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Robert Paul Reyes

David Bowie: In Memoriam - From vinyl records, to cassettes to CD`s to streaming music Bowie has been the soundtrack of my life from an adolescent to a senior citizen. From art rock to disco to heavy metal to pop to experimental, whatever genre Bowie tackled and mastered, he always captured my soul and my imagination.

Adorable Defiant Cat Refuses to Leave His Supermarket Shelf Perch - Meet Olly, the grim-faced feline refusing to leave his spot on a supermarket shelf in a local Sainsbury`s in South London.

Only a Cat Can Make a Soccer Game Exciting: Video - Soccer is as exciting and thrilling as watching grass grow; I`d rather trim Oprah`s toenails than watch a soccer game on TV. The only time I watch soccer is when America`s women`s team competes in the World Cup, and truth be told it`s the athletes` curves that capture my attention, certainly not what passes for action on the field.

Turkey Chases Police Cruiser - I`ve heard of dogs chasing mailmen, and bulls charging matadors, but this is ridiculous.

Donald Trump Reminds Public of Moral Bankruptcy of Bill and Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton is not a champion of women`s rights; she cares only about one woman, herself. Trump has made myriad regrettable statements, but we owe him a depth of gratitude for reminding the electorate of the moral degeneracy of the Clintons.

Rescue Group Pens Letter to the 'POS' Who Abandoned His Dog - A California animal shelter is drawing attention for a viral Facebook post blasting the former owner of an abandoned dog as a callous POS.

A Marriage Proposal at Walmart, a Sex Toy Shoplifting Spree at Spencer's & a Night in Jail - Minutes after proposing to his girlfriend over the loudspeaker at Walmart, a Michigan man allegedly shoplifted a vibrator, an edible thong, and other sex toys from a nearby Spencer`s gift store, according to police.

Bandit the Bull Performs Happy Dance as He Enjoys Freedom For First Time - We think of a bull as a beast of burden or as a ton of hamburger meat, but bulls like all of God`s creatures are sentient beings who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

$100 Gold-topped Donut an Abomination: Video - I predict this publicity gimmick will backfire; De La Cruz and Samuel Ware should be tarred and sprinkled with gold flakes, run out of town, and thrown off a cliff.

Pooch Leads Police to Fellow Dog Trapped in Icy Embankment - Massachusetts police credited a terrier in the rescue of another dog after the two escaped from their home.

Caitlyn Jenner's Speaking Tour Canceled! America Sick & Tired of Reality Star - Was it really a scheduling conflict that led to the cancellation of Jenner`s speaking tour, or was it the realization that the reality freak couldn`t even sell out venues in LGBT-friendly cities like San Francisco and Toronto?

Donald Trump is Right: Foreign-born Ted Cruz Ineligible to be President! We Don't Need Another Obama! - We elected a Kenyan to the White House and it turned out to be a complete disaster, let`s not make the same mistake again by electing a Canadian.

Suspicious Package at Post Office Turns Out To Be Bag of Hot Dogs - The suspicious package contained a dozen hot dogs, granted the meat by-products contained in wieners can result in explosive diarrhea, but it`s not an emergency that merits the attention of the police.

One-eyed Man Adopts One-eyed Puppy - A Texas man who lost vision in his left eye as a teen has adopted an adorable puppy who's missing one of his own.

Granny Delighted to Recieve Firefighters' Beefcake Calendar: Video - An Indiana grandma whose joyous reaction to receiving a hunky firefighters calendar for Christmas went viral was treated to a second gift: visiting the models.

Animals in Oregon Zoo Frolick in the Snow - Staff from the Oregon zoo shared photos and video of its animals enjoying snow conditions that have kept the zoo closed for three days.

Cat Cafe Temporarily Closes Because It's Out of Cats - The furry felines at Vancouver`s first cat cafe, Catfé, have been so popular with customers the shop has had to temporarily close.

Baby Gorilla's First Checkup! Most Adorable Video Ever? - A Washington state zoo shared video of an adorable 6-week-old gorilla getting her first checkup with a veterinarian.

Latest Internet Controversy: Is It a Bear Or a Dog? - This photo made its way to Reddit with the caption: Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care. People quickly began to discuss what kind of creature this was. One person insisted that it wasn`t a dog or a bear, but instead, a baby Ewok.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly Shameless Bimbo! She Owes Donald Trump An Apology! - Megyn Kelly fancies herself a hard-hitting journalist, but her Vanity Fair cover glamour shot exposes her as a vain bimbo. Can you imagine ABC evening news youthful anchor David Muir posing in a come-hither look for the cover of GQ magazine?


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