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SOP newswire2

MACSHAWN100 Signs With Snoop Dogg's Label - Legendary West Coast, Bay Area rapper MACSHAWN100 is getting back to business, with a brand new single, studio album, and a deal with Snoop Dogg and Priority Records.

More American Children Killed By Guns Each Year Than All Americans Killed on 9/11 - Does this not leave to answer the question, "If the wars in the Middle East are truly about the killing of innocent Americans, should a war not be launched against gun manufacturers and gun owners?" Buy the book Youth Violence An International Crisis

Airline Security Measures Heightened - The United States is strengthening airline security measures and taking other corrective actions in the aftermath of a thwarted terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day

Global "Democracy" Twitter Contest - The contestant whose tweet with the greatest number of unique re-tweets will receive a Flip Video HD Camcorder.

Strengthen Smog Standards - Proposed standards, strictest to date, will protect the health of all Americans, especially children

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Usher with 'Foolin' Around - Drawn from LaFace Records' seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of young R&B acts, Usher is one of the few who can boast of real star quality and staying power.

Crime Against Northeastern Women - Mary, 23, managed to escape the lustful hands of her landlord, who had forcibly entered her room.

The Body Shop Model: Fashion Plus Sense - Human activity, and that includes excessive industrialisation motivated by money-making conglomerates, has caused this rich diversity to be lost at a greatly accelerated rate.

SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Balance with 'Please Do Not Swagga Jack Me' - 'Please Do Not Swagga Jack Me'

What has led to the drastic depletion of fish and clam in the Vembanad waters? - Shobhana, 48, has been married to Soman, a fisherman, for 30 years. Does that make her a fisherwoman?

How To Buy Real Estate at Auction 101 - Remember that real estate at auction is sold "as is, where is", with no inspection contingencies.

The TSA Going Racist? - As a result of this incident, TSA has worked with airline and law enforcement authorities, as well as federal, state, local, and international partners to put additional security measures in place to ensure

Husbands Deliver Babies - From holding their wife`s hand through the labour pains to cutting the umbilical chord, these sensitised husbands are now as good as new.

SOP Battle of the Bands Featuring Mary J. Blige with 'Closer' - There`s little, if any, denying that Mary J. Blige is one of the greatest singers of our time.

Increased Sexual and Physical Violence Against Women - Ever since her impassioned speech at the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, then-First Lady Hillary Clinton has been recognised as an advocate for women worldwide.

Confused and Ignorant About Islam - Reading your comment, I find you totally confused and ignorant about Islam. Permit me to explain:

Dialogue Continues...Islam a Religion of Peace? - Muslim scholars and leaders refer to the Christian Crusades as an excuse for today`s ongoing Muslim atrocities to draw attention away from the rapid colonizing spread of a brutal religious cult from the 7th century onward.

Facebook God on a Daily Basis -, a social community where people can connect with God on a daily basis, has extended its reach to all Facebook users by integrating Facebook connect technology.

SAG Awards Red Carpet Fan Bleacher Seats are Currently up for Auction to Benefit the SAG Foundation - The Ceremony Auction, the third and final auction that will revolve around the nominated actors and ensembles, will start Jan. 21 and close on Jan. 29.

2010 Handbook: Health, Personality, Society, and Life - Drink plenty of water. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.


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