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Robert Paul Reyes

Patrick Leahy to Hillary Clinton: Drop out of the Race now - Senator Clinton won't consider dropping out of the race even though the only thing she is accomplishing is weakening Obama for the general election.

TSA 'agents' force Woman to Remove Nipple Rings with Pliers - We've all witnessed TSA agents frisk Girl Scouts and force grannies to remove their orthopedic shoes, but this story from the AP takes the cake.

John McCain Delivers a Major Foreign Policy Address - McCain is so oblivious to the reality in Iraq, that in his speech he failed to mention the 4,000 American soldiers who have been killed in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton Stokes the Smoke of Rev. Wright Controversy - Now that even race-baiting blowhards like Sean Hannity have stopped running the Rev Wright snippets ad nauseam, Hillary decided to make a public comment on the subject -- the conniving senator from New York wants to keep the story in the news.

Barack Obama survives Wright flap; No thanks to Fox News - In spite of Fox News and the other cable news outlets playing endless loops of Rev. Wright's most inflammatory sound bites, Obama remains on course.

John McCain's Sunni, Shiite Gaffe - We've all been part of family gatherings where the 70-something grandpa is the center of attention, and he thanks everyone for celebrating his wedding anniversary. A family member

Hillary Clinton: I Survived Sniper Fire In Bosnia - In eight years as First Lady Hillary Clinton was responsible for only one major initiative: Her national health plan fiasco.

Hillary Clinton Secretly Using Rev. Wright Scandal To Woo Superdelegates - Sen. Barack Obama has an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates and a comfortable lead in the popular vote; if common sense and fair

Bill Clinton Insinuates Barack Obama Isn't Patriotic - Bill Clinton caused Hillary Clinton incalculable harm with his racially tinged comments; alienating African American voters and reminding

Bill Richardson Endorses Barack Obama - Richardson's announcement, scheduled for today at a campaign event in Portland, Oregon, may give a boost to the Illinois senator's battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Freddy Krueger of American Politics - Why is Hillary so optimistic when all the signs point to a humiliating defeat? Because she is as evil as Freddy Krueger; social conventions, laws and morality don't play any part in her machinations.

A Slob Offers Some Fashion Tips For Hillary Clinton - To those who argue that it's sexist to criticize Hillary's personal appearance, I respond that Mitt Romney was pilloried for always looking like a CEO and John Edwards was savaged for his expensive haircuts.

Smart Goggles: Perfect For Bill Clinton; Not Good Idea For Hillary Clinton - The spectacles - which come with a built in camera, display screen and computer brain - can even identify unfamiliar plants or faces.

Hillary Clinton and Silda the spouse of Eliot Spitzer - A cigar is sometimes just a cigar, but not when it's held by Bill Clinton and a nubile young intern is within arm's reach. The Clinton brand name comes replete with a lot of baggage and DNA stains.

Hillary Clinton Can Win Only By Overturning Will Of The People - Clinton is a 60-something woman -- her brand of feminism resonates only with elderly women. Time has passed her by, she is as out of fashion as her pants suits.

Hillary Clinton's Endorsement of John McCain - For Hillary to belittle Obama by comparing him unfavorably with McCain, is an unforgivable sin.

Feminist Icon Germaine Greer: Hillary Clinton Gives Me The Creeps - I was very pleased when I read this article about how much the feminist icon, Germaine Greer, despises Hillary Clinton

John McCain is unfit to be President - McCain lacks the physical vigor necessary to serve in the Senate and to run for president of the United States, he should immediately resign from Congress.

Bill and Hillary Clinton: Scandals R Us - The Clintons (they are one entity) don't have one scandal that defines their political career, they have tons of scandals.

Natalie Portman: Criticism Of Hillary Clinton Rooted In Sexism? - As First Lady, she may have enjoyed tea and cookies with the spouses of foreign leaders, but that didn't prepare her for the rigors of being commander-in-chief.


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