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Robert Paul Reyes

Religion Is A Deadly Virus - The virus goes by many names (Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic Church, Shiite Islam, Scientology), and it`s infected over 90 percent of the world`s population.

Elizabeth Edwards Doesn't Deserve Sympathy - Elizabeth Edwards has incurable cancer, an awful prognosis that renders victims with a feeling of helplessness and resignation. The treatments for cancer, radiation and chemotherapy, physically and emotionally drain an individual.

Huge Inflatable Dog Turd Scares BeJesus Out Of Swedes - Artists never suffer from the equivalent of writer`s cramp, they can create anything and label it "art" and the gullible public will eat it up.

Is John McCain Too Old To Be President? - Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee turns 72 this month -- this is a good time to reflect on McCain`s "age issue".

John McCain Should Mellow Out - Sen. John McCain reminds me of the grouchy old codger with nothing better to do than to sit on his porch swing all day,

Waterboarding and Coney Island: A New National Pastime - The scene using robotic dolls is an installation built by artist Steve Powers to criticize waterboarding, a simulated drowning technique the United States has admitted using on terrorism suspects, but that rights group say is torture."

Obama Supporters To Learn VP Pick Via Text Message - "Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is close to choosing a running mate, and the first person to find out could be you.

John Edwards Should Immediately Take A Paternity Test - "John Edwards ex-mistress Rielle Hunter says she won`t have a paternity test conducted on her daughter - not now, not ever.

Is The Montauk Monster Destined For Hollywood Stardom? - The Montauk Monster isn`t exactly a pretty boy-- the beast is not a prime candidate for Hollywood stardom.

Televangelist Victoria Osteen Acts Like A Primadonna - Victoria Osteen, as a minister of Jesus Christ, should not have been in the first-class compartment.

Is There More Than One Montauk Monster? - One Montauk Monster is a novelty, a laugh, and a great conversation starter. But an army of Montauk Monsters is no joke, it`s the type of horror that keeps folks awake at night.

Kooky Grandma Drives With 4-Year-Old Girl On Roof Of Car - A grandmother spent the night in jail after she drove her car with her granddaughter on the roof.

Is McCain Ad Implying Barack Obama Is The Antichrist? - The McCain campaign is subliminally suggesting that Obama is not the Messiah, but the Antichrist. The ad in question refers to Obama as "The One"

Newsflash: Clay Aiken Is A Father - "The former American Idol contestant and music producer Jaymes Foster welcomed a baby boy Friday morning, the singer said in a statement on his Web site.

John McCain Yearns To Be A Celebrity - In a recent political ad the McCain camp juxtaposed Barack Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in an attempt to portray the presumptive Democratic

Real Cats Sashay Down The Catwalk - "The catwalk really was a catwalk Thursday. Show cats dressed in everything from an Elvis costume to a sequined satin dress strutted their stuff at New

John McCain Jokes About His Wife Entering Topless Beauty Contest - McCain hasn`t received any negative press for visiting the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

American Olympic Cyclists Apologize For Wearing Face Masks - China sees the Beijing Olympics as a coming out party, and they have invested billions to ensure that it`s a success.

The Montauk Monster Is The Messiah The World Has Been Waiting For - America seems to be falling apart, we can barely keep our heads above water. There`s little need for me to recite the litany of woes facing us: Mortgage crisis, high energy costs, inflation, endless and meaningless Iraq war...

Are Obsessed With The Montauk Monster? Top 10 Signs! - Most guys open their wallets and show their co-workers photographs of their children, you show them pics of the Montauk Monster


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