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Robert Paul Reyes

al-Qaida: Barack Obama Is A House Negro - The message appeared chiefly aimed at persuading Muslims and Arabs that Obama does not represent a change in U.S. policies.

Wanda Sykes: I'm Gay - "Seems Ellen DeGeneres isn`t the only funny lady with a wife. Comedian Wanda Sykes is also married to a woman.

Angelina Jolie Changes Mind, Won't Retire Soon - Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she`s far from being a Britney Spears Hollywood bimbo.

Pirates Hijack Saudi Arabian Oil Tanker - Piracy is a problem that affects every country, and we must band together to fight these well armed thugs.

If You Value Your Sanity, Don't Watch Paris Hilton's Latest Movie: Repo - Paris Hilton is the perfect celebrity for today`s fast-paced society; she is best appreciated a sound bite at a time.

Lindsay Lohan Not A Lesbian? Yeah, Right - Lindsay Lohan has been photographed holding hands, hugging and french kissing her girlfriend Samantha Ronson on numerous occasions, but now Lindsay is saying she`s not a lesbian?

PETA Supporter Douses Fur-clad Lindsay Lohan With Flour - Lindsay Lohan usually makes the news for what she doesn`t wear (underwear), but today she`s in the spotlight for what she does wear (fur).

Prisoner Released Early: Too Tubby For Cell - "Canadian prison authorities were forced to release a 450-pound (205 kg) drug gang member this week because he was too large for his cell, the Journal de

Sticky Fingers Burglar Leaves Fingerprints On Bottle Of OJ - I live in Lynchburg VA, and ever since the controversial televangelist Jerry Falwell passed away a couple of years ago my small burg no longer makes the

Woman Divorces Spouse Over Virtual Affair - David Pollard and Amy Taylor met in an online chat room in 2003 and married after discovering a shared love of the Internet game "Second Life."`

Pregnant Man Shows Off - "The famously pregnant man, transgender male Thomas Beatie, proudly showed off his expanding belly and revealed that he and his wife are considering having more children, according to a British tabloid.

Astronauts To Drink Purified Urine - It`s a water-recycling device that will process the crew`s urine for communal consumption.

Bus Ads Proclaim: Why Believe In God? - "Ads proclaiming, `Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness` sake,` will appear on Washington, D.C., buses starting next week and running through December.

Conservative Republicans Turn Against John McCain - The Democrats are savoring their victory and planning their agenda, while the Republicans are licking their wounds and trying to figure out which direction to move in.

Dude Conks Girlfriend Because She Served Him Macaroni - Macaroni is delicious, especially if covered in cheese. Heck anything smothered in cheese is yummy; I wouldn`t turn down a dish of sawdust smothered in cheese.

70 Percent of Blacks Voted In Favor of Anti-Gay Proposition 8 - It`s true that Proposition 8 was financed primarily by individual Mormons who opened their pockets at the behest of Mormon leaders in Salt Lake City.

Peruvians Offer Bald Dog To Obama - Peruvians may be crazy about their national pooch, but most kids, and many adults, would recoil in horror if this ugly creature comes their way.

Church Sponsored Sexathon - `We`re going to give it a try," said the Rev. Ed Young, who has four children with his wife of 26 years.

Barack Obama Has No Funny Bone? - President-elect Barack Obama has many outstanding virtues, he`s eloquent, intelligent, patient and wise, but humor is not his forte

George W. Bush and Barack Obama Warmly Embrace at White House - During the long and bitter presidential campaign Barack Obama portrayed Bush as an abject failure.


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