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Robert Paul Reyes

Real Cats Sashay Down The Catwalk - "The catwalk really was a catwalk Thursday. Show cats dressed in everything from an Elvis costume to a sequined satin dress strutted their stuff at New

John McCain Jokes About His Wife Entering Topless Beauty Contest - McCain hasn`t received any negative press for visiting the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

American Olympic Cyclists Apologize For Wearing Face Masks - China sees the Beijing Olympics as a coming out party, and they have invested billions to ensure that it`s a success.

The Montauk Monster Is The Messiah The World Has Been Waiting For - America seems to be falling apart, we can barely keep our heads above water. There`s little need for me to recite the litany of woes facing us: Mortgage crisis, high energy costs, inflation, endless and meaningless Iraq war...

Are Obsessed With The Montauk Monster? Top 10 Signs! - Most guys open their wallets and show their co-workers photographs of their children, you show them pics of the Montauk Monster

Is An Inflatable Church On A Beach A Good Idea? - Catholic nuns and priests in Italy are following their flocks to the beach this summer, establishing an inflatable church and a beach-convent in the

Top Ten Guesses: How Did The Montauk Monster Die? - Unless there`s an earth shattering new development in the Montauk Monster saga this is my last article on the subject.

John McCain Makes Light Of Barack Obama's Tire-Gauge Comment - ...if folks kept their tires properly inflated it would improve their gas mileage. That`s practical advice and it shouldn`t have caused a ripple in the political landscape...

Top Ten Reasons Why America Loves The Montauk Monster - He doesn`t put on any airs. He is what he is: An ungodly mass of putrefying flesh.

Christina Applegate Has Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer - Christina Applegate, 36, is best known for playing Kelly Bundy on the FOX sit-com, Married with Children.

Top Ten Ways To Keep The Montauk Monster Hype Alive - The Montauk Monster has taken over the Internet, google "Montauk Monster" and you will get over 100,000

Top Ten Reasons Why Montauk Monster Should Be John McCain's Vice President - *Only a dead person or a dead monster has less charisma than McCain. The senior senator from Arizona doesn`t have to worry

Cheech And Chong Reunite - "Now that their feud is up in smoke, Cheech and Chong are high on plans to reunite for their first comedy tour

Likeness of Montauk Monster Appears On Slice of Toast - I shudder at the thought that this dude almost bit into this graven image; surely the gods were protecting the image of the Montauk Monster.

No Father Listed on John Edward's Love Baby's Birth Certificate - Edwards may think he is getting away with treating his wife like a doormat, but the National Enquirer, Fox News and I will not let this story die.

Casey Anthony: Mother Of The Year? - We are all familiar with the case of Casey Anthony, 22, the woman who is accused of not reporting her missing toddler for five weeks.

Why Corpse Of Montauk Monster Is Missing: Top Ten Reasons - The body of the Montauk Monster is in a crib in Angelina Jolie`s mansion, it`s her latest adoption.

Did Wal-Mart Tell Its Employees How To Vote? - Wal-Mart is able to sell products manufactured at sweat shops in China at incredibly low prices, because it treats its employees

Update: John Edwards Mistress And Love Child Scandal - The press often claims that the public cares only about the issues, and not about the private indiscretions of politicians.

Little Brat Turns In Mom For Counterfeiting Money - "A Bakersfield woman faces charges that she counterfeited money and identification cards after her 10-year-old son turned her in to authorities.


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