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Robert Paul Reyes

An Obama And Hillary Fusion Ticket? - The buzz word in some Democratic circles is a Fusion Ticket: A dream team with the presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama

Guy Wrecks Car, Sees His Trailer Catch Fire And Gets A Ticket - My mantra is "Don't sweat the small stuff", but when I'm pulled over by a cop and issued a ticket, all that positive energy disappears quicker

Nick Bollea, Son of Hulk Hogan, Sentenced To 8 Months In Jail - Nick Bollea, the 17-year-old son of former wrestling star Hulk Hogan, is to spend eight months in jail for his role in a car crash, a Florida judge has ruled.

Barack Obama's New Focus: Ignore Hillary Clinton, Engage John McCain - We must now ignore Hillary Clinton and focus on the Obama/ McCain matchup.

Al Sharpton And Rasmussen Reports Turn Against Hillary Clinton - This may be the death knell for the Clinton campaign, if a candidate is no longer tracked by polling firms, he/she is an irrelevancy at best and

Casting Spells For Peace: Code Pink's Mothers' Day Tribute - I use the weapons at my disposal (logic, reason and words) to fight against the immoral, unethical and illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq -- a country that never posed a threat to us.

Poop Happens - A New York woman has filed a $100 claim against Norwalk saying a family outing to the Maritime Aquarium

MySpace And Facebook Take Steps To Protect Children - Many parents regularly check the sex offenders online registry to see if there are any registered pedophiles in their neighborhood or near their child's school or playground.

Kids Skip School; Parents Jailed - Authorities are cracking down on truancy cases and parents are getting busted too.

Hillary Clinton Obsessed With Breaking Down Voters By Race - After every round of primaries the pundits and spin doctors dissect the entrails of the exit polls, and they focus on breaking down the voting by race.

French Doctor: Approach burping and farting in relaxed manner - The French take baths as often as Oprah Winfrey goes on a fast -- it's not surprising that it's a French doctor urging his compatriots to just let 'em rip.

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Quit - After the latest round of primary contests the media, the blogosphere and the TV talking heads were almost unanimous in their verdict: It's

GOP New Jersey Senate Nominee to McCain: Enough War Talk - They say you can't teach on old dog new tricks, and Sen. John McCain seems determined to live or die promoting Bush's insane Iraq war

Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Be Mistaken For The Jolly Green Giant - I may be a chowderhead at times, and I am an environmentalist, but I am too poor to respond to most of the appeals for help from green-oriented groups.

Rosie O'Donnell Defends Jeremiah Wright - Jeremiah Wright is a narcissistic, embittered and delusional old man who is jealous of the success and fame enjoyed by Barack Obama.

Bear On Prison Grounds Keeps Prisoners From Trying To Escape - It's ironic that bears conjure up such wistful memories, because bears are ferocious creatures, although they don't usually attack human beings unless provoked.

Black Activists Protest Pending Bill to Honor Cesar Chavez - I wonder if these black activists would protest if legislation were proposed to honor Malcolm X, whose motto was 'by any means necessary.'?

Chuck Norris: Commencement Speaker For Univeristy Founded By Jerry Falwell - On May 10, Liberty University (founded by the late Jerry Falwell) will have its commencement ceremony which features movie action hero

Media Wild About Jeremiah Wright; Mute About John McCain's Preacher Problem - If I ever run for a local political office, I would seek out the endorsement of politicians who share my political ideology. Office-holders have to

Dude Tries To Cash $360 Billon Check - The 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business.


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