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Robert Paul Reyes

Barack Obama Resigns From His Controversial Church - Candidates of both major political parties often disregard the sacred doctrine of "separation of church and state" in a blatant attempt to curry favor with people of faith.

Tatum O'Neil Arrested for Buying Crack Cocaine - In real life, the now 44-year-old actress is still battling a life-long addiction to drugs.

What If The Phoenix Lander Discovers Intelligent Life On Mars? - The Mars Phoenix Lander has sent pictures back to earth that give hope both to romantics who believe in little green men from Mars, and scientists who only accept empirical truth.

101-Year-Old Driver Gets Her License Renwed By Florida DMV - A Florida woman who is considered to be the world`s oldest driver got her license renewed until 2011.

Jeff Peckman Claims To Have Caught Extraterrestrial On Video - Peckman better not screen footage of Dennis Kucinich holding hands with his 6-foot drop-dead gorgeous wife, and attempt to convince the assembled throng that it`s an alien abducting a hot Earth woman for breeding purposes.

Is TV Cook Rachael Ray a Jihadist? - There might be a video that depicts Rachael chopping a head of lettuce in two, but only in a demented alternate universe would there be footage of the adorable cook beheading an infidel.

Hillary Clinton knows how to keep things interesting - A few days ago in an editorial board meeting Hillary brought up the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Scott McClellan Rips George W. Bush Apart In His New Book - There's a hot new book that denounces the George W. Bush administration in scathing terms, it claims that the president was "not open and forthright" about the war and

Some Patients Want To Kill Their Doctor - I'm surprised only 5% of patients want to kill their physician, going to the doctor is not a pleasant experience. I normally arrive at my quack's office about 15 minutes early-- sound familiar?

The Sen. Larry Craig Bobble Foot Novelty Toy - The baseball team says the promotion, which coincides with National Tap Dance Day, is 'in tribute to all their toe-tapping friends and fans from around the nation who may ever have set foot in Minneapolis

Jimmy Carter: Israel has 150 Nuclear Weapons - When it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Carter invariably sides with the Palestinians and even hobnobs with Hamas terrorist leaders.

Summer In The Suburbs: Time For Yard Sales - It's summer in the suburbs -- time for backyard barbeques, mowing the lawn, mosquitos and yard sales.

Hillary Clinton Is The Pinata Of The World Of Politics - Pundits, reporters, the Democratic establishment, and everybody else with at least room temperature IQ knows that Sen. Barack Obama has

No Jail Time For UK Teen for Calling Scientology A Cult - Some European countries have taken the concept of hate speech to an extreme. In England you can be jailed for expressing anti-religious views, be they anti-Muslim or anti-Scientology.

Can Sen. Barack Obama Garner The Jewish Vote? - A presidential candidate must be circumspect when speaking about the racial groups that make up his/her coalition. It's unnerving and dismaying to observe the spectacle of Hillary

Thieves Who Steal Metal For Scrap Should Face Stiffer Penalties - These kind of thefts don't just happen in big cities like New York City or San Francisco, in my small town in Virginia a friend of mine had his aluminum shed in his back yard stolen while he was on vacation.

Buy An Automobile And Get A Free Firearm - A Missouri car dealer said on Thursday sales have soared at his auto and truck business since launching a promotion this week that promises

Vero Beach Man Murders His Mom - It is tempting to dismiss this report as the sad saga of an unemployed 37-year-old loser who still lives with his Mom. Those may be the unfortunate facts of this case, but there are lessons we can learn.

Clinton Invokes RFK Assassination As Reason For Staying In Race - Hillary Clinton is showing "a little desperation" according to Governor David Paterson.

Road Workers Whistle And Lady Responds With A Strip Show - Road workers in a small New Zealand town got their wish granted when a woman stripped saying she was fed up with their wolf-whistles.


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