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Robert Paul Reyes

Thieves Steal Semi-trailer Holding $70,00 Worth of Cheese - Wisconsin police reported the theft of a semi-trailer loaded with thousands of dollars` worth of cheese products.

Veteran Plows Snow With Wheelchair - If you`re stuck with a lemon make lemonade, and if your leg is amputated and your'e confined to a wheelchair convert it to a snowplow and clear the snow from the sidewalks in your neighborhood.

Chinese Dude Keeps Driving Van Despite Horizontal Front Wheel - A person traveling on a Chinese road caught footage of a van driving with one wheel hanging off the axle in a nearly horizontal position.

Name a Cockroach After Your Sweetie for Valentine's Day - If you present your honeybunch with a certificate naming a cockroach after her for Valentine`s Day, you`d better also give her a diamond ring, and a box of chocolates.

'Homeless Jesus' Statue Mistaken for Real Person: Video - Canadian paramedics have received several calls of a homeless man sleeping on a bench after snow conditions caused locals to confuse a statue for an actual person.

Dude in Underwear Clings to Car Roof to Foil Thief - A man clad only in boxer shorts stopped a thief from stealing his car in southern Norway - by clinging on to the roof in a hair-raising ride.

Father & Daughter Build Giant Olaf Snowman: Video - Jeff and his daughter had a ton of fun building the giant Olaf snowman, and they managed to bring a smile to the frozen faces of their neighbors. God bless them!

Geezer Ticketed for Driving Snow-covered Car - Police in Ontario said an 80-year-old man was issued a citation for driving a car covered in several inches with only a small section of windshield cleared.

Freezing Fools in Minneapolis Funky Fad: Propping Frozen Jeans on Yards and Roads: Video - In the winter Minneapolis is a frigid wasteland; your entertainment options are exceedingly limited. It`s hardly surprising that the latest fad in this icy hell is washing your jeans and then propping them up in your front yard where they will freeze in a couple of minutes.

Cat Breaks Into Pet Store and Overdoses on Catnip: Video - When a junkie breaks into a pharmacy he heads straight for the controlled substances, when a wino breaks into a convenience store he goes for the beer, and when a cat breaks into a pet store he zeroes in on the catnip.

Steve Harvey is an Abomination and Anathema to Americans! - When Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Columbia Miss Universe when the winner was actually Miss Philippines he was vilified and ridiculed mercilessly, and for a time he surpassed Bill Cosby as the most hated black man in America.

Outrage: Kanye West Considering Recording David Bowie Tribute Album - Kanye West you`re no David Bowie, you`re not even a Vanilla Ice, if you dare release a David Bowie album you will unleash holy hell.

Georgia Supreme Court to Consider How Much a Dog is Worth - How much is man's best friend worth? Today, the Georgia State Supreme Court will tackle that question when deciding the compensation for the death of an Atlanta couple's dog.

Newsflash: Another Blurry Pic of UFO Posted Online - A Montana man claims to have positive proof of alien life after capturing images of two UFOs on camera.

Epic Fight: Airedale Terrier Vs Chattermunk Toy Squirrel: Video - An Australian dog owner shared video of an Airedale terrier engaging in a battle of wits with its intellectual equal: a mimicking toy chipmunk.

Moron Steals $1,500 Worth of Gum From Pharmacy: Video - Canadian police are searching for a man accused of stealing over $1,500 worth of chewing gum from a local pharmacy.

Angry Ex-Girlfriend Smashes Man's Car, Almost Runs Him Over: Video - A cool ride will provide you with a hell of a lot more satisfaction than a hot woman. I trust homeboy will immediately repair or replace his vehicle, but I pray he thinks long and hard before becoming entangled with another woman.

Rescue Puppy Is So Happy He Claps His Paws Together: Video - Benny the dog was adopted by Liam and Julia, and he couldn't be happier. So, when his owner sings 'If You're Happy and You Know It,` of course he has to clap his paws in delight.

Main Coon Cat Mistaken for Bobcat - If you ever walked through San Jose's Rose Garden neighborhood, you might have seen a large, furry animal staring out a window at you. Many people walking by think a wild animal, but it is not a bobcat. It's just a really, really big house cat.

Trying to Humanize Hillary Clinton is Mission Impossible - Hillary is a fraud, a fake, and as this interview manifestly proves she can`t do real. Let`s kick this fake (rhymes with witch) to the curb.


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