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Robert Paul Reyes

Not Too Important When Troops Come Home From Iraq, Says McCain - The Obama campaign -- with surrogates Sen. John Kerry, foreign policy adviser Dr. Susan Rice and former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig -- held

The Obamas' Terrorist Fist Jab? - E.D Hill of Fox News had a unique (crazy?) perspective on the Obamas` fist bump.

Survey: Women Think Of Shopping As Often As Men Think About Sex - The findings is quite evident from the study, which has shown that 75 per cent of young women think about shopping almost as often as young men think about sex.

Canadian Government Mandates That Stores Keep Cigarettes Out Of View - The provincial governments want to discourage the habit by `de-normalizing` the presence of cigarettes...

Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones Sell Details Of Affairs With Clinton On Web For $1.99 - Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are offering Internet viewers the lurid details of encounters they claim they had with former President Clinton.

2008 Stanley Cup Champions: Congratulations Detroit Red Wings - Hockey is a great sport and it has a fanatical following in Canada, but it`s a niche sport in this country.

As Hillary Sits at Home Pondering...Should She Dump Bill Clinton? - A few months ago Hillary Clinton was flush with cash and optimism.

The GOP Attacks Michelle Obama - Obama doesn`t need to choose Hillary or any other woman as his Veep to bolster his feminist credentials, he is on the right side of all the issues that are important to women.

Barack Obama And John McCain: The Difference In Style Couldn't Be Greater - After a long and bitter Democratic race, Sen. Barack Obama has finally clinched the nomination, and now it`s on to the general election.

Flip-flops Make You Look Like a Dweeb and They Are Bad For Your Feet - Clint Eastwood`s Dirty Harry character most famous lines are "Go Ahead, make my day", and "Do you feel lucky, well do ya punk?"

Should Airlines Charge Chubby Passengers More? - American Airlines charges $15 for one checked bag, and I think that`s a reasonable fee. But I wish they would charge $50 or more for each carry-on

Clint Eastwood In A Showdown With Spike Lee: Shut Ya Face - Clint Eastwood has advised rival film director Spike Lee to `shut his face` after the African-American complained about the racial make-up of Eastwood

Howard Dean Says "No" To Special Interests -- Maybe - Obama managed a 21st century campaign that banned lobbyists, and relied on financial support from small donors via the Internet.

People all over the world love Barack Obama - Obama will not get us entangled in a conflict with Iran, he will exhaust all diplomatic means and engage in hostilities only as a last resort.

Star Trek's Sulu (George Takei) To Wed Gay Lover - The original Star Trek series was ahead of its time; it featured an interracial ensemble cast. Nichell Nichols-- an African American-- was the

Hillary Clinton Finally Speaks Out Against Campaign To Name Her VP - Now that Sen. Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, his most important task in the immediate horizon is choosing a

Should Obama accept McCain's invitation to visit Iraq with him? - A couple of weeks ago, in a desperate attempt to garner media coverage, McCain invited Obama to visit Iraq with him. This wasn`t a sincere request.

Buried In Can of Pringles - When I think of Pringles potato chips the following words come to mind: Delicious, crispy and fresh.

The Howard Stern Show Gets a Hot Teacher Fired For Playing Hooky - "The Board of Education holds all staff to a very high standard," School Superintendent Joseph V. Erardi Jr. said Friday.

Republicans No Longer Touching Themselves - The GOP is out of touch when it comes to all the hot issues: Iraq, national health care, foreclosure crisis...


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