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Robert Paul Reyes

Hotel Bans Cyclists With Lycra Shorts! Amen! - Most people love Shakespeare's famous line:The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers! But if Shakespeare were alive today he would probably write: The first thing we do, let's kill all bicyclists!

New York Republicans Ignore Ted Cruz at GOP Gala: Video - A stunningly distracted crowd of hundreds of Republicans almost entirely ignored Ted Cruz`s speech at the New York City GOP gala on Thursday night, instead chattering at their dinner tables, standing and taking selfies. Several casually left the dinner altogether.

Special Glasses Let Baby See Mom for the First Time: Video - Baby Leo's toothless smile will elicit a smile even from the likes of a monster like Donald Trump.

Gorilla Ballet Dances Like Mikhail Baryshnikov: Video - A young gorilla at Britain's Twycross Zoo is becoming a viral star thanks to a video of him ballet dancing around his enclosure.

Rory the Dashboard Cat is the Coolest Cat in the World: Video - Forget hula girls and plastic Jesus figures... this car has something way cooler on the dashboard: The world`s calmest kitty.

Creep Who Tortured Girlfriend's Cat Gets 6 Months in Jail - A Champaign County judge sentenced a former Savoy man who said he tortured his girlfriend's cat because he was depressed to 30 months of probation and six months in the county jail.

A Food Truck for Dogs is a Wonderful Idea! - The Seattle Barkery, a food truck that serves dogs and their owners in Seattle-area dog parks, office building parking lots, farmer's markets and private events.

Superhero Little Girl Rescues 8 Ducklings: Video - A 6-year-old California girl put her small arms to good use by rescuing eight ducklings from a narrow drain pipe while her mother filmed.

Octopus Escapes Aquarium Through A Drain Hole: Video - A popular octopus has pulled off a great escape from the National Aquarium. Inky the common octopus took advantage of his tank`s lid being left slightly ajar three months ago and fled to the Pacific Ocean.

Adorable Tiny Owl Rides on Back of Toy Horse! Most Adorable Video Ever! - A tiny pet owl in Japan is rising to viral fame after showing off its equestrian skills by riding around a room on the back of a toy horse.

NYC Mouse Taunts Cat: Video - Everybody in New York City has an attitude, even the mice!

Kirstie Alley Endorses Donald Trump - I certainly wouldn't take any advice from Alley on how to lose weight or on who to vote for president. Unfortunately, Alley has 1.27 million Twitter followers, let's hope they are fans of her TV shows and not of her political ideology.

Illma Gore's Nude Painting of Donald Trump Simply Horrifying! Micro Penis From Hell! - On February 9, 2016 the renowned artist Illa Gore posted a nude drawing of Donald Trump on her Facebook page with the caption: My latest painting 'Make America Great Again,` because no matter what is in your pants, you can still be a big prick.'

Burglar Breaks into Burger Joint to Fry Himself Burgers: Video - Police in Washington, D.C., are seeking a real-life Hamburglar who made himself a couple of burgers while chatting on the phone inside a restaurant.

Runaway Goat Sought 'Caffeine Fix' at Starbucks - Police in California said a call about an unusual loiterer at a Starbucks cafe led to the wayward pet goat being reunited with her family.

Wanted Woman Arrested After Cops Find Her Hiding Inside Oven - Investigators executing a search warrant on a mobile home last Thursday arrested a woman found hiding inside an oven.

Naked Burglar Enters Home Through Doggie Door - A naked man was arrested in Georgia after he allegedly broke into a home through the doggie door.

The 'Kitty Convict Project' is a Great Idea - A kitty has everything he needs in your house: Love, food, shelter and a place to play. There is no need for you cat to venture outside; there are too many predators and too many dangers.

Should Donald Trump's Star be Removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame? - Thousands of people have signed an online petition calling for Donald Trump`s Hollywood Walk of Fame star to be removed in the wake of it being repeatedly vandalized since the beginning of his presidential campaign.

3 albino Deer Caught on Camera - An ultra-rare gathering was caught on camera in northern Wisconsin when footage was captured of three albino deer in a single location.


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