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Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump Cruelly Mocks Christine Blasey Ford: Video - This video perfectly captures the shallowness and depravity of our commander-in-chief. Look at the showman as he stands behind the seal of the President of the United States, and cruelly mocks a survivor of sexual assault.

Snoop Dogg Calls Kayne West an Uncle Tom - Snoop Dogg is not one to mince words, and the Doggfather flat-out called Kanye an Uncle Tom in wake of his Trump-loving coonery.

The Christian Broadcasting Network Set to Launch 24-Hour News Channel - A Christian TV network is entering the crowded world of 24-hour news broadcasting at a time when the mainstream news media is under increasing attack by President Donald Trump and some of his supporters, many of them evangelicals.

Imagine if Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Had a Love Child - But the First Lady is reportedly furious that Trump showed Stormy Daniels a picture of baby son Barron right before he poked her with is mushroom-shaped baby penis.

Karen Pence Refused to Kiss Mike Pence After Trump Won the Election - Mother refused to kiss her hubby after Trump won the election.

Donald Trump is a Functional Illiterate - Donald Trump has the grammar skills of a dyslexic fifth grader, and listening to his speeches on a regular basis is guaranteed to knock off twenty points from your IQ.

Is Bongo Cat God? - How can Bongo Cat not be an Internet sensation? Cats are adorable, and drums are cool!

Donald Trump Claims He Wanted the UN to Laugh at His Speech - Impeach Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Laughed at by UN for Saying His Administration Has Accomplished Most in History - Trump is a clown.

Detroit Police Officer Fired for Calling Residents 'Zoo Animals' - The Detroit Police Department confirmed on Monday that it had fired an officer and opened an investigation into his conduct after a picture he posted to Snapchat with a racially-charged message went viral.

Eight Reasons Why Sex Robots are Superior to Prostitutes - Sex with a human prostitute dehumanizes the woman, and sex with a sex robot dehumanizes the John. My suggestion is to find a loving (human) partner and enjoy a monogamous relationship, and steer clear of sex robots and prostitutes.

Gavin Newsom Compares Donald Trump to Pennywise the Clown - Donald Trump calling a politician a clown is like Mike Tyson berating a friend for giving his girlfriend a hickey.

Plastic Jesus Vandalizes Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - In fact, I wish Plastic Jesus would run for president in 2020, he would do an infinitely better job than the false Messiah elected by white evangelicals, racists, rednecks and other assorted riff-raff.

White Evangelical Leaders Want Senate Republicans to Crucify Christine Blasey Ford - White evangelicals care more about advancing their political agenda than they do about the victims of sexual predators like Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

Staring at Your Phone Makes Your Dog Sad - Spending hours staring at your phone is making your dog sad, according to one expert.

Joe Biden: Donald Trump's Supporters are 'Dregs of Society' - Screw these dregs of society, who are nothing but a speed bump in history as our democracy races to a multi-culture future.

Mike Pence Evangelical From Hell Will Turn America into a Theocracy - A person can be defined by what he hates: Martin Luther King, Jr hated racial discrimination and social injustice, Mother Teresa hated poverty and human suffering, and Pence hates gays and lesbians, science and educated women.

The Weather Channel Meteorologists Are Drama Queens - I devote about five minutes per week to the TWC programming, but when there's a major hurricane threatening the east coast, TWC is Must See TV.

Donald Trump Tried to Remove Braille From Trump Tower Elevators - President Trump in the early 1980s asked an architect to remove Braille from planned residential elevators in Trump Tower in New York.

Does Your Cat Hate You? - Even though I don't know if my love is reciprocated, I still adore my cats. I suspect that they really do love me, but they have issues expressing their affection.


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