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Robert Paul Reyes

Extraordinary Fake UFO Pic - AN EXTRAORDINARY image of a doughnut-shaped UFO taken in a known hotspot has been dubbed one of the world's best ever flying saucer snaps.

Krazy Kit Kat Flavors in Japan Will Blow Your Mind: Video - Nestle Japan announced it is preparing to roll out a new variation on a popular candy: Kit Kat flavored with sake, Japan`s popular rice wine.

Theft, Chase Suspect Arrested Wearing 'Bad Decisions` T-shirt - Michael Emrick, 36, was arrested Tuesday night in Baden while wearing an apparently prophetic T-shirt reading: Really good at making really bad decisions.

Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal: Ego Run Amok - Twenty-two emails sent through Hillary Clinton's unsecured home server while she was secretary of state contained government secrets, US officials say.

Pooch Helps Owner Shovel Snow: Video - A pet owner clearing snow from sidewalks in Poland shared video of an enthusiastic French bulldog doing his best to help shovel.

Sled Dog Wins Gold Medal Despite Poop Stop Just Before Finish Line - A sled dog won a gold medal in the national championships despite relieving itself seconds before crossing the finish line.

Man's Good Hearing Saves Cat Stuck in Pipe - A cat named Bubbles apparently climbed through nearly 80 feet of pipe but got her head stuck in a small opening in a drain cover. She could have ended up stuck there for days.

Customs: Man Dmuggled Live Birds in Groin Area - Customs officers at a Florida airport said they arrested a man found to be smuggling nine live birds in a fanny pack and the groin area of his pants.

Snowplow Driver From Hell Demolishes Snowman: Video - A dude with a plow blade attached to his pickup truck demolished a snowman built in the middle of the road.

Meet Mac the Pony: Future Budweiser Clydesdale? Video! - Is Mac destined to join the pantheon of famous horses like Mr. Ed and Sarah Jessica Parker " only time will tell.

Waffle House Taking Reservations for Romantic Valentine's Day Dinners - The Waffle House doesn`t have an elite clientele and no reservations are needed, as long as your pants` bottom isn`t soiled to badly with feces, you are more than welcome at the South`s favorite diner.

Pic of Nick Offerman's Face Used in India to Mark Men's Toilet - An Ohio woman visiting India took a photo proving what actor Nick Offerman`s fans have often suspected -- he is the literal picture of masculinity.

Possum the Miniature Horse Celebrates Snowzilla: Video - Possum the miniature horse was locked in the barn for 3 days during the blizzard. This is how he frolics in the new snow once turned out.

Did Cat Rise From the Dead? - Manchester councillor Matt Strong was driving near his home when he saw a Volkswagen Golf slam into a grey tabby cat on the road, killing it instantly.

Man Drives 1,700 Miles to Retrieve His Lost-and-Found Cat - A cat named Hemi is back with his owner, who drove 1,700 miles from North Dakota to retrieve his lost-and-found pet.

Dwayne Molock (MoShow) Releases New Video! Coolest Cat in the Rap Game! - I`m on a mission from God to sing MoShow`s praises, it`s about time people, especially the ladies, realize that there ain`t nothing more gangsta and righteous than loving cats.

Considerate Driver Takes His Burning Truck To Fire Station - A quick-thinking driver in China whose truck caught fire in transit drove the vehicle to the front door of the local fire station for help.

Epic Star Wars-themed Snowball Fight in D.C - Hundreds turned Washington's Dupont Circle into a makeshift ice planet Hoth for a massive Star Wars-themed snowball fight following the weekend's blizzard.

Tina Fey's SNL Impression of Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump: Video - Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend to once again play former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump: I Could Shoot Somebody and Not Lose Any Voters! Video! - Not only could Donald Trump stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose voters, but he could also get away with pulling down his drawers, crapping on the corpse, and flipping the bird.


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