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Robert Paul Reyes

Pence May be Dropped From Trump's 2020 Ticket! Top 9 New Career Choices - CHAPERONE FOR HIGH SCHOOL PROMS We can all imagine him admonishing amorous young couples on the dance floor to "leave enough room for the Holy Ghost."

Melania Trump is un-American! - Melania Trump is un-American.

Donald Trump Considering Kicking Mike Pence to the Curb - Trump hosted a 2020 strategy meeting with a group of advisers. Among the topics discussed was whether Mike Pence should remain on the ticket.

On the Death of My Cat Ebony - Rest in Peace Sweet Ebony.

Donald Trump Shocks America by Saluting the Casket of George HW Bush - The unmitigated gall of Cadet Bone Spurs saluting a genuine war hero shocked a nation.

Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees Don't Represent the Blood of Jesus Christ! - The Christmas tree is an ancient pagan phallic symbol. When Christians trim the tree with glass ball ornaments and tinsel, they are paying homage to the pagan fertility symbol, with the tree representing the phallus, the glass ball ornaments the testicles and the tinsel the semen.

You Will Have to Pry My Can of Tuna From My Cold, Dead Hands - Canned tuna, a lunchbox staple from the 20th century, is fighting to keep its spot in American cupboards.

Moron Brett Favre Duped into Recording anti-Semitic Message - How low can Favre sink, can we look forward to him selling autographed photographs of his penis?

Donald Trump and His White Evangelical Followers Make Me Vomit - Donald Trump campaign rallies are composed of racist rednecks, white evangelical reprobates, embittered blue-collar whites and a sprinkling of Uncle Toms and establishment Republicans.

James Woods Blasts Magazine Publishers for Snubbing Melania Trump - It's understandable why magazines flinch from putting Melania on a cover, Woods can celebrate her by pleasuring himself while looking at her old nude pics.

Melania Trump's Evil Bloody-Red Christmas Trees - If Donald Trump was responsible for decorating the White House for Christmas the trees would be blinking neon, mistletoe would be hung in the womens bathrooms, and the White House would be lit up like a whorehouse.

Donald Trump Refers to Himself as 'President T' - Only a narcissist refers to himself in the third person, and only a fuc*ing moron bestows upon himself a nickname.

White Evangelicals a Threat to Our Nation! We Can't Wait for God to Smite Them! We Must Act Now! - I could never be persuaded to take up arms against al-Qaeda or ISIS in Afghanistan or Iraq, but I will gladly take up metaphorical arms against white evangelicals in America.

Shawn Mendes Looks Gay and Acts Gay, But is He Really Gay? Does it Matter? - How many times will Shawn Mendes have to say hes not gay for people to believe him?

Crazy Cat Lady Rescuing Her Kitty Gets Stuck in Tree - A woman in North Highlands got stuck in a tree Thursday and had to be rescued by Sacramento Metro Fire personnel after trying to rescue a cat, according to a tweet from Metro Fire.

Jim Carrey's Latest Anti-Trump Cartoon is Another Masterpiece - Keep up the good work Jim Carrey, you can bet Trump throws a tantrum whenever you post a new cartoon online.

Outrage: RNC Peddling Donald Trump Merchandise - I'm not going to be buying any Trump merchandise, one day a MAGA hat will be consigned to the dustbin of history along with a Richard Nixon's the One campaign button.

Robert Paul Reyes: My List of Unusual Thanksgiving Blessings - Happy Thanksgiving!

Outrage: Franklin Graham Selling Pro-Trump T-Shirts at Billy Graham Library - The store at the Billy Graham library should sell KKK pointy caps and dunce hats, they would go perfectly with the pro-Trump T-shirts.

Donald Trump Calling Rep. Adam Schiff 'Schitt' Proves He's a Worthless Piece of Schitt - Thank you President Donald Trump for teaching us what it means to bring decorum to the White House, you worthless piece of schitt.


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