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Robert Paul Reyes

Rabbits Go Bonkers for Carrots on Japan's Rabbit Island - A visitor to Japan's 'Rabbit Island,' a small island inhabited by hundreds of rabbits, was filmed being swarmed by bunnies when he offered them carrots.

Dude in Tree in Seattle Trending on Twitter! Video! - This story perfectly illustrates the pussification of America: Police twiddle their thumbs while a nutjob hold court.

Today is National Puppy Day! Adopt a Puppy! Video! - Happiness, Charles M. Schulz famously observed, is a warm puppy.

Newsflash: Scott Baio Endorses Donald Trump - Baio joins the likes of Stephen Baldwin, Hulk Hogan and Gary Busey in support of Trump. There must be something seriously wrong with a candidate who is endorsed by this motley crew of has-been and losers.

Little Girl Takes Chicken For a Cruise on Her Tricycle: Video - An Alabama father captured footage of his 3-year-old daughter taking her pet chicken for a cruise on her tricycle.

Polar Bears Play in Dump Truck - A Russia resident captured footage of a polar bear and her cubs using a dump truck as their own personal playground.

It Ain't Easy Being a Hammerhead Shark: Video - Hammerheads have eyes on either side of their head which makes it difficult for them to see and catch quick small baits.

Is Tarp-covered Object a Flying Saucer? - This photograph depicts a big rig hauling a flying saucer-shaped object that`s covered by a tarp, followed by a convoy of trucks and black SUVs.

Is the Sun Hollow and Inhabited by Aliens? Video! - AN image taken by Nasa`s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite is being used as proof by some UFO researchers that the sun is hollow and inhabited by aliens.

Is Your Kitty Left or Right Handed? Video! - Ever paws-ed to wonder whether your cat was left or right handed?

Snoop Dogg Makes Romanian Village Famous - When Snoop posted a selfie he mistakenly tagged his location as Bogata instead of Bogota, thereby instantly making the small Romanian village world famous.

Emma Watson Beatboxes! Really! Video! - Watch Emma Watson turn bright red beatboxing for 'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda's freestyle rap about gender equality.

Hockey Fan Hit by Puck, Takes Bloody Selfie - The fan`s photo, posted to Instagram shows a woman taking a selfie with both hands while someone holds a wad of towels on her injured forehead at Thursday night`s game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Note to Amy Schumer: A Woman Can't be Sexy and Funny! Video! - Let me start right off the bat by declaring that the last place on Earth I want to be is inside Amy Schumer. You would have to get be drunk and conk me upside the head with a sledgehammer before I would venture inside Amy Schumer.

Anti-witchcraft Church Fined for Noisy 3am Services: Video - You'd think these Bible-thumping morons would be familiar with the Golden Rule: Do unto others ... If the Kingdom Church let their neighbors sleep in peace, they might be more receptive to their message.

Customer Stiffs Server Because She Didn't Look Normal - A server at an Iowa restaurant felt like she was 'back in middle school' when a stingy customer left a note reading, 'Tips are only for normal looking people'

Watch: Baby Wombat Jogging on Beach - An Australian photographer captured video of an adorable baby wombat taking a light jog on a local beach.

Madonna Pulls Down 17-year-old Girl's Top on Stage - The girl who Madonna stripped on stage, pulling her top down and exposing her breast at her Rebel Hearts concert in Brisbane on Thursday night, has been identified as 17-year-old teenager Josephine Georgiou.

Cops Ponder Question: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - Cops can`t figure out why a crackhead sells her body for five bucks, or why a meth head continues to get high even after he loses all his teeth and most of his brain cells, so they really shouldn`t tackle the eternal question: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Cute Video of Fox Laughing Will Brighten Your Day - You'd think a fox laughing would be so creepy that it would make you shudder, but this adorable fox's laughing is infectious.


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