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Robert Paul Reyes

Swiss Court Rules Buffet Restaurant Not at Fault for Woman Slipping on Potato - A Swiss court tossed out a criminal complaint brought against a restaurant by a woman who slipped on a potato and mashed her elbow.

Which is More Reprehensible: Statue of Satan, Penguin or Christopher Columbus? - The former home of a mysterious nude Satan statue in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now hosting another piece of unsanctioned art -- a bowtie-clad penguin.

10,000 Pigeons Get 'Anal Security Check' in China - Chinese communist birdbrains believe the birds may be weaponized, but the only real problem is thousands of pigeons crapping on millions of celebrants.

Rolling in the Deep: Who Sings it Better Aretha Franklin or Adele? Video - In the same way that Aretha made "Respect" her own she makes "Rolling in the Deep" her own.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Came Out When Dad Found Stolen Gay Porn - Jesse Tyler Ferguson came out to his father in an unexpected and humiliating way.

Outrage: Husain Abdullah Prays to Allah After Scoring Touchdown: Video - The NFL says a Kansas Chiefs player should not have been penalized after sliding to his knees in a Muslim prayer following an interception return for a touchdown.

Bee Freaks Out Bubble-headed Bleach Blond Meteorologist on Live TV: Video - It`s not too much to expect a modicum of professionalism from a TV meteorologist " shame on you Ms. Ketchmark!

Poop Prank Ends With Taser Attack: Video - A pair of Czech YouTube stars carrying out pranks in the United States said a fake poop stunt went horribly wrong when a Lamborghini owner pulled out a Taser.

Viral Video: Ohio State Coach Punishes Moron Who Rushes The Field: There is a God! - Schlegel deserves a raise for his yeoman`s work in dispatching this creep.

Outrage: New York Post Cover Calls Chelsea Clinton's Baby, 'Party Pooper' - Now a New York Post cover depicting Hillary in an outhouse with the caption "Still Full of Crap After all These Years", would be sound journalism.

Sarah Palin Flubs White House Address in Speech! 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue! Really? - Nothing can stop Sarah Palin; she`s on a mission from God to proclaim family values, and even her recent bacchanalian birthday bash for her husband that required cops to break up hasn`t caused her to hang her head in shame or to keep a low profile.

Stay of Execution for Bird Living in Grocery Store - It`s great when feathers get unruffled and panties get untwisted and common sense prevails.

Slot Machine Luck Saves Gambler From Jail - Police in Germany said a gambler about to be taken away to jail suddenly won enough money from a slot machine to pay off his fine.

Chelsea Gives Birth to Baby Girl! Congratulations Bill and Hillary Clinton! - Bill and Hillary Clinton have become grandparents after their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, gave birth to a daughter named Charlotte.

Bear Prevents Slacker Mailman From Delivering Package - A British Columbia man said a postal worker who failed to deliver a package to his porch left behind a note explaining why: Bear at door.

UFO Invasion of Portsmouth a Hoax! Pranksters Come Forward: Video - Several images of an unidentified object hovering over Portsmouth did the rounds last week, sparking speculation that the city could be the landing site of an invasion of green-skinned aliens.

Ghost in Surveillance Video Scares Bejesus Out of Cop: Video - Espanola Police Officer Karl Romero was watching surveillance video on Sept. 20 when he spotted a ghost-like figure moving through the parking lot.

Murata Cheerleaders: Robotic Cheerleaders Precursors of Doom: Video - The Murata robotic cheerleaders may be more fascinating to watch than Olympics synchronized swimmers, but I hope they never replace the well-endowed NFL cheerleaders.

Sawmill Owner Sees Jesus in Tree Trunk - This certainly gives a new meaning to"WWJD." (What Wood Jesus Do)

Hottest Mug Shot in History of Western Civilization: Video - Let`s hope that Angela will have learned her lesson, and the only "disorderly conduct" in her future is an accidental wardrobe-malfunction.


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