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Robert Paul Reyes

Steve Harvey is an Abomination and Anathema to Americans! - When Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Columbia Miss Universe when the winner was actually Miss Philippines he was vilified and ridiculed mercilessly, and for a time he surpassed Bill Cosby as the most hated black man in America.

Outrage: Kanye West Considering Recording David Bowie Tribute Album - Kanye West you`re no David Bowie, you`re not even a Vanilla Ice, if you dare release a David Bowie album you will unleash holy hell.

Georgia Supreme Court to Consider How Much a Dog is Worth - How much is man's best friend worth? Today, the Georgia State Supreme Court will tackle that question when deciding the compensation for the death of an Atlanta couple's dog.

Newsflash: Another Blurry Pic of UFO Posted Online - A Montana man claims to have positive proof of alien life after capturing images of two UFOs on camera.

Epic Fight: Airedale Terrier Vs Chattermunk Toy Squirrel: Video - An Australian dog owner shared video of an Airedale terrier engaging in a battle of wits with its intellectual equal: a mimicking toy chipmunk.

Moron Steals $1,500 Worth of Gum From Pharmacy: Video - Canadian police are searching for a man accused of stealing over $1,500 worth of chewing gum from a local pharmacy.

Angry Ex-Girlfriend Smashes Man's Car, Almost Runs Him Over: Video - A cool ride will provide you with a hell of a lot more satisfaction than a hot woman. I trust homeboy will immediately repair or replace his vehicle, but I pray he thinks long and hard before becoming entangled with another woman.

Rescue Puppy Is So Happy He Claps His Paws Together: Video - Benny the dog was adopted by Liam and Julia, and he couldn't be happier. So, when his owner sings 'If You're Happy and You Know It,` of course he has to clap his paws in delight.

Main Coon Cat Mistaken for Bobcat - If you ever walked through San Jose's Rose Garden neighborhood, you might have seen a large, furry animal staring out a window at you. Many people walking by think a wild animal, but it is not a bobcat. It's just a really, really big house cat.

Trying to Humanize Hillary Clinton is Mission Impossible - Hillary is a fraud, a fake, and as this interview manifestly proves she can`t do real. Let`s kick this fake (rhymes with witch) to the curb.

Karl-Anthony Towns Co-stars With Cat in All-Star Vote Video - The Timberwolves created this nice little video of Towns aka KAT with a cat. The two travel the world together.

Meet Manny the Cat Who Loves to Take Selfies - Meet Manny, the gray tabby that can take better selfies than you and has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Lucky Seattle Dude Gets Sir Mix-A-Lot's Former Cellphone Number - Jonathan says that he`s happy to have the famous number and wouldn`t think of changing it. I bet, I`m sure he tells groupies who call: I`m Sir-Mix-A-Lot`s manager, back up dat big ass to my crib and I might hook you up with the famous rapper.

Dude Wheels a Refrigerator Onto a BART Train - The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a photograph of a passenger with a full-size refrigerator secured with a bungie cord to a dolly boarding a BART train.

Epic Fail: Pig Tries to Walk on Icy Road: Video - A pig in China was caught on camera epitomizing the world`s winter struggles with its difficulty navigating an icy sidewalk.

Watch Dirk Nowitzki's Donald Trump Impression - The Dallas Mavericks will do anything to pump up their fans, including having perennial All-Star Dirk Nowitzki wear a wig and do his Donald Trump impression in this admittedly fantastic promotional video.

Reporter's Cold Weather Advice: Don't be Stupid! - WGN reporter Nancy Loo was freezing her butt off during a live weather report in downtown Chicago, and she kept it short and sweet: Don`t be stupid!

Viral Video: Fat Cat Can't Do Sit-up! - If creatures as lithe, graceful and athletic as cats can`t do sit-ups, why should you bother to attempt doing a single sit-up?

Cincinnati Zoo Names Newborn Penguin After David Bowie - An Ohio zoo has named one of its newborn baby penguins in memory of legendary performer David Bowie, who died this week.

Hillary Clinton Dispatches Attack Dog Chelsea Clinton to Rip Into Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton has a very intimidating persona; she cackles like a witch on crack, she has the fashion sensibilities of a butch lesbian, and the charisma of a wilted head of cabbage.


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