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SOP newswire2

The Real World of Prison, Crime and Justice - This letter will inform the mind and startle the soul. You will read how crime and punishment in this country is out of control.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Mariah Carey and Trey Songz with 'Inseparable REMIX' - "My main goal was to work with people I could collaborate with without it seeming redundant or stale," Carey says.

I Owe It All to Mom - My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.

Israel Attempts to Force Parliament to Change British Law - Over 300 hundred children died in Gaza in January, unarmed and defenseless against tanks and missiles fired upon a civilian population from helicopters and remote controlled drones.

Redoubing Efforts Needed to End Female Genital Mutilation - FGM/C is the partial or total removal of the external genitalia -- undertaken for cultural or other non-medical reasons -- often causing severe pain and sometimes resulting in prolonged bleeding, infection, infertility and even death.

Alborosie Announces West Coast Tour - The Virtuoso Alborosie is shaking up California in February with his escape from Babylon to the kingdom of zion tour. This tour is the presentation and representation of Alborosie`s sound, giving people the chance to catch this rising reggae star in person.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring The Game with 'Shake' - West coast rapper The Game was born Jayceon Terell Taylor on November 27, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Compton, The Game became a member of infamous street gang, The Crips, and later on, the Cedar Block Piru Bloods.

"Could I, Should I, Would I", Mallia Franklin - For all of you that didn't know that Malia Franklin, the Queen of Funk, has been hospitalized for some time. I was informed tonight that the hope for her recovery is running out.

Mainstream Religion of Zoroastrianism and Its Influence on Later Religions - Thank you for recognizing the mainstream religion of Zoroastrianism and its influence on later religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Brad Milne -- "On the Edge" - The Overtime Theater presents the OT Emerging Artist Spotlight, a new, bimonthly showcase that focuses on the work of local performing artists who are starting to attract regional and national attention.

James Randi, the Renowned Skeptic in Supernatural Has Turned Down My Challenge - James Randi from USA, the renowned skeptic in supernatural has turned down my challenge to prove supernatural/paranormal is real.

Go Wild Online & Win A Six-Day Overland Tour From Acacia Africa - The Wild Bunch: Adventurers with a burning question on the continent can tweet with their own personal Africa guru, courtesy of The Wild Bunch ".

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Ne-Yo with 'Heroes' - Like the best artists, Ne-Yo`s music has an eternal sound that appeals to fans of all ages. "As a songwriter as well as a singer, I think it`s important to cast my words wide.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring I.eye with 'Crazy World' - Jamaica first heard of the singer Ieye when she won a slot as the only female among ten Festival song 2008 contestants

Hysterical Anti-Wolf Hatred Has Hit All Time High - Defenders of Wildlife`s resources are stretched thin with the increasing human threats to these long persecuted animals, but we`re fighting hard to block this outrageous anti-wolf bill.

'Have You Seen Jesus' George Clinton' Jr. - I know by now we have all heard about the passing of our brother George Clinton's son George Jr.. I also know with the resent passing of his mother too his heart must be in a lot of pain.

Sri Lanka: A Civil Disobedience Campaign - A civil disobedience campaign for the immediate appointment of the Election Commission under the 17th Amendment is urgently needed and justified

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra is Searching for a Soloist and a Composer - This is your opportunity to be soloist or a composer for the world renowned Vienna Symphony Orchestra at its yearly "Springtime in Vienna" concert, conducted by Fabio Luisi.

Groundhog Day Prediction May Spell More Misery for Elephants in Zoos - New Survey Shows Scores of Elephants Spend Winters Warehoused in Cruel Conditions

Bhim Singh Condemns State Govt. for Bloodbath in Kashmir - Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, JKNPP and Member, National Integration Council condemned brutal killing of Wamiq Farooq Wani in Srinagar yesterday, a budding student of 14 years who could have


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