless Pic On Twitter - On Tuesday, Lohan sent a scary skinny topless photo of herself to her Twitter followers with the caption 'OLD PHOTOS. I'm THAT bored.'" FoxNews.Com

Women Trying To Skip On Their Bill Crash Into Restaurant - Four women trying to skip out on their bill at an International House of Pancakes ended up plowing into the Detroit restaurant as they sped away.

McDonald's Worker Faces Felony Charge For Spitting On Cop's Egg McMuffin - Authorities said a man faces a felony charge after allegedly spitting on a police officer's McDonald's breakfast sandwich.

Park In Your Own Driveway? You're A Scofflaw! - Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways.


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