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Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump Is An Unstoppable Force - Of course the Republican debate last night was a free-for-all farce, but we live in a TV reality world, and Trump was once again the master of the stage.

Deadpool Saves Kitty Cat Stuck Up a Tree: Video - Is your kitty cat stuck up a tree? Who you gonna call?

Wife Battered Husband After She Found Dildo Among His Belongings - Fortunately the wife didn't beat her hubby with the giant dildo, or she would have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

It's So Cold New York City Canceled Central Park Ice Festival Due to Cold Weather - Temperatures will dip so low, it will be too cold in New York City for the annual Central Park Ice Festival.

How Far Would You Go to Pay Off Your Student Loans? - A new poll shows some graduated student loan borrowers would willingly go to extremes to pay off outstanding student debt. That includes pain, suffering and, possibly, a move to Syria.

Florence Henderson, 82, Claims to Have Multiple 'Friends With Benefits'! End of the World is Nigh! - Nobody, and I mean positively absolutely nobody, wants to hear about the sex life of an octogenarian.

Satanists Soundly Support Socialist Bernie Sanders! Feel the Bern! - Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders` campaign has evidently roused the satanic electorate.

Rat Loves Cat! Video! - Behold the beauty of a mouse and a cat at play!

Ginger the Rescue Dog is a Dancing Sensation: Video - A rescue dog in a Florida shelter likes to express itself through dance.

Firefighters Burn Down House Infested With Cockroaches - They say that if you see one cockroach, there are way more where that came from. But what happens if you see hundreds of cockroaches? Well, call the fire department, because your place needs to be torched.

Dad Writes School Note Excusing Daughters' Tardiness Because of a Bruce Springsteen Concert - "In a major Dad-move win, Patrick Pipino of Saratoga Springs, New York, penned an honest note excusing his daughters' school tardiness because the family attended a Bruce Springsteen concert on Monday night.

Possum Found Hiding in Toilet Paper Dispenser - A possum was found living in a toilet paper dispenser by staff at a local park.

Outrage: Jeopardy Contestant Gushes Over Kanye West! - Deutsch may be welcomed with open arms at at Kanye West concert, but if he ever again appears on Jeopardy he will be tarred and feathered.

Woman Falls 60 Feet And Lands on Bed in Department Store - A woman in Manchester fell 60 feet from a balcony in a department store before landing on a bed that cushioned her fall.

Marco Rubio is Toast! History! Obsolete! - When Rubio closes his eyes at night he sees the Microsoft blue screen of death, he can't be rebooted or repaired, like VCRs he belongs in the ash heap of history

Epic Seal Sneeze Attack - Ever seen a Hawaiian monk seal have a sneeze attack? ...Wait for it...

Mother Panda Catches Baby As He Attempts To Climb Tree - The Smithsonian National Zoo`s latest panda cub, Bei Bei, had his first taste of climbing a tree.

Lemur Practicing Yoga: Video - A visitor to a British zoo captured video of a lemur attaining oneness with nature by appearing to meditate in the sun.

Atlas the Giant Rabbit Needs a Home: Video - A Scottish animal rescue is looking for a home for an unusual pet -- a larger than life rabbit the size of a small dog.

Newest Internet Celebrity: Felix the Cat Who Lives in a British Train Station - Felix the Huddersfield Railway Station cat has gone global following the news in the Examiner of her promotion to Senior Pest Controller this week.


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