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Robert Paul Reyes

NY Giants Kick Bikini-Clad Fan Out Of A Game - "Sondra Fortunato went to Giants Stadium last week wearing a Santa Claus outfit, a tiara, fishnet stockings, a bathing suit bottom and high-heeled boots.

Dude Who Hurled Shoes At Bush: Time Magazine's Person of the Year? - I have written over a hundred essays expressing my disgust and anger at Bush`s illegal and unethical invasion of Iraq that has resulted in the meaningless death

Iraqi Hero Hurls Shoes At George W. Bush - President George W. Bush`s motives for invading Iraq weren`t pure and noble. Dubya went to war to seek revenge against Sadam Hussein, the dictator

Lady Sends Emails While In Deep Sleep - "A WOMAN in a deep sleep sent emails to friends asking them over for wine and caviar in what doctors believe is the first reported case of `zzz-mailing

Al Gore: Media Should Cover Climate Change And Not Paris Hilton Or OJ - When Al Gore was robbed of the presidency in 2000 he could have become embittered and cynical and dedicated the rest of his life to raking in the doug

Curfew For California Mayor - I have no passion for my job, and I leave skid marks driving away from the employee parking lot. But I love writing, and it`s not unusual for me to

Sarah Palin's Church Damaged In Suspicious Fire - "Sarah Palin`s family will have to attend church in a local school this morning after a fire ripped through her church on Friday evening.

Dude Finds Lady Drinking On Roof Of His House - "A man called police on Wednesday night after he came home from work and spotted an intoxicated woman drinking a beer on the roof of his home. The 28

Cover Of Playboy Mexico Features Naked "Virgin Mary" - "A nude model resembling the Virgin Mary on the cover of the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine, published only days before a major Mexican festival

Is McDonald's Coffee Better Than Starbucks? - "McDonald`s is taking jabs at Starbucks in new billboards erected close to the gourmet coffee giant`s cafes and headquarters in Seattle.

OMG! Plastic Surgery For Cadavers - "It was only a matter of time. You can get plastic surgery when you`re a spoilt teen, an image conscious middle ager and a shrivelled old hag. So why not have

Man Handcuffs Wife To Bed, Loses Handcuffs - "If you love something, set it free. And if you can`t, call the police. The Detroit Free Press reports police in suburban Detroit responded to a call Thursday by a

Teacher Tells Students: There's No Santa Claus - "A primary school teacher left a class of 25 pupils in tears when she claimed Father Christmas did not exist.

Did The Cops Find Caylee Anthony's Remains? - When we see video of Caylee the toddler we wonder what she would look like as Caylee the teenager, but we will never know.

Madonna: Too Lustful For Chile? - "Pop star Madonna`s antics are lustful, a stain on humanity and offensive to God, a retired Roman Catholic cardinal said on Wednesday during a mass for the late Chilean military dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Show Your Love For Animals And Buy A PETA Coffin - We all do more than our fair share of polluting the Earth during our lifetimes, it`s a shame if we continue to despoil the planet in a coffin that`s not eco-friendly.

Obama is Doing a Great Job says Hilton - I realize that only entertainment reporters cover Paris Hilton, but even they shouldn`t ask the clueless bimbo if she plans on running for president.

Teachers Shouldn't Use A Red Pen To Grade Papers - "Teachers using red pen to mark students` work could be harming their psyche as the color is too aggressive, according to education strategies drafted

PETA Warns Britney Not To Use Animals In Videos - The organization alleges that `cruelly trained lions and elephants` were used for the `Circus` video. The group claims they wrote to the pop star

"Day Without A Gay" - "Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to `call in gay` Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but


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