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Robert Paul Reyes

Woman, 88, Shoots at Burglars! - Crooks picked the wrong place to attempt a break-in, after they were nearly shot by an elderly woman.

Does Hillary Clinton Wear a Wig? Video! - Political blogger Matt Drudge has alleged in a series of tweets to his 321,000 followers that Hillary Clinton wears a wig " a claim her hairstylist is calling ridiculous.

Twin Thugs (Malek & Shamel) Swipe Identical Items From Walmart - Twin brothers are facing theft charges after they stole identical items yesterday from a Walmart in South Carolina.

How to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly! - Taking on a cat is one thing. Catifying your home to rise to true Cat Person status is another.

Meet the Lykoi Cat, A Breed That Resembles a Werewolf: Video - Meet the Lykoi cat, a breed that resembles a werewolf. According to, 'The Lykoi Cat is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair that has the appearance of a werewolf.'

Creep Arrested 2nd Time in 3 Years for Hiding Under Storm Drain to Take Pics of Female Pedestrians - When you are arrested twice in three years for hiding in a sewer so you can take upskirt pics of female pedestrians, you are human excrement who should be exiled to a sewer.

Girl, 8, Caught Trying to Smoke Pot in School Bathroom - Authorities in Ohio said an 8-year-old girl was found in a bathroom attempting to smoke marijuana in an inefficient way -- by lighting a plastic baggie on fire.

Pizza-loving Pooch Almost Sets House on Fire: Video - A curious black lab put her front paws on the oven while sticking her head into a pizza box on top of the stove to steal a slice, she didn`t manage to steal a slice, but she managed to turn on the gas ignition knob.

Roland Martin Tries to Teach Hillary Clinton How to Dance the Wobble: Video - Al Roker and Roland Martin are the most uncool black media celebrities, Hillary would have been guaranteed 100% of the black vote had she only told Martin: Negro, please! Even my grandma can dance better than you, and she`s been dead for decades!

Hillary Clinton's Twitter Page Has Incredibly High Number of Fake Followers! - A total of 41 percent of the accounts following the former secretary of state and presidential contender do not belong to a real man or woman, according to a Web site called TwitterAudit that ferrets out fake accounts.

Kathy Griffin Endorses Hillary Clinton! Anybody Care? - Hillary Clinton is sure to win the White House next year. How else could the election go, now that Kathy Griffin has issued her endorsement?

Sarah Sole's Nude Painting of Hillary Clinton a Twisted Masterpiece! - Sole`s naked painting of Hillary is a masterpiece, the first hint that there`s something rotten in Denmark are her asymmetrical misshapen breasts.

Stray Dog Will Only Respond to People With French Accent - There aren`t many English blokes who speak with a French accent, but this dog is so adorable that maybe someone will learn French, or at least affect a French accent, and adopt this cutie.

Why Are Most of the Rap Superstars Gay? - I have a fine-tuned gaydar, and I am absolutely convinced that Kanye West, 50 Cent, Lil` Wayne, Soulja Boy, and the Birdman are gay. (Not that you need gaydar to deduce or discern that these self-loathing hypocrites are gay.)

The Starbucks Holiday Cup Is An Abomination: Video - Starbucks doesn`t hate Christmas or the Baby Jesus, but they do hate offending the sensibilities of their hipster clientele. Starbucks has decided that it`s not good for their brand to associate with something as hokey as Christmas.

Meet Goliath, The Adorable Baby Cow, Who's Convinced He's a Dog: Video - Goliath thinks he`s a dog, and I guess as long as he doesn`t start chasing the cat in the house, it`s all good.

Watch Donald Trump Dance to Hotline Bling on SNL! Homeboy Gets His Drake On! - During Trump`s controversial hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live, the Republican presidential hopeful participated in a pre-taped sketch about Drake`s Hotline Bling video. The 69-year-old danced like Drake, and even uttered the song`s money line: You used to call me on the cell phone.

Viral Video: Crafty Crow Catches a Fish - Crows are among the smartest birds, let alone animals, in the world. In fact, scientists have found they're at least as smart as a seven-year-old human. So it shouldn't come as a shock when they find ways to show off their intelligence.

Study: Your Cat Wants to Kill You! - Cats show the same dominant, impulsive traits as the lions who want to eat you, researchers say.

Potty-mouthed Latino Kids' Anti-Trump Video a Fuc**** Disgrace! - A controversial video by Hispanic activists that has grade-school kids hurling F-bombs and waving the bird at bomb-throwing GOP candidate Donald Trump will probably backfire.


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