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Robert Paul Reyes

Driver Cited for Riding With Zombie Baby From Hell! - If Caitlyn Jenner and Rosie O`Donnell (perish the thought) had a baby it would look like this zombie baby.

Hillary Clinton Flirts With Stephen Colbert! Really! Video! - Hillary Clinton has all the charisma and sex appeal of a decomposing head of cabbage, it was awkward watching her play-flirting with Stephen Colbert.

Would You Eat a Hamburger Stuffed With Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? - The burger contains the famous chocolate and peanut butter flavored candy melted inside the meat, as well as sprinkled liberally on top.

Bear Ignores Food That Doesn't Land Directly in His Mouth: Video - A visitor to a Swedish zoo posted video of a bear eating pieces of bread thrown by visitors -- but only if it lands directly in his mouth. The bear couldn`t be bothered by bread that landed too far away to catch with his snout.

Dog Named Trigger Shoots Hunter! - With one shot Trigger the Pooch has surpassed the fame of Trigger the Horse (the sidekick of cowboy star Roy Rogers.) From now on until the end of time, when we hear the word "Trigger " we will think of the chocolate lab and not the palomino horse.

Bow Down Drake & Taylor Swift: Adele the Queen of Pop is Back! Video! - Drake`s video for Hotline Bling may be a minimalist masterpiece, but Adele`s Hello will knock you down to your knees in gratitude that the Queen has returned.

Paco the Pooch Stays Put Where His Owner Was Killed - A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photograph of the pooch lying in the road speaks volumes about a dog`s loyalty and love for his human owner.

Alarming Study: Hot Dogs Contain Human DNA - A company that uses genomic analysis technology to derive the contents of food has found a disturbing `additive` in a very small percentage of hot dogs - human DNA.

Hillary Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders of Anti-Female Remark! What a Shrill Witch! Video - Sanders criticized the shouting from both sides on gun issues in the first Democratic presidential debate. Clinton said Saturday in Iowa that Sanders' remarks came with a gender-related undercurrent.

Halloween Dog Parade a Smashing Success! Video! - A park went to the dogs in a grand way on Saturday, hosting what was billed as the nation`s largest Halloween dog parade, with hundreds of canines submitted to their owners` fanciful desires to see them in costumes as superheroes, dinosaurs and the pope.

Cat Suffers Serious Hangover After 7 Weeks Trapped in Wine Cellar - Good thing cats have nine lives, or how else could a kitty have survived a seven-week bender where he opened $44 worth of wine and drank the contents, with a subsequent three-day hangover to boot?

Outrage: 'I Am Cait' Renewed for Second Season! Dear God, Why? - The millionaire reality show drama queen, Caitlyn Jenner, has as much in common with a typical transgender person as a WWE wrestler has with a Greco-Roman wrestler. I Am Cait is an abomination to the transgender community and an insult to the general population.

Early Christmas! 50-Pound Package of Weed Delivered to Wrong House! - A New Jersey police department has a suggestion for the owner of a 50-pound marijuana package mistakenly delivered to a resident: Come and claim it.

UFO Hovers Over Cemetery! Scaring the Living and the Dead! - Enough, I say enough with this UFO tomfoolery!

Couple Sees Snowboard-shaped UFO! Bong Dreams or UFO Invasion? - But when the lovebirds decided to lie down on the trampoline and stare at the sky, I knew they were potheads. Only a pothead couple would stare at the sky instead of getting freaky on the trampoline.

Sumo Wrestlers Sprint! Dear God, Why? Video! - A sumo wrestler would be well-advised not to dabble in any other sport, but these three Michelin Man lookalikes decided for an undiscernible reason to try out a different sport -- sprinting. Well at least they didn`t don leotards and decide to give gymnastics a try.

Viral Video of Drunk Pigeon - This video perfectly illustrates the folly of drinking too much. It`s one thing to have a glass of wine with dinner, and it`s quite another to pass out from binge drinking.

Study: Monkeys With Smaller Testicles Roar the Loudest! Donald Trump Must Have Marbles! - Donald Trump may have the fattest wallet out of all the presidential hopefuls, but evidently he has the smallest balls. Trump is always shouting "Lose" at all his rivals, but he`s the biggest loser when it comes to the size of his family jewels.

Jeb Bush Calls Supergirl 'Hot': Creepy or Perfectly Normal Guy Thing to Say? - There are plenty of reasons to dislike Jeb Bush, let`s not attack him for frivolous reasons.

Chicken Treat Restaurant Has Live Chicken Running Its Twitter Account: Video - An Australian fast-food chicken franchise called Chicken Treat says it has solicited a hen named Betty to run its Twitter account by placing a computer in her coop.


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