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Robert Paul Reyes

Check out Salem the Glitter Cat: Video - Salem the cat is now the Glitter King of the Internet, check out this adorable glittery kitty!

Watch Roomba Cat Chill Out in his Roomba-mobile - I`d rather have a naked Rosie O`Donnell vacuum my house than use a Roomba, and my cats are of the same opinion.

Donald Trump is Right: Putin is a Greater Leader Than Obama - In NBC's Commander-in-Chief forum, Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin as a greater leader than Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic establishment, the media and social media trolls immediately jumped all over Trump for speaking truth to power.

Adorable Cat Uses a Pedestrian Crossing - A chauffeur has captured the adorable moment drivers stopped to let a clever cat use a pedestrian crossing in Dartford.

Young Contortionist Uses Feet to Shoot Bow and Arrow: Video - I have a hard time walking and chewing gum at the same time, so my hat`s off to Bella Gantt, 9, who can accurately shoot an arrow with her feet while standing on her hands.

Hillary Clinton's Earpiece Scandal - Was Hillary Clinton wearing an earpiece during last night`s presidential forum? That`s the latest question swirling around the Internet after pictures appeared to show Hillary with some kind of flesh-colored device embedded inside her ear.

PoopFarter From Hell Serenades Commuters on New York City Subway - When you ride the subway in New York City you never know what lunacy you will encounter.

Stevie Nicks Wants to Sing 'Landslide' at Hillary Clinton Inaugural Ball - Nicks would be well-advised to learn the Oompa Loompa song, that ditty would be perfect for a Trump inaugural ball.

What Did Donald Trump Mean by: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Have a Presidential Look? - From the manufactured outrage of Democrats, liberals and the media, you`d think Trump had said: A lot of people are saying that Hillary wears a strap-on dildo, but without a natural God-given penis I just don`t think she has a presidential look, and you really do need a penis to have a presidential look.

Loyal Pooch Waits Six Days at Hospital Door for Ailing Owner - A dog named Maya is a celebrity for waiting six days at the door of a hospital in Spain for her owner to recover from surgery.

Reports of Creepy Clowns in Woods Spooking Residents of Greenville, S.C. Video! - Clowns are inherently evil, it doesn't matter if the clowns that are terrorizing Greenville are members of a Satanic clown cult or bored teenagers, anybody who dons a clown outfit is demonstrating his allegiance to the Dark Prince, and deserves to be shot on sight.

Hillary Has Another Epic Coughing Fit! Enough is Enough! Video! - Hillary Clinton began a Labor Day rally in Cleveland with a bad cough -- which she blamed on her opponent, Donald Trump.

Meet Tesuro the Cat that Sleeps Like a Human: Video - Meet Tetsuro, the cute kitty who's known throughout Japan for his weird ability to sleep like a HUMAN.

Colin Kaepernick Is A Selfish Juvenile Jerk - NFL players are encouraged but not required to stand during the National Anthem, and the 49ers second-string quarterback has a right to sit, kneel or do somersaults while the anthem is being played.

Hillary Clinton's Top Ten Debate Demands - If Hillary suffers one of her coughing fits the moderator must blame it on Trump farting his fool head off.

Study: Make Your Cat Work For His Food - A new study suggests your cat isn't really a crabby jerk "he's just bored. And there may be a simple way to improve his mood, even his health: challenge him.

Spanish Cafe Charging More for Coffee if Customers are Rude - A café in Spain has begun charging its customers more for their coffees and pastries if they are rude when ordering.

Where's Hillary Clinton? - When crooked Hillary is ensconced in the White House with her reprobate husband, they will be beholden to the globalists and billionaires, and they will pay only lip service to the minorities, feminists, working poor, and gays and lesbians who elected her.

Pet Groomer Caught Dancing With A Client's Puppy: Video - Louis Caballero was filmed by his wife dancing while he was bathing and scrubbing a cute little pooch. Now there`s a dog groomer who really loves his occupation.

Cat Takes a Literal Piggyback Ride Atop Pig - A Canadian pet owner filmed their rescue cat taking a literal piggyback ride atop its owner's permissive mini pig.


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