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Robert Paul Reyes

Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunham for Being too Fat! - Rivers has spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgery trying vainly to reverse the ageing process, and Dunham doesn`t give a sh** what she looks like.

Oprah Winfrey's Self-Empowerment Tour a Travesty! Video! - Oprah`s self-aggrandizing tour will appeal mainly to white suburban women who salivate at the prospect of hearing pearls of wisdom from their Black Mammy.

Outrage: Christian School Complains Girl, 8, Isn't Feminine Enough! Video! - I guess Becky Bowman, the elementary school`s principal, wouldn`t be satisfied unless Sunnie had a pink bow on her hair, a Hello Kitty shirt, and girly shoes.

Jimmy Carter Reported Seeing a UFO in 1969, But... - I don`t think Jimmy Carter is a more credible witness than a bored suburban housewife or a drunk-as-a-skunk hillbilly.

Naked Man Tells Cops He's Making Tree His Home - I am OK with firefighters coaxing a kitten to come down from a tree, but a house could have been burning down while they wasted an hour negotiating with this sorry excuse for a human being.

Staten Island Clown Terrorizing Residents: Video! - A clown is inherently evil, and his presence alone is enough to scare the bejesus out of us.

Girl Suspended for Shaving her Head in Support of Cancer Patient: Video - I rock a chrome dome, and naturally my sympathies lie with the darling young girl who shaved her head in solidarity with her friend who is undergoing chemotherapy.

Stoner Icons Cheech & Chong to Release First Film in Over 30 Years: Video - Legendary stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong announce their first official film together in over three decades.

Obama Proposes Ending NSA Collection of Metadata! Vindication for Edward Snowden! Video! - Obama needs to declare that Snowden won`t be prosecuted or persecuted if he returns to the United States.

School Lifts Ban on Boy, 9, Wearing 'My Little Pony' Backpack - For a mother to dispatch her 9-year-old son to school wearing a My Little Pony " backpack is suspect parenting at the least, and criminal child abuse at the worst.

Lady Arrested for DUI After Laughing at Cops Prior to Sobriety Test - You don`t snicker when your spouse inquires if her new pants make her look fat, you don`t giggle when your boss asks if you`ve been surfing porn sites, you don`t smile when an IRS agent demands to know if you have secret foreign bank accounts, and you don`t laugh when a cop asks if you`re drunk.

UFOlogist Snaps Photos of Five UFOs Flying Near Saturn: Video - Videos of UFO`s hovering over our little blue planet are a dime a dozen, a UFO video and five bucks might get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Epic Senior Citizen Food Fight at the Golden Corral - Never mind the thugs and rednecks who patronize the Waffle House, it`s the senior citizens who dine at the Golden Corral you need to avoid.

Ugly Female Teacher Has Sex With Student At a Waffle House: Video - This woman has made a mockery of her wedding vows, abused her authority as a teacher, and raped children. Double standard be damned, I hope she is sentenced to a long prison term.

Kate Bush Goes on Tour for First Time in 35 Years: Video - Kate Bush`s first concerts in 35 years: Wow what a treat!

Boy, 4, Gives the Pope a Plastic Dinosaur - The 4-year-old grandson of the president of Malta met Pope Francis at the Vatican and presented the pontiff with a plastic dinosaur as a gift.

Outrage: Woman Hit By Golf Ball Sues Golfer - Shame on Percenti for filing her frivolous lawsuit, may the gods of gold exact revenge on her.

Review of the Film Noah: It's an Abomination of Biblical Proportions! Video! - Al Gore and environmentalists will love Noah, but regular folks, whether they are Christians, Jews, or Atheists will hate it.

Wheel of Fortune: Dude Makes Unbelievable Correct Guess! Video! - I`m surprised De Leon solved the puzzle, but I`m shocked to discover Wheel of Fortune " is still on the air, that show is so 1980`s

Viral Video: Japanese Gum Commercial Features Cat Bigger Than Godzilla! - The commercial is for chewing gum, I don`t get the connection between a giant cat and gum, but it`s a cool video!


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