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Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump Humiliates NBC News Twit Savannah Guthrie - I don`t often praise Donald Trump, but kudos to him for schlonging Savannah Guthrie; he put that twit in her place.

Bill Cosby Charged with Aggravated Assault in 2004 Incident - Let`s hope and pray that this case will quickly come to trial, and that Cosby will be convicted before the Grim Reaper takes him to hell.

Pathetic & Desperate Jeb Bush Releases Video Mocking Donald Trump - Bush`s presidential campaign released a web video on Wednesday that sarcastically wished Trump, the Republican front-runner, a happy 2016 while calling him the `chaos candidate.`

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Introduce North West to Evil-looking Santa - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hit up her mother`s festive Christmas Eve party and introduced their two-year-old girl to Kris Kringle.

Naked Man Breaks into Home on a Frigid Christmas Day - Police in Auburn are trying to determine why a man was naked in frigid temperatures when he entered a home and stole a purse.

Denver Charity Gives Free Weed to Homeless for Christmas! God Bless Them! - A local nonprofit hit the streets of downtown Denver on Christmas Eve and gave away a thousand free, pre-rolled marijuana joints to the homeless and anyone else who wanted one.

Dude Sets Flock of Chickens Loose in Tax Office - An Oregon man expressed his anger towards the state's Department of Revenue by releasing a flock of chickens in the agency's office.

Cute Meth Head on Joyride at Walmart on Motorized Cart While Munching Stolen Fried Chicken - Take a look at Josseleen`s mugshot, she`s kind of cute! So I have a thing for adorable meth heads, sue me!

Miranda Lambert is Anathema to Animal Lovers - The self-described animal lover's fans slammed her as a hypocrite after she shared a photo of a luxurious floor-length fur coat.

Can You Spot the Cat in a Sea of Owls? Video! - Cats have an innate ability to hide, sometime in plain sight. I don`t know a cat owner who hasn`t been stressed out looking for his cat for hours, only for his pet to eventually emerge -- from another dimension?

Firefighters Rescue Cat Stuck in Chimney - Firefighters were called to a home Christmas morning to help free a cat trapped in the chimney.

Hillary Clinton Gets Schlonged by Donald Trump - It is an affront to the dignity and virtue of women for Hillary to present herself as the Savior of Women, if there`s a God in heaven she will be schlonged by Bernie Sanders in the primaries or by the Republican presidential nominee in the general election.

Cop Practicing Quick Draw Skills Shoots Gun in Airport - A Des Moines, Iowa, police officer accidentally fired his gun while practicing his quick draw skills in an airport office.

Cone-hating Kitty is a Genius: Video - A Swedish man whose kitten recently underwent surgery shared video of the ingenious feline making the best of her plastic cone by using it to drink.

Chelsea Manning Disses Caitlyn Jenner! Bravo! - Chelsea Manning, the soldier formerly known as Bradley Edward Manning, dissed the abomination known as Caitlyn Jenner.

Happy New Year! - As the year 2015 comes to a close, I'm not particularly hopeful.

Man Stabbed by 400-pound Bearded Lady! - Who was this 400-pound bearded woman? Caitlyn Jenner after a night out with Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O`Donnell? A freak who ran away from the circus? Hillary Clinton after neglecting to shave for a couple of days? A transgendered individual who deserves our respect, never mind that the freak stabbed a person in the neck for no discernable reason?

High School Lunch Lady Kills It at Karaoke! Video! - Teacher Karaoke turns amazing when a lunch lady takes the mic. She stuns with her vocal skills, taking the students by storm.

Pics of Fluffiest Cats in the World! Happiness is a Fluffy Cat! - Who doesn`t love a fluffy cat? Hugging a fluffy cat is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Milton Elf Spreading Christmas Cheer in Canada - There`s an elf at work in Milton, Ont., where more than 120 people have been surprised with small gifts left on their cars and front porches.


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