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Robert Paul Reyes

Monkey Business in Zimbabwe Hotel: Video - A visitor to a famous Zimbabwe hotel captured footage of a sneaky monkey quenching its thirst by stealing some milk from a housekeeping cart.

Tian Tian the Panda Takes a Bath: Video - Rub-a-dub-dub Tian Tian in a tub! Keepers provided him a tub of water with non-toxic bubble bath soap. He really soaked it up.

Woman Rescues Abandoned Piglet Using Cherry Danish - The director of a New Jersey animal shelter used a cherry danish to lure an abandoned pot-bellied pig to safety after it was found near a truck stop.

Obama Dances the Tango While World is in Shock Over Brussels Terror Attack - A day later Obama was in Argentina dancing the Tango with a beautiful woman. These are not the optics that our president should be projecting when Americans are alarmed and anxious at yet another terrorist attack against a Western country.

Wreckage of Flying Saucer Found in Roswell: Relax, It's a Plastic Model of a Spaceship - Police believe they found the UFO stolen from a Roswell museum. However, they found the spaceship in pieces.

Dude Arrested for Not Returning 'Freddy Got Fingered' VHS Rental in 2002 - A North Carolina man was arrested during a traffic stop when an officer discovered he had a warrant for failing to return a VHS rental of Freddy Got Fingered in 2002.

Instead of Jail Man Chooses to Wear 'I am a Thief' Sign - Go to jail, or walk with a sign saying you`re a thief: those were the options presented to a man who was recently convicted in court.

Gorillas Hunt for Easter Eggs at Cincinnati Zoo: Video - The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden celebrated the coming Easter holiday by hosting a special egg hunt event just for gorillas.

David Letterman in Retirement Looks Like Santa Claus on Crack! - The retired late-night comic looks like a cross between a garden gnome from hell, Kelsey Grammar on crack, Santa Claus having a bad-beard day, and a hobo high on glue.

'Blandito' Taco Bed Most Comfortable Bed in the World - This magical pad, officially known as a "Bandito", is so comfortable it will immediately transport you to dreamland. You will be dreaming of tacos and sexy Mexican senoritas, and you may never wake up from your siesta.

Rabbits Go Bonkers for Carrots on Japan's Rabbit Island - A visitor to Japan's 'Rabbit Island,' a small island inhabited by hundreds of rabbits, was filmed being swarmed by bunnies when he offered them carrots.

Dude in Tree in Seattle Trending on Twitter! Video! - This story perfectly illustrates the pussification of America: Police twiddle their thumbs while a nutjob hold court.

Today is National Puppy Day! Adopt a Puppy! Video! - Happiness, Charles M. Schulz famously observed, is a warm puppy.

Newsflash: Scott Baio Endorses Donald Trump - Baio joins the likes of Stephen Baldwin, Hulk Hogan and Gary Busey in support of Trump. There must be something seriously wrong with a candidate who is endorsed by this motley crew of has-been and losers.

Little Girl Takes Chicken For a Cruise on Her Tricycle: Video - An Alabama father captured footage of his 3-year-old daughter taking her pet chicken for a cruise on her tricycle.

Polar Bears Play in Dump Truck - A Russia resident captured footage of a polar bear and her cubs using a dump truck as their own personal playground.

It Ain't Easy Being a Hammerhead Shark: Video - Hammerheads have eyes on either side of their head which makes it difficult for them to see and catch quick small baits.

Is Tarp-covered Object a Flying Saucer? - This photograph depicts a big rig hauling a flying saucer-shaped object that`s covered by a tarp, followed by a convoy of trucks and black SUVs.

Is the Sun Hollow and Inhabited by Aliens? Video! - AN image taken by Nasa`s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite is being used as proof by some UFO researchers that the sun is hollow and inhabited by aliens.

Is Your Kitty Left or Right Handed? Video! - Ever paws-ed to wonder whether your cat was left or right handed?


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